Review of JetSmart flight Santiago Valdivia in Economy

Airline JetSmart
Flight JA141
Class Economy
Seat 6A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 31 Jan 19, 14:25
Arrival at 31 Jan 19, 15:55
JA 14 reviews
Published on 4th May 2019
After a hell hot week in Mendoza, Argentina, and a day in Santiago - where my main concern was replacing my stolen cellphone before the first symptoms of the lack of connectivity appeared (cold sweats and shaky hands) - this flight will at last take me back home to the cooler weather of Valdivia.

JetSmart belongs to the US investment fund Indigo Partners, just like Hungarian Wizz Air or Mexican Volaris. It has seen an explosive growth in the last months.

At the end of 2018 they expanded into Argentina, where they have been exploring a series of point to point routes just like they've been doing in Chile.

Have a look at some of their domestic destinations in Argentina:

Obviously, they cover several routes departing from the capital city, Buenos Aires…

photo 2019-04-02-115448_1366x768_scrot

…but also from Córdoba, the second largest city in Argentina…

photo 2019-04-02-115507_1366x768_scrot

…and even from minor cities that had never been so well connected before, like Mendoza, which we visited in my previous report

photo 2019-04-02-115513_1366x768_scrot

…or Neuquén, in Patagonia.

photo 2019-04-02-115520_1366x768_scrot

And they boast of having brand new planes only.

So, if you ask me, I see dark clouds on the horizon for other airlines like Duct Tape Airlines -aka Andes Líneas Aéreas- or incident- and corruption-ridden Flybondi.

Well… Who cares?! XD

Purchasing my ticket

I love "smart destination pickers", which display only the available destinations for a certain origin. In my case, whenever I pick my hometown as the airport of origin JetSmart shows all the possible destinations I can fly to, namely…

…one. XD

photo 2019-04-02-151819_1366x768_scrot

That's one of the reasons why purchasing a JetSmart ticket is a breeze.

First, you choose your flight. In the upper right corner you're warned that cheaper (más barato) options are available on a different date. The details of your purchase are displayed immediately on the left, including a bewildering cargo por administración. I thought those fees applied only when you bought a ticket at a brick and mortar office.

photo 2018-12-31-140641_1366x768_scrot

Then you choose your baggage options. I will be carrying only a small bolso de mano (hand bag) in the cabin today, and no checked baggage in the bodega (hold).

photo 2018-12-31-140815_1366x768_scrot

And finally I pick seat 6A for an extra 3000 CLP (4.5 USD)

photo 2018-12-31-141044_1366x768_scrot

The complete seat map. I guess it's the same for all their planes.

photo fireshot capture 2 - jetsmart i boletos de aerolnea y ta_ - https___booking.jetsmart.com_v2_seatmap

I will carry my boarding pass on my phone.

photo 2018-12-31-141149_1366x768_scrot

Congratulations! You're flying! (I remember this French guy who could not say tarjeta (card)!!)

photo 2018-12-31-141642_1366x768_scrot

Congestion at SCL

As always, my means of transport of choice when going to the airport is Centropuerto, the buses leaving from Los Héroes Metro station. But today's ride will be a little longer than usual…

photo img_20190131_115630

…because we are at the height of the summer season…

photo img_20190131_122416_1

…and the access to the terminal…

photo img_20190131_122739

…is terribly jammed.

photo img_20190131_122745

However, this is a great chance…

photo img_20190131_122754

…to have a closer look…

photo img_20190131_122811

…at the construction work…

photo img_20190131_122838

…of what will be the east piers…

photo img_20190131_122851

…of the international terminal.

While the piers are being built on this side…

photo img_20190131_123000

…the main building is taking shape over there.

photo img_20190131_123014

In case you have missed this video from previous reports, it gives a detailed view of what the new terminal will look like.

Climbing the ramp to the third floor takes us…

photo img_20190131_123022

…at least five minutes.

photo img_20190131_123209

Until now, only that end of the old terminal is dedicated to domestic flights…

photo img_20190131_123352

…but in the future…

photo img_20190131_123403

…the whole old terminal will be used…

photo img_20190131_123419

…for domestic tflights.

photo img_20190131_123425

If you can get there, that is.

photo img_20190131_123430

C'mon! Only a couple more meters. We can do it!

photo img_20190131_123433

At last!

photo img_20190131_123706

The view from the third floor…

photo img_9009

…is not less…er, constructive.

