Review of Qatar Airways flight Colombo Doha in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR665
Class Economy
Seat 18A
Aircraft Airbus A340-600
Flight time 04:45
Take-off 16 Feb 19, 10:50
Arrival at 16 Feb 19, 13:05
QR   #7 out of 139 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 517 reviews
By SILVER 2610
Published on 19th April 2019
Hi everyone,

Welcome to the 5th report of this new series covering my latest trip to Sri Lanka and Maldives with Qatar Airways and Korean Air.

The whole trip plan looks like this:

01 FEB - WAW-DOH, QR 264 - A330-300 - you can find it here
01 FEB - DOH-CMB, QR 662 - A350-900 - you can find it here
10 FEB - CMB-MLE, KE 473 - A330-300 - you can find it here
14 FEB - MLE-CMB, KE 474 - A330-300 - you can find it here
16 FEB - CMB-DOH, QR 665 - A340-600 - you are here
16 FEB - DOH - WAW, QR 261 - B787-800


As probably some of you know, Colombo is not one of the most beautiful and interesting capitals. I would say it isn't even necessary to visit the city while being to Sri Lanka as all the beauty of this country is definitely elsewhere. That is why we left Colombo for the very last day of our stay and I can tell you now that this one day was enough.

The city has some great colonial architecture located mostly in the oldest and most central district called Fort as it is located where an old fort used to be once.

photo img_6229photo img_6233photo 15

What I liked in Colombo was the ocean and it's proximity to the center. It provided some fresh air and coolling winds.

photo img_6243photo img_6244photo img_6245

We made a long walk to the Lotus TV Tower to find out it was not ready yet and we could just watch it from outside

photo img_6255photo img_6256photo img_6258

Colombo's town hall looks a little bit like …. the Congress :)

photo img_6276photo 24

But this Buddha statue located in front makes it clear: we are in Asia

photo img_6275photo img_6278


It was a sad day to be coming back home after two wonderful weeks in Sri Lanka in Maldives. Even if I was already a little bit tired of changing places so frequently, I wasn't very happy to be coming back to cold mid February Poland.
As I wrote in my previous reports, QR made some changes to our initial reservation regarding the flight to Colombo and also the flight back changing the initial 777-300 to A340-600 which was a great treat for me. A340 is slowly disappearing from the sky and as I have never flown it before, my happiness was double and made me forget a little bit the sadness of coming back home.

One more trip to already well known vintage CMB with its ancient FIDS… At least it was quite smooth and we didn't loose much time even if the queues to check-in stand seemed endless at fisrt sight.

photo 12photo 13

After a short visit to the duty free area we made it to the gate where security check was done just before boarding. It is good as you can keep your bottle of water until the very last moment. On the other hand, should you buy any liquid in duty free and forget to ask the staff to seal it, you will be forced to leave it at the airport.

photo img_6295

View of the apron with some nice birds including QR A330 departing just 1:30 ahead of us and Rossiya 777-300 operating Aeroflot flight to Moscow.

photo img_6290photo 14photo 23

Finally a view of our 4 engines long beauty. Actually A340-600 was the longest passenger jet until the first flight of 747-800 in 2010.

photo img_6296photo img_6297photo img_6298

You can feel the lenght of the fuselage while being still inside the jestbridge. The distance between door 1 and 2 is quite big.

photo img_6299photo img_6300

I chose us seats in the very front small economy cabin located just after a very small business class section. QR uses these jets only on the routes where there is no big demand for businness class seats and mostly on popular tourist destinations to Asia (BKK, CMB, KUL). I didn't know it that day, as it was announced a couple of weeks later, that the last flights of QR's A340-600 are scheduled for the 1st of May 2019! So that was my first and last experience of this kind.

photo img_6313photo img_6332

The cabin looks exactly as the one of A330, you can't really tell the difference without looking out of the window.

photo img_6302photo img_6310

The A340 has the same comfortable 2-4-2 configuration, yet the QR version, despite a very decent legroom, has the same IFE box that makes my left leg feel carmped. The screens are old with quite low resolution and the only way to navigate them is using the remote control hidden in the armrest.

photo img_6303photo 25photo 26

Refreshing towels are distributed and the jet bridge is taken away so we can start our taxi

photo img_6308photo img_6311

Saudia 777-300 is also taxiing for departure

photo img_6301

We are slowly leaving the apron and entering the runway

photo img_6316photo img_6318photo img_6319

The sound of four engines is great even if it is unusual for me to sit ahead of them

photo img_6320photo img_6321photo img_6322

Last view of Sri Lanka as we overfly the Negombo Lagoon heading towards the ocean and India

I love this view, it's so nice to fly a 4-engine jet :)

photo img_6328photo img_6329

The safety card

photo img_6305photo 17

And some fleet facts

photo img_6336

My favourite "children section" in duty free magazine. QR has introduced a new product - a key ring teddy that will soon join my collection but, as they have just launched a special boutique in DOH, I will buy it there and not onboard.

photo img_6334photo img_6335

Not long after take off we reach the south end of India

photo img_6348photo img_6350

I spend some time in the galley just next to our section waiting for my turn to the lavatory. I'm once again surprised by the very friendly attitude of the cabin crew offering me water or something else to drink during my wait, it's so kind and not to be expected in many other airlines.

