Review of American Airlines flight Miami San José in Business

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA1353
Class Business
Seat 1F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:06
Take-off 29 Jun 17, 17:45
Arrival at 29 Jun 17, 18:51
AA   #33 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 507 reviews
By SILVER 1627
Published on 22nd July 2019


This series of Flight-Reports will cover flights from the summer of 2017 that I hadn't gotten around to posting previously.

For the past several years, it had become a tradition to take a yearly international trip with a group of 6-7 good friends. That year, we'd decided on a trip to Costa Rica, as I'd always wanted to go and, as luck would have it, there were some good First/Business fares from D.C. to San Jose.

As I'm usually the one who organizes the trips, I get to pick the carrier so, as a oneworld loyalist, I naturally chose American Airlines. Though United serves San Jose, Costa Rica with two daily non-stop flights from Washington-Dulles, American offered good connection through Miami. Of the big 3 U.S. carriers, American has the most service and frequencies to Latin America. 

This report will cover the 2nd leg between Miami and San Jose, Costa Rica. 


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photo routing

Transit & lounge

As we had a little over 3 hours between flights, I headed outside to get some fresh air prior to going to the lounge.

photo img_4376photo img_4384

That courtyard area in front of the terminals is rather pleasant with lush greenery and palm trees providing shade. 

A pretty AA 757-200 on the way to the lounge

photo img_4378

As we were in Business class on an international flight, we had lounge access–for those not familiar with US carrier lounge policies, purely domestic First class itineraries do not give lounge access.

At the time the wonderful Flagship lounge (which I've reviewed HERE and HERE) was not yet open, so we headed to what was the "Premium Lounge" in Concourse E. The Premium Lounge kind of served the purpose of a Flagship lounge–it offered an upgraded experience and was used by British Airways and Qatar–who probably found the "normal" Admirals Clubs to be too basic for their premium passengers.

The premium lounge was quite spacious and very quiet. With only a handful of other passengers in such a large lounge, we felt we had the place to ourselves.  

photo img_4363photo img_4364

Super empty…

photo img_4368photo img_4369

And it just keeps going 

photo img_4372photo img_4373photo img_4370

We found a nice corner to ourselves with awesome views of the tarmac

photo img_4371

A mix of hot and cold dishes were available. Nothing spectacular, but certainly much better than an AA Admirals Club.

photo img_4366photo img_4365photo img_4380

The best part was a large selection of drinks.

Liquors and spirits 

photo img_4367

Several different wines

photo img_4375

And best of all, real champagne, which is always rare in the U.S.

Taittinger no less. 

photo img_4379

A little snack to accompany several refreshing glasses of champagne. ??

photo img_4381photo img_4382

Enjoyed a bit of planespotting from the lounge.

A PAWA Dominicana MD-80 (The airlines has since ceased operations) 

photo img_7829

Volaris A320 with sharklets

photo img_7830

A beautiful British Airways B747-400 parked at the Concourse E Satellite gates.

photo img_7831

Eastern B737-800

photo img_7832

Cayman Airways 737 classic

photo img_7833

American Airlines B737-800 in the alley. That livery looks great when it's sunny like this. Air Berlin in the background R.I.P.

photo img_7834

Aerolineas Argentinas A330-200 in the distance

photo img_7835


After an enjoyable stay in the Premium lounge, we headed to the gate just before boarding was due to begin.

photo img_7836

Gate information displays with destination images at MIA.

photo img_7840

Our B737-800 taking us to San Jose, Costa Rica today

photo img_7837photo img_7838

Boarding began shortly after we'd arrived at the gate and surprisingly there was no one already crowding the Priority lane so our group was the first to board.

photo img_7841

At the time, OASIS cabins didn't exist, so all 737s had the same comfortable seat in the premium cabin with a generous 40 inches of pitch. Only the seats on the 737s with IFE were slightly different–more cushy.

photo img_7842photo img_7843

This 737 did not have individual IFE, only overhead TVs, but that's better than the new OASIS cabins, which don't even have overheads. 

photo img_7847

Seats in the premium cabin (called "First" on domestic and "Business" on international routes) are laid our in a 2-2 configuration over 4 rows. One peculiar thing about AA is that row numbers start as 3 on 737s–so the first row is row 3. This is actually an easy way to tell if your 737 has the OASIS cabin or not–the premium cabin on OASIS fitted aircraft is from rows 1-4 vs 3-6 on the traditional cabin.

photo img_7844photo img_7845

Good legroom in the first row. One of the few good things about AA compared to DL in my experience–the bulkhead row on 737s has decent legroom on AA whereas there's less room on DL. 

photo img_7846

the flight

Boarding was completed quickly and we pushed back on time.