The west piers are already in use.

photo img_9014

In fact…

photo img_9015

…that's the long hallway…

photo img_9024

…from my previous flight

photo img_9025

…from Mendoza.

photo img_9026

So, now you've got an idea…

photo img_9027

…of what SCL looks and feels like…

photo img_9030

…these days.

photo img_9032

If you tend to get stressed by building sites…

photo img_9033

…you'd better get in the hall. But it's a bit crowded today.

photo img_20190131_124611

These seem to be new…

photo img_20190131_124749

…but they are not for LCCs, I presume. Wait… GOL is supposed to be an LCC, but they charge like a legacy airline!

photo img_20190131_124755

What airlines are using the counters at the moment?

photo img_20190131_124859

Three of those airlines are Chilean - Sky, JetSmart, and DAP. DAP flies to Patagonia and Antarctica. There's also LATAM, but they call themselves "Latin American" now.

photo img_20190131_124914

At the back of the information system you can weigh your baggage.

photo img_20190131_124953

Phew! I'm well within JetSmart's 8kg hand luggage allowance.

photo img_20190131_124958

Something tells me that queues might be longer than expected today.

photo img_20190131_125033

I might do well to head…

photo img_20190131_125140

…to security check right now…

photo img_20190131_125312

…just in case.

photo img_20190131_125333

But no. Incredibly, I clear the check in a matter of minutes. That thumb up… I wonder if one of these days the control tower will have to display a gigantic thumb up for the captain to take off.

photo img_20190131_131550

36 minutes before boarding starts. Great timing…

photo img_20190131_132048_1

…because the boarding room doesn't look very inviting today…

photo img_20190131_132242

…for those of us less gregarious than the average…

photo img_20190131_132633

…as you can see on the left.

photo img_20190131_132635

However, those 36 minutes come and go…

photo img_20190131_133939

…and the screen still shows the destination of the previous flight - Calama, a horrendous town in the very center of the Chilean mining industry in the desert north of the country. No tourist ever stops in Calama, but continue their journey to San Pedro de Atacama, one of the best-known tourist destinations in Chile and one that I still have to visit.

photo img_20190131_133946

LATAM's flight to Calama is delayed. That's how LATAM's crew get ready for the boarding process..

photo img_20190131_134029

…while JetSmart's crew wait.

photo img_20190131_134236_1

In the meantime, I wonder if I'll be asked to measure my baggage, which grew a bit after I bought a couple of vinyl records. I will blame Madonna and Supertramp if I have to pay for oversized baggage!

photo img_20190131_134720

LATAM's passengers are boarding at last.

photo img_20190131_135501

Only when I hurry to grab a place in front of the queue I realize…

photo img_20190131_140744

…that there's something funny about LATAM's queue markers.

photo img_9038

I had never seen that! LATAM is making their passengers board…

photo img_9039

…by seat letter!

photo img_9036

Of all the boarding procedures, I find this is the weirdiest.

photo img_9035

The first thing that comes to my mind is a family where each member has to wait for their turn. Can anyone tell me if this is a trend around the world?

photo img_9037

Dirtier than my mind. Is it possible?!

Well, JetSmart passengers have to board by zones, but nobody cares about that this time and we are just sent into the jetbridge as the staff scans our passes. The only thing I pray is we will not get stuck in the sweltering… Gosh.

photo img_20190131_141035

Help. It's hot in here. I'm melting. I'm sweating. Somebody save me…

photo img_20190131_142039

Trying not to think about the heat, I photograph the fuselage.

photo img_9044

Only three more steps to get out of this hell.

photo img_20190131_142743

It was exactly 10 minutes in the jetbridge sauna, from 2:10 to 2:20. A FA welcomes us with a big smile and tries to comfort us by saying "Al menos está más rico aquí adentro".

photo img_20190131_142825

Yes, al menos (at least) está más rico (it's nicer) aquí adentro (in here), because más ordenado (tidier) it is not!!

photo img_20190131_142846_1

Nor is it más limpio (cleaner)

photo img_20190131_142907

I think I shrank a little with the heat of the jetbridge…

photo img_20190131_142943_1

…because the seat pitch is quite comfortable. BUT…

photo img_20190131_160322

…this seat is a PIGSTY!! Believe it or not, I didn't see that piece of chewing gum before I stepped on it. :'(

photo img_20190131_150240

What on earth happened here, for God's sake!!

