Review of Icelandair flight Munich Reykjavík in Business

Airline Icelandair
Flight FI533
Class Business
Seat 4F
Aircraft Boeing 757-200
Flight time 03:55
Take-off 27 Apr 19, 14:05
Arrival at 27 Apr 19, 16:00
FI   #30 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 71 reviews
By GOLD 1980
Published on 28th April 2019


Check In at a dedicated Saga Class counter at Munich Terminal 1 A was very fast & friendly. I decided not to use any Lounge today as Icelandair uses 'Airport Lounge Europa' which is located at Module D at the completely other end of the Terminal building with a different security check than Module A where the flight departs from. So an arrangement that makes absolutely no sense for customers. 
Boarding started perfectly on time and a bus brought me to the apron where a splendid looking Icelandair Boeing 757-200 named 'Laki' was waiting for us. 

photo img_6984photo img_6988photo img_6989

A friendly cabin crew member welcomed me at boarding door 2L and I headed left into the nice Saga Class cabin which consisted of 6 rows and only a total of 7 passengers today. The seats are very comfortable for medium haul flights and are the kind of seats that you would also find in USA Domestic First Class cabins. A really big difference to the Business Class products offered by almost all other European Airlines that normally use the same seats as Economy Class.

photo img_6990photo img_6991


photo img_6992

Once seated in my comfy leather seat I was greeted by the friendly Purser and offered a bottle of water & active noise cancelling headsets.

photo img_6994photo img_6995

The seat pitch is very nice and very good for the medium haul flights between Europe & Iceland. However I think the product is not the best for the longer flights between Iceland & North America and does not offer any legrests or huge recline for sleeping on overnight trips etc.

photo img_6996photo img_6997

Comfortable pillows were already waiting on each seat during boarding. They featured some nice Icelandic phrases as did the headrest covers.

photo img_6999photo img_7001

Next to us a big sister Boeing 757-300 of German leisure airline Condor was waiting that would soon depart to Spain.

photo img_6998

Boarding was completed once a very modern truck brought a final wheelchair passenger.

photo img_7002

A flight time of 3 hours 30 minutes was announced and pushback started while a nice safety video was played featuring Icelandic nature scenery. We powered into cloudy skies and made our way to cruising altitude.

photo img_7004photo img_7006photo img_7007

Curtain to Economy Class was soon closed and the Saga Class cabin felt perfectly private and calm.

photo img_7026photo img_7008

This was probably the oldest overhead panel I had seen during the last 10 years.

photo img_7009

Nice sun light hit the cabin and I had a whole row for myself.

photo img_7012

I started to activate the on demand entertainment screen when the friendly Purser came around distributing menus.

photo img_7003


photo img_7061


photo img_7062

Very amazing was the huge and special Gin list.

photo img_7060

Soon the cabin crew asked me for an aperitif and I decided for an Old Islandia Gin Tonic that was served soon directly from the galley. During the whole trip never was a trolley used in Saga Class which is very nice.

photo img_7011

Next orders for the main dish were taken and I decided for the duck. Also I was asked for additional drink whishes with my meal.
The whole service was very friendly and totally unrushed. I liked that a lot as many airline crews tend to finish the service as quick as possible even if there is no need for it due to long flight times.
Next nice hot towels were offered. 

photo img_7014

Ca. 50 minutes after take off lunch trays were handed out that featured a nicely presented meal. I had ordered an Icelandic Gull beer with it. The whole meal tasted very good and the bread was served warm. The duck main dish was amazing - this was one of the best ducks I ever had both on ground & in the air. The mango desert also tasted nice. Only I missed a starter - come on Icelandair: it does not cost to much to also spend Saga Class passengers a proper starter on such a long medium haul flight!

photo img_7017

I especially liked the very nice and modern design of the cutlery.

photo img_7018

The Purser passed the cabin very regularly ensuring drink refills etc. Once I finished my meal I ordered a cup of tea.

photo img_7019

We were already over the Atlantic Ocean when I ordered some Baileys to finish the lunch service.

photo img_7020photo img_7021

As the cabin crew passed so often asking for more drink wishes etc. I never had an empty glass and orered some Ginger Ale which was served with some nice pretzels.

photo img_7027photo img_7028

The flight passed by so nice & smoothely - I watched a movie and enjoyed the views out of those old fashioned square 757 windows.

photo img_7029

Soon we reached Iceland and had some magnificent views of the glacier area.

photo img_7031photo img_7034

Approach started soon and we touched down perfectly on time at Keflavik Airport.

photo img_7036photo img_7038

Welcome to the home of Icelandair where the afternoon passenger exchange wave across the Atlantic was in full swing. I also made a picture of a very nice looking Icelandair Boeing 767 - I also hope to fly with one of those some day in the future.

photo img_7039

Thanks for reading,

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Cabin crew9.5

Munich - MUC


Reykjavík - KEF



A perfect medium haul flight! The cabin was very comfortable and so quiet. In addition the freindly crew provided a very professional service with endless drink refills and a nicely presented lunch with an excellent tasting main course.



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  • Comment 500122 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Great Report as always FlyAlex! Beautiful pics!

    So an arrangement that makes absolutely no sense for customers.

    Wow, yeah that is super inconvenient. Are there not any lounges in the same concourse that Icelandair could use? Seems crazy to make passengers who want to use a lounge go through security twice!

    As always, FI offers a wonderful J product for intra-European flights, though it is mediocre on TATL flights between KEF and North America. Nice that you had an empty cabin and a good crew who kept drinks full!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 500326 by
      FlyAlex GOLD AUTHOR 80 Comments

      Unfortunately Module A does not have any lounge. Currently Airlines are moving around a lot at Terminal 1. Icelandair left Module D ca. 1 year ago. No idea why they did this as there is no lounge they can offer to their customers now. But apart from that it was really a great intra European flight!

  • Comment 500144 by
    757Fan 618 Comments

    Looks like a nice flight with Icelandair in Saga Class. I wouldn't mind flying them for a short flight like this, but I'd prefer a different airline between MSP-KEF as the food looks a bit lacking for Business Class on a 6+ hour flight. Thank you for sharing!

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