Review of Air Belgium flight Warsaw New York in Business

Airline Air Belgium
Flight LO26
Class Business
Seat 9L
Aircraft Airbus A340-300
Flight time 09:40
Take-off 08 Mar 19, 16:50
Arrival at 08 Mar 19, 20:30
KF 6 reviews
Published on 22nd May 2019

Dear readers,

This flight will lead me to my final destination Toronto. There was a direct flight VIE-YYZ operated by Austrian Airlines. However this changed at the end of April 2019. AC took over the YYZ-VIE-YYZ route and AUA started VIE-YUL-VIE. 

Here is the following routing for the whole trip: 


  • VIE-WAW / LOT Polish Airlines / Business / Embraer 175 Past
  • WAW-JFK / LOT Polish Airlines operated by Air Belgium / Business / A340-300 You are here
  • JFK-BOS / JetBlue Airways / Economy / Airbus 320 Not available
  • BOS-YTZ / Porter Airlines / Economy / DHC-8-400 Not available
  • YYZ-VIE / Austrian Airlines / Business / Boeing 767-300 Coming soon

Are you surprised to read A340-300 for a LOT flight? This is no mistake since LOT leased an Air Belgium aircraft to operate 6 flights a week to JFK. It was supposed to go on till mid-April with the Saturday flight remains with a LOT Dreamliner. LOT decided to extend the Air Belgium operations till the end of September (Source).

The trip started in Vienna and I had 6 hours between my flights at WAW. After a short break sitting in the terminal I headed outside of the terminal. I wanted to take a picture of my aicraft landing from its previous JFK flight. 

Here it is, OO-ABD. The registration will matter in that case as you will see later on in the report… 

photo zzimg_6848

It was very windy outside and I didn't stay long. I headed back to the terminal. 
After a long walk I was back at the terminal at the departures level. 

photo img_0263

Many long haul flights of LOT leaving at the same time.

photo img_0268

Since I was on a connecting flight, my bag was already checked-in at VIE. Out of curiosity I decide to have a look at the check-in counters.

photo img_0269

LOT celebrated 90 years as can be seen at the right top corner.

photo img_0272

Economy check-in.

photo img_0271-64240

Business check-in is quiet.

photo img_0275

The meeting point displays a LOT Dreamliner. 

photo img_0274

The LOT counter is located opposit to the Business check-in.

photo img_0273

I headed to the security check point and later was airside where I was a few hours ago.

photo img_0277

I was looking for my plane. At that moment it was still parked away and the DO&Co truck was supplying our aircraft.

photo zzimg_6944

I still have some time before boarding which means that I have time to go to the Polonez lounge.

photo img_0310

The lounge is located on the first floor.

photo img_0312

The lounge is overcrowded and I can hardly find an empty seat. There are also a few fancy seats as you can see.

photo img_0305

Magazines are available and even one related to aviation in Polish.

photo img_0307

I decided to head to the business lounge located inside this same lounge. It's not better there. Also crowded and no seats available. Some people use the magazines/newspapers counters as table. I found a table at the back of the lounge. No seat. A short while after the seat on the right of the picture was available. However it's a bit too dark to see what I'm eating.

photo img_0280

The lounge is narrow like a corridor. At the back you can see the main room with food.

photo img_0281-17066

Hot dishes (1).

photo img_0288

Hot dishes (2).

photo img_0289


photo img_0292photo img_0304

Sorts of bread.

photo img_0294

Cold dishes in the fridge.

photo img_0296photo img_0300

Deserts also in the fridge.

photo img_0295

Snacks and fruits.

photo img_0287-95122

Selection of tea and sweets. In the mirror we can see a passenger seating on an improvised ''seat''.

photo img_0293-23181

Of course drinks are also available.

photo img_0297photo img_0299

I didn't want to eat too much in the lounge so as to eat everything during the flight. I had green salad with a yogurt dressing. Not really a great choice of taste, but it's light for sure.

photo img_0278

I had a desert. It looked good but it didn't taste very natural.

photo img_0279

The ladiesroom look nice and clean.

