Review of SWISS flight Copenhagen Zurich in Economy

Airline SWISS
Flight LX1271
Class Economy
Seat 36B
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 04 May 19, 14:50
Arrival at 04 May 19, 16:35
LX   #31 out of 134 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 708 reviews
Published on 8th May 2019

Flight routing

This weekend was pretty hectic for me with 4 flights in 48 hours. 
I simply decided to report only the flights from Copenhagen to Geneva for the reason that the return flight might sound unpleasing. 
However, in two weeks I am going to do the same routing. Therefor, I was thinking to report the return way.  


  • Copenhagen to Zürich - Swiss Air - 4/5/2019 You are here
  • Zürich to Geneva - Swiss Air - 4/5/2019 Coming soon
  • Geneva to Zürich - Swiss Air - 6/5/2019 Not available
  • Zürich to Copenhagen - Swiss Air - 6/5/2019 Not available

My routine started by a flight from Copenhagen to Zürich with Swiss Air with an Airbus A320.

Our trajectory.

photo cph-zrh

Copengahen Airport

I am now used to Copenhagen airport and I am still amazed by how easy this airport is accessible. 
I was arriving from Sweden by train and the train station of the airport is located just underneath the Terminal 3. In less than a minute you are in the airport. Super practical for Danish and South Swedish people.  

Time to go upstairs in the Terminal 3 of the airport.

photo 59462993_427419184759967_6706918580362936320_n

The Terminal 3 of Copenhagen airport is for me the best terminal of this airport. The Terminal 3, is the main terminal for SAS airline. 
You can see the "famous" statue of Copenhagen airport upstairs in the Terminal 3 watching all the passengers.

Swiss Air check-in and boarding desk were in the Terminal 2. 
So I was heading to this terminal, less bright and pleasant check-in area compare to Terminal 3. 

photo 60080914_866260580386430_2805194452715438080_n

But I was impressed to find an aquarium in the airport.

photo 59360601_2348434121844466_6361638819338387456_nphoto 59631537_349660055683851_4672851699956711424_n

The terminal and check-in desks were busy at this time of the day. I decided to go to the self-register desks to print my boarding passes.

photo 59681049_770274793366732_6403131948629229568_n

Then, I was going upstairs for the security control.

After all the security controls, I arrived in the duty free area of the airport. One of my favourite, with many different café, boutiques, restaurants, and so on. Moreover, it is modern and clean.

My boarding gate was in the A section (A14)

photo 59469708_751662108564432_3507697729058897920_n

During my walk toward my gates I spotted some SAS aircrafts. 3 ATR-72, 1 Airbus A320 with a retro livery and one EuroAtlantic. This airport is spotter-friendly 

photo 59243947_2387156484837151_6919414007182917632_n

Boeing from Jettime

photo 59588183_2608118015884775_489379311124480000_n

Apparently Copenhagen airport as some development plans with new gates. (look carefully the new extensions are transparents)

photo 59415098_651222411968429_4949868272980852736_n

Waiting for my plane. 

photo 59840470_2375262495869067_3288126618496663552_n

Checking if the previous flight from Zürich was on-time. It arrived with 8 minutes delays.

photo 59449967_2205934162807976_7192978543192571904_n

Meanwhile I was spotting

photo 59770057_2226724710923982_8063822573076480000_nphoto 59636069_345169816139223_4249089945697779712_n

Aircraft approaching. Machines and ground staffs ready.

photo 59441985_2150155141962203_8903713890349613056_n

And then our Airbus A320 arrived

photo 59564009_613109959206459_679123016277295104_n

I was seating at the perfect place to spot the aircraft.

EuroAtlantic. First time I saw this airline

photo 59639376_340045146701915_729216388081647616_n

Afterwards, I headed to the boarding area of the A14 gate 

photo 59488195_807711356251180_9157294488991825920_n-80212

Boarding. First the Business passengers and then passengers seating at the back of the aircraft.

photo 59651385_2729300197143286_5864143085176356864_nphoto 59741847_638197286654229_6878684926804230144_n

I was seat 36B.. so unfortunately no good window pictures during this flights.. I tried to change my seat the day before the flight, but the flight was full so no other option this time. 


photo 59750997_436607577141218_8057854329471631360_n

And then my seat… I was more than disappointed about the leg-room in the back rows of the aircraft… I am not a tall guy (1m80 - standard high I would say) and I had barely place for my legs… Even on my flight with Ryanair (link below to compare), I had more leg-room.. So it was a big disappointment. You can imagine that the flight was very long since it was uncomfortable.

photo 59439571_2389132991149866_4978483445345812480_nphoto 59988588_296437477969516_751044352477757440_n

Afterwards, the captain announced that we were going to be even more delayed because of the wind and turbulence over Zürich airport. We left the gate with 35 minutes delays. 
While we were ready to leave on-time, the flight attendants served their traditional SWISS chocolat. Very good.

photo 59984802_384692848794466_8612941258630889472_nphoto 57467972_334659920567083_125908151693213696_n

Heading to the runway.

photo 59295470_2326345434250646_8180052600083709952_n-58416

Take-off from Copenhagen.

photo 59539152_2231600533836343_97450243850764288_n

Very cloudy flight.

photo 59538310_2238905002867045_2117324520791474176_n

In-flight entertainment: the flight magazine and the inflight Duty-free, the little TV to follow our trajectory and time to destination (I really like it). Plus at the end of the flight they announce with a plan of the airport, the gate of the aircraft and all the gates of the other connections. It helps to gain time for the short connections.

photo 59467220_592024241295992_6517662757725143040_nphoto 59466072_1021280918083217_730083550568644608_n

In-flight service. In addition of the chocolat at the beginning, we had a typical Swiss pastry with a beverage.

photo 59937024_597825210693285_5236660913125195776_n-42091photo 59442378_427863107772867_3632862585121931264_n

Then we started our descent towards Zürich. It was a bouncy approach. 


photo 59404425_343725989833414_1843159286360834048_n

Connection zürich airport

After this first flight, I had a connection towards Geneva. 

I will publish the report between Zürich to Geneva just after this one. 

Rainy Zürich.

photo 59350714_1279397505552308_4768820880170024960_n

Our Airbus.

photo 59647379_2372218472840040_7171735712255967232_n

Time to wait for the next flight.

photo 59397429_424308195035641_2833945328867082240_n

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Cabin crew7.0

Copenhagen - CPH


Zurich - ZRH



Copenhagen airport is as always a very convenient airport.
The flight was not as good as I was hoping. The leg room was tight and uncomfortable. Even on Ryanair I had a better leg room. One advice concerning the seats on Swiss Air, take a seat in the first rows of the aircraft. You will see in my next report from Zürich to Geneva that the leg room is way better at the front.

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    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 4998 Comments

    Hi Flight_rzs thanks for this report. Nice aquarium at CPH! I have 2 at home so I always like seeing don't see them often in airports. CPH is generally a pretty pleasant airport in my experience. Wow, I'm surprised that the legroom is so tight and thank you for specifying that you are 1m80...that shows it's really tight as you are not super tall (though above average...though probably not for a Dane, haha).

    The good part is the free pastry and swiss chocolate. Yeah, a seat up front is a better bet for legroom being that those seats can be part of the Business class cabin...though more and more carriers in Europe are putting the same amount on legroom in the front seats as the rear seats (like LH and BA which both only have 30" pitch in the business class rows, ugh).

    Thanks for sharing!

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