Review of Turkish Airlines flight Bangkok Istanbul in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK069
Class Economy
Seat 45K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 12:25
Take-off 01 Jan 19, 23:45
Arrival at 02 Jan 19, 08:10
TK   #13 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 611 reviews
By 2630
Published on 22nd February 2019

Hello and welcome to my first ever flight report!
Over the month of December and January, i was prvileged to try out three star alliance carriers during my Asia trip in Thailand and also Turkey.
The various flight reports will be the following:
TK069; BKK-IST (B777-300ER)
TG102; BKK-CNX (B777-300ER) [SOON]
TG121; CNX-BKK (B777-200ER) [SOON]
ET307;NBO-ADD (B737-MAX8) [SOON]
ET628;ADD-BKK (B787-8) [SOON]
TK607; IST-NBO (B737-MAX8) [SOON]


We have just concluded the New Years Eve celebrations and its a new year and after spending a week in Thailand touring various towns and cities, it was now time to go to Istanbul for a short visit.
Over my time in Bangkok, used their local Asian ride hailing up Grab, which was very helpful and provided top notch car service, especially during our airport transfers in Chiang Mai and also here in Bangkok.
photo img_8265

I had a wonderful timing of 23:50 pm to Istanbul which meant i had plenty of time to enjoy my last moments in Bangkok, plus i owuld to get to sleep in the red eye flight although in the real sense i was super excited to by flying TK since 2015.
photo img_8261

Upon leaving the hotel, we arrived to a busy roadside at the BKK terminal due to the several flights that were leaving for various Asian and European cities, took about 15 minutes to clear the traffic.

photo img_8255
The TK check in desk was at Entrance 10, where other carriers like CZ,ET,AI and my home carrier KQ usually depart from.
The entrance area is really huge, organized and clean and it did not take long before I found my check in desk, which was in the U section
photo 11photo img_8258photo img_8256

TK's check in counter was relatively busy as there were two flights to IST that were been prepared, the other one been TK067 which was operated by a A330-300 and was leaving only an hour earlier than our flight. Opposite us, was Spring Airlines which was been checked in for a regional flight to Japan.
photo img_8259

After queing for less than 10 minutes, the check in process took a decent time, and the agent was really fascinated with the busy 'flying schedule' i had within such a short time and aksed if i generally enjoyed Thailand, of which i really did!
After check in and getting my ticket, i proceeded for security which went fairly quick and onwards to Passport control and after my last conversationn with the Thai people before leaving, i really appreciated the amazing hospitality that they offered every single place i went to and it was sad that it was time to leave the beautiful place.
photo img_8275

I then proceeded on to Coffee club where i spent the remaining time to wait for my flight since they provided free WI-FI and had the best coffee in my opinion. the restaurant had WI-Fi although it wasnt very helpful since it was only for like 5 minutes so but the airport WI-FI still helped all through my time in BKK, it only involved a simple registration process where you put in your phone details anf passport details, the it would be saved anytime when you visit the airport, of which i found relatively simpler compared to other airports.
photo img_8262photo img_8271

A random view of the airside at night, i really liked the lighting since it made it quite calm and the side i was in wasn't as much noisy or crowded which made everything better,
photo img_8274

My gate was at E1, and when i arrived, it was already filled with people since I arrived when boarding was about to begin,
My aircraft today, TC-LJA was a 3.8 year old Boeing 777-300ER and i was really looking foward to this flight since i remeber looking at it on photos during its delivery while i was still in high school,
photo img_8278

BKK is quite okay for plane spotting but obviously not the best but i didn't mind much since it was at night
photo img_8280

No sooner had i settled on my chair, than the call for boarding was made where they began with mothers with young children, business class, Star Alliance Gold members then the rest wwere called in groups. The boarding was quite ordely since i believe not many paseengers a=had arrived yet as TK is among the few airlines which start boarding 1 hour prior to departure.
Newspapers are offered before boarding including mostly Turkish Newspapers and Thai Newspapers together with the New York TImes.
photo img_8285

