Review of Air France flight Paris Toulouse in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF7528
Class Economy
Seat 11F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 04 Apr 19, 12:45
Arrival at 04 Apr 19, 14:05
AF   #24 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5539 reviews
By GOLD 904
Published on 16th July 2019

This is a translation of a French Flight Report published earlier in the year, I wanted to translate this report because it was my first experience in an Air France lounge at Paris.
You can read the French version by clicking here.

Dear readers,

This is the long-awaited following and end of my trip to Toulouse, after a short stay in Amsterdam. I decided to travel from Amsterdam to Paris by bus because it was the best option for a last minute booking. Also I preferred to enjoy Air France lounge in Paris instead of taking a direct flight from Amsterdam absolutely expansive.

I chose to take a flight just after the lunch operated by Air France on an Airbus A321. As a reminder, the routing is the following:


Leaving Amsterdam & Ouibus Report

I leave the centre-town of Amsterdam at around 10 PM, I am going to Amsterdam Sloterdjik which is a bus terminal in Amsterdam. I decide to take the train to go to Amsterdam Sloterdjik. Then, I will take my bus to Paris Roissy-CDG airport.

photo 20190403_220848

I am waiting on the platform for the train going to Amsterdam Sloterdjik.

photo 20190403_221720

This is today Airbus… Actually, it is a Ouibus bus !

photo 20190403_223851

Finally, we leave Amsterdam with a delay of 30 minutes.

photo 20190404_001428

The bus driver was nice but he was alone, he was obliged to board every passengers one by one and the bus was complete this night. That's why we leaved Amsterdam delayed by 15 minutes.

It was complicated to sleep during the travel even if the seats could recline a lot. The seat was not comfortable as expected for a bus.

Then, I arrived at Paris-Centre Bercy Seine bus station delayed by 10 minutes. Actually the second bus was also delayed, I did not miss the connection to the airport.

Finally, the second bus going to Paris-Roissy CDG airport arrived from Kehl (a city close to Strasbourg) and carried me and some other passengers, we were about 3 or 4 passenger.

These seats are more comfortable, I would have liked to have it on the previous bus.

photo 20190404_065418

I arrive at the Paris Roissy-CDG airport bus station and I am going to take the CDGVal in order to join the 2F terminal.

photo 20190404_072832

I take the CDGVal, in the direction of the 2F terminal.

photo 20190404_073307

Paris Roissy-CDG airport : 2F Terminal

I arrive at the 2F terminal, it is the kingdom of Air France !

photo 20190404_074027

I use a check-in machine inside the 2F terminal. I am sorry, it is blurred !

photo 20190404_074238

The machine try to sell to me a "Siège Plus" option, which means "Plus Seat", for 9€ but I can't remind if the window is the same on the emergency exit. And I also prefer to save some money for the lounge.

I pick my boarding pass and my bag tag up from the machine. The boarding pass was printed on a normal paper, I do not appreciate that, I prefer to have a classic boarding pass printed on a stiff paper.

I arrive at the terminal drop off zone number 3.

photo 20190404_075600

I am redirected to the zone number 5 which is a self service drop off.

photo 20190404_080335

I drop off my checked luggage, the weight was at the limit of the luggage allowance. It weights 23.9 kg but there is not any problem.

Then I try to go through security checks but an airport agent come and she says: "Follow my colleague for a quicker way". I follow her colleague and he brings us to the Accès n°1 security controls !

We are mixed with the Sky Priority passengers.

photo 20190404_081643

Now, I am going to Air France 2F F2 lounge where I was supposed to meet Okapi, a French member of our community. But he had a last minute contretemps and he can not travel today.

photo 20190404_083319-23406

I arrive at the Air France 2F F2 lounge at 8:30. I try to access to the lounge without my dear Okapi but it is not possible to access to the loung without him. And I can't access by paying the option because it is full and the business passengers get the priority. Cerberus invite me to come later.

I go back up to boarding floo near the F51 gate, I will spot some planes during my waiting.

After one hour of waiting, I try a second time but the access is refused twice by Cerberus, even if the lounge is not complete at this time. Cerberus said to me that I should come 2 hours before my departure and not earlier.

Air France lounge : 2F terminal (F2)

Finally, the third try is the good one, I success to enter inside the lounge. I paid 35€ for the access, to my mind it is a good price for this lounge. Nevertheless, I am disappointed with the difficulty of the access.

