Review of JetSmart flight Valdivia Santiago in Economy

Airline JetSmart
Flight JA142
Class Economy
Seat 26D
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 19 Apr 19, 17:00
Arrival at 19 Apr 19, 18:30
JA   #13 out of 19 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 21 reviews
Published on 8th May 2019
Auntie Olivia - my father's sister - has been in bed for four years now.

She's completely healthy, the doctor says. She just convinced herself that she can't walk.

I can't visit her very often, so I'm using this long weekend to fulfill my duties of "favorite nephew".

The job is easy: I just have to sit next to her bed for hours while listening to the same stories she has already told me a hundred times.

Let's see what JetSmart can do for me.

The seat experiment

This flight will give me the opportunity to carry out a little "experiment" - Is there any chance to get a widow seat on an LCC without paying for it? Will I be able to "fool" the system?

I start by buying my ticket from JetSmart, a ULCC where you have to pay to get your preferred seat.

The lowest fare is still available for the outbound flight (ida) a month before this long weekend. The price for the return flight (vuelta) has just started to rise.

photo 2019-03-27-142237_1366x768_scrotb

It's just a weekend. No extra baggage needed.

photo 2019-03-27-142318_1366x768_scrotb

And here's the key step - A chill runs down my spine as I click on "No quiero elegir asientos" (I don't want to choose seats)

photo 2019-03-27-142353_1366x768_scrot

I'll carry my boarding card on my cellphone.

photo 2019-03-27-142404_1366x768_scrot

And that's how I become one of JetSmart's least profitable customers. I have paid the bare fee. No extras at all.

photo 2019-03-27-151305_1366x768_scrot

When the time for check-in comes I choose Asignación aleatoria sin costo (Random assignment free of charge), and I'm assigned seat 26D. Hmf. What if I try again? Same thing. What if I wait a little? Same thing! So, it doesn't seem to be quite "random" but rather "revengeful"!

photo screenshot_20190416-214239b

ZAL is evolving (sort of)

This Friday afternoon I'm planning to take whatever bus shows up at the usual bus stop, and get off in the road outside the airport. It's the cheapest and less complicated way to get to ZAL. Rural buses run every 20 or 30 minutes between Valdivia and little towns near the airport.

But - to my big surprise - my sister is in a good mood today and she offers to take me without me asking her.

How could I say no?!

So we cross the river Calle Calle…

photo 2019-05-04-203914_1366x768_scrot

…and drive along the road north of Valdivia. The summer is coming to an end…

photo img_20190419_154724

…and the shadows are long as early as 4 p.m. The bus would have dropped me over there, on the right.

photo 2019-05-04-204314_1366x768_scrot

There are barely 100 meters…

photo 2019-05-04-204436_1366x768_scrot

….from the road up to the terminal.

photo 2019-05-04-204455_1366x768_scrot

You see? I'm not the only one…

photo 2019-05-04-204534_1366x768_scrot

…who uses the public transportation to get to ZAL.

photo 2019-05-04-204608_1366x768_scrot

When she sees a cop (that I didn't see) my sister decides…

photo 2019-05-04-204634_1366x768_scrot

…to drive past the entrance and drop me a little further ahead.

photo 2019-05-04-204706_1366x768_scrot

A corner of the main hall just by the entrance looked like this in late 2018. There used to be a cafeteria here…

photo img_20180917_145829

…but now the enlarged men's restrooms occupy that space.

photo 2019-05-04-204854_1366x768_scrot
photo img_20190419_160553

I have to film discreetly and take screenshots later. In fact, I'm using this strategy a lot in this report.

photo 2019-05-04-204947_1366x768_scrot

Outside the restrooms…

photo 2019-05-04-205127_1366x768_scrot

…LATAM passengers are arriving from Santiago.

photo 2019-05-04-205325_1366x768_scrot

On my way to the boarding room…

photo 2019-05-04-205352_1366x768_scrot

…I can't notice any new changes around the main hall.