photo img_0282

The list of cosmetic treatments. I didn't test it.

photo img_0284

At the lounge's entrance you can find the opening hours for the treatments.

photo img_0309

I head to the boarding gate and I see that our neighbour is a LOT 787-9.

photo img_0314

What I suspected happened. Our aircraft was moved to our gate for a direct jetbridge access.

photo img_7144

Boarding was delayed. I waited there.   

photo img_0315-20115

Boarding is ongoing and I head to the first entrance for the business class.

photo img_0316photo img_0317

It's quiet at the first door.

photo img_0318

Nobody to welcome me at the doorstep. The boarding of the business was mainly done. A flight attendant headed towards me as she saw me entering the aircraft.
Our crew was mainly from Air Belgium with one flight attendant from LOT.   

photo img_0320

Here is the surprise. The seats are blue/grey. A reminder of the former operator of the aircraft, Finnair in that case. That's where the registration of the aircraft has it's importance, since the aircraft has not the Air Belgium cabin (yet?). Registration OO-ABD was originally delivered to AY. 

In this aircraft there are 2 business class cabins: the big one at the front of the aircraft and the smaller one, only 3 rows and where I'll be seated. I selected seat 9L close to the window. As you can see seat 10L has a misaligned window which would make it more difficult to look outside. The cabin has a 1-2-1 configuration.  

photo img_0321photo img_0322

Middle seats in the small J section. 

photo img_0323

The footrest of the middle seat is damaged.

photo img_0333

The cabin has been adapted to the LOT flight.

photo img_0326

The light is adjustable.

photo img_0558

Headphones and water are already in place.

photo img_0335

Headphones ready to use.

photo img_0416

Pillow and blanket.

photo img_0324-26431

No logo on the seatbelt.

photo img_0327-78462

I have enough space for my legs.

photo img_0336

From this point of view I feel like on an Air Belgium flight. Unfortunately the literature pocket looks a bit damaged. 

photo img_0337

A flight attendant offered newspapers before leaving the gate. 

photo img_0328-36772

I'm seated next to Engine Number 3. 

photo img_0334

As pre-departure drink I had an orange juice. 

photo img_0332

PSU is modern.

photo img_0338

Controls for the seat until it reaches a full flat position.

photo img_0339

Remote control for the IFE.

photo img_0352

Safety demonstration displayed on the IFE.

photo img_0340

The main screen of the IFE proudly shows an Air Belgium A343.

photo img_0346

As I was exploring the various IFE's sections I found the camera option.
There is a selection of movies but no music or no games.

photo img_0348

It looks like the camera is not working. Well it's already dark outside and the whole flight will be during night time, so quite useless on that flight.

photo img_0349

At least the airshow is available. 

photo img_0360photo img_0354

We took-off 50 minutes after our planned departure time. 

photo img_0385

The city center of Warsaw is on the right after take-off.

photo img_0401

Flight time on that day was 8:30 hours.

photo img_0407

Once we were above the clouds it was brighter.

photo img_0414

I switched briefly to the other side to see the sunset from seat 10A. 

photo img_0418photo img_0419

I was offered LOT slippers.

photo img_0421

The electrical socket is working.

photo img_0431

Now it's time to refill my battery! I had to look at the menu to order.

photo img_0422

There are 2 choices for the first course (cold dish or soup, whereas Austrian offers both of them). 3 choices for the main course.
The menu for the second meal service is on the right. It looks like there is no choice, everything will be served on the table at the same time.

photo img_0423-62022photo img_0424-62871photo img_0425-78548

I don't drink wine which means that you can make up your own opinion from the following pictures. 

Hot towel.

photo img_0428

The tablecloth wears the LOT logo.

photo img_0433-12099

Blackcurrent juice and snacks.

photo img_0434

We are already flying over Norway as I was having my apetizer.

photo img_0437photo img_0435

The flight attendant brought me the first course on a tray. 
Roasted chicken breast in pepper flakes
served with tomato and pinapple salsa 

photo img_0438-47712photo img_0440photo img_0441

Salt and pepper.

photo img_0447

Cutlery branded with LOT's logo.

photo img_0442

No more tray for the main course.
Goose fillet in peppercorn sauce
served with rösti potatoes, red cabbage and caramelised apples 

photo img_0443

The meat is good and not dry.

photo img_0445

Still no tray for cheese and desert.

photo img_0449

New set of cutlery for cheese and desert.

photo img_0453photo img_0450

The cake is fresh and good.

photo img_0457

I finish my cake while we were cruising at the North of Scotland roughly 2 hours after take-off. 
I didn't mention the FA's job and service so far. The big J cabin was not full and the small J cabin had only 2 passengers. I thought the service was a bit slow. Although I was at the back of the J cabin the FA's didn't forget about me. The Air Belgium (KF) FA's were polite and smilling a lot. I could hear their comments in the galley about how they were going to prepare and proceed with the service. I was under the impression that they wanted to do their best to stick to LOT's instructions. It was not an easy task for them since KF was only flying for LOT for a few days prior to my flight and it was probably the first LOT flight for some of these FA's. 

photo img_0456

I had a hot chocolate. Not a great taste with water.

photo img_0460

Unfortunately outside it's dark.

photo img_0463

Moodlighting in the small J cabin.

photo img_0465

Bathroom was clean.

photo img_0466

I found snacks in the galley between both J cabins. The croissant was nice.

photo img_0467

Back at my seat to take a nap.

photo img_0510

5 hours left before I took my nap.

photo img_0471

The nap lasted roughly 2:30 hours. We were already flying over Canada.

photo img_0478photo img_0480

I think the amenity kit is quite elegant. 

photo img_0485

The content of the amenity kit.

photo img_0487photo img_0488

I went to another bathroom where is a window.

photo img_0481

Same products as in the other lavatories.

photo img_0482

I found another proof of the former operator of the aircraft.

photo img_0483

I had a chat with a few FA's. They are from various countries. I was also offered a drink. Please, another glass of black current juice.

Back at my seat I looked at the literature pocket.

photo img_0491

The Air Belgium safety card is only valid for aircrafts registered OO-ABD et OO-ABE.

photo img_0497

Other side.

photo img_0500

Roughly 1:15 hours before landing I received a tray with tea.  

Roasted turkey roulade with wine jelly
served with cranberry chutney

Shrimp with fennel mousse
and balsamic cream

Lentil stuffed potato dumplings
with ratatouille sauce
and green asparagus, served hot

Fresh fruit salad 

photo img_0502

Another set of cutlery for the meal.

photo img_0506

Despite the chutney the turkey remained rather dry to eat. 

photo img_0505photo img_0504

Two stuffed dumplings. I thought it was a bit too much in quantity as I already had a full meal a few hours before.

photo img_0503

Stuffed damplings.

photo img_0507

Chocolate and water to end the meal.

photo img_0508

The flight is nearly over.

photo img_0518

Fying over Long Island.

photo img_0522photo img_0526

We landed slightly earlier than expected.

photo img_0535

Taxying was a bit slow as we had to let some aircrafts take-off.
Passing an A380 of SQ on the way to the gate.

photo img_0547

Behind the 380 there was the B744 of BA's with the recently painted BOAC livery.

photo img_0550

We parked at Terminal 7.

photo img_0556

Passengers in J deboarded first but I waiting till the Economy cabin was empty to have a look and take some pictures. Configuration is 2-4-2.

photo img_0559-78637

IFE in Economy.

photo img_0560

I was one of the last passengers to leave the aircraft. Thus I waited 1:15 to go through immigration. 
I picked up my luggage and left Terminal 7 also used  by BA.

photo img_0562

Flight radar 24 flight path.

photo zlo26-1

Thank you for reading.

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The flight was really nice and too short to enjoy both meals, a longer nap and the IFE.
- the J cabin and especially the small one were nearly empty which was good for comfort. Full flat is an advantage. The throne seats are located on the left of the aircraft whereas my seat was a half throne. I was ok with that choice as I prefer to be closer from the window. The cabin was showing signs of wear.
- the content of the IFE was a bit light. A LOT aircraft would probably offer more. However it's better for me to take a nap instead of watching tv!
- Meals were good, espacially the first one. I was only disappointed with the dry turkey and the hot chocolate made with water.
- I was served by some Air Belgium FA. They were polite and smilling most of the time. From their conversations that I heard from the galley they did their best to implement LOT's guidelines in the service. The chat with them was nice.

Lounge Polonez:
Wide choice of food although my selection was not the best. My intention was to eat both meals during the flight thus I wanted to avoid eating in the lounge. The lounge was overcrowded and there was not enough seats available. No place to phone someone as my neighbour gave us a lound explainations about his work's business. No exterior views from the lounge except the view on the terminal. Good selection of cosmetic treatments but I didn't try them.

WAW: place to walk or seats available at the gate for most people who want to seat.

JFK: Long waiting time queuing at the immigration but that was my choice to wait for an empty Economy cabin.



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  • Comment 503768 by
    JW19 121 Comments

    Great report with proper length and amount of pictures. Also appreciated that it wasn't too wordy. Nice to have a female with such keen interest and meticulous to a geek details in the community. Looking forward to more reports.

  • Comment 503769 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 545 Comments

    Hi Emilie,
    While I am not familiar with LOT's J class in any terms, I thought their product (performed by Air Belgium) is quite solid for transatlantic flights. It's definitely more generous than most European carriers on this segment and with two proper hot meals. You definitely must have been stuffed on board.
    I also am surprised that Air Belgium is still operating. They've made some weird choices by having their own routes from Brussels Charleroi to Hong Kong (which obviously would fail with no connecting partners) which was cancelled after just a few months before starting to wet lease their own aircraft mainly due to problems of the B787.... and according to another article, they might be ready to make another weird decision by connecting Charleroi to Fort de France twice a week.
    Thanks for this great flight report.

  • Comment 503770 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5600 Comments

    Hi Emilie, as always your report is beautiful. And so exotic! You got some really nice shots of your A343!

    The seats are blue/grey. A reminder of the former operator of the aircraft, Finnair in that case.

    Wow, ok, so a LOT flight operated on an A340-300 leased from Air Belgium, which still have a Finnair cabin! Yep...that's exotic!

    That being said it looks like there was no W cabin on this AY bird--I believe other 3 Air Belgium A343s all have a W cabin and LOT normally sells W on this route (when operated by 787 anyway). Must makes sales of that cabin a bit messy.

    Luckily in your case, you were in J and that is pretty consistent across the small Air Belgium fleet (except for seat covers in this case haha), and it's not terribly different from LOT's J given that you have full-flat seats...and in a way, with the direct aisle-access for all seats, it can be considered better than LOT's 2-2-2 on the 787.

    The meals looks really nice and are well-presented--not surprising with Do&Co catering, of course! All in all a very solid product offered on this exotic Air Belgium/Lot/Finnair flight ?

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 503774 by
    757Fan 610 Comments

    Nice report! Great that you got to fly on basically 3 different airlines for one flight - Air Belgium, LOT, and Finnair!

    I was seriously considering earlier this year a trip to Poland for later this summer and we were considering booking a flight with LOT as the prices looked not that bad. It looks like you had a good flight with them, and the 2nd meal service certainly looks quite impressive for a pre-arrival meal service.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Comment 503819 by
    Concordino 37 Comments

    Thanks for the report. I just got back from a GVA-WAW-NRT return flight on lot on their 787-800 and 900 and I have to say that their own product is better. I'm also quite surprised to see that the service protocol is quite different on the Air Belgium operated flight. I had no trays for starters and a lot of the serive was done form a old fashioned service trolley (not a cart). Also, there's a new lounge "Maburek" once you pass the passport control which is much nicer than the Bolero once. Happy you had a nice flight none the less.

  • Comment 504168 by
    Andyw 34 Comments

    Excellent flight report. Well photographed and selecting the right shots with good commentary.

    Shame the second meal not perfect, looked great on the screen.

    One of the more interesting flight and plane options !

  • Comment 512223 by
    YuRor 1 Comments

    I think this is a PERFECT flight report! Thank you very much!!!

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