I check-in in the queue for the showers, I need to enter my name and my phone number. The tablet informs me that I am the next on the queue and I will receive a text message in the next 5 minutes.

photo 20190404_101721

I take a coffe and a little cake while awaiting for the shower's key.

photo 20190404_102056

I receive a text message inviting me to claim the key number 3 at the reception, and I am going to the shower.

photo 20190404_102421

I enter in the bathroom, it is a little bit old but it is practical. Taking a shower in an airport is amazing, it is comfortable especially after a night in a bus.

photo 20190404_102534

The shower

photo 20190404_102545

The towels kit supplied by the lounge.

photo 20190404_102706-16086

The lounge also supply different products with the shower. There is a toothbrush, some toothpaste, a comb, a refreshing wet towel, a shaving kit and a bonnet.

I brush my tooth and I try to shave but it was not efficient at all.

photo 20190404_103645

Before starting my lunch. I take an aperitif and some salty snacks. The beverage choice is really limited, for the beers there are only Heineken beers.

photo 20190404_105552

I start my lunch with this first selection. I chose to try a lot of different things: a quinoa salad, few cooked shrimps, some lettuce, and some Parme ham. I also try gazpacho, and it was good as expected.

The tray and the tableware are branded by Air France.

photo 20190404_110914

Then, after staying for 2 months in Morocco, I can't end my lunch without cheese! So, I select 2 pieces and some bread without gluten. The cheeses were correct but not impressive at all. And the bread was not good.

photo 20190404_114352

As a dessert, I take a piece of chocolate cake with a raspberry coulis.

photo 20190404_115444

The meal was good, and the food offer in the lounge was good. I notice the experience of Air France in the preparation of the food, it was tasty and well-cooked. The only thing I miss is the fact that the choice of beverages was reduced.

Before leaving the lounge #jefaismescoursesausalon, and I take somethings away.


I go to the gate F51 where our boarding should have started but the boarding is delayed by a few minutes. A delayed Joon flight going to Berlin is boarding on the same gate, we need to wait the end of this boarding.

photo 20190404_121743

Our boarding is also delayed because a passenger had a dizzy spell and we are waiting for the firefighters (in France we usually call the firefighters for a medical intervention and especially in an airport

photo 20190404_121314-81589

An Air France agent invite the Economy class passengers to join the line on the left in order to board just after the Sky Priority passengers. Even if this flight is a 100% economy class flight.

photo 20190404_121727-34762

The Joon flight going to Berlin is ready for taxiing.

photo 20190404_122106-46185

Our boarding starts at around 12:20, a few minutes later than expected.

Then, it is my turn to board by the gangway, and I note that the firefighters parked there vehicle below at the gate.

photo 20190404_122452

Here, our Airbus A321 which will carry us to Toulouse.

photo 20190404_122528

View on the cockpit and an armoured van Brinks

photo 20190404_122556

Fuselage shot from the gangway

photo 20190404_122622

Then, I enter in the cabin, there is not any welcoming and boarding pass control.

There are some candies (branded by Hop!) and refreshing we towels in self-service at the gate.

Entrance in the cabin

photo 20190404_122727-39297

Even if the flight is not complete and I am not the last passenger to board, there is not many space in the baggage trunks. Fortunately, a cabin crew helps me to find some space in another trunk.

I enjoy the view from my window, there is an Airbus A318 operated by Air France.

photo 20190404_123734

An Air France's Airbus A320 with the Sky Team livery, registered as F-HEPI which join us at the gate F51. It will carry some passengers to Prague.

photo 20190404_125206

While the boarding is ending.

photo 20190404_124446

The gangway is removed and we are pushed back while the cabin crew do the safety demonstrations.

We start our taxiing, and I notice some big drifts at the back. Actually, if the drifts are higher than the hall, it must be the Air France's Airbus A380 !

photo 20190404_125807

We are continuing our taxiing and we meet an Airbus A340 from Joon.

photo 20190404_125856

Yeah! There are 3 Airbus A380 out of the 10 operated by Air France.

We arrive in third position at the runway's entrance.

photo 20190404_130123

An Airbus A318, so called babybus, from Air France and registered as F-GUGL rush forward on the runway. It is going to Firenze in Italy.

photo 20190404_130403

After that, we overtake this Airbus A318 registered as F-GUGP, going to Geneva. We are followed by a Fokker 100 operated by Aero4M (I am not sure) and a Boeing 737 from Turkish Airline and another aircraft.

photo 20190404_130503

We are aligning on the runway and we are ready to take-off.

photo 20190404_130559

We run forward on the runway for taking-off.