photo 2019-05-04-205539_1366x768_scrot

Even the chewing gum dispenser stands in the same place.

photo 2019-05-04-205702_1366x768_scrot
photo 2019-05-04-205809_1366x768_scrot

That would be the queue for security check.

photo 2019-05-04-205838_1366x768_scrot

What's the problem, ma'am?! You've just seen the prices of goodies??? XD

photo 2019-05-04-205923_1366x768_scrot

Haha. Just kidding. The prices are very reasonable!

photo 2019-05-04-210007_1366x768_scrot

Only a couple of minutes later I am in the boarding room…

photo 2019-05-04-210215_1366x768_scrot

…which is crowded because the LATAM flight back to Santiago is about to board.

photo 2019-05-04-210343_1366x768_scrot

Here's another change. There used to be a meeting room over there at the bottom. It's part of the waiting room now and there are new restrooms available.

photo 2019-05-04-211226_1366x768_scrot

A string of Permiso, Permiso, Permiso (Excuse me) and a lot of floundering, faltering, and meandering is the only way…

photo 2019-05-04-210640_1366x768_scrot

…to make it through the crowd to the other side of the room. A sign in Portuguese informs that Chile is free from measles and German measles. (German measles! You should read Agatha Christie's The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side!)

photo 2019-05-04-210905_1366x768_scrot

LATAM's aircraft is waiting.

photo 2019-05-04-210930_1366x768_scrot

I must admit that ZAL has never had…

photo 2019-05-04-210949_1366x768_scrot

…the cleanest windows.

photo img_20190419_161047

In the meantime, that lady turns on her laptop…

photo 2019-05-04-210622_1366x768_scrot

…and minutes later…

photo 2019-05-04-211553_1366x768_scrot

…she is checking our boarding passes.

photo 2019-05-04-211701_1366x768_scrot

I am not really surprised…

photo img_20190419_161505

…to see CC-AWA landing there.

photo img_20190419_161511

Even though JetSmart ordered some 70 planes from Airbus…

photo img_20190419_161600

..their fleet is still small, and CC-AWA seems to have been…

photo img_20190419_161612

…assigned to this particular route…

photo img_20190419_161644

…until further notice.

photo img_20190419_161721

Boarding starts promptly. Even though I am in zone 3 - the longest queue - we are told that we can just board if we already have been checked by the other lady. And what's more, they make two lines for zone 3, so I am among the first to board.

photo 2019-05-04-211826_1366x768_scrot

A stroll around the apron with all those engines purring is a magical experience.

photo 2019-05-04-211902_1366x768_scrot

Have I ever told you about the ancient Chilean boarding rituals?

Ever since the times of the Inca Empire we have appeased the god of aviation - Latamcoatl - by performing the Boarding Dance, aka the Hokey Pokey.

It's very simple:

♪♫♬ Put your left foot in ♪♫♬

photo 2019-05-04-211951_1366x768_scrot

♪♫♬ Take your left foot out ♪♫♬

photo 2019-05-04-212028_1366x768_scrot

♪♫♬ And do the Hokey Pokey all around! ♪♫♬

photo 2019-05-05-181300_1366x768_scrot

You can master it in minutes!

Not a single cloud in the sky. You see?

photo 2019-05-04-212125_1366x768_scrot

That means that Latamcoatl…

photo 2019-05-04-212205_1366x768_scrot

…is happy now. We can fly safely.

photo 2019-05-04-212304_1366x768_scrot

A flight-reporter in the making??

photo 2019-05-04-212336_1366x768_scrot

JetSmart's livery is allusive to the Chilean flag colors…

photo 2019-05-04-212504_1366x768_scrot

…which in turn are allusive to the colors of the French flag.

