Review of British Airways flight London Paris in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA304
Class Economy
Seat 10F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 15 Feb 19, 07:10
Arrival at 15 Feb 19, 09:25
BA   #64 out of 139 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 766 reviews
By GOLD 675
Published on 22nd February 2019

Report No: 2019-202E

Hi and welcome to this new series of reports which would consist 6 flights. Four of them would be on British Airways in the World/Euro Traveller Cabin and the other two would be exclusive reports that no hint would be given until the report is published. 

The second flight of this series would be my twenty-first airport on Flight-Report and that would be Paris-CDG, as this website is usually a French website, I am also honored to share my "10th Flight-Report in French" by adding a French destination to my inventory. ( This report is available both in English and French, you are now viewing the English version. ) This report would be a review of the British Airways A319-100 on a short flight from London Heathrow to Paris Charles de Gaulle. This report would also include a review of the breakfast service in the British Airways Galleries Lounge's in Heathrow Airport. This report would also have a bonus hotel review which would be the review of the ibis Hotel in Paris Charles de Gaulle. ( The one in Terminal 3 ).

Just a reminder that as I have already reported the first flight and a similar one to the second, I had used the chance to video report the first part of this serie for a test of YouTube flight-reports that I would start to post soon but things didn't go as well as I expected. It's really hard to capture good quality videos on a phone camera so I won't compile them as a video and present it to you, but I would share some parts of the flights as a video as well. Because that some photos were taken from the videos, they are not in their usual quality. However, these reports are complete Flight-Reports and I apologize for the bad photo qualities in some images and give the signal that I would start video-reporting soon as I have the chance to buy a motion camera. Once again, thanks for your understanding.

The routing for this serie would look like this
First Part


Second Part

Third Part

Pax for this flight

Club Europe: %100 [ Club Europe until row 4 ]
Euro Traveller: %90-95

The aircraft was fully booked but there were some no-show's or misconnections. 

London Heathrow AIRPORT - LHR

While when we were taxiing to the gate on my previous flight, I have realized that I have received this mail, that BA asked me to check my hand luggage. Of course, I wouldn't do that as I am only traveling with hand baggage on this trip.

photo img_6735

After arriving to Terminal 5C from my previous flight, the FIDS showed that my next flight would depart from A gates.

photo img_6740a

As there were many people waiting for the transit;

photo img_6740aa

I've decided to walk all the way to Terminal 5A. Walking after a long flight makes me feel more energetic and this specific walk helped me to wake up for the day.

photo img_6740b

Of course, I would follow the purple signs for connections

photo img_6740c

Later on, I have used the fast track lane for security screening which leads to the North Checkpoint. The waiting times were alright as it took me 5-10 minutes to clear security.

photo img_6744


After I've cleared security, I've first walked towards the North Lounge and realized that the lounge was getting crowded so I have decided to go to the South Lounge instead. Even though, there was less than an hour for our scheduled departure time, the gate was not shown on the FIDS. However, while entering the lounge, I have learnt that my flight would depart from gate A18 which is close to the South Lounge.  

photo img_6751a

The lounge was empty and I have taken my seat in a set of couches at the southern part of the lounge. That day, most of the morning operations were departing from concourse B.

photo img_6761

Daily newspapers and some magazines were available

photo img_6756

Today's breakfast options; starting with yoghurt and cereal

photo img_6754

Some bacon sandwiches, toasted breads, hash browns, and a vegetable frittata. ( The frittata is not visible in the picture )

photo img_6752

Croissant selection

photo img_6753

Fresh fruits available that day

photo img_6755

More cereals

photo img_6758

Two types of porridge was available that day

photo img_6759

And to conclude the main bar area; fresh juices, fresh smoothies, and fresh fruit

photo img_6757

The coffee and the bar

photo img_6762


I have left the lounge 35 minutes before scheduled departure time. At that time boarding was started with Group 1 passengers.

photo img_6767

The gate area had separate lanes for group 1, groups 2&3 and groups 4&5. After queuing up and clearing the document check I have directly boarded as groups 2&3 were invited to board at that time.

photo img_6768

Boarding pass

photo img_6562

Due to the low visibility from the windows in Heathrow, I couldn't take a photo of the aircraft

The door

photo img_6769


After being welcomed by the crew I had taken my seat 10F which was in the emergency exit row.

photo img_6770

The seats are same on the BA A320s and the exit row seat pitch is similar as well. On BA A319's row 10 has the most legroom which makes that row the most comfortable on the aircraft.

photo img_6772photo img_6773

Overhead panel

photo img_6781

Our neighbor, G-TTOE, a British Airways A320neo which is going to head to Hannover that morning. Due to the amount of liquids on the window, I have decided not to spot aircrafts at Heathrow.

photo img_6782

However, I've spent that time taking the photos of the seat pocket items. Starting with the safety card

photo img_6775

The seat pocket also contained the High Life Magazine, the Business Life Magazine, the High Life Shopping catalogue and the Marks&Spencer Buy On Board menu. Inflight shopping was not offered on this short flight.

