Review of Sky Airline flight Mendoza Santiago in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 522
Class Economy
Seat 24A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 00:40
Take-off 24 Jan 19, 19:30
Arrival at 24 Jan 19, 20:10
H2   #63 out of 74 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 52 reviews
Published on 2nd April 2019
I'm suffering during my holidays. Very much.

I can't stand hot weather, and this summer in Mendoza was marked by what a taxi driver called un calor de mierda.

That means "very hot". XD

Now that my visit has come to an end, I'm going home with mixed feelings.

On one hand, I'm happy that I won't be languishing under a ceiling fan anymore.

On the other hand… my cellphone was stolen!! .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

It was a horrendous, unspeakable tragedy because the thief was the adult grandson of the very nice and honest old lady I was staying with (an airbnb host), but he denied it to the very end, even though it was something obvious. She felt guilty because she allowed him into her house even though he had stolen things before, so she insisted on paying me back most of the price of the phone. Accepting the money from this old retired lady who struggles to make ends meet turned this into a double tragedy for me and I couldn't stop crying for her and with her. All this the day before the flight.

So the day after I'm in pieces, completely destroyed.

Thank goodness I still have my camera with me, but the cellphone made much better photos in low light. (Sigh) I'll do the best I can.

I also have the photos I took on a tour to the "Christ the Redeemer", a statue that sits on the top of a mountain, right on the Chile - Argentina border. The views of the mountains are breathtaking.

Have a look at them in this…

Pre-Flight Bonus - The Mountains

This tour takes us west of Mendoza…

photo img_7993

…across the green valley of Uspallata…

photo img_7997

…which reminds me a lot of the Chilean Central Valley.

photo img_7998

As we climb slowly along the course of the river Mendoza…

photo img_8003

…the rocky landscape becomes more and more arid (drier).

photo img_8023

We'll go along the international road that connects Mendoza and Santiago…

photo img_8024

…admiring the contrasting colors of the mountains.

photo img_8031

One would say that rocks are simply rocks…

photo img_8032

…but the infinite number…

photo img_8051

…of colors and shapes…

photo img_8067

…create a caleidoscopic landcape…

photo img_8068

…that changes at every bend of the road.

photo img_8071

I came to Mendoza by bus…

photo img_8083

…with my family (not in the photo)…

photo img_8090

…back in the late 1980s…

photo img_8104

…but I think that…

photo img_8108

…my main concern in those years…

photo img_8109

…was not the landscape, but listening to Madonna on my Walkman. XD

photo img_8114

The Santiago - Mendoza route…

photo img_8118

…is one of the routes with the highest demand…

photo img_8121

…among airlines flying between Chile and Argentina…

photo img_8122

…besides the Santiago - Buenos Aires route.

photo img_8141

In fact, it's covered by the three main Chilean airlines…

photo img_8144

…even though two of them -Sky and JetSmart-…

photo img_8146

…recently dropped other routes like Santiago - Córdoba. The plane below must be either LATAM or Sky.

photo img_8151

Sky even stopped flying…

photo img_8157

…to Montevideo, Uruguay…

photo img_8159

…in favor of developing their new Peruvian domestic market (or so they say)…

photo img_8160

…but they won't let go of the Santiago - Mendoza route.

photo img_8161

The reason for this must be that Mendoza…

photo img_8164

…is closer to Santiago than to Buenos Aires…

photo img_8170

…and the Chilean beaches are very popular among Argentines…

photo img_8178

…so much so that JetSmart even started a seasonal Mendoza - La Serena flight…

photo img_8180

…which is one of just two or three point to point international flights in Chile.

photo img_8186

The trip by car or bus…

photo img_8207

…can take 6 to 8 hours…

photo img_8218

…depending on the traffic…

photo img_8220

…which is very heavy in summer…

photo img_8225

…and depending on the weather in winter…

photo img_8228

…because the Paso Los Libertadores

photo img_8235

…is usually closed because of the snow. Here below is the roadside restaurant where we had lunch on our way back. Not included in the price of the tour, but nothing is too expensive for a buffet of milanesas!!

