Review of Turkish Airlines flight Bangkok Istanbul in Business

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK69
Class Business
Seat 2K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 10:55
Take-off 09 Dec 13, 23:45
Arrival at 10 Dec 13, 05:40
TK   #14 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 778 reviews
By 16345
Published on 21st December 2013
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  8. [SOON]

Few months ago, DURIAN, Numero_2 and I had decided to meet in Bangkok for a luxury champagne tasting.

Numero_2, first, told us that he had a special Bollinger vintage : James Bond 2002 in his cellar, that he would be happy to drink with us.

Then DURIAN and I also wanted to bring an exceptional bottle too, so the tasting was born !

For such a tasting we needed a unique place, so we choose the Lebua at state tower and The Hangover part II Suite with its 3 bedrooms ;)

That was the suite where the movie took place.

The bottles (Bollinger 2002 stayed in ARN because of the late arrival of LX flight so Cristal Roederer bought in VIE has replaced it)
photo 201312BKK_0376

That was a great event but now it's time for the FR

I arrived at the airport with the Airport Rail Link
photo 201312BKK_0390

I headed to the departures
photo 201312BKK_0391

I had to print my boarding pass and I went to the post office to do it
Then I went to the TK check in : it was time for the SGN flight check in and I was able to get a fast track pass

Immigration and security were a breeze and I was airside in no time

So time for lounge hopping
photo 201312BKK_0395

When I was heading to the SQ lounge I met grumpy people
photo 201312BKK_0397

Nice shop that DURIAN should like
photo 201312BKK_0398

There are a lot of lounges in different areas
photo 201312BKK_0399

First, the SQ lounge, at the entrance a charming SQ girl welcomed me
photo 201312BKK_0400photo 201312BKK_0402

The wines
photo 201312BKK_0403photo 201312BKK_0405

photo 201312BKK_0404

The cocktails : I tried a Singapore Sling but it wasn't good
photo 201312BKK_0426

The juices and the soft drinks
photo 201312BKK_0406

The Hagen Dasz ice creams(Meh!)
photo 201312BKK_0407

The cakes
photo 201312BKK_0408photo 201312BKK_0419photo 201312BKK_0409

The beers and the fresh coconuts that I'm fond of
photo 201312BKK_0411

The thai cakes and the macaroons
photo 201312BKK_0412

The sandwichs and the dim sum
photo 201312BKK_0413

The hot dishes
photo 201312BKK_0414photo 201312BKK_0415

My selection
photo 201312BKK_0423photo 201312BKK_0431

The lounge had windows with view on a garden
photo 201312BKK_0432photo 201312BKK_0433

There was no restrooms, nor showers in this lounge

Then I was heading to the E gates to spot my 77W which just arrived from IST before flying to SGN and being back in BKK in the evening

The spotting was not easy because of the the windows :( Anyway I spotted this Regent (unknown airline to me)
photo 201312BKK_0436photo 201312BKK_0437

And this is my 77W leased from Jet Airways, immatriculation VT-JEP and first flight on the 20/05/2007
photo 201312BKK_0438photo 201312BKK_0434

Its neighbour is a 747 EL AL
photo 201312BKK_0443

After this spotting I headed to the TG lounge in area D

The sandwichs
photo 201312BKK_0453

The cakes
photo 201312BKK_0454photo 201312BKK_0455

This is delicious
photo 201312BKK_0456

The soft drinks and the beers
photo 201312BKK_0457

The hot dishes

The hot drinks
photo 201312BKK_0459

The salad and the fruits
photo 201312BKK_0460

The buns
photo 201312BKK_0464

My selection
photo 201312BKK_0465

photo 201312BKK_0467

Kids' corner
photo 201312BKK_0468

PCs' corner
photo 201312BKK_0469

The lounge is quite busy
photo 201312BKK_0470

I had to go to the Area C TG lounge because this one (Area D) didn't have any shower
photo 201312BKK_0471

Basic shower

This lounge is smaller than the former one but still not too busy
photo 201312BKK_0480

The alcool
photo 201312BKK_0482

The soft drinks and the beers
photo 201312BKK_0483

Notice that the food offer was the same for the three TG lounges that I visited
I was looking at the FIDS and saw that the gate of my flight has changed : not really in a good way
photo 201312BKK_0494

I headed to the area E TG lounge, the closest from my gate
It was almost full and I had to seat at the PCs corner
photo 201312BKK_0498

There was also a rest area with few beds
photo 201312BKK_0497photo 201312BKK_0499

