Review of Austrian Airlines flight Vienna Bangkok in Business

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS25
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 10:00
Take-off 25 Nov 18, 23:20
Arrival at 26 Nov 18, 15:20
OS   #54 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 299 reviews
Published on 3rd March 2019
Hello dear readers,

I'm reporting a flight Vienna to Bangkok as part of the whole following trip :
VIE-BKK : Austrian Airlines, B777-200
BKK-HKT : Thai Airways, B747-400
HKT-USM : Bangkok Airways, ATR-72-600
USM-CNX : Bangkok Airways, A319
CNX-BKK : Bangkok Airways, A320
BKK-VIE : Thai Airways, B787-9

The VIE-BKK flight was booked in business class.

Let's start the journey in front of Terminal 3 at Vienna's airport after leaving the car in the car park.
AUA was awarded 2 Skytrax awards in 2018 and the airline is proudly displaying that information on the car park in front of Terminal 3.
1st for Best Airline Staff Service in Europe
1st for Best Business Class Onboard Catering
photo zimg_5267

Like I was saying, terminal 3 which is mainly Austrian and some partner airlines. The ground floor in front of the terminal is for busses and taxis.
photo zimg_5268

Inside Terminal 3, Christmas decorations are in place.
photo zimg_5270

We will need to go up one level to go to the check-in counter since we are at the arrivals level.
photo zimg_5269

Our flight is the last one of the day.
photo zimg_5271

We head towards the Business counters section.
photo zimg_5272

In case someone gets lost in that area, the carpet says it all ! Check-in was quick.
photo zimg_5273

After the security check point, we need to find our way to the Austrian lounge, the non Schengen one.
photo zimg_5274

The lounge is open from 5:30 am to 11:00 pm. Our flight leaves shortly after 11:00 pm so it will leave us enough time there.
photo zimg_5301

In the lounge there is a mix of red seats…
photo zimg_5297

… and green seats. We found easily a free table.
photo zimg_5296

Newspapers and magazines in the lounge.
photo zimg_5277

A rest area in a corner of the lounge. I'm not convinced that it would be very quiet to rest here when the lounge is busier.
photo zimg_5291

Cold and warm food in the middle.
photo zimg_5278photo zimg_5286

Salad bar (side 1)
photo zimg_5279

Salad bar (side 2)
photo zimg_5287

Pasta and cheese
photo zimg_5280

Hot drinks
photo zimg_5282

Cold drinks, alcohol, juice, tea
photo zimg_5281

More cold drinks in the fridge
photo zimg_5283

Fruits, salty snacks and soup.
photo zimg_5284photo zimg_5285

Various types of bread.
photo zimg_5288

My selection of the Sweet peper tomato soup
photo zimg_5290

A first selection of salads and mousse au chocolat.
photo zimg_5289

I requested a shower room. I asked the reception and I was given a key.
photo zimg_5292

Towels are already warming up.
photo zimg_5293

The bathroom has a lot of space and it is clean.
photo zimg_5294

We just passed through the shops without stoping to go to G gates.
photo zimg_5303

A few shops are already closed in the late evening.
photo zimg_5302

G03 is our gate for the flight.
photo zimg_5276

Boarding and we take the left path in the jet bridge.
photo zimg_5304

From door 1L to door 2L. Our aircraft is B777-200 registered OE-LPF and named Sibanye. It is the recent addition in the Austrian Airlines fleet. A former Aeromexico aircraft. It is wearing the new Austrian livery with the 60 years stickers.
photo zimg_5305

Here is a picture that I took on another day at Vienna Airport.
photo vie 01.07.18 oe-lpf.

After boarding I headed to my seat, initially in the small business cabin, but I managed to change seat due to a pair of 2 empty seats.
Disadvantage of the small cabin, during boarding, all Y and Y+ passengers will pass next to you.