photo img_8236

Some of the tourists stay at the restaurant…

photo img_8237

…because the height is making them sick.

photo img_8241

The rest of us keep going up.

photo img_8242

We will get to 3832 m.a.s.l., which is not that much, I think.

photo img_8257

On the way we can see the tip of the highest peak in America - Mount Aconcagua, which is 6960 meters high.

photo img_8282

Many Chileans mistakenly believe…

photo img_8283

…that the west half of this mount is in Chilean territory…

photo img_8285

…because we are taught at school that the border with Argentina runs…

photo img_8287

…over the highest peaks of the Andes.

photo img_8288

But the border in this area was set before that arrangement.

photo img_8303

In fact, Mount Aconcagua is about 15km from the border with Chile. It's completely Argentine.

photo img_8310

A few minutes later…

photo img_8321

…we turn off the main road into a dirt road…

photo img_8345

…that climbs steeply…

photo img_8350

The modern road to Chile is on the left. The old road -where we are going now- on the right. All those are vans carrying tourists to the Christ Redeemer.

photo img_8351

We have to get up there. Can you see the white van?

photo img_8337

And can you see the plane? That one is clearly a LATAM flight on its way to Santiago.

photo img_8328

It looks like we are going to grasp the clouds.

photo img_8357

We zigzag our way up, up, up…

photo img_8359

…while I scrunch my toes in my shoes when I look for the edge of the road… but I can't see it!! .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

photo img_8366

Well, in the photo below you can see that it's not that dangerous. The road is wide…

photo img_8365

…but if only we stopped climbing!!!

photo img_8371

That's the road behind us.

photo img_8374

And at long last, we reach the top.

photo img_8383

It's cold and windy up here, so bring a wind cutter…

photo img_8384

…even if it's hot in Santiago or Mendoza.

photo img_8385

On our way back we see some arrieros

photo img_8413

…and stop at a little place called Puente del Inca.

photo img_8253

Puente del Inca used to be an important spa, but an earthquake destroyed much of the hotel.

photo img_8417

Instead of rebuilding it, some government decided that it would be better to keep the water freely available for everyone.

photo img_8418

So for years, you could cross the natural bridge leading to the pools, but then they saw that it was in danger of collapsing…

photo img_8419

…so the facilities were closed altogether. Nowadays, only the local artisans are allowed to cross the bridge in order to produce clay pots that they leave in the water for a month until the minerals turn them yellow like the rock walls here.

photo img_8420

When it comes to beautiful landscapes, you usually think of far, hidden places.

photo img_8433

That's why it's hard to believe that a road as ordinary as the Santiago - Mendoza road…

photo img_8449

…can have such natural beauty.

As for the city itself, Mendoza is a large city that's worth visiting in any season but summer. Here are some tips on what you can do on your visit.

photo mendoza cnn

Unfortunately, most of my photos of the city were on my stolen cellphone. But I have this one that I took with my camera from a hill.

photo img_8588

Zero, Plus and Full

Sky Airline has had an enormous impact on my country's commercial aviation, which used to be dominated by our former flag carrier LAN, now LATAM.

After a difficult start, these days Sky is almost on par with LATAM in number of domestic flights in Chile, and is in the middle of an expansion plan into neighboring Peru.

After a period of implementation of their LCC business model, they eventually introduced three different fares - Zero, Plus, and Full.

photo fares

We could say that Sky brought LATAM to its knees, forcing them to come up with their own three different fares. Their monopoly is tumbling down.

So we Chilean air travellers owe a lot to Sky Airline, and I really like flying with them, especially considering that their service is as good as -and in some aspects better than- LATAM's.