photo 2019-05-04-212513_1366x768_scrot

Their first planes featured images of local birds, like the halcón peregrino austral (Falco peregrinus cassini)…

photo 2019-05-04-212549_1366x768_scrot

…but their newer planes also feature other animals…

photo 2019-05-04-212756_1366x768_scrot

…like a puma (mountain lion)

photo 2019-05-04-212830_1366x768_scrot

According to that table, the temperature can reach +50°C or -40°C… inside the cabin??? :O

photo 2019-05-04-212934_1366x768_scrotb

There are two things I fail to understand about the signs on that door. First, the word "lavabo". We don't use it in Chile. And second, how on earth do they fit a wheelchair in that "lavabo"?!

photo 2019-05-04-213124_1366x768_scrot

Light years away from the last experience onboard CC-AWA last January, this time the cabin smells nice and fresh…

photo 2019-05-04-213350_1366x768_scrot

…and it looks clean.

photo img_20190419_163621

Something that I really like about JetSmart is their background music. Unlike LATAM, which always play the same tune in Portuguese, JetSmart has a playlist of nice melodies. What would be this kind of music called? Lounge music? I'm not sure. You can listen to these two samples I recorded with my cellphone. (Audio only)

Sample 1

Sample 2

I can't complain about the seat pitch. I once flew on a LATAM plane where my knees poked the back of the seat. It was claustrophobic. That was in the old LATAM cabins, though, with the thick seats. It was a bad case of legacy seats and low-cost pitch. It improved in time.

photo img_20190419_163613

Some gifted designer came up with these armrests that can be raised. God bless him! However, I have read that most aisle seats have a small lever or button on the underside of the armrest, near the hinge, that allows to raise the armrest.

photo img_20190419_163540

Tray table, clean.

photo img_20190419_163642_1

Seat pockect contents.

photo img_20190419_164147

I reccomend those "native potato" crisps. Lots of different kinds of potatoes, in different colors and flavors, are produced in the south of Chile. Thses crisps are supposed to be made whith those.

photo img_20190419_164215

The salads and sandwiches look great.

photo img_20190419_164242

This one in particular is one of my favorites.

photo img_20190419_164253

JetSmart has added some accessories to its BOB menu.

photo img_20190419_164320

Very practical.

photo img_20190419_164328

How cute! If it was branded or had plane designs I'd buy one!

photo img_20190419_171626

Buying a Chilean phone chip will be useless for a foreigner. You need your Chilean ID number to activate it. Otherwise, you have to go to the service provider's office. The main ones here are Entel (expensive and horrible customer service), Movistar, and Claro. Claro will drown you in spam. So I recommend Movistar.

photo img_20190419_164345

It's interesting that Sky Airline has made it possible to change your seat during the flight for about a year now…

photo img_20190419_164407

…and JetSmart has followed suit.

photo img_20190419_164419

The prices for changing your seat during the flight.

photo img_20190419_164428

One of the most accurate route maps I have seen. Each city seems to be in the correct place.

photo img_20190419_164447

I always carry my own earplugs when I travel. I can't sleep with noise.

photo img_20190419_171659

The flight

This flight as saw it.

photo route

At 4:56 the doors are closed, but we are not pushed back immediately. The captain tells us that they are looking for the baggage of a passenger "who won't be flying with us today", and this will take five or ten minutes. He has an accent, and he doesn't say "esto llevará" (this will take) but "esto shevará", which means that he's Argentinean.

At 5:00 we are pushed back while the safety speech is in progress. But then something happens and we return to our parking position.

