Review of SWISS flight Geneva London in Business

Airline SWISS
Flight LX356
Class Business
Seat 3A
Aircraft Airbus A220-300
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 16 Apr 19, 17:50
Arrival at 16 Apr 19, 18:30
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By GOLD 1778
Published on 25th April 2019

If you have read some of my previous flight reports you know that I almost never buy full fare business class tickets but I grab all possibilities to get a good deal or to get an upgrade.

Many airlines offer an upgrade bid to business class and some others offer a flat rate upgrade fee at check-in but Swiss has a very unusual offer. A typical one-way flight from Geneva to London costs 39 CHF in economy and 264 CHF in business. That's a big difference and is not worth it for such a short flight. But when you start booking economy the usual extras such as seat selection, check-in luggage and insurance are offered - and surprise: upgrade to business class is offered for only 58 CHF (instead of the original price difference of 225 CHF). The only difference is that check-in luggage is not included and fare conditions remain the same but all other services (priority check-in, priority security, lounge access, seat in the front of the aircraft, next seat empty, business class meal and drink service) are otherwise the same. An upgrade for 58 CHF is a steal in my opinion and should not be missed.

(Those who count in Euros: 39 CHF = 34 €, 58 CHF = 51 €, 264 CHF = 232 €).

Geneva Airport's biggest advantage is that it is located extremely close to the city - it takes only 7 minutes by train and costs 3 CHF to get there. 

photo 01

But the good things end here as the airport is otherwise has a lot of ugly parts with long corridors and would be suitable for shooting a movie set in the 1980's.

photo 02

There are a lot of flights leaving in the late afternoon..

photo 03

The Swiss first and business check-in area is definitely not nice. There was only one agent for business class when I was there. There were 10 pax in line in front of me but five of them didn't notice this check-in desk was for business class and were sent away. The check-in agent was not very friendly and not very well informed.

photo 04

Lines can be very long at Geneva Airport. Priority security was in a small area but I was through in about 10 minutes.

photo 05

Lounges are upstairs.

photo 06-uj

Swissport lounge is used by many different airlines (including Icelandair) and is also a Priority Pass lounge.

photo 07-uj

But I was heading to the Swiss Business Lounge.

photo 08

While the lounge is not huge and there are certainly nicer lounges in the world I found it perfectly adequate, especially for the small amount I paid for my upgrade.

The choice of drinks is very similar to what you would find in other European lounges.

Hot food is available which makes this lounge better compared to many other lounges in Europe. But I was not hungry as it was mid-afternoon I had had lunch earlier at Brasserie Lipp, my favourite restaurant in Geneva.

I left the lounge at the last minute. I was through the official passport control in a short time and the passports were checked again by an airline agent at the gate a few minutes later.

Boarding was by bus.

photo 19

The aircraft on this flight was an A220-300, formerly known as CS-300. The registration number of this particular aircraft is HB-JCF and first flew in 2017. Only a select few airlines fly the A220 such as Air Baltic, Korean or Delta. My opinion is that it's a great aircraft for short-haul, low-volume flights.

photo 20

I was impressed: beautiful cabin, nice seats, everything in a very good condition. The airlines that offer proper business class seats for their intra-European flights (Aeroflot, Icelandair, Turkish Airlines) set aside this is possibly the nicest intra-european business class cabin. Economy seats with middle seats blocked, yes, but the seats are nice and comfortable with good legroom.

photo 21photo 22

The overhead screens are the size and the form of a bigger smartphone.

photo 23

Legroom was also very good.

photo 24-uj

Configuration is 2-3 in business class with a total of 3 rows on this flight. If you are seated on the left side you'll have two seats to yourself; if you sit on the right side there can be a maximum of two passengers for three seats. There were a total of only 5 pax in business. I selected seat 3A.

photo 25

Water and packed refreshing towels were offered after boarding was completed. 

photo 26

An expected flight time of one hour and 20 minutes was announced for a scheduled flight time of one hour and 40 minutes. We departed from our parking position at 17.50, exactly on time. I could see quite a few private jets during taxi.

photo 27

Take-off was at 18.00 from runway 04. Climbing was quick, clearly different from an A320.

Nice views over Lake Geneva

photo 28

Swiss does not offer a special business class menu on its short-haul flights but business class passengers can choose whatever they like from the buy-on-board economy menu called Swiss Saveurs.

Service started shortly after departure.

photo 46

The table was nicely set

photo 47

I ordered a planchette apéritif (Appetizer platter) which included a very stylish wooden platter designed to be kept by the passengers.

photo 48

This is how it looked inside. It was very good.

photo 49

I had some San Pellegrion Arancia to drink

photo 50

And a lemon tartlet as a dessert.

photo 51photo 52

Service was excellent if a bit formal throughout the flight.

The Swiss fleet from the in-flight magazine.

photo 53photo 54

Approaching London

photo 55

It looks like a place for kayak competitions.

photo 56

Some views as we were approaching Heathrow.

photo 57-uj


photo 58-ujphoto 59

We landed at 18.20 for a scheduled arrival time of 18.30.

Two of the most beautiful aircrafts ever built:

photo 60

We arrived to Heathrow Terminal 2 where I had an easy connection to my Icelandair flight.

photo 61photo 62-uj
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Cabin crew9.0

SWISS Lounge - Business


Geneva - GVA


London - LHR



The upgrade offer by Swiss was exceptionally good value. Geneva airport is extremely easy to access but it is and looks old. The Swiss Business Lounge is nothing extravagant but does the job. The most important is however the flight itself: I found the A220 cabin to be beautiful, my seat was very comfortable, I liked Swiss' business class service, the food was very good and there were some very nice views after take-off and before landing. This flight was altogether a very enjoyable experience at a very good price.

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  • Comment 499511 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 649 Comments
    I must have missed something I bet, but since when did SWISS introduce a BoB service?.....
    • Comment 499547 by
      bldavid GOLD AUTHOR 311 Comments
      Yes, Swiss offers a BoB service on its intra-European flights in economy class.
      • Comment 499609 by
        ThomasDutch SILVER 649 Comments
        Just did some research as two years ago they still gave me a solid product, but it seems that all European flights from and to GVA are BoB.

        But I can't say I am fan of giving their J pax a choice of the BoB. It kinda ruins the experience in my opinion. Thanks for sharing though! Still have to try the A220
  • Comment 499793 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    Hi David, wow the SWISS A220 is very popular this week! You have good luck with cheap upgrade offers! 58 CHF is definitely a good deal. The lounge seems nice with good food selection. Onboard the cabin is very nice and modern. The legroom in the J rows is quite good--better than many other European carriers, especially BA and LH with only 30" pitch in J.

    Hmmm....offering a choice of Buy-on-board in J seems very LCC. I am disappointed to see SWISS doing this, given their premium reputation. I would not have been happy to have that "meal" had I paid 260 CHF+ for the one-way.

    Thanks for sharing!

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