photo img_20190131_143045

Are those traces of a red crayon??? Is it more chewing gum???

photo img_20190131_151449

Even the window is filthy!

photo img_20190131_143124

Of course, the tray table doesn't look…

photo img_20190131_142958

…any better.

photo img_20190131_143000

Leaving as soon as possible…

photo img_20190131_145022

…would increase my chances to survive a sepsis…

photo img_20190131_145016

…but we are still on the apron at 2:50. At 2:51 an Acciona lady (Acciona is the logistics company in charge of JetSmart's ground procedures) enters the cockpit for a minute and leaves.

photo img_20190131_145216

Eventually, at 2:53 the captain orders to get the cabin ready and the jetbridge rolls away.

photo img_9046

The flight

This flight as saw it.

photo route


photo img_9049

Have we met before, CC-AMP? Probably.

photo img_9051

Our taxi to the runway will take us all along that street on the right, up to those planes in a blue livery in the distance. They are…

photo img_9053

…the decaying 737s of the now defunct airline Latin American Wings.

photo img_9054

In fact… OMG! Is that…?

photo img_9056

CC-AQL!! Oh, no! CC-AQL, what have they done to you?! You carried me from CCP to SCL in April 2017. It was my first time on a 737-300, and I wrote a (great) report that can be found here, with nice pictures of your ageing interior.

photo img_9056b

A picture from that report. For the good times. Rest in… pieces, CC-AQL. :'''(

photo img_2720

Of course, when you work for the military your life is much better. You're covered.

photo img_9058

Over there, an elusive bird. Every time I try to photograph it, the photo comes out blurred.

photo img_9059

Not this time!

photo img_9061

Nothing matches the expertise of LATAM's pilots.

photo img_9062

They can land on roofs! XD

photo img_9063

As if we hadn't waited long enough today, we are kept for a while longer at the head of the runway. Will another plane land? Not that one…

photo img_9064

…because it uses the other runway.

photo img_9066

Whatever it was, I didn't see it. Anyway, here we go…

photo img_9067

…at long last.

photo img_9068

Santiago looks surprisingly clear today…

photo img_9070

…most probably because we are in the middle of our summer holidays…

photo img_9074

…and the city is half empty.

photo img_9077

It's easy to see the most distant neighborhoods…

photo img_9079

…and the mountains…

photo img_9083

…thanks to the low amounts of smog.

photo img_9086

I'm happy to see the green valley, but the mountains look dull without the snow.

photo img_9088

Poor auntie Olivia misses me a lot down there in Pelequén.

photo img_9089

I can see the house where she lives. I'll come and visit her in April.

photo img_9090

In spite of the lack of snow, some volcanoes make the view very interesting. Like this one, which has just "blurped", letting out a minute cloud of smoke…

photo img_9093

…that quickly flies to the south and vanishes.

photo img_9094

But what do I see? Some kilometers to the south…

photo img_9097

…another volcano is making a real tantrum!

photo img_9098

Just don't spoil my April flight, OK?

photo img_9100

That's how we live down here. Much like the Little Prince, each of us can have our own volcano in our backyards and take care of it.

photo img_9102

As we fly above Colbún dam…

photo img_9104

…the BOB service is announced, so let's have a look…

photo img_20190131_152421

…at the menu.

After a careful analysis, I think I'll stick to my traditional coffee and a carrot muffin.

photo img_20190131_153337

There was a time when JetSmart's muffins were minuscule. They have improved a lot in that area.

photo img_20190131_153745

But they are still far from the splendid muffins that LATAM used to serve for free before Mercado LATAM. Cecilio's verdict: Acceptable.

photo img_20190131_153713

Something cute: They have branded sugar sachets now! I would sue the guy who drew the plane, though. Where's the right horizontal stabilizer (rear wing)?! Cute anyway.

photo img_20190131_153504

One of my favorite sights: this lagoon called Laja…

photo img_9107

…and Antuco volcano on its southern shore.

photo img_9108

After seeing the rugged beauty of the mountains near Concepción…

photo img_9110

…we soon reach the Araucanía.

photo img_9111

That one must be Llaima volcano.

photo img_9112
photo img_9115

Lanín volcano, on the left, is shared by Chile and Argentina. You can bet that half the populaion of Santiago is vacationing at lake Villarrica, at the foot of Villarrica volcano, on the right.

photo img_9119

River Toltén is full of meaning for the Mapuche people.

