Review of Jetstar Asia Airways flight Jakarta Singapore in Economy

Flight 3K204
Class Economy
Seat 12A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 10 May 19, 15:10
Arrival at 10 May 19, 18:00
3K 49 reviews
Eric V P
By 877
Published on 21st July 2019

Report #69: 3K204 - Yet another shuttle to Singapore

This will be my report on flying on Jetstar Asia Airways economy class from Jakarta CGK to Singapore SIN, a short-haul flight within SE Asia, on board their A320-200. This is also the first review in the East Malaysia aviation tour series.


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Those who know me, know I love classical musics (in fact, during my study in Singapore when it comes to concerts I exclusively watched the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, with concerts usually held twice a month). Therefore, when the orchestra was about to hold a concert on one of the works I liked, I decided to go there and watch the concert even though I was already Jakarta-based. Unlike my friends who would also join me, though, who had earned rock-bottom cheap flights on GA, I needed to fend for myself and look for the last available flight to SIN since I wanted to minimize how long I would work remotely for the day.

This flight costed me Rp576.100 (~US$40) including a throwaway ticket after OTA discount, though I didn't get to earn any miles for this flight.

photo 3k202_20190510_receipt

Trip to CGK and check-in

Around lunchtime I left the office and then into CGK terminal 3.

photo 20190510_131045

This was one of the last days for 3K to operate out of the terminal 3, before they would move to terminal 2F only 3 days later.

photo 20190510_131201

I then went in where there was a security check before I could go into the check-in area.

photo 20190510_131218

Check-in took around 5 minutes. I initially asked to get to sit somewhere closer to the front so I could  deplane earlier, but instead the check-in agent offered me an emergency exit row seat, which I agreed to.

photo 20190510_131347

The boarding pass of the day, which was quite decent.

photo 20190510_133847

It's Friday afternoon in Jakarta, which meant a lot of people going for their weekend getaways.

photo 20190510_131904

From there I proceeded through security and immigration, which took me 5 minutes in total thanks to the working automated immigration gates (more on that on the last series of the review).

photo 20190510_132014

CGK transit area and departure

Since I didn't have access to GA's lounge this time I went straight to the gates.

photo 20190510_132540

FIDS of the afternoon.

photo 20190510_132635

I went through the shops before proceeding to the moving walkway.

photo 20190510_132703

There was a lounge I could use by using reward points from my family's cable operator, although in the end I skipped that since it took forever to use their app to redeem points for the lounge access.

photo 20190510_132848

In the end, I settled with the open working space nearby, which did the trick for me to catch up on some works.

photo 20190510_133450

After quite a few minutes of ride on the moving walkway, I walked further into the international extension building.

photo 20190510_143651

Once known as the terminal 3 on its own, this building now become a part of terminal 3 proper and even extended to include aerobridges to the west.

photo 20190510_144334

Boarding had just started when I arrived at the gate.

photo 20190510_143945

I decided to board later, but still the queue took a while to clear even with 3 gate agents.

photo 20190510_144423

The sloped walkway for this gate used the one inherited from its golden days.

photo 20190510_144656

The plane for the day was 9V-JSJ, a 8 1/2 years old 320.

photo 20190510_144709

On board

Flight: 3K204
Plane: 9V-JSJ
STD/ATD: 15:10/15:06
STA/ATA: 18:00/17:50
Load factor: ~89% Y (~160/180)
Seat type: Standard economy class (emergency exit row window seat)

I was welcomed onboard and then proceeded towards the single-class cabin.

photo 20190510_145022

My seat for the day was at 12A, a non-reclinable emergency exit row seat. Strangely enough, the seat didn't feature any head padding on the top of the backrest, though that ended up working well for me since otherwise my shoulder would touch them.

photo 20190510_175319

Legroom was pretty good.

photo 20190510_145215

The seatback featured a working table (which like at the rest of the plane was not adjustable) and a seat pocket.

photo 20190510_145225

The contents in the seat pocket was actually quite extensive.

photo 20190510_145718photo 20190510_145743

The view from my window consisted of ULDs as they tend to be parked at the corners of the terminal.

photo 20190510_145945

Safety demonstration was being done as we pushed back.

photo 20190510_150403

MH's 333 could be seen in the meanwhile.

photo 20190510_150715

We then left terminal 3 and its now finished northwest extension.

photo 20190510_151416

With all non-LCC international carriers moved to terminal 3, terminal 2D/E are now used to house a couple of domestic carriers.

photo 20190510_151557

What was once a part of history was no longer - JT had retired their last 744 and XT had ceased scheduled operations (though QZ still does).

photo 20190510_151732

We took off from runway 07L after waiting for a while.

photo 20190510_152339

My last view of Java island for the weekend.

photo 20190510_152505

Buy-on-board sales run then commenced, which I didn't partake on.

photo 20190510_153809

Naturally no free meal was served, just a free immigration form.

photo 20190510_153209

It was only when I started writing that I realized the table was unusable.

photo 20190510_153932

With such a bad table I couldn't do any work done (except if filling the immigration form was considered work), so I went to check the lavatory, which was fortunately clean.

photo 20190510_161823

The cabin as seen from behind.

photo 20190510_162105

After some time dozing off, we descended towards the Riau Islands province.

photo 20190510_162924

As we approached SIN, the fasten seatbelt sign was switched on and the flight attendants made a final check before returning to their seats.

photo 20190510_163237

Our southbound approach had us passing through Johor's greeneries.

photo 20190510_164308

Landing was uneventful and we would soon begin our taxi to the terminal.

photo 20190510_164640

Our parking stand was the closest one to the center of the terminal.

photo 20190510_175026

Like others, I also quickly took my bag and queued to deplane.

photo 20190510_175141

After the farewell I made my way through the familiar corridor - though one I haven't seen in a while.

photo 20190510_175720

Arrival at SIN and post-arrival trip

After I reached the terminal building I rushed towards the arrival hall.

photo 20190510_175746

The terminal seemed not too crowded, however ….

photo 20190510_175900

The immigration queue was horrendous, and added with me no longer being a long-term visitor meant queuing towards the manned counters instead of breezing through the automated gates.

photo 20190510_175928

In fact, I was only cleared a staggering 20 minutes after I first joined the queue.

photo 20190510_182242

The luggage claim area was refreshed as part of the terminal 1 expansion, which meant that the exit was moved further south.

photo 20190510_182335

I made my way towards the customs and was let through.

photo 20190510_182406

There were now dedicated areas for waiting greeters, in addition to new retail areas.

photo 20190510_182440

What I especially hated from the terminal expansion was the pick-up/drop-off points - one could be picked up from either the basement pick-up area or another one right adjacent to the departures floor. In fact, I had one Grab ride cancelled and another almost cancelled if it were not for me frantically trying to find the pick-up point for my ride.

photo 20190510_182446

The most hyped fountain in the country looked rather underwhelming from below due to the additional cover, though it should look better from higher floors.

photo 20190510_182646

I went to downtown by car, which took me around 30 minutes.

photo 20190510_183520
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Jetstar Asia Airways

Cabin crew5.0
Buy-on-board menu2.0

Jakarta - CGK


Singapore - SIN



As far as a "shuttle" flight go, this was a fuss-free alternative to choose, though not something I'd pick as my first choice. In terms of the airport, CGK was nothing out of ordinary (think of huge buildings walking end-to-end could be considered a sport and some basic amenities), while SIN's terminal 1 expansion, while an improvement, didn't live up to the hype that much and even had terrible immigration queue.

On overall, I'd take this flight again if I'm traveling light and the price was right.

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