This flight is supposed to take me back to Chile after four days in Mendoza, on January 27. I pay 67,157 CLP (98 USD)

photo compra 01

I could pay an additional 7990 CLP (12 USD) for carrying extra cabin luggage, but the included baggage will do for a pair of T-shirts and shorts. BTW, it's amazing how rolling your clothes can save you space. I didn't believe it until I tried it!

photo compra 02

A big advantage of Sky over LATAM is the max weight allowed for your paid cabin baggage - 20kg!! With LATAM it's only 8kg.

photo baggageb
photo baggage price

I will pick a seat in my beloved row 24 for 2990 CLP (4 USD)

photo compra 03

Sky summarizes your options in case you have forgotten something.

photo compra 04

Time to squeeze the juice from my battered credit card (70,147 CLP = 102 USD)…

photo compra 05

…and I'm listo!

photo compra 06

LATAM's prices for the same route on the same date, checked on the same day of my Sky purchase:

photo precio latam

The little feather duster

A taxi takes me from downtown Mendoza to El Plumerillo airport (MDZ)…

photo img_8614

…for less than 200 ARS (4 USD)

photo img_8615

MDZ's official name…

photo img_8616

…is Governor Francisco Gabrielli…

photo img_8617

…but, like many other airports…

photo img_8618

…it is better known by the name of the area…

photo img_8619

…where it's located.

photo img_8620

MDZ is near the town of El Plumerillo, which took its name from a plant (Calliandra tweediei) whose flowers look like little plumeros (feather dusters), from pluma (feather) + -illo (a diminutive) That's how we have words like mantequilla (butter), from manteca (fat) + illa = little fat, or anillo (ring, as in wedding ring) from ano (anus) + illo = little anus. So if you marry, you will get a little anus around your finger. Who am I to judge! XD

photo img_8621

I know what uncle George Takei would say. XD

photo img_8622

How can my mind wander so wildly. :O Where were we? Ah! El Plumerillo.

photo img_8632

Let's see if I can stand being outside for a minute and look around.

photo img_8633

I can't figure out where those taxi drivers get the superhuman powers needed to bear this calor de mierda

photo img_8634

…because it's nearing 40°C in the shade…

photo img_8635

…and I can't breathe!

photo img_8636

According to Wikipedia, MDZ was renovated in the 1990s…

photo img_8637

…and again in 2014.

photo img_8638

That's it. I can't bear it a second longer.

photo img_8639

Aahhh… Life-saving air conditioned. Right in front of the entrance, next to the exit from the baggage claim area…

photo img_8641

…is this shop, aka drugstore. Well, I think I can see some shampoo bottles and tissue packs over there, but it looks more like a magazine shop to me, which is the main meaning of kiosco in Chile.

photo img_8642

Energy-craving Argentines assault a charging station.

photo img_8643

The middle of the main hall…

photo img_8648

…houses the check-in counters…

photo img_8650

…where foreign airlines like LATAM, Norwegian…

photo img_8627

…and Sky Airline, among others, make up about half the traffic for the day.

photo img_8629

There's a cafeteria above the domestic arrivals area.

photo img_8631

Still more than two hours for my flight. I like to have plenty of time.

photo img_8630

Over there, at the bottom, there's a white car in exhibition.

photo img_8645

International arrivals! I don't remember seeing another small airport where domestic and international arrivals were segregated.

photo img_8653

I can see that the concept of "travelling light" has not settled among Argentines yet.

photo img_8654

What do we have around here? A shop…

photo img_8646

…a strangely deserted charging station, restrooms…

photo img_8657

…drinking fountains. I have not seen them in Chilean airports, and I doubt they would become popular there. Tap water is safe in Chile, but drinking from a tap where strangers drink?? I guess it's a cultural issue. We prefer bottled water.

photo img_8659

Banks and car rental companies also have their offices here. Funny translation for Information Desk. When I think of informes I think of written reports. Otherwise its just "mesón de informaciones."