photo img_9123

According to an old song, a Mapuche woman was washing her clothes in it when she stopped and cried:

photo img_9125

"Huinca tregua. Huinca pillo. Me robaron mi potrillo, mi ruca, waca y ternera." (White thief. White thief. You stole my young horse, my house, my cow and her calf)

Pitrufquén lies on its south shore, on the Ruta 5 Sur, aka, Panamerican Highway.

photo img_9128

Then comes Gorbea.

photo img_9129
photo img_9130

We can see Loncoche…

photo img_9134

…as we bank to the right.

photo img_9135

This gives me a rare view of river San Pedro…

photo img_9138

…which becomes river Calle Calle when it nears its lower course.

photo img_9139

Valdivia is barely visible in the distance.

photo img_9141

Now that we are aligned with the runway we bank to the left…

photo img_9142photo img_9145photo img_9148

…and in a matter of minutes…

photo img_9151photo img_9152photo img_9153

…we descend over the fields…

photo img_9155


photo img_9157

…and cows…

photo img_9158photo img_9160photo img_9162

…around the airport.

photo img_9165photo img_9167photo img_9168

At 4:13…

photo img_9170photo img_9171photo img_9172

…we touch down.

photo img_9174

As usual, we are welcomed to our destination over the PA…

…but this time we can't help…

photo img_9182photo img_9183photo img_9184

…laughing a little…

photo img_9185

…when the captain informs about the local temperature…

photo img_9186photo img_9188photo img_9191

…and tells us that our baggage will be available…

photo img_9192

…at belt number 1.

photo img_9193

He might not know…

photo img_9194

…that Pichoy airport…

…has one baggage belt only.

photo img_20190131_162341_1

Anyway, not having any baggage to claim…

photo img_20190131_162348

…I head straight for the exit…

photo img_20190131_162407

…where the transfer service is enthusiasticaly offered there on the left.

photo img_20190131_162415

Four thousand pesos! The Uncle Scrooge inside me is screeching his teeth. I'll see if I can avoid this expense next time.

photo img_20190131_162732

Hasta la próxima! :D
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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Santiago - SCL


Valdivia - ZAL



Of the three major Chilean airlines, JetSmart is the one that has experienced a greater expansion this year. The service is basic, and Sky Airline, its LCC competitor, has a better BOB menu and more comfortable seats, in my opinion, but things are about to change, judging from what I've read on the social networks. Filthy cabin today!

Information on the route Santiago (SCL) Valdivia (ZAL)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 14 reviews of 3 airlines on the route Santiago (SCL) → Valdivia (ZAL).


The airline with the best average rating is LATAM with 7.1/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 29 minutes.

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  • Comment 501365 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 545 Comments

    Next time is going to be a tough choice to fly... A carrier that is fixing everything with ducktape (andes) or an carrier that is filthy (jetsmart).... I'd probably choose Andes haha! Don't think I've ever seen such a gross cabin to be frank.

    …this seat is a PIGSTY!! Believe it or not, I didn't see that piece of chewing gum before I stepped on it. :'(

    That's just aweful...... from both cleaners (if it is really cleaned inbetween the flight) and passenger.

    • Comment 501394 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      Yeah, shame on them. But to be fair, JetSmart's cabins are usually clean. It was only that particular seat that was vandalized for some big pig, or maybe a little pig with no parental supervision. Even after this bad experience I wouldn't change them for Duct Tape Airlines! XDDD

  • Comment 501510 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5606 Comments

    Hola Nelson, Looks like it was a lovely (rare) low-smog day in SCL! At least the air was clean because the cabin surely wasn't. Ugh, I hate stepping in gum. I get that LCCs save time and money by not doing full cleans during turns, but usually there is at least some quick cleaning by staff (whether ground of cabin crew)--here you can tell that absolutely no cleaning has occurred...disgusting.

    Awesome planespotting and aerials, just how I like it ?

    • Comment 501517 by
      KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5606 Comments

      Also, it’s really cool to see an active volcano erupting from the air! You don’t expect to see that in a flight-report ! ?

    • Comment 501538 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      Hi, Kevin! I couldn't agree more with you. This was disgusting. Being an LCC shouldn't be an excuse for failing to check of the condition of the cabin between flights. Even if you pay little, you're still a passenger, not cattle. Luckily, this was the exception, not the rule, and the next two flights with JetSmart (my visit to auntie Olivia) were OK as usual.

      Thanks for your comment!

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