Review of United flight San Francisco Burbank in Economy

Airline United
Flight UA1885
Class Economy
Seat 26F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:11
Take-off 28 Feb 19, 20:35
Arrival at 28 Feb 19, 21:46
UA   #120 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 319 reviews
By GOLD 506
Published on 27th April 2019

Report No: 2019-302E

Welcome to this new short series that would mainly include three domestic flights on United. As I needed to head west for that specific weekend, I have decided to use United this time as I needed miles to reach Elite Plus status on Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles. On this series, I would be able to report three different aircraft types, four different airports, three different lounges. All these flights would be on the Economy cabin.

The second flight of this series would be a short United flight from San Francisco to Burbank which you won't expect much from the airline. This flight was my first time on the United A320 and this specific flight was the only United mainline service to Burbank in the Northern Winter 18/19 season. Just to add that this Flight-Report would also include a small visit to one of the United Club's in SFO.

Pax for this flight

Domestic First: %45-50
Economy and Economy Plus: %55-60 


After arriving from my previous flight, I have checked my gate from the FIDS and learnt that my flight would depart from gate 90.

photo img_7575

As I had time for get a to go coffee from the United Club, I have visited the nearest United Club to my gate.

photo img_7584


After being welcomed by the front desk agents, I have took a seat and just take a look at the food options.

photo img_7577

Some nuts and cookies that were available that day. There were small bags for those who wish to get some for their flights.

photo img_7578

The main bar mainly had salad ingredients, pitas and some appetizers.

photo img_7579

The coffee bar in the lounge

photo img_7580

Two types of soup was also available at the lounge

photo img_7582

While the machine was preparing my coffee.

photo img_7581

The lounge also had a bar which most alcoholic drinks are sold for an extra charge.

photo img_7583-54314


Before boarding, I had left the lounge and after a 2 minute walk I had reached my gate which was 90. At the moment arrive, group 4 was boarding. As this route doesn't have that much Priority passengers, I was the only one in the Group 1 and 2 lane. The agent tried to stop group 4 passengers that were boarding for me in the Priority lane, however, they ignored the agent ( they are party of four which most of them aged 16-21 ); after that party, I was able to board.

photo img_7585

Boarding Pass with the old gate number ( when I took the screenshot ), however, the boarding pass updated itself with the new gate number.

photo img_7492

The Door

photo img_7587


In the first plan, I took my seat on my boarding pass 25F. Then while boarding was completed row 26DEF was completely empty so I have moved to seat 26F. Onboard this aircraft, the seats were Recaro seats which most of the passengers hate; but they were OK for a 1 hour flight. The legroom was also decent for an USA carrier.

photo img_7621photo img_7588

The overhead panel

photo img_7592

And seats 26D and 26E that were empty.

photo img_7593-73848

Before we had started our pushback this Swiss 777-300ER was visible

photo img_7589

Such as the Lufthansa A380 and the TK 777-300ER

photo img_7590

After boarding was completed, the safety demo was done manually and we had pushed back on time. The first visible aircraft after pushing-back was another United aircraft

photo img_7594

United 777-200

photo img_7595

Some more United aircraft

photo img_7596

Another United 777-200

photo img_7597

The same United 737 that I have spotted in the previous report.

photo img_7598

American A321

photo img_7599

Alaska aircraft at Terminal 2

photo img_7600

More of them

photo img_7601

An American A321 taxiing at the parallel taxiway

photo img_7603

And we had took off for a short flight

photo img_7604

Even though the aircraft was not equipped with any entertainment system, United Private Screening was offered on this flight and the first thing I looked at the mobile IFE was the route map. However, there was an error. The system showed information of the previous flight that our aircraft made.

photo img_7605photo img_7606

Shortly after we gained altitude, the problem in the route map was solved.

photo img_7607

So the actual flight information; however, the map was not still fixed

photo img_7608photo img_7609

The literature pocket which contained the safety card, the United credit card flyer and the Hemispheres magazine

photo img_7591-30536

The Hemispheres magazine was the March edition so I was able to see the new months menu on the 28th of February.

photo img_7610

Today, the only service was the beverage service. Before the service had started, the cabin crew has asked the passengers to select their choice before hand as the crew had a limited time to do the service.

photo img_7611

I have opted for a coffee.

photo img_7612

Shortly later, trash was collected and we had started our decent to Burbank Bob Hope Airport.

photo img_7613

The map was also fixed as we were descending to BUR.

photo img_7614

Some photos prior to landing

photo img_7615photo img_7616

And we had landed to Burbank Airport before our scheduled arrival time.

photo img_7617

After a short taxi which took less than a minute, we had parked next to gate B3. This United Express aircraft was our neighbor.

photo img_7620

Two minutes later, doors were opened and after saying goodbye to the crew, I have left the aircraft from the front door. Even though we were in a remote stand, the rear door wasn't used.


photo img_7622

The last shot of our aircraft

photo img_7623

It took 30 seconds to walk from the gate to the exit as the airport is really small.

photo img_7624

Later on my pickup had arrived and I was on my way to my destination.

photo img_7625

This report has came to an end.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report. 

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Cabin crew8.5

United Club - 3


San Francisco - SFO


Burbank - BUR



After arriving to SFO from a transcon, I had to option to visit one of the United Club's near to my gate. The food options were just basic airline club snacks, soups and pita&hummus. The furniture over there was old and not updated. I have easily found a seat at the lounge, probably because of the late evening hour, but all the seats with the view of the apron were taken. Boarding was made efficiently with priorities being respected by the ground staff but the passengers in the regular lane didn't accept my priority and they ignored the ground staff's warning. I just smiled to the gate agent as it was fine as the flight was not fully booked and most pax didn't have carry-on's. Despite the heavy business traffic between LAX and SFO, on this route there were mostly families with kids and leisure travelers. The Recaro seats are not passengers favorite but they are OK for a 40 min flight and they had decent legroom. First, I intended to switch to an EconomyPlus seat, however, the crew made an announcement that passengers need to pay to change their seats to an EconomyPlus seat. However, the row behind me 26DEF was completely empty so I just passed to 26F which I enjoyed 40 minutes being alone. Unlike when you're flying regional, when you're flying a mainline product you always get a service despite the distance. A drink run was made with any soft drink or tea/coffee of choice. No BoB was offered, even for paid drinks. We had landed to BUR before schedule and we had parked to our stand just a minute after landing. And after another 2 minutes, I was waiting for my pickup at the exit. This means that if I have the chance, I would avoid LAX and prefer BUR instead for similar occasions.

(+) Fast and efficient boarding on time
United Club
(+) Food options were alright but not that good
(-) Looked old an unupdated
(+) Comfortable seats and decent legroom
(+) A drink run was made
(+) Arrival much before schedule
(+) Extremely efficient airport



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