From row 8 in the small J cabin.
photo zimg_5307

Pillow and blanket.
photo zimg_5310

Bed sheets.
photo zimg_5308

I took an orange juice for the pre departure drink.
photo zimg_5350

The breakfast menu is already available on the seat with a pen…
photo zimg_5346

… as well as a flyer for the "fly & buy".
photo zimg_5351

Boarding was completed so I changed seat to 2A in the big business class cabin.
photo 20181125_230644

New seat 2A.
photo zimg_5363

Seat pitch is generous.
photo zimg_5373

There is a compartment in the middle to store shoes, but it seems like it is only for one pair.
photo zimg_5427

The safety video was in English and German.
photo zimg_5356

The funny moment of the video…
photo zimg_5358

The passenger's tie looks like it is stuck in the table.
photo zimg_5359

Main menu on the IFE.
photo zimg_5441

Flight time will be 9:30 hours.
photo zimg_5364photo zimg_5365

The IFE shows our flight path.
photo zimg_5366

A large selection of movies.
photo zimg_5372

There is a chef on board for the catering.
photo zimg_5369

The headphones were already available at the seat when boarding the plane.
photo zimg_5376photo zimg_5378

Noise suppression ON/OFF.
photo zimg_5417

The commands for the seat. The seat is a full flat bed.
photo zimg_5384

Controls for light, volume, FA call…
photo zimg_5385

Seat belt with the AUA logo.
photo zimg_5508

At some point we took off in the dark night around 20 minutes after 11:20 pm.

The menu for dinner.
photo zzimg_5352photo zzimg_5353

After take-off a hot wet towel was distributed.
photo zimg_5381photo zimg_5383

Tablecloth was installed by the flight attendant.
photo zimg_5386

Water, champagne, bread and salty snacks were brought shortly after.
photo zimg_5388

Not too salty.
photo zimg_5390

A glass of Champagne suffering from turbulences!
photo zimg_5391

Two sets of cutlery branded with AUA logo.
photo zimg_5402

No hole in the napkin, but the clothespin works better in my case!
photo zimg_5405

There were a few sorts of bread.
photo zimg_5393photo zimg_5394photo zimg_5398

Veal carpaccio, wasabi crème fraiche, beetroot.
photo zimg_5396

The main dish : Viennese style veal gulash with spaetzle.
photo zimg_5412

The veal was nicely cooked and not dry.
photo zimg_5415

The other main dish: seafood brochette.
butterfish / salmon / prawn, risotto, pomegranate seeds.
photo zimg_5414

A plate of cheese.
photo zimg_5420

For desert I asked a little bit of everything.
Exotic fruits, traditional apricot dumpling, parfait from roasted hazelnuts.
photo zimg_5418

Plum ragout with light sweet curd cream.
photo zimg_5424

My boyfriend's selection.
photo zimg_5421

I had a fruit tea after desert.
photo zimg_5423

There is a Milka chocolate with the tea.
photo zimg_5426

Water from Austria was distributed.
photo zimg_5425

In the galley at doors 2L/2R there are salty snacks and some refreshments.
photo zimg_5429

Champagne Duval Leroy.
photo zimg_5451

Universal plugs and also USB.
photo zimg_5380

After the meal I decided to try to plug my old computer. It didn't work.
photo zimg_5456

The amenity kit still in its plasic bag. At the time of the flight (end of November 2018) it was a new version.
photo zimg_5377

Let's find out what is inside.
photo zimg_5501

Socks, earplugs, mask, tooth brush, tooth paste, lip balm and facial moisturizer.
photo zimg_5502

Lip balm and facial moisturizer are from the Austrian brand Wiener Blut.
photo zimg_5503

I paid a visit to the business class bathroom at door 2L.
photo zimg_5440

No special decorations in the bathroom.
photo zimg_5430

… but a few things that were not in the amenity kit.
photo zimg_5431

A shaving kit.
photo zimg_5432

photo zimg_5437

Stain remover.
photo zimg_5433

Refreshing tissue.
photo zimg_5434

Earplugs, in case you lost the ones from the amenity kit.
photo zimg_5435

Body lotion.
photo zimg_5454

View from the large business cabin at the front of doors 2L/2R.
photo zimg_5439

I took a nap and watched movies.
My boyfriend slept longer than me.
photo 20181126_021420