photo img_8660

My boarding pass and my constancia de ingreso, a document you're given as you enter Argentine territory. You must produce it on exit, or face a fine.

photo img_8628

I kill some time working on my computer -the airport's free wifi works perfectly- and watching this video loop playing in a tourist information office.

photo img_8623

Rather than tourism, the video is about the pride of being born in Argentina, though they say "at the foot of the Andes", not "in Argentina.". An ugly guy plays the role of José de San Martín fighting for the freedom of South American nations.

photo img_8624

The yellow icons show that the access to the área de embarque is on the right…

photo img_8663

…next to the exit…

photo img_8664

…up the escalator.

photo img_8665

You arrive next to the cafeteria…

photo img_8667
photo img_8669

…with a view of the check-in counters below.

photo img_8670

And this is all the second floor landside. The access for domestic and international departures are together.

photo img_8675

Er… no. I don't like it.

photo img_8676

Name of the work: A heart beats, let it beat. I must be pretty insensitive today, because I have no idea what Martha Zullo is trying to express with this ugly heart.

photo img_8679

Some more photos around the second floor, like the office of the Civil Registry…

photo img_8681

…the escalator…

photo img_8683

…and two more…

photo img_8685

…of the main hall…

photo img_8686

…and we are ready to go airside.

photo img_8690

I had an awkward feeling here. It was like there was a lack of staff. Nobody was controlling the flow of people to the checkpoints, so we sort of had to organize ourselves and guess where to go. I mean, there's usually someone saying "Go ahead" "Wait" "Come this way" etc. This was not the case here. Or maybe I came in at the precise moment when the guards where busy. You can see one of them turning their back on us while we wait. I don't know what was happening over there.

photo img_8691

But everything is OK after a minute…

photo img_8693

…except that Josefina doesn't want to have her photo taken and makes a tantrum.

photo img_8696

The we make our way through a small duty free shop…

photo img_8697

…and emerge…

photo img_8699

…at the international boarding room.

photo img_8702

To the right, gates 1 and 2, and what seems to be the domestic boarding room.

photo img_8704

Not a large room, but I find it more comfortable that AEP.

photo img_8708

And the cafeteria is good. It has a selection of yummy sandwiches, not very expensive…

photo img_8706

…and my favorite Argentine juice, Citric, (it has real fruit) is at the same price as in a supermarket.

photo img_8710

You're right. MDZ would be very spotter friendly if it weren't for those blinds that ruin the view.

photo img_8711

In 30 minutes…

photo img_8714

…boarding will start. Yes, the flight is on time.

photo img_8715

In a corner of the room there's this funny space that's the only place with a view of the apron.

photo img_8718

Too bad it's on the side of the room…

photo img_8719

…and the view is not the best, unless you're intersted in radars…

photo img_8721


photo img_8722

…or meeting points.

photo img_8723

At least there's this LATAM plane being maintained.

photo img_8720

As more people gather…

photo img_8725

…I see what looks like…

photo img_8727

…yes! JetSmart started its domestic flights in Argentina some months ago.

photo img_8729

Seeing the apron is challenging…

photo img_8731

…but not impossible.

photo img_8732

Look at that!

photo img_8742photo img_8743photo img_8744

Norwegian started fying between Buenos Aires and Mendoza in October 2018. Here's the report of a local newspaper.

photo norwegian mendoza

They say that the airline started with four planes in Argentina, and that they have free wifi onboard.

photo img_8746

Norwegian is one of the airlines that turned their attention to the Argentine market…

photo img_8747

…after president Macri eliminated the "fare floor" that prevented airlines to charge less than AR.

photo img_8749

Funny livery.

photo img_8750

Not ugly, just so…

photo img_8751

…what could I call it?

photo img_8752


photo img_8753

LV-ISQ is former EI-FVT, "Bobby Moore."

photo img_8755

Still some minutes until CC-AIY makes it to MDZ. It won't take long. It's just crossed the Andes.

