Review of Ryanair flight Alicante Växjö in Economy

Airline Ryanair
Flight FR7429
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:25
Take-off 22 Apr 19, 06:40
Arrival at 22 Apr 19, 10:05
FR   #11 out of 13 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 287 reviews
Published on 23rd April 2019

Alicante to Växjö

Hello everyone ! 

Today's report will be about a Ryanair flight between Alicante, Spain (ALC) and Växjö, Sweden (VXO). 
After a week in Spain, it was time to return home. The return trip was very early in the morning. 
I apologize for the absence of pictures of Alicante airport. Since it was a morning flight and I had to wake up very early, I just completely forgot to take pictures of the Terminal and the facilities. 


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The journey started very early. I left my hotel around 3h30 since I was 1h00 away from the airport. 
So you can imagine how tired I was. 

Alicante airport is very pleasant. The morning even more because there aren't many flights, meaning that the airport is mostly empty. 
The airport itself is pretty big and modern. 

The luggage check-in and security check went pretty fast. The ground staff was nice. Nevertheless, most of the shops (catering) are closed early in the morning. Just few of them were open. Thus, the people were accumulated in the only places open. 

The boarding started on time, even in advance. 
I had a priority pass, allowing me to board before everyone else. However, we had to wait around 10 minutes or more in a staircase… I can tell you that wasn't pleasant at all especially in the morning when you had barely slept.

Here is our path to Växjö. We had a flight of 3h25 instead of 3h40 thanks to the tail winds.

photo flight

The flight to Växjö, like the way to Alicante a week before, was full. 

For the return trip, I have been lucky because the plane's interior was refreshed recently. I may say that thanks to the newly smell in the aircraft plus the cleanliness of the seats and windows. The plane itself was 10 years old. 

As you can notice on the pictures below, the seats are clean and look new. 
Moreover, I was quite shocked by the legroom. Last time I flew Ryanair, I didn't remember having such a legroom. I am 1m80 tall to give you an idea of the space. 

photo 57558596_2294623800806293_7969023384904269824_nphoto 58608347_346591609323496_5562549760096731136_nphoto 58374084_2130255760434163_2683899929121783808_n

Rainy Alicante. 
You can notice the clarity of the window. There weren't scratches on it. 

Traffic of the morning: 2 Vueling Airbus to Algiers and Paris ORY. Some flights to Scandinavian cities (Oslo, Stockholm, Stavanger, …)

photo 58376035_400773184094564_2879061847187652608_nphoto 58462625_291282581802910_7647134410910728192_nphoto 57555438_811413532565578_3448566930019975168_n

Boarding still on.

photo 57504042_2438418659771663_2192123712713523200_n

The push back started with 5 minutes delay at 6h45. 

While taxiing towards the runway, the flight attendants set a blue light atmosphere. 

photo 57502826_310252496338616_1155786660110139392_n

Take-off with a view on Alicante. 

Then I felt asleep during 2hrs since I was dead. I woke up when we where flying somewhere above Germany. 

photo 57649154_808290539543850_7081441257582493696_n

Afterwards; we were approaching Scandinavia and especially the Danish/Swedish coastlines, with a view on Copenhagen and Malmö (not really visible on the picture unfortunately.).

While we were entering the Swedish airspace, we started our descent towards Växjö with a landing planned 30 minutes after.

photo 57604384_411424302774420_2239629843463405568_n

Approaching and landing at Växjö Småland airport.

photo 57989010_413942032737450_1675650407856078848_nphoto 58372490_438129653658351_7369940541636608000_nphoto 58462257_400564630797404_6337013821915267072_n

After landing we turned on the runway. 

Welcome to the small regional airport of Växjö. 
As you may see on the picture, an ATR-72 of Braathens Airlines was parked before his flight to Stockholm-Bromma. 

photo 58374310_351891102114571_4263746268192309248_nphoto 57649092_412288639604303_1606830317216202752_nphoto 57435737_445314212703082_5137806610105630720_n

Heading to the Terminal.

If you want to see more of Växjö airport and how to go to the city from the airport, check my previous flight-report between Amsterdam to Växjö. Link just below

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Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu0.0

Alicante - ALC


Växjö - VXO



To conclude this report. I would say that it was a good flight. On-time, fresh cabine, clean seats and window, which was a plus. Nevertheless, the seat doesn't recline, but this is completely with Ryanair.
Concerning my notation of Ryanair, I decided to grade 0/10 for the food because you have to pay in order to get something. And for the entertainment, there's actually nothing to entertain you.

Alicante airport is nice and pleasant, a bit disappointed that many catering place were closed in the morning.
Växjö airport is a small airport but very convenient. You are quickly outside.



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