I notice something far away.

photo 20190404_130734

I try to make an air to air with an aircraft which just took-off on another runway.

photo 20190404_130744photo 20190404_130847


I open the on-board magazine and I find this section about the temporary exhibition I saw at Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

photo 20190404_132138photo 20190404_132930

The service starts a few minutes after take-off, as usual I choose a tomato juice. A snack choice is also offered, but I am a little bit disappointed with this choice. Actually, you can choose a salty snack or a sweetie one and the selection is exactly the same as in the lounge.

A pilot makes an announcement: we are currently starting our descent to Toulouse-Blagnac airport but we need to slow down for the traffic regulation.

The spoilers are deployed.

Zénith of Toulouse

photo 20190404_140458

We are getting closer to Toulouse-Blagnac airport.

photo 20190404_140535

Another Airbus A321, also operated by Air France and registered as F-GMZD, is aligned on the runway 32R. We are going to land on the runway 32L, so called Concorde runway.

photo 20190404_140542

During the taxiing we meet some Beluga and Beluga XL (Airbus) and also an Airbus A400M.

photo 20190404_140604photo 20190404_140829photo 20190404_140911

Final corner

photo 20190404_140944

We arrive at the gate close to a colleague, it is an Airbus A319 coming from CDG too, but I did not chose this flight because I wanted to enjoy the lounge.

At the background, there is an Embraer 170 operated by Hop! (now Air France Hop!) coming from Lille.

photo 20190404_140957

After the complete stop of the aircraft and the gangway deployment, passengers get out but I am not in a hurry.

photo 20190404_141328

Toulouse-Blagnac airport

Fuselage shot

photo 20190404_141505

I leave the aircraft by the gangway and I meet this unpainted aircraft, it looks like strange. At the background, we can see an Embraer 190/5 from KLM and a Boieng 737-800 from Ryanair.

photo 20190404_141510

I look at the information system for the baggage delivery, and it is the same information I received on my smartphone from Air France. So, the baggages will be delivered at the belt number 3.

photo 20190404_141803

A few minutes later, some college students from Lourdes join us at the belt with an disrespectful attitude. They jostle everybody even if their luggages are not on the belt!!

photo 20190404_142452-41613

Finally, I pick up my checked luggage from the belt and as usual my luggage is more damaged than when I drop it off at Paris. I do not understand how Air France success to damage so much the luggages. A lot of airways company do better on this point.

When I go back to my home, I meet this Airbus A380 over the Zénith.

photo 20190404_151113

This is the end of this Flight Report, I hope you enjoyed it. You can give me a like and leave a comment in the section below if you want.

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Air France

Cabin crew7.5

Air France Lounge - 2F, F2


Paris - CDG


Toulouse - TLS



Paris Roissy-CDG have good transport links, there is a lot of different ways to go to the airport (trains, bus, taxi) but we should take in consideration that the fare of the transport to the airport are expansive. It is so long to pass through security controls even if with the Sky Priority I tested this day, but it is not disastrous. About the services, there are a lot of passengers and not so many seats, we feel piled up, boarding passes are printed on a cheap paper, the press offer was absent. The airport was clean, however the windows were dirty, that's why the pictures taken through the windows looks like old.

The Air France lounge at 2F terminal (2F, F2) is one of the best I ever visited at this time. In term of comfort, taking a shower before a domestic flight is a huge comfort. The food offer is limited but the offered food is good and the cooking is good. The press offer is good too, we can find French press and international press. To my mind, it missed a secured Wi-Fi with a good download speed and some sockets for the passengers who wants to charge up their devices before a flight.

The cabin is good even if the legroom have been reduced. The seats are suitable for an 1 hour domestic flight and I like the cabin colours. The cabin crew was good but the purser was absent minded and made a lost of mistakes during the flight announces between the different brands of Air France (Hop!, Navette, and Air France) and it was just an Air France flight. And I did not hear the special safety instructions for the emergency exit row passengers. I enjoy the choice of Air France to serve a light meal onboard even if the choice was common on this day.

Toulouse-Blagnac airport was good as expected. The gangway was operated quickly after the arrival and luggage delivery started practically immediately after leaving the aircraft. I leaved the airport thanks to the tramway.

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