At 5:12 we are pushed back again, but we are held on the apron until 5:21, when the flaps are tested and we start taxiing.

photo img_20190419_165346

Once we get to the head of the runway we wait for a couple of minutes again…

photo 2019-05-04-220333_1366x768_scrot

…until we finally…

photo 2019-05-04-220354_1366x768_scrot

…take off at 5:29.

photo 2019-05-04-220423_1366x768_scrot

It's great that I can still take some photos from here…

photo 2019-05-04-220435_1366x768_scrot

…at least before the landscape gets out of my sight.

photo 2019-05-04-220628_1366x768_scrot

Some minutes later the BOB service starts. I can not part from…

photo img_20190419_175627

…my beloved carrot muffin, but this time I'm adding something different.

photo img_20190419_175804

Blueberry-maqui juice. Maqui (say MAH kee) is a local berry that - as is often said of less-known berries - is loaded with anti-oxidants and other almost-miraculous properties. The thing is, if you drink this, you should say good-bye to a considerable percentage of your wrinkles. My ass.

photo img_20190419_175638

I'm not sure if this is a new policy or just the initiative of a smart FA, but whenever the amount to pay ends in 500, she offers a Super 8 for those 500 CLP. Super 8 is an extremely popular treat here, so very few people will say no. Obviously, I said yes.

photo img_20190419_175651

So my change is not 6500, but just 6000. BTW, one of the things I like the most about Chile is the money. I mean, the banknotes! The green one (a thousand pesos) is called a "luca". The pink one is called, of course, "cinco lucas". That lady is Gabriela Mistral, a poet. She was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1945.

photo img_20190419_175704_1

I don't know if maqui juice has other unwanted effects, but I suddenly feel an urge to visit the restroom. Or is it the Coke I had with my lunch? Anyway, a little girl goes ahead of me. Her father stays outside but she doesn't want to be alone, so a little game of peek-a-boo starts. I'm suffering in silence.

photo img_20190419_180537

Well. Let's embrace adversity and make the best out of the circumstances. This is the first time I can photograph a galley in such detail…

photo img_20190419_180534

…though I'm not really paying attention at the moment.

photo img_20190419_180540

Meanwhile, the BOB continues… or are they collecting the trash? I'm losing the sense of time and reality at the moment. Will that girl ever finish, for God's sake???

photo img_20190419_180556

At last!!

Luckily I didn't need it, but even though I'm not a psychic I can read many stories of suffering and desperation in that torn roll.

photo img_20190419_180830

There's nothing creepier than arriving at SCL when the night has fallen.

photo 2019-05-04-220746_1366x768_scrot

Avoid being the last one to disembark, or you'll be left alone in the long, silent corridors of the second floor.

photo 2019-05-04-220954_1366x768_scrot

Thanks for reading!
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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Valdivia - ZAL


Santiago - SCL



Todayś flight was a challenge, and an experiment. I confirmed that you won't get a good seat unless you pay for it. JetSmart's cabins are OK... for short flights. The BOB is slowly improving, with great sandwiches and newly added accessories.

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    ThomasDutch SILVER 615 Comments
    I'm missing the chewing gum this time :D
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    Christian Gerber 2 461 Comments
    I wonder how you can distinguish Buenos Aires spañol de Montevideo's one ... Así being uruguayo pilot is not a sinecure !
    Thanks ...I am to fly Jetsmart next year.
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      Jajjajajjaa Es cierto. Hay una pequeña probabilidad de que haya sido uruguayo. Vergüenza debería darme por ser discriminador! XD
    • Comment 502360 by
      Fernando 68 Comments
      Hi Christian, is difficult to distinguish the accent but Uruguayans speak slowly respect of Argentinians, specially people from Buenos Aires (aka Porteños). The Uruguayan accent reminds me of the one from people of Santa Fe city in Argenitna
      • Comment 502362 by
        Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 982 Comments
        Thanks for the clarification, Fernando! I asked some Uruguayan friends but they were not able to tell me, apart from differences in vocabulary. Of course, something that caught my attention from my first visit to Uruguay was the frequent use of "pah!", and words like "gurí" and "gurisa".
  • Comment 502361 by
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    Hi Shidsu, excellent report. What does the change of nickname means?
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      Esteee.... Fue un arranque de locura. O al menos eso dice Kevin, el administrador. XD

