Review of KLM Cityhopper flight Amsterdam Växjö in Economy

Airline KLM Cityhopper
Flight KL1089
Class Economy
Seat 21D
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 18 Feb 19, 12:10
Arrival at 18 Feb 19, 13:40
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Published on 6th March 2019
Amsterdam Schiphol to Växjö

After my flight from Geneva, I had a connection to a small Swedish town in the Småland region, Växjö.
I had one hour layover in Amsterdam.

The flight was operated by KLM cityhopper with an Embraer 175 of 88 passengers.
KLM operates during the winter season 5 daily flights to Växjö and 7 flights during summer season. Since KLM flew to Växjö, it allowed the city to be connected to a large number of destinations.
Indeed, the small regional airport was not connected to a major Hub.

You can fly during the whole year from Växjö to Stockholm Bromma, Gdansk and Amsterdam.

photo vxo

The second phase of my journey started downstairs where I checked my gate.

photo 53260615_684280541987957_7346687683185344512_n

Then I headed to the B section and my gate.
Of course it was the farest gate of the B section. Quite a long walk. I was happy to reached it.

I really appreacite the view that you have in Amsterdam. This airport is a friendly spotter airport with a nice view on some of the runways.

Our Embraer 175 of the day.

photo 53316607_2167159306711588_5870966963575980032_n

Due to the sun - which was far from being aggressive - the airport decided to put the stores in order to reduce the sunlight in the terminal. I obvisouly prefer when the store are up… you can barely see something through the stores… not really pleasant though.

photo 53183006_1747444745402030_1513651164938240000_n

The boarding started with 5 minutes delays.

First time I was boarding at this gate and I can defenitly say that is not the best one. You have to go down to the tarmac with a steep descent and then climb the stairs to the aircraft. Fortunately nobody needed assistance.

Another E190 of KLM Cityhopper.

photo 53528457_306045286777769_288531732532035584_n

And our Embraer.

photo 53192450_289994278335972_815372036175036416_n

Unfortunetaly I was not on a window seat this time… the plane was full, thus it was impossible to change seat.

photo 53397825_399321620887237_3274240074400661504_nphoto 53429954_3133615893331133_3995870867337773056_n

Push back and rolling to the runway - on-time as usual with KLM.

photo 52861802_2328813723804240_2662301706821304320_nphoto 53224204_598262233979295_2945914671007268864_n

Then take-off.

The leg-room and the seat was correct as my preview reports on KLM. Correct for a 1h25 minutes flight.

photo 53321667_787561271612080_7324169732293132288_nphoto 53545868_2273487586201612_6301463574447390720_n

Sunny flight with a foggy layer underneath.

photo 53371913_326997867793419_8190006435900293120_n

The in-flight entertainment was as usual, the magasine of the airline. You can find picture of it in my preview report from Geneva to Amsterdam.

Hereafter, the flight-attendants started their service.
We had two small turkey sandwiches - very good - and a beverage, I took a tea.

photo 53327466_842372462804981_2544707160114200576_n

After 50 minutes of flight, we started our descent to Växjö.
The approach was a mix between fog and sun. It was not possible to real distinct the ground until a certain altitude.

photo 53524825_333281767535478_4129520349689675776_nphoto 53831215_1670097923123562_2651158104934187008_n

Approaching Växjö and its frozen lakes.

photo 53309010_384023579088807_4349280494647508992_nphoto 53320040_415789938970984_1262056967195590656_nphoto 53846793_406014346868208_6211565489420763136_n

Welcome to Sweden.

photo 53111153_594833457655486_4297311179912511488_n

Växjö airport during deboarding.
Another airline on the tarmas. Braathens Airlines, the Swedish regional airline based in Stockholm Bromma.

You have to walk to the terminal, like 80 meters maximum.

photo 53169462_1082052128669972_369268815525052416_nphoto 53385669_640944686341386_4647766810320437248_nphoto 53549419_2084944991795389_5494878276855791616_n

Baggage claim area.

photo 53142799_328636474426189_795120079963422720_nphoto 53897089_640603663058212_6139190531659399168_n

Then headed toward the exist.
From the airplane to the exist of the airport you have to count 3 minutes if you do not have luggages.

photo 53521626_2272844053042117_3523768659161907200_n

Finally, I went to the bus stop in order to join Växjö downtown and the other bus' connections.
Count around 20 minutes to get in town.
The airport is served by the line 4. A bus is coming every 20 minutes during working days. Very practical.

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KLM Cityhopper

Cabin crew8.5

Amsterdam - AMS


Växjö - VXO



The flight was very good. No complain concerning KLM cityhopper.
We arrived in Växjö with 10 minutes in advance.
The snack was very good, the flight-attendant pleasant as well.

Växjö airport is a very small regional airport with 200 000 pax in 2018. However, it is well connected to the city thanks to the bus system.
In less than 10 minutes you are outside the airport, which is very confortable.

Thanks for reading my report.



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  • Comment 491822 by
    marathon GOLD 9849 Comments

    I would have hated these stores hiding the tarmac view in AMS !
    Too bad for the aisle seat, but you nevertheless managed to provide some views.
    Thanks for sharing !

  • Comment 491825 by
    edsong14 7 Comments

    I was on the E-190 from AMS-GOT during my trip in January (on the return leg we actually got a 737). KL definitely has one of the best European Y products, and I'm always impressed by KL's Scandinavian network (AES, BGO, KRS, OSL, TRF, SVG, and TRD in Norway, AAL, CPH, and BLL in Denmark, and GOT, LPI, ARN, and VXO in Sweden).

    • Comment 491827 by
      Flight_rzs AUTHOR 8 Comments

      I agree with you. KLM offers a very good service and products for the fare proposed. KLM is very active since a very long time in the Scandinavian region, as you mentioned they serve a large number of Scandinavian destinations.

  • Comment 491873 by
    KL651 TEAM 4523 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Shame about the aisle seat as the view on the winglet was nice.
    I've only heard of Vaxjö in a Swedish mistery book, I bet it's quite nice for such a small airport to have a flight to AMS with all the possible connections.

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