Blurry glimpse of the aircraft thanks to the Jet bridge mesh.
photo img_8284

The aircraft featured the new business class seats which looked dang good! in a 2-3-2 configuration.
photo img_8286

Here's the New Economy Class in a comfortable 3-3-3 seating, the color of the seats and the wall at the back was really aesthetically satisfying
photo img_8288

Upon reaching my seat, i was greeted by the 10 inch In-Flight Entertainment which in photos looked really small but was the exact opposite in reality. First impression after sitting was that compared to the EK 777W, this was extremely comfortable and spacious and i appreciate airlines who use the B777W and retain the 3-3-3 configuration for example SQ among others especially for such long flights.
photo img_8298photo img_8290

I had a perfect wing view for tonight's red eye flight as for me, when i always fly, i always prefer to take the last section of the aircraft because of the pleasant wing views it offers.
For the seat, i reserved it online for free which was very much appreciated.
photo img_8307

WIth a few minutes left for the departure time, more passengers continued to enter the flight, i believe they were passengers transiting from other flights and eventually it ended up having a 100% occupancy on tonigh'ts flight.
In the background is a JIn Air B737-800 which just arrived from Gimpo (South Korea).
photo img_8317

After a lenghty boarding process and a small event where a passenger was arguing with the crew after he wasn't seating with their partner, it got resolved and after the captain announced that the flight would be exactly 10 Hours to Ataturk Airport, we began the pushback.
TK known for it's safety videos, had a specially themed Lego inflight safety demo.
photo img_8319

A Thai B777W parked
photo img_8335

After a short taxi process, we took of and headed westwards for Istanbul,
Last view of BKK and what looked like the farms near the airport,
photo img_8353photo img_8362

After we reached cruising altitude, I began to operate the inflight entertainment system which was really stocked with music, movies and TV series. I was very much in love with the music selection since it mostly had all the music I love and that kept me mostly entertained for the flight since i was too excited for Istanbul to even watch a movie.
photo img_8370photo img_8371

Immediately, the crew handed out menu cards which is very much appreciated in economy class and i believed it was now time to experience world class economy class dining.
photo img_8365photo img_8366photo img_8367
It contained drinks, starters and also the desert of the day, the main meal consisted of a summary of either chicken or lamb, of which i chose the chicken and to compliment it with a Lemon Juice which tasted quite good. The overall meal was just exemplary and satisfying.
photo img_8375

After the meal service, the crew handed out the amenity kit which was odd since they usually started with it and was made by "Institut Karite" a French brand. It contained the normal stuff like toothbrush, paste, comb, pair of socks and slides which was handy for this flight.
photo img_8369

The Inflight magazine and the legroom after full recline which was perfect
photo img_8372photo img_8376

After the dinner service, the lights were dimmed to let the passengers to rest and it stayed like that for most of the time.
photo img_8382

After a couple of hours (since I took a short nap also) the mood lighting changed and it signified the second meal service which was breakfast (having missed the snack service since i slept),
photo img_8384

Breakfast was served and I had cheese and tomato omelette with spinach and grilled tomato together with Mango juice and it was very satisfying. They also provided bread as a side dish for the meal.
photo img_8388

And before i knew it, all the lights were back on which signified that we were nearing completion of this wonderful flight, the crew began the process of preparing landing
photo img_8389photo img_8391

The connection flights were displayed and my seatmate was travelling with his family and they were connecting to Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)
photo img_8392

It was really dark outside despite been 6am and I thought I would've seen the sunrise but that was when i remembered that it was winter in Istanbul meaning the sun kind of rises later than usual.
After a decent approach and a perfectly landing by the TK pilots we were in Istanbul!, I was now super excited especially after seen the series of B777W of TK (photos were too burry unfortunately), I knew I was finally back at my second home :).

