Review of ANA flight Tokushima Tokyo in Business

Airline ANA
Flight NH286
Class Business
Seat 1K
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 00:52
Take-off 14 Jan 19, 18:56
Arrival at 14 Jan 19, 19:48
NH   #13 out of 113 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 202 reviews
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Published on 11th May 2019

Sorry for another belated review! This review covers the return leg of my short getaway to Shikoku Island of Japan, by ANA domestic premium class. This was a very short flight which the flying time was only about 52 min, but ANA still provided a delicate in-flight meal and this was the very first time i tried fugu (Japanese pufferfish)!


access to tokushima airport

Tokushima Airport is easily accessible from JR Tokushima Station by bus. The fare is 440 yen (US $4). The airport is basically a domestic-only airport mainly serves flights to Tokyo and Fukuoka. However recently Cathay Dragon is operating a seasonal flight from Hong Kong to Tokushima, which is the only international route using Tokushima Airport.

After a day of walk and discovery in the Tokushima City (a quiet and beautiful city, I'll cover more in the tourism bonus), I jumped onto the airport bus from JR Tokushima Station at about 5.10 pm.

This is the airport bus to Tokushima Airport. 

photo dsc00696

The bus journey is about 30 min

photo dsc00697

This is probably the best moment of a day

photo dsc00702photo dsc00708

Arriving Tokushima Awaodori Airport at 5.40 pm. Awaodori (or Awa Dance) is a kind of folk dance that well-known in Shikoku Area. For more, extended reading is here

tokushima awaodori airport

photo dsc00713

Tokushima Airport Terminal is small and compact. Once you stepped into the terminal are JAL and ANA counters. Convenient stores, souvenir shops are restaurants are also there. 

photo dsc00714photo dsc00715

A corner in the terminal is reserved for handling Cathay Dragon flight to Hong Kong. Basically this airport has no immigration facilities so everything was set up on a temporary basis.

photo dsc00716photo dsc00717

A lovely observation deck is located on the 2/F

photo dsc00721photo dsc00725

You can see this is not a busy airport. Usually there is no aircraft in sight.

photo dsc00724photo dsc00726

airport lounge vortis

Although this is a small airport, there is a simple paid lounge for a cup of drink and charging your devices. Lounge access is available for most credit cards (gold card or above) that issued in Japan. If you want to get in but you don't have any card issued in Japan, you can still get in by paying 1,000 yen (US$9.1) for two hours, though I don't think it worth.

photo dsc00730photo dsc00733

Non-alcoholic drink, including soft drinks, tea, coffee, chocolate are complimentary. You have to pay if you really need some alcohol, 200~300 yen for a can of beer.

photo dsc00736

They are all complimentary, just press the button and they will be poured into a paper cup.

photo dsc00738

Newspaper and magazines, all in Japanese though

photo dsc00740


In Japan, domestic flight number is marked by the 3-letter ICAO code, such as ANA / JAL rather than NH / JL

photo dsc00750

Waiting area

photo dsc00749

The shop next to the waiting area was selling 'Sweet Potato Sable', which is used for the snack of JAL domestic first class. Who say you can't have the snack of JAL domestic first before an ANA domestic premium class flight?

photo dsc00756photo dsc00760

The aircraft , B737-800 (JA59AN) was just arrived from Haneda. B737-800s are heavily used on Japan domestic flights.

photo dsc00754

The seat was the old product without electric recliner. Premium class was full and all seats were occupied, so I had to be the first to board in order to take as many photos as I could.

photo dsc00761photo dsc00762

Charging ports

photo dsc00771

Recliner buttons (analog of course)

photo dsc00773

Actually the flight was just about 50 min, I didn't have much time to enjoy the recliner, so the climax went to the meal. The flight time was so short, once airborne meal services was started. I was given two boxes, miso soup and drink.

photo dsc00775photo dsc00779

This was a fugu meal (Japanese pufferfish) and this was the first time I try fugu! The meal was under the supervision of a famous fugu restaurant Shunpanro, in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

photo dsc00780photo dsc00781

The meal looks so amazing and lovely. This was exceed what I expected for such a short flight (52 min, and you have to subtract the time for reaching the cruising level and pre-landing check!)

photo dsc00785photo dsc00787photo dsc00786

Everyone had to finish the meal in rush as we're now over the Tokyo Bay.

photo dsc00789

Stepped out from the aircraft at 7.58 pm.

photo dsc00793

That's all for the flight, but please stay with me and scroll down to the tourism bonus, I'd like to introduce Tokushima, a small city on Shikoku Island that is not well-known!

Bonus : Click here display
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Cabin crew9.0

Tokushima - TKS


Tokyo - HND



It was a short but definitely amazing flight. Who would expect such much for a short flight below an hour? The hard product was a bit outdated but that's not an important factor for a short flight. I didn't mention in-flight wifi above, but this flight provided free wifi and the speed was OK. ANA always provides very consistent services on both their domestic and international flights.



  • Comment 502556 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 513 Comments

    That on-board meal looks absolutely delicious and is very generous for a flight of less than a hour. Though Ana surprises me a tad as there is a huge difference between economy and business in terms of catering. If I read through Marathon's report in Y from Tokyo to Hachijojima, they only served him some water and a single candy on a similar lengthy flight. Thanks for sharing and the city itself seems to be peaceful indeed.

    • Comment 502650 by
      toyion AUTHOR 47 Comments

      Hi ThomasDutch

      Thank you for stopping by and your comment!
      Actually you get nothing except a cup of drink for Japan domestic flight......
      The security requirements for Japan domestic flights are not as strict as international flights.
      You are allowed to bring your own food and drink (max allowance 500mL x 2 bottles).
      Plus, there are always shops after the security selling decent bento boxes for around 1,000 yen each.

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