photo coming01

In the meantime, I'm having lots of fun.

photo img_8756
photo img_8757

Poor thing. He must be feeling exactly like a pollo allo spiedo.

photo img_8766

CC-AIY will be here any time.

photo incomingb

There it is!

photo img_8774

Fifteen-year-old CC-AIY…

photo img_8775

…is in Sky's new livery.

photo img_8776

It's worked for EasyJet, Sky Express…

photo img_8777

…and Kuban Airlines, which is not Cuban, but Russian.

photo img_8779

Today's flight…

photo img_8783

…is a bit different…

photo img_8786

…because we won't have un capitán

photo img_8789

…but una capitana! She realizes that I'm taking photos and waves at me, but I don't have the time to react and take a photo. :(

photo img_8792

How embarrasing! I blush because I was caught! How could she see through the blinds?!

photo img_8794

We all flock to the gate.

photo img_8798

The "de Chile" after Santiago is necessary because the Spanish conquistadors were not very creative and gave the same name to many towns. Nowadays, some important Santiagos are Santiago del Estero, Argentina, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and Santiago de Cuba. FYI, Santiago = Sant (Saint) Jago (Jakobus; Jacob)

photo img_8802


We're boarding in no time.

photo img_8804

The jetbridges at MDZ are the kind…

photo img_8805

…with great views on the tarmac.

photo img_8806

Over there, the corner where my previous flight ended…

photo img_8807

…and Norwegian waiting to go back to Buenos Aires.

photo img_8808

Will this jetbridge ever end?

photo img_8810

Some small-scale spotting on the go.

photo img_8811

Are we being welcomed with a kiss?! Make way, please. XD

photo img_8815

In spite of their unatractive mouse-grey color…

photo img_8817

…Sky's seats are quite comfortable for an LCC cabin.

photo img_8818

Of course, you learn to appreciate things only when you lose them. I have read…

photo img_8821

…that Sky is renewing their fleet and their new A320 Neo (of which CC-AZC is the first one) will have the now traditional LCC unreclinable ironing-boards, as shown in this article. :(

photo seatneo

Cough, cough, cough. We could use a little feather duster around here, hm?

photo img_8848

This button is becoming more and more scarce.

photo img_8851

Great legroom for me. In the seatback pocket…

photo img_8822

…we find the not-so-bad inflight magazine -always featuring some star of the Chilean showbiz on the cover- along with the safety card, the sickness bag ("Look at the horizon and you'll soon be better")

photo img_8828

Inside the magazine, Sky's route map. Florianópolis, Brazil is a seasonal destination. Rio is finally a permanent destination after several years as a seasonal one. The last flight to Montevideo, Uruguay will be on April 21. :( Nothing is as innacurate as an airline route map. Buenos Aires in the middle of Argentina?

photo img_8830

The onboard menu also announces…

photo img_8832

…that you can move to a different seat for a small amount (24 USD)

photo img_8833

The prices are much better than JetSmart's, and similar to LATAM's Mercado Latam.

Maybe the new seats…

photo img_8843

…are not such a bad idea after all.

photo img_8846

The Flight

A little additional information about this flight.

photo route


photo img_8847

A private Bombardier Global 6000.

American Jet was one of the airlines interested in serving a potential route between Temuco, Chile, and Neuquén, Argentina.
photo img_8857

But it didn't work.

photo img_8858

Next to it…

photo img_8859

…is LV-GUD.

photo img_8860

…an Embraer EMB 500.

photo img_8861

All the greenery you have seen…

photo img_8863

…in the bonus and around the airport…

photo img_8864

…is a sort of giant oasis…

photo img_8865

…supported (and improved) since times before the Spanish colony.

photo img_8866

The Mendoza Province is mostly a desert area…

photo img_8867

…but the hot, humid air coming south from the tropics helps to make this corner greener than the rest…

photo img_8868

…and suffocatingly hot and humid in summer. Emergency vehicles there.