After a long taxi, we arrived our parking spot which was on the other side of the apron which meant we were taking a bus to the terminal, we parked near a Turkish Cargo A330F.

Last views of this wonderful economy class product before exiting from the aft side of the plane,
photo img_8415photo img_8416photo img_8417

I could not take straight photos since i was the last one to exit and since everyone was waiting for me and it was freezing cold, I had to hurry. I really will miss the beautiful B777W
photo img_8419photo img_8420

After arriving airside i had to pass swiftly through the passport control and security, afterwards I picked my luggage and got a shuttle to my hotel. IST outside, i had missed this view for sure.
photo img_8422photo img_8425

In the meantime, thank you for viewing my maiden trip report and safe travels!
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Bangkok - BKK


Istanbul - ISL



Turkish Airlines is one of the most recommended airlines to fly, as it provides top notch services for both long and short routes and even though they are having capacity and service delivery issues in IST, the new airport will finally give them the chance to prove who they really are. With a few issues noted on this particular flight, I have no other words to say but this was an exceptional flight performed by them. The pricing is also commendable considering my rather complicated initinerary but I still felt that TK needs to be less complicated and strict with their fair payment schedule.
With that, thank you for watching my report and see you soon!

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  • Comment 489852 by
    ThomasDutch GOLD 473 Comments

    Thanks for your first report and welcome here!
    I'm surprised that Turkish is still handing out amenity kits, while most airlines do not. A nice touch though and it seems like a very comfortable ride.

    • Comment 489983 by
      EvansKimani AUTHOR 2 Comments

      Hello and thank you very much for viewing my report!
      Yes they still do offer amenity kits on most of their long flights. Because I also took a 6 hour flight with them, and they still provided their amenity kits, something their nearest competitors hardly do.
      But all in all TK is should be on your list when flying long and also short haul. They have a very consistent service and make your journey the most comfortable with their hard and soft product.

  • Comment 489860 by
    ISTFlyer GOLD 239 Comments

    Hi Evans and welcome to Flight-Report and thanks for sharing your first report on the airline of my home country.

    -First, I would like to ask you, did TK staff in Thailand in check-in asked you to put a TK sticker on your chest; in the past they asked every passenger to have one to do some marketing. In the past, when I simply rejected the sticker the employee didn't hand my boarding pass until I sticked it. However, after I got my boarding pass I have removed the sticker.
    - It's also nice that TK still offers a 3-3-3 configuration on their 777-300ER's and you were able to enjoy the legroom as well. I don't know exactly, but I've heard that TK would reconfigure their 77W's in the future.
    - Menu cards in Economy Class is now nostalgic on TK as they have removed them in all routes, correct me if I'm wrong, and TK started cost-cutting their meal budgets this February. Their meals in the past were definitely better than your experience but I'm glad you enjoyed them. However, they cater meals from the cheapest company that offers Halal food in destinations that does not have Do&Co.
    - Also it's nice to have an amenity kit for a flight like this and also it seems that you enjoyed Turkish music on the IFE system.

    Thanks for sharing and hope to meet you in your next reports.

    • Comment 489988 by
      EvansKimani AUTHOR 2 Comments

      Hello and thank you for viewing my FR!

      When I was in BKK I wasn’t told to put a sticker on my chest, I just had a simple check in process and had my hand luggage tagged with the “cabin approved” tag, that’s all I got from them now together with my ticket. In all my TK experience I had, I didn’t have such a situation,

      For the food part, I do agree with you the quality may be slightly less compared to the last time I flew but I still feel it is better than some of the bigger carriers in ops. But thank you for the information insights on their meal changes, for the ,menu cards, I’m not really sure about them withdrawing their menu cards because the flights I was in, they all provided but i guess they may have changed policy!

      I surely did enjoy the IFE and flight as a whole, they had all the Turkish Music that. I liked and all the others I got to listen to onboard ;)

      And it is sad that they may reconfigure their B777W, but we sure much have to enjoy it while it lasts.

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