      Lo que pasa es que el nombre Nechus se me ocurrió porque algunos parientes me llaman Necho, pero en realidad eso no significa mucho para mí. Hace unos días hice clic en mi avatar, seleccioné "Abrir imagen en una nueva pestaña" y en la barra de direcciones del navegador apareció el nombre que el servidor de le puso al archivo de imagen, que consiste en una serie de letras y números sin sentido. Una parte de eso era SHIDSU, y me pareció que sonaba bien. Esa es toda la historia. XDDDD
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    Welcome to Flight-Report Shisdu...oh wait...Hi Nelson..."The Artist Formerly Known As Nechus" Jajajaja

    Fue un arranque de locura. O al menos eso dice Kevin

    Claro que es pura locura ? Para mi, "Nechus" fue una institución...Vale, me voy a acostumbrar

    A flight-reporter in the making??

    Oh good, we need more lady-reporters

    …which in turn are allusive to the colors of the French flag.

    It's a conspiracy! Haha. Though I guess Chile has probably had the most French immigration in South America, aside from Argentine. Or at least people of French descent there seem to have had a lot of influence. I don't know how many people can claim French heritage in Chile, but I've read that in Argentina, it's over 25% of the population! There's an entire town in las Pampas of the Buenos Aires province that was established by people from my home town in France and the surrounding countryside--the streets carry the names of towns and villages from my area. It's called Pigüé if you're curious ? (Though I've probably mentioned it before, haha).

    On another note, I like the bird on the reminded me of Frontier.

    Thank you for sharing Nechus...Shisdu...Nelson ?
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      Hi Nelson..."The Artist Formerly Known As Nechus"

      Well, it must be a period of crisis I'm going through. Do you remember that Prince used to called himself "The Artist" for some time? And then he turned his name into a strange symbol. (Sigh) Los artistas somos incomprendidos. XDDDD

      I don't know how many people can claim French heritage in Chile

      Nor do I, but that thing about the colors of the flag has more to do with the cultural background of that time than the number of immigrants. In the 1800s the richest people - and the children of politicians, among them - were educated in France, and they brought the ideals of the French Revolution with them. I think the current flag is the third in Chilean history. The first one had yellow in it.


      Interesting! I'll look for it on a map!

      Thanks for stopping by!!
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        Do you remember that Prince used to called himself "The Artist" for some time?

        Haha yep. He went from Prince to the Artist formerly known as prince, to The Artist, to Squiggly Symbol. Don't go getting any crazy ideas now...You can't become a squiggly symbol ?
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          I wonder if Pigûé inhabitants are cooking some aligot... But las pampas are so boring that I am not sure to go there ;-)
          • Comment 503045 by
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            Haha yes, I imagine they do! The world outside of France is finally discovering the joys of Aligot--they make it here in one restaurant in DC! Yes, Las Pampas doesn't seem particularly exciting, but hopefully I can work in a quick trip to Pigüé on a future South American adventure, which would give priority to Patagonia.
  • Comment 502799 by
    loukas 342 Comments
    Oh Shisdu, you should become Nechus again, cause as Kevin said: "Nechus fue una intitucion". I can say only: es verdad! :) I see you had the same issue with extra paid seats as I with UIA. It is hard not to have a window seat but paying extra money for a seat always makes me crazy, that is why I hate and avoid Ryanair as much as I can. You've managed to create an amusing report as always even without your aerials. Is the jumpseat located on the lavatory's door or it's time I changed my glasses? ;) Thanks for this FR and have a great day!
    • Comment 502806 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 982 Comments
      "Nechus fue una intitucion"

      Naaah... Let's leave Nechus rest in peace. XDD

      paying extra money for a seat always makes me crazy

      Yeah, well, 2000 CLP (3 USD) is not a huge price to pay. But I am so mean that I just wanted to try and see what happened. Never again!!!

      Is the jumpseat located on the lavatory's door or it's time I changed my glasses?

      Er... indeed! You don't need to change your glasses! I only hope nobody will open the door abruptly from the inside and smash the FA against those containers. Then she would have JetSmart written on her face forever. XDDD

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