photo img_8870

Up we go.

photo img_8874

Only three jetways?!

photo img_8875

I thought it was bigger.

photo img_8876

We take off towards the north…

photo img_8877

…but instead of turning west towards the mountains…

photo img_8879

…our capitana takes us east…

photo img_8880

…in a loop as we ascend…

photo img_8883

…above the semi-arid pampas…

photo img_8884

…covered by vineyards…

photo img_8885

…in order to gain the necessary height…

photo img_8888

…to confront the towering Andes. Up, up, up…

photo img_8891

…and here we are.

photo img_8894

The clouds break…

photo img_8896

…over the north of Mendoza…

photo img_8897photo img_8898photo img_8899

…and in a matter of minutes (perhaps seconds)…

photo img_8900

…we meet the snowy mountains.

photo img_8901

I'm impressed that they…

photo img_8903

…still have some snow…

photo img_8904

…in the height of this hot summer.

photo img_8906

Even a glacier survives the heat! This is a miracle.

photo img_8907

The clouds also contribute…

photo img_8909

…to the beauty of the Andean landscape.

photo img_8910

During this 30-minute flight…

photo img_8911

…there will be no BOB service.

photo img_8913

Not only because of the little time…

photo img_8914

…but because the Chilean aviation authority…

photo img_8915

…requires that all passengers and crew…

photo img_8916

…remain seated and with their seatbelts fastened…

photo img_8918

…while flying above the mountains.

photo img_8919

Good thing, because it can get really bumpy.

photo img_8922

After about 15 minutes…

photo img_8923

…the snow is gone and the mountains get lower…

photo img_8924

…and we emerge above a little valley…

photo img_8926

…north of Santiago. We turn south…

photo img_8929

…and descend into…

photo img_8930photo img_8931photo img_8933

…the thick cloud of smog…

photo img_8935

…covering the valley of Santiago..

photo img_8939

I feel relieved, though…

photo img_8941

…that the heat is much more bearable…

photo img_8942

…down there than in Mendoza.

photo img_8946

I'm back home!

A lonely Am… yikes! Never say "American" in Chile for somebody/something from the US. The word is estadounidense. See the reason here.

photo img_8952

Welcome to "Saint Jacob."

photo img_8954

Oh, I almost forgot…

photo img_8960

…that this will be my first arrival…

photo img_8962

…at the recently opened new premises.

photo img_8963

Looking good, huh?

photo img_8966

This is one…

photo img_8967

…of the four new piers…

photo img_8969

…that will be destined…

photo img_8972

…to international flights.

photo img_8975

This flight was so short…

photo img_8976

…that I even forgot…

photo img_8977

…that it was an international flight! XD

photo img_8979

And we come to a stop.

photo img_8980

I had to ask for help regarding this guy's job.

photo img_8984

Admin Kévin tells me he might be an operations agent.

photo img_8985

The thing is, we are told by our capitana that we'll have to wait some minutes for the jetbride to come…

photo img_8986

…but our poor ops agent seems to be in a hurry.

photo img_8987

He has no alternative but to go for a walk, actually.

At long last!

photo img_8995

Sky has a cruel way to bid me farewell. My baby was a Huawei, too. Boo - hoooo. .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

photo img_8982

And this is how, for the first time in its history…

photo img_8997

…SCL has become one of those airports…

photo img_9000

…where you better arrive early…

photo img_9001

…or you might not have the time to get to your gate…

photo img_9002

…because of the long distance…

photo img_9003

…that you will have to walk.

photo img_9004

Thank goodness for mechanical walkways.

photo img_9006

That's the point where you take the bus downtown, and where this short trip comes to an end.

photo img_9007

Thanks for reading! :)
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew10.0

Mendoza - MDZ


Santiago - SCL



Punctuality and efficiency have become the trademark of this LCC whose service is on par with major airlines like LATAM. This 30-minute flight is one of the last ones in the old Sky Airlines cabins, before they renew their fleet with the new A320 Neo.