We flew over Baku.
photo zimg_5443photo zimg_5444

Later on over Afghanistan.
photo zimg_5446

Then over India.
photo zimg_5448photo zimg_5447

The view from door 2R on the engine GE90.
photo zimg_5453

After leaving India breakfast will soon be served.
photo zimg_5458

North of Sittwe.
photo zimg_2131

Kyunthaya Island.
photo zimg_2134

photo zimg_2135

Near Chetpauk.
photo zimg_2137photo zimg_2138

Wet towel again.
photo zimg_5461

I ordered mango juice and my neighbour has orange juice.
photo zimg_5462

The mango juice leaves traces on the glass, not like orange juice.
photo zimg_5464

Another tablecloth is back.
photo zimg_5465

Cutlery for breakfast.
photo zimg_5480

A tray with my selection was handed to me.
Assorted ham and cheese, croisant, fruits, strawberry jam, plain yogurt with homemade granola.
photo zimg_5469

The fruit selection.
photo zimg_5473

The hot meal arrived afterwards.
photo zimg_5482

I chose Eggs sunny side up with fried ham and crispy bacon. I had to move the meat to see the eggs.
photo zimg_5487

Nicely cooked!
photo zimg_5488

The second hot meal.
photo zimg_5474

Tomato mozarella omelette with potato, tomato and mushrooms.
photo zimg_5476

The hot chocolate was brought to me. It's good but I've had better.
photo zimg_5490

Yogurt with homemade granola.
photo zimg_5491

Over Myanmar.
photo zimg_5489photo zimg_5494

The content of the literature pocket: fly&buy magazine, sickness bag and the AUA magazine promoting YUL as new destination since AC will take over the YYZ-VIE-YYZ route from April 2019.
photo zimg_5496

An article about the 60 years of AUA.
photo zimg_5498

Summary of the fleet with a highlight on the B767-300
photo zimg_5497

Safety and seats instructions (side 1)
photo zimg_5499

Safety and seats instructions (side 2)
photo zimg_5500

Before landing we received our priority lane pass.
photo zimg_5504

Now over Thailand.
photo zimg_5513photo zimg_5514photo zimg_5520

BKK under our wing.
photo zimg_5525

Zoom on the H shape terminal.
photo zimg_2143photo zimg_5530

Yang Yuan Village
photo zimg_5531

Shortly before landing.
photo zimg_5535photo zimg_5538

We landed on time at BKK.
photo zimg_5542

On our way to our gate stand there are othere aircrafts:
From left to right: S7 A320, CZ B738, VJ A321.
photo zimg_2147

LH A388
photo 101_1688

EY 77W
photo zimg_2156

PS B772
photo zimg_2163

TG 744
photo zimg_2167

View of the main business cabin when disembarking.
photo zimg_5546photo zimg_5547

Storage is also available in the middle of the cabin.
photo zimg_5493

After disembarking, I see that our neighbour is a TG 772.
photo zimg_5548photo zimg_2171

We leave the aircraft via the jetbridge.
photo zimg_2170

Last view of our aircraft.
photo zimg_5551

We have a long way to go to the immigration.
photo zimg_5549

I used a trolley for my backpack.
photo zimg_5550

We used the priority lane where there was a few minutes to wait.
photo zimg_5553

We head to bagage claim 9.
photo zimg_5554

Our bags were already waiting there.
photo zimg_5555

The FR24 flight path of our flight.
photo zos25 1
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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Austrian Airlines Senator Lounge (Pier East - A Gates, Non-Schengen)


Vienna - VIE


Bangkok - BKK



I had a very good experience on that flight.
The full flat bed is great. Although I'm not a great sleeper in planes I managed to take a long nap. For a duo seat there is not a lot of space to leave a bag, even 2 pair of shoes. A single seat must be better with more space. IFE has a wide choice of entertainment and the resolution of the screen included the airshow is very good.
All meals were delicious and not overcooked. Catering comes from Do&Co. The food looked fresh and good quality. I was a bit disappointed with the hot chocolate that could be more tasty with milk. The dinner menu was quite diversified.
Flight attendants were nice and served well.

The food offer in the lounge was good although pasta as the warm meal is a bit disappointing. There is a wide selection of drinks and the shower is well equiped.

Vienna airport is nice and at the time of the visit very quiet in the evening.

Bangkok airport was clean. Long walking distances but little waiting time at immigration. I'm not keen on the airport as it is difficult to take pictures of aicrafts from the terminal.

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The airline with the best average rating is EVA Air with 8.1/10.

The average flight time is 9 hours and 56 minutes.

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