The toilet looks very classic but…. it has one very nice feature: a window! Now I know why I waited so long. I suppose everyone spends here more time than usually admiring the outside view ;)

photo img_6341photo img_6361

When I'm back to my seat the menu cards are distributed. I'm a little bit fed up with Sri Lankan food but let's give it a try. Only one meal service is provided for this 5:00 flight which is enough. As on every QR flight, drinks will be distributed during the entire flight, so noone is going to be thirsty.

photo img_6344

My first choice was the vegetable curry but as I would need to wait for it, I decided to take the chicken. Once again there's a Greek flight attendant working in my row - a very friendly girl from Athens named Kyriaki. We chat a little bit during service and afterwards, she's surprised to hear someone not being Greek speak her language.

My tray with chicken dish, salad, tiramisu cake and bread roll. Everything was good and the cake even better.

After approximately 2 hours spent over the Indian Ocean finally we reach the sandy shores of Oman.

Sandy desert is then replaced with high mountains

Beacuse of the blocade we are not allowed to enter the UAE airspace

photo 20photo 22

The Gulf seems cloudy and misty today, there is not much to see until the very last moment before touchdown

These shallow lagoons remind me of Maldives

Welcome back to Doha

photo img_6419photo img_6421

Deboarding will be done by bus which is a little bit strange regarding the size of the aircraft but at least I will be able to take some pictures of this rare bird.

photo img_6422photo img_6423photo img_6424

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and see you in the final report of the series soon!
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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew9.5

Colombo - CMB


Doha - DOH



QR A340-600 seems not to have any difference for the passenger from the A330 as the cabin looks the same, has the same configuration and big IFE boxes under the seats. However it is nice to fly a 4-engine jet that is so rare these days. I'm really satisfied with the catering and a very hard working and friendly crew on this flight.

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  • Comment 498770 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 676 Comments

    Colombo is not one of the most beautiful and interesting capitals

    Ha ha Come to Santiago and learn what an uninteresting capital is! Well, it has some charm... hidden under the smog cloud!

    this Buddha statue located in front makes it clear: we are in Asia

    With all due respect towards Buddhists, isn't Buddha supposed to be a fat laughing guy???

    CMB with its ancient FIDS

    Flap displays in the 21st century?!?!?! :O

    It was a sad day to be coming back home

    Poor thing. I really feel for you. :'(

    So that was my first and last experience of this kind.

    You were very lucky!

    the same IFE box that makes my left leg feel carmped

    Is that box under every single row? I've come across those boxes only a couple times. What a pita they are! Is there really no other place to put them??

    I'm once again surprised by the very friendly attitude of the cabin crew offering me water or something else to drink during my wait

    How nice from them! "Have some water while you're pissing your pants." hahah

    it has one very nice feature: a window!

    Amazing! You're completely right. Peeing with a view of the sky outisde must be such a relaxing experience! No one will want to hurry!

    I'm baffled that you didn't order the "freshly brewed Ceylon tea" from the menu. It was your "no tea bag" moment!

    Deboarding will be done by bus

    Beautiful views of the fuselage! What a big machine!

    Thanks for sharing! Too bad the holidays are over! :(

    • Comment 499049 by
      loukas SILVER AUTHOR 315 Comments

      Hi Nechus, apparently not every Buddha is the same fat and ugly guy and I have no clue why. This tea is usually awful, it sounds great "freshly brewed blablabla" but they use water that isn't hot enough and infuse it for too short time...nothing tastes like tea in Sri Lanka I'm afraid ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  • Comment 498977 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5135 Comments

    Hi Loukas, thanks for another beautiful report and this time on a beautiful bird. The A340 was one of the 1st widebodies I remember taking as a little kid and always have had a soft spot for A340s. There's just something about 4 engines! The A346 is a little too long for my taste (the A345 is perfection), but it's still a beautiful bird, and a rare one at that!

    It's a bit sad to see this report just one day after the attacks in Sri Lanka. I've heard nothing but great things about Sri Lanka from several friends that have visited in the last few years and it looks beautiful.

    The catering looks really good and is well-presented. It's nice to see some carriers still make an effort to offer a good product in Y.

    Nice shots on approach to DOH! Again, those 2 engines under the wing, sexy 😆

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 499046 by
      loukas SILVER AUTHOR 315 Comments

      Hi Kevin, thanks for your comment! I was shocked and I still am. Sri Lanka will always be to me a very quiet and peaceful place. I hope this terror won't spread, otherwise the country will loose all the toursits that are so important for its economy. The A340-600 was great and - you are completely right - 4 engines look just great!

  • Comment 499521 by
    armin 69 Comments

    thank for the report , i took the same plane for cmb-doh but night time
    my first time in 346 and it was fantastic , so sad this plane is going to be the past time for aviation

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