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  • Comment 495775 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 579 Comments

    Are we being welcomed with a kiss?! Make way, please. XD

    Were you successful haha?
    Thank goodness for mechanical walkways.

    It only works if people actually let you pass... So many people are always blocking them :p

    Anyway I'm surprised you didn't even order your typical Chilean sandwich? And no busride this report? I'm surprised! Thanks for sharing though!

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      Were you successful haha?

      No, I wasn't .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

      So many people are always blocking them

      There should be signs asking people to stand on their right if they're not in a hurry in order to let others walk past. I'm gonna write SCL about it.

      you didn't even order your typical Chilean sandwich?

      No BOB service on this flight over the mountains. Everybody had to remain seated all the time. In fact, a lady had the bad idea of leaving her seat to get something from the luggage bin above her, and the staff started reminding everyone about legal requirements and stuff like that over the PA system, sort of putting psychological pressure on the poor lady who was being watched and frowned upon by everyone. XDDD

      Thanks for commenting! :D

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    Hi Nechus! Thanks for another amusing report. "Calor de mierda", "little anus" and circumsized Norwegian make a perfect trio! :) I really like Norwegian and if you have a possibility, try it because it is a very decent LCC with good complimentary WI-FI. Your mountain shots are simply fantastic both from the ground and from the air and these amazing colors of Puente del Inca - I wonder how these pots look like.

    • Comment 496567 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 855 Comments

      if you have a possibility, try it

      I'm really eager to, but it will be impossible within this year, I'm afraid.

      I wonder how these pots look like

      They are yellowish and rough. Not particularly attractive.

      Thanks for reading, Lukasz!

  • Comment 496357 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5963 Comments

    Oh good, here you are back on an airline with a good safety record, I'm relieved ?

    Sorry to hear about your phone ? I'm glad all of my pics from my phone go to my Amazon Photos cloud so that even if I lose my phone, I don't lose my pics.


    LMAO, I've always thought that, but have never said it out loud, hahahaha

    The new Terminal in SCL looks good! Nice to finally see it in a report

    Punctuality and efficiency have become the trademark of this LCC whose service is on par with major airlines like LATAM.

    True...or have LATAM and other carriers lowered their service standards to LCC levels? A bit of both

    I hope you enjoyed a good Mendoza Malbec while you were there, a grape that comes from my part of France.

    Thanks for sharing and glad you survived the calor de mierda! LOL

    • Comment 496570 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 855 Comments

      I'm glad all of my pics from my phone go to my Amazon Photos cloud

      Boo - hoo. I always upload them to a account as soon as I finish a trip or a flight, but this is not automatic so I had to pay the price this time. :(

      I've always thought that, but have never said it out loud

      That's a big problem that I have -an inability to keep some things to myself- and it will get me into trouble one of these days. My mother has told me many times!

      or have LATAM and other carriers lowered their service standards to LCC levels?

      Yeah, as you say, a bit of both. But I still appreciate Sky's cabin baggage policy, which is better than Latam's and waaay better than Jetsmart's. Besides, even before the LCC times latam's onboard service was already lousy. They didn't have to lower their standards ostensibly to compete with LCCs! XD

      I hope you enjoyed a good Mendoza Malbec while you were there

      Oops. I'm sorry. I don't like wine. Chile is also a wine producer and it's a sort of national drink here, so I always get looks of disbelief when I tell my friends I don't like wine or beer. I like sweet alcoholic drinks, though. There's a popular drink in Chile called "jote" (vulture) which is Coca Cola with some red wine added to it. One day my former school principal brought a very expensive wine to a party and gave me some. I made myself a jote with it and he wanted to kill me! He put me on his list of "unrefined people" ever since. XD

      Thanks for stopping by, Kevin!

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