Some planespotting during taxi 

AA B767-300ER

photo img_7849

AA B777-300ER

photo img_7850


photo img_7853

American Eagle (Republic) E-175LR

photo img_7854

A beautiful Virgin Atlantic B787-9 Dreamliner…that's one sexy bird ?

photo img_7857photo img_7858

There wasn't much of a wait for takeoff

photo img_7860

View of Marlins Park as we climb out of MIA

photo img_7862

Always good views of downtown when sitting on the right side of the aircraft out of MIA

photo img_7863photo img_7865

Brickell Key, a man-made island

photo img_7866

Rickenbacker Causeway

photo img_7867

One last look back towards downtown in the lovely glow of sunset

photo img_7868

Soon we were over the Florida Keys

photo img_7869photo img_7870

After we reached 10,000 ft, I tried connecting to the WiFi to use AA's streaming IFE service. I was able to start the movie, unfortunately, the WiFi stopped working after only a few minutes. I'm not very knowledgeable about WiFi coverage, but considering the WiFi stopped working almost right away, I believe this means that the WiFi on this particular 737 was ground-based as opposed to satellite based so we lost coverage once we were too far off the US coast–totally guessing, but either way it was annoying. Why have streaming if it doesn't work. Keep in mind this was 2017 so it may very well have changed in the past 2 years. 

photo img_7871

Nice sunset colours.

photo img_7872

Though there was no pre-departure drink service (this was very typical of PMAA at the time), the friendly lead FA working our cabin came through with drinks shortly after takeoff. She had taken the drink and food orders on the ground in order to serve drinks and meals faster.

I had a sparkling wine, which was served with warm nuts. 

photo img_7873

One nice thing about AA premium cabins is you can pre-order main dishes on

I had selected the beef…no idea why! I knew it wouldn't be good…beef rarely is on planes.  

photo mia-sjo-meal-selection

Not only was it the smallest piece of beef ever, it was super rubbery and tough and the quinoa was tasteless, as quinoa often is. The salad was simple and boring. Even the wine was weird as it was served chilled…probably a product of being placed close to ice in the catering carts. 

An altogether disappointing meal for Intl Business class, even if it is a short flight.  

photo img_7874

Whatever movie was being shown on the overhead screens, I don't remember it, except that it wasn't interesting enough for me to watch. Luckily there were pretty clouds out the window.

photo img_7875

Dessert was a warm cookie…nothing fancy.

photo img_7876photo img_7877

After dinner, I had a Disaronno as I enjoyed the sunset.

photo img_7879photo img_7878

Dinner had barely wrapped up before we began our descent into SJO.

We arrived at the gate a few minutes early and the queues at immigration were quick. SJO airport is clean and modern–the terminal looks pretty new. 

photo img_4387

Thanks for reading! Tourist bonus below

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American Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Premium Lounge (Concourse E)


Miami - MIA


San José - SJO



A mostly enjoyable flight. The highlights were the comfortable seat and the professional cabin crew on this 3 hour flight. This pre-merger AA domestic First class seat is comfortable with good legroom and good recline--much better than the newer seats being installed on some 737s and pre-merger US A319/320s, which are the same model as the long-haul Premium Economy seat.

As far as the IFE, overhead screens are better than nothing, but it's a shame the WiFi didn't work once we were off the coast of the U.S.--so basically the entire flight. Once again the meal was disappointing. I should know better than to order beef on a plane, as it is rarely good, but this one was particularly bad...hard as a lump of coal, and about the same size and shape. The tiniest piece of beef I've ever seen...the cost-cutting was once again pretty evident here. Again, in my more recent experiences, the catering has gotten better, so hopefully this period was a low point.



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    Harry_He 66 Comments

    Nice report! Love the pictures! Interesting to see how that Volaris Airbus A320 had its flaps down at 1 while at the gate. Must’ve been a hot day!

  • Comment 512656 by
    757Fan 610 Comments

    Nice report, Kevin. Looks like a pretty average flight with AA. It reminds me of my flight to PTY with Delta back in 2015 from ATL ... domestic style F class meal on a 3 hour international flight. On that flight the chicken dish I had been served was the same one I had from SEA-MSP a month prior. I will say that meals and service on both Delta and AA have improved for sure since then. Thanks for sharing!

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    loukas 343 Comments

    Hi Kevin, thanks for a nice report with bonus. I see we are both doing the same thing: publishing the unpublished :) Have a good one!

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