This report doesn't include the content of the M&S Onboard menu but you could find it here in one of my previous reports. Also, the items marked with the earth symbol was not served on this flight due to the duration.

photo img_6776

BA Europe route map

photo img_6777

And, Paris in the destination list. This flight is only 225 miles.

photo img_6779

We had started our pushback on time and the crew made the safety demo manually as the overhead monitors were not working. This meant the route map isn't working either. After we entered the runway queue, due to a problem at another aircraft at the queue as the captain told, we had waited for 20 minutes and then took of for this short flight to Paris.

photo img_6789

After we have gained altitude, the liquid on the window evaporated and I was able to take photos.

While we were finishing crossing the English Channel, the BoB service had begun.

photo img_6795

As I had breakfast in the lounge, I have requested a cup of tank water from the galley just after the service had ended via the call button. The crew was happy to help me.

photo img_6797

Shortly after, we started our descend for Paris

photo img_6799

The Eiffel Tower is visible

photo img_6800

Stade de France

photo img_6801

Paris Le Bourget Airport

photo img_6803photo img_6805

And we had landed to Paris before schedule.

photo img_6806

The first visible aircrafts were these HOP! regional jets which were parked in remote stands.

photo img_6808

F-GSQK was going to head to Sao Paulo that day

photo img_6809

And this 777-200 would head also to Brazil, this time to Rio de Janeiro as AF 462

photo img_6810

Terminal 2E M Building - mainly having SkyTeam partners but an exception of China Southern

photo img_6811

F-GZNU was going to head to Bangkok that day as AF 166.

photo img_6812

And this CityJet and A320 parked in non-schengen gates would visit Newcastle and Marrakesh that day.

photo img_6813

Terminal 2E - K building had mostly Air France and Delta aircraft

photo img_6814photo img_6817

This Delta 777-200 was heading to Atlanta that day as DL 83

photo img_6816

After passing the Air France terminals, this Emirates A380 ( A6-EUM ) was the first visible aircraft

photo img_6818

The next visible aircraft was this Jet Airways A330-300, which was regularly operating the Chennai-Paris rotation at that period.

photo img_6819

Gulf Air A320 getting ready for its flight to Bahrain

photo img_6820

This Etihad A380 was also parked in Terminal 2C.

photo img_6821

And this XL Airways A330 was getting ready for its flight to Pointe-à-Pitre 

photo img_6822

And we had parked to gate A44 which meant parking position A10.

photo img_6822a


British Airways uses Terminal 2A for their flights from/to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

photo img_6822b

A view of our aircraft from the jetbridge

photo img_6824

As I am not an EU citizen, I have followed for the signs for "All Passports".

photo img_6822c

Immigration lines didn't seem that bad but the Acces No 1 lane was closed and no officers were in the booth related to that lane.

photo img_6822d

While walking to the queue, I had to chance to take the last photo of our aircraft G-EUPH

photo img_6825

After a 5 minute wait in the non-EU lane, I was called by the next available officer. After the passport control, as I didn't have checked luggage I just left the baggage claim area.

photo img_6825aphoto img_6825b

Arrival FIDS

photo img_6825c

As I was going to stay in one of the airport hotels for this trip, I have made my way to the CDGVAL ( people mover ) to reach my hotel.

photo img_6825d

While on the way, A6-EUM appeared again.

photo img_6829

The CDGVAL station is located between Terminal 2C and Terminal 2E.

photo img_6829a

These are the stations of the CDGVAL

photo img_6831

And photos from the short CDGVAL journey

After arriving to Terminal 3 - Roissypole. I have followed the signs for my hotel which was ibis.

photo img_6837a

And found the hotel within 2-3 minutes.

photo img_6837b

This report has came to an end. The hotel review bonus is located all the way down, under the coming up section.
Thanks for reading this report and hope to see you in another one.

Bonus : Click here display
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British Airways

Cabin crew8.5

British Airways (South) Galleries Club - 5A


London - LHR


Paris - CDG



Although it was a very short flight and an uneventful BA flight on the Euro Traveller cabin, I would like to mention that the only negative point of this flight was a broken IFE even though only a route map should be offered. From now on, I would mark a straight 5 for BA flights with only route-map and seat pocket content available and a straight 3.5 for BA flights for only seat-pocket content being available. However, the BoB is OK for a 40 minutes flight and the exit row seat is perfect. Experiences in London and Paris where good and there is nothing negative to mention. The breakfast offering in the lounge is good and there is a wide variety of food. Of course, it is also nice to have an empty lounge early in the morning.

(+) Security waiting time acceptable
(+) Priorities respected during boarding
BA Galleries Lounge T5A-S
(+) Breakfast offering
(+) Comfortable seating
(+) Comfortable seats and acceptable exit row legroom
(+) On time arrival to Paris
(+) Cabin crew
(-) No IFE
(+) Passport control wait times
(+) Easy to navigate around the airport

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