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Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS862
Class Economy
Seat 17F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:15
Take-off 27 Sep 18, 19:15
Arrival at 27 Sep 18, 21:30
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Published on 21st February 2019
After a long time, I found time to write this flight report about my 3rd flight with Austrian airlines, OS862.

My flight was during Sukkot holiday in Israel, I thought that the airport will be busy and I'll be stuck for a long time in queues, but It was the opposite.

The entrance to Terminal 3:
photo 20180927_153331photo 20180927_153432

Here's a sign that bless you for happy holiday:
photo 20180927_153642

The check in area:
photo 20180927_154209

During the way to the immigration and the hand bag security:
photo 20180927_154703

I had to wait a little bit during the hand bag security check, but since I have biometric passport, I can finish the immigration process very fast.

After the immigration and during the way to the duty free area:
photo 20180927_155524photo 20180927_155527photo 20180927_155643

The duty free area:
photo 20180927_155904photo 20180927_162919

I went also to the WC, they were Ok:
photo 20180927_160519photo 20180927_160658

Shortly after, I received this message:
photo screenshot_20180927-164634_messages

During my waiting in the terminal for the flight, I also checked our aircraft position in Flightradar:
photo screenshot_20180927-164958_flightradar24

I went to the gates to try take some aircraft photos, but I couldn't receive good result because the windows are dotted…
photo 20180927_170110

Duty free shop:
photo 20180927_170853

The food area:
photo 20180927_172020

I bought coffee in Aroma, very known in Israel, something like Starbucks:
photo 20180927_172819

The waiting area in Terminal 3 with the known square:
photo 20180927_182132

While waiting for our flight and due to the message about the delay, I went to the gate and asked the crew about the boarding time, They said that They'll update the data in the airport screens about departures. I was waiting for nothing, and then in 18:50 They called to my phone, and said me that I'm late to the flight and all the passengers are waiting for me! Huh? The correct data wasn't on the airport screens and I wasn't the last passenger to arrive to the aircraft…

Anyway, this is the time for…

Aircraft Information:
Airbus A320-200
OE-LBJ (D-ALTF and OE-LTV in the past)
Used by LTU, LTU Austria and Air Berlin
In service since September 2001, in since in Austrian since December 2012

Window view from my seat (17F):
photo dsc09479

The old overhead (and the basic) panel:
photo dsc09480

Nice legroom, as I had in the previous flights with Austrian in the A321:
photo dsc09483

And free middle seat! Like the European business class:
photo dsc09484

During taxi, It was almost dark outside, so I couldn't take good photos…
photo dsc09485

Take off video (4K available):

Shortly after take off, over the Tel aviv coast:
photo dsc09489

After the seat belt sign turned off, I went to the rear WC and took some photos of the cabin, as You can see the aircraft was almost empty, most of the rows were empty or occupied by one person or two persons…

One of the toilets was out of order, I think that if the aircraft was almost full, It might be unconvinent for the passengers to wait a lot of time for the single toilet to be free.
photo dsc09506

The WC:
photo dsc09513photo dsc09514photo dsc09515
They were clear, and I found It really odd that the faucet was automatic.

30 Minutes into the flight, the flight crew gave us a dinner:

The dinner included soft drink, hot drink, water, pasta with mushrooms, some cake (I can't remember, but I think It was apple cake), butter and bread.
It was very nice and tasty.

Some IFE:
photo 20180927_200722
In this flight, It was unknown if the Wifi is working or not, the FA couldn't help us and They said that We might pay and check if It's working…

The flight became really bumpy in this stage, since there was a big storm in our flight route.

Anyway, some photo of the cabin during the approach to the airport:
photo dsc09518

And of course, video of the landing in Vienna airport (4K is available):

After landing, during taxi to the gate:
photo dsc09521

Austrian EMB195:
photo dsc09523

Cabin view after landing and during deboarding:
photo dsc09526photo dsc09528

In our way to the baggage claim area:
photo dsc09529photo dsc09530

Baggage claim area:
photo dsc09531photo dsc09532

After We received our suitcases, We went to the rental car area, the walking to there is a little bit long and the parking is really big, our car parked in the 8th floor!
photo 20180927_2159520photo 20180927_220234

Sixt agent in the airport:
photo 20180927_220835photo 20180927_220838

They were very nice and They have many cars, We ordered Skoda Octavia estate and could choose between Opel insingia estate, Mazda 6 estate and Peugeot 5008 HDi, We chose the last one:
photo dsc09541

Thank for reading!
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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Tel Aviv - TLV


Vienna - VIE



This wasn't my first flight with Austrian, so I have something to compare with.
In this flight, the Wifi condition was unknown, and since there are no overhead TVs or some streaming options, I gave them 0 for the entertainment score.
I also reduced the score in the cabin due to the malfunction in the rear toilet and for the cabin crew, since They weren't so nice.

Ben Gurion airport again received good scores from me, since there are no problems and It's easy to navigate in the Terminal, there are many shops and restaurants in the Terminal and the total experience is very good. Again, I think that They need to improve the cleaning.

Vienna airport was also very good, I only reduced the access score due the the long way from the gates to the baggage claim and the long way from the baggage claim to the rental car area, all the other things were perfect.

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