The alcool
photo 201312BKK_0500

Then I headed to the Eva Air lounge, but it was already closed
photo 201312BKK_0503

So I headed to my gate
There were few PCs for free internet connexion in the hall
photo 201312BKK_0504photo 201312BKK_0505

As I was thinking it was a paxbus gate
photo 201312BKK_0506

The boarding started in utter chaos
photo 201312BKK_0507

The 77W was on a remote position
photo 201312BKK_0508photo 201312BKK_0512

I tried to climb the front stairs because my seat was in row 2 but the agent refused and few minutes later people were using these stairs !
After crossing the business class I headed to my seat 2K
photo 201312BKK_0543

This leased Jet Airways 77W has a first class cabin with 8 seats and I've been lucky to reserve one of those there
On the seat there were a padded blanket and a pillow
photo 201312BKK_0516

The cabin
photo 201312BKK_0517

On the ottoman there were the headphone and the slippers
photo 201312BKK_0521

The remote for the seat and the lights

The closet
photo 201312BKK_0523

The IFE remote and the headphone jack were in a first storage
photo 201312BKK_0525

Obvious signs of wear
photo 201312BKK_0527

Quick seat commands
photo 201312BKK_0528

The universal power supply was located in a second storage
photo 201312BKK_0556

The legroom
photo 201312BKK_0529

The amenities kit which can be used as a cover tablet
photo 201312BKK_0531photo 201312BKK_0532photo 201312BKK_0533

A RJ aircraft
photo 201312BKK_0534

The first cabin was mainly occupied by Turkish people so I felt free to take two drinks like everyone else ;)
photo 201312BKK_0535

The Do & Co Cook was handing Godiva chocolates
photo 201312BKK_0536

The big size screen
photo 201312BKK_0537photo 201312BKK_0538

The business cabin with herringbone seats
photo 201312BKK_0541photo 201312BKK_0542

There was a Star Alliance commercial
photo 201312BKK_0547

Our flight plan
photo 201312BKK_0548photo 201312BKK_0549

The safety card
photo 201312BKK_0550

The storage 1's stuff
photo 201312BKK_0551

A 747 UA
photo 201312BKK_0552

The pushback was on time, taxiing and alignement
photo 201312BKK_0553

Take off
photo 201312BKK_0554

An oshibori was handed out
photo 201312BKK_0555

The menu and Breakfast à la carte card to fill with your choices, were handed out
photo 201312BKK_0560

The winelist
photo 201312BKK_0565photo 201312BKK_0566

The aperitif with nuts
photo 201312BKK_0563

The massive wooden table is by far the best I've seen including any first seat
photo 201312BKK_0567

Some champagne and homemade limonade
photo 201312BKK_0569

Amuses bouche : the aumonière (to the right side) was filled with cauliflower bechamel sauce, delicious!
photo 201312BKK_0571

View of the table thickness
photo 201312BKK_0573

Dinner's time
photo 201312BKK_0582

Mediterranean Seafood
photo 201312BKK_0575

photo 201312BKK_0578

White Eggplant Salad
photo 201312BKK_0580

Yoghurt with Cucumber
photo 201312BKK_0581

Creamy Potato Soup fried bruschetta
photo 201312BKK_0584

The main
Beef Brochette thyme sauce / gnocchi with mustard curry / grilled eggplants and zucchinis / roasted red peppers
photo 201312BKK_0586

and of course the fruits/cheese/desserts trolley
photo 201312BKK_0588

Turkish Desserts / Sour Cherry Strudel vanilla sauce / Tiramisu / Chocolate Ice Cream / Fresh Fruits
photo 201312BKK_0591

Therefore after this meal it was time to take a little rest
photo 201312BKK_0592photo 201312BKK_0594

I asked for a lemonade to sip while watching the flight map
photo 201312BKK_0596

And I closed the doors to increase my privacy
photo 201312BKK_0597

No difficulty in these conditions to rest
I woke up about forty minutes before landing
My breakfast is immediately brought to me
The breakfast is served with the tray to each pax according awakening

It began with the fruits
Seasonal Fresh Fruits Plate
photo 201312BKK_0599

Mango Smoothie
photo 201312BKK_0601

Assorted Cheese
photo 201312BKK_0602

Bircher Muesli
photo 201312BKK_0603

Smocked Turkey and Chicken Breasts
photo 201312BKK_0604

Scrambled Eggs with fresch chives / Tomato and Cheese toast / Sautéed Mushrooms / Grilled Cherry Tomato
photo 201312BKK_0607

I finished my breakfast while the descent has begun

Time to put my things and we arrived early

Security transit : nobody to check the line reserved for elite plus/business pax but I adopted the Turkish way and engulfed me in this line after many other pax

So here I was barely 5 minutes after landing at the TK lounge

To be continued …
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge At Concourse D


Bangkok - BKK


Istanbul - ISL



Of course a flight in a comfortable seat and also with such an excellent catering cannot be bad !

