Review of Lion Mentari Airlines flight Denpasar Jakarta in Economy

Flight JT31
Class Economy
Seat 43K
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 12 Jun 18, 09:20
Arrival at 12 Jun 18, 10:15
JT 21 reviews
Eric V P
By 2482
Published on 13th June 2018
Report #43: