Review of American Airlines flight New York Washington in Economy

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA2145
Class Economy
Seat 06C
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 01:28
Take-off 17 Mar 19, 18:00
Arrival at 17 Mar 19, 19:20
AA   #75 out of 128 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 382 reviews
By GOLD 302
Published on 16th May 2019

Report No: 2019-310E

Ladies and Gentleman,

Welcome to another series that would include 2 transatlantic flights on Lufthansa Premium Economy on the newest version of the Queen of the Skies and 2 Frankfurt-Istanbul flights again on Lufthansa and one American Airlines regional flight. All 5 reports would include lounge reviews of their respective airports.   

The last part of this series would include the report of the smallest aircraft of American Airlines's mainline fleet onboard a short flight from New York to Washington DC. This report would also include a review of the Admirals Club at LGA Terminal D.

The routing for this series would look like this

Pax for this flight:

Domestic First: %100 
Main Cabin: %100


I have booked my ticket on the 19:00 flight as it's impossible to know the wait at JFK immigration which could take hours at some circumstances but also you could end up with a 10-minute wait which was my case. I have completed my OLCI for my original flight as didn't change my pre-reserved seat 9A.

photo img_8061photo img_8062

Boarding pass for that flight

photo img_8063


For the first time ever in my life, I have arrived to La Guardia Airport. The American priority desks were located at the end of Terminal D.

photo img_8215-19319

When I have entered the queue, in 2 minutes my turn has come and I was checked-in by a friendly agent. I've asked if there was a seat in an earlier flight but the answer was: "Sorry sir, they are fully booked." So, I had asked to be placed inside the standby list and headed to security which the wait took 10 minutes in the Priority lane.

photo img_8216

FIDS for the day

photo img_8217


While being welcomed by the agent, I was asked if I was Sapphire or Emerald; I have answered Sapphire so no drink coupons were handed to me. Sometimes, agents are generous handing drink coupons to Sapphire pax as well. However, this didn't mean that I couldn't benefit from the coffee, tea or iced water option.

photo img_8220photo img_8221

Two types of soup were present that day at the Admirals Club.

photo img_8219

The free options for the day. Cheeses, veggies, chips, crackers

photo img_8223

As well as cookies and brownies

photo img_8224

The paid options. I am not sure if there are people paying for hot dishes at the Admirals Club. That day, I have noticed several families with small or young children buying fried chicken from the fast food stores at the gate level and they were eating them inside the club. It didn't smell where I was seating so it wasn't an issue for me. I thought that outside food is not allowed at Admirals Club locations.

photo img_8222

A view of NYC from the lounge

photo img_8226

My standby document

photo img_8225


I was number 1 on the standby list for the AA 4322 service which was scheduled to depart at 17:00. I have arrived to the boarding gate of that flight 25 minutes before the scheduled departure time of that flight.

photo img_8227

However, I had bad luck. Number 11 in the standby list was the only passenger cleared for this flight. When I asked the gate agent if that passenger had a special condition as I was number one on the list, she had told me that that passenger was a pilot. I didn't know that AA prioritized their off duty staff over their passengers in these type of situations. However, my bags did make this flight but I was still in LGA.

photo img_8228


Never mind, I went back to the Admirals Club. The agent recognized me and didn't ask my boarding pass again.

photo img_8229-31143

For a while, I have seated at the couches as I was charging my phone.

photo img_8230

Then, I have headed to the quiet area where long chairs were present.

photo img_8231

While I was having a rest, I have checked the menu for the paid options.

photo img_8232-96883

And the drink options

photo img_8233


I was still number one on the standby list for this flight.

photo img_0111

I have arrived to the gate 25 minutes before the scheduled flight of this flight. The same gate agents as AA 4322 were there. One of them made an announcement that they were looking for overbook volunteers offering a 200 USD voucher to travel on the next flight. First, I've thought that I still had bad luck. However, after regular boarding has ended, me and number 2 on the standby list was called by the gate agent. I was assigned seat 6C and the other passenger was assigned a seat in the back.

photo img_8234-12920


So, I have boarded the American Airlines ERJ-190 and took my seat which was comfortable for a 45 minute flight.

photo img_8242

This was a Main Cabin seat and it had decent legroom compared to other AA mainline aircraft.

photo img_8235

So, the seatback pocket content

photo img_8236-20605

AA Fleet

photo img_8237-89185

LGA Terminal Map.

photo img_8238-63699

And AA Northeastern destinations

photo img_8239-11221

Despite regional services on this route, as this was a Mainline flight, Main Cabin passengers had received pretzels and a choice of drink from the drink cart on this 45-minute flight. If this was a Republic Airlines flight, I would have probably received nothing. By the way, both of the cabin crew members were friendly to customers compared to most other AA crew that I have ever seen.

photo img_8241

I have slept for the rest of the flight and we had arrived to gate 32 at Terminal B.


A last view of our aircraft

photo img_8243

Arrivals FIDS - What is the sense of posting gate numbers for arriving flights?

photo img_8244-min

The DCA corridor

photo img_8245-48580

The ad boards welcoming me to DCA

photo img_8246

As my bags were loaded on the previous flight, I had to pick them up at the Baggage Services office. They were waiting for me. When I have handed my bag tags at the agent and pointed my bags, she made the joke that the bag tags don't match. However, I've heard her making the same joke to the previous passenger and smiled.

photo img_8247

Later on, as I had lots of bags, I had called an Uber and left the airport.

photo img_8248

This report has came to an end.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.


As you would realize, I have changed the format of my coming-up section which would you would be more essential.
The part written in bold would be the publishing month of the date with a prefix with 'E' early, 'M' mid or 'L' late; EN for English, FR for French.
I am sorry that I had to cancel the publishing of several French translations due to the lack of time.
This section would be only available in my latest Flight-Report's.

Next Report:

An upper deck report on the Queen of the Skies is arriving in a few days onboard a British Airways transatlantic flight from the airport below. For the first time, I was able to try the dining room in the Galleries Club, where my flight departed. ML05/2019-EN FR

photo h1photo h2-91501

Upcoming Reports which are flown

Then, I would share my first flight with the BA A320neo onboard my regular shuttle flight from London Heathrow to Istanbul Airport. This time, I would fly this route on the Club Europe cabin so I would also give you the chance to discover the new BA Club Europe product. Obviously, the Galleries Club part in London would remain the same.  ML05/2019-EN FR

photo h3

Shortly after the BA series, I would share the reports of the flights which I have taken for my short trip to Germany on this Low Cost Carrier. Surprisingly, they were better than I expected.  L05/2019-EN FR

photo h4

Upcoming Reports which are not flown ( Subject to change )

Later on, another serie would start including five flights. Four on an airline that I have never flown before ( two of them in an intro-European flight and two of them in a transatlantic flight ) in a cabin different than Economy Class with lounge reviews before all four flights. And, the fifth flight onboard an American Airlines 737-800 in the Main Cabin with a review of the Flagship Lounge at the departure airport. This series would be posted in two different parts in different dates L05E06/2019-EN FR EM07/2019-EN FR

photo glc6

As an av-geek from Turkey, it would be an honor to fly the Turkish Airlines 787-9, on it's first scheduled flight on the Business cabin. This series would contain two reports of the brand new Turkish Airlines Dreamliner and Business Lounge reviews on both airports of the itinerary. M07/2019-EN FR

photo glc7

Then, as a part of a vacation planned for the summer, I would visit a country that I have never visited and in this trip I would fly the DHC-8 for the first time unless there is a change in the aircraft type. In addition to the DHC-8-400 flight, this report would have two flight on the Turkish Airlines 737 aircraft on the Economy cabin. The first TK flight is scheduled to be operated with a Boeing 737-800 and the second one with a Boeing 737-900ER. The second flight was previously filed 737-MAX-8, however there is no guarantee that they would return to service before that flight and the aircraft type would rechange back to a MAX. L07/2019-EN FR

photo glc8

Later this summer, I would fly the Lufthansa A380 for the first time on a transatlantic flight from Frankfurt just after a short Lufthansa flight from Istanbul. The A380 flight would not be on Economy cabin as I would have the chance to report one of the premium cabins onboard that aircraft. Just after the Lufthansa A380 flight I would fly on an PMUS American Airlines A321 on a short domestic flight. In the airport that I would transfer from LH to AA, I would report the Flagship Lounge in addition to those lounges which would be reported on the LH reports. L08/2019-EN FR

photo glc9

For thanksgiving, I have booked a really cheap fare onboard United Airlines and it would be my second time flying them on a transatlantic flight. It would be a day-time transatlantic flight onboard the Boeing 757-200 which would soon retire from the UA fleet. After this UA flight, I would transfer to a TK flight back home to Istanbul onboard an Airbus A321. Both of the routes that I would cover in this series are previously reported on a different airline so you would have the chance to compare UA and TK to those respective airline(s). Again, all of the flights in this series would have lounge reviews. L11/2019-EN FR

photo glc10

Simply keep in touch with Flight-Report for my future reports.

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American Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

American Airlines Admirals Club


New York - LGA


Washington - DCA



The flight was a usual American Airlines domestic flight with pretzels and a choice of soft drink. However, I could tell that the AA ERJ-190's have better legroom than any other narrowbody American mainline aircraft. Inflight wi-fi and personal entertainment were offered, however, I haven't used it. The experience is LGA was pleasant and the Admirals Club is OK as a domestic club in the USA. It was strange that when I try to stand-by for a previous flight that an off duty pilot had priority over me even though I was number 1 on the list. Even though, I didn't make the 17:00 flight, making the 18:00 flight saved me an hour and as my bags were waiting at DCA for me, the arrival experience was super pleasant.

(+) Reasonable check-in and security checkpoint wait time
(+) Priorities respected in both flight attempts
Admirals Club LGA Terminal D
(+) Comfortable seating
(+) Friendly and professional lounge staff
(-) Meal choices definitely needed to be improved
(-) People in the club bringing outside food that can smell
AA 2145
(+) Comfortable seats and decent legroom for US domestic at a regular Main Cabin row
(+) A trolley run at this short flight
(+) Friendly crew
(+) Efficient airport
(+) My bags were ready when I have arrived at the baggage services office



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