I'm flying a lot with TK, so I naturally become more picky and fussy with them.

Only few PNCS are proactive (or is it the protocol?) and that's annoying, for example, never being asked for a refill (- 1.5)

One point is lost for punctuality because of the chaotic paxbus boarding

It was the same choices of music that a previous flight on 9W 77W in first class therefore -3 points

Information on the route Bangkok (BKK) Istanbul (ISL)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 7 avis concernant 1 compagnies sur la ligne Bangkok (BKK) → Istanbul (ISL).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Turkish Airlines avec 8.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 11 heures et 26 minutes.

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  • Comment 95468 by
    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5472 Comments
    Fantastic Report James, I am so envious ^^ I would have liked to be with you for sure!

    Nice lounge hoping, you are clearly maximizing your time at the airport.

    Glad you benefited for a plane change and took the opportunity to seat in First for this flight!

    Amenities are nice and catering seems good as always but no Candlelight dinner high above the clouds this time?

    Thanks a lot!
  • Comment 95477 by
    AirCanada881 1616 Comments
    Ah TK... I've only met you this year but I'm already in love with you...

    I don't understand how they managed to pull this off, such superb service for prices consistently lower than the competition, their product is a winner, this flight shows it, superb comfort, exquisite dining experience, nothing more to ask for :-)
  • Comment 95479 by
    East African 1592 Comments
    Outstanding report with countless mouthwatering pictures!
    Great location for your stay, sure you had a memorable time! Hope that none of you woke up with a facial tatoo the day after ;-)
    at BKK airport is the garden accessible landside or airside?
    According to your hopping, even without shower lounge at area D seems better!
    I'm not even close to be a specialist but seats in a herringbone layout would be no go for me, especially if you can get a mini suite for the same price!

    Many thanks for sharing
  • Comment 95493 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thanks for this exquisite and fantastic report. No lokum onboard this time? I think the distribution of the small chocolate by the chef is more effective at the end of the meal to leave a lasting impression of the service. Personally I prefer to start with something salty at the beginning and end things with a sweet note.

    Glad you were able to get a big F seat. I wonder how TK prioritizes the assignment of these coveted seats. Do they allow their top elite travelers to reserve them or is it available to anyone in J? It seems that they are still suffering from aircraft shortage if they need to lease equipment from Jet Airways.

    It is always a delight to fly TK if your main focus is catering. It's too bad that their crew can not be more consistent and proactive. Refills should be automatic flying in J and one shouldn't even ask. World class carriers have this concept nailed down.

    Looking forward to your next reports.
  • Comment 95505 by
    lagentsecret AUTHOR 12184 Comments
    I didn't receive a lokum this time

    I agree with you : I also prefer to begin with a salty note

    Moreover, even being a chocolate addict I did not eat it

    These seats are only available at the airport check in, to anyone : I was able to reserve one of them because at the booking time it was a A343 map.

    TK is always suffering from aircraft shortage because they are opening new routes, again and again ;)

  • Comment 95524 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6744 Comments
    Although, I'm not a big ban of the Hangover movies (actually I think they're pretty dumb, LOL) I have to admit that suite is pretty nice and what a view! I assume noone fell out of the window like in the movie? :-)
    I wonder why TK doesn't sell this F seat? They used to didn't they? It's probably a logistics nightmare considering the Jet Airways 77Ws are the minority in the fleet. I also don't think they'll be in the fleet much longer with the new 77Ws being delivered. It once again shows product consistencies with a business class that has full-aisle-access on these planes and F seats, but 2-3-2 config on their owned 77Ws. I'm surprised that anyone in J can be placed in one of the F seats--priority for higher Elites would make most sense. It is great that you were anble to get one!
  • Comment 96249 by
    A380B77W 4295 Comments
    Thanks for this great FR :D

    Again a good flight in First of 9W's 77W ^^
  • Comment 133223 by
    mc 16 Comments
    Hi,I'm a university student and I'm performing an analysis about airlines customer forums.

    For my research would be very important to know the nationality of each writer...May I know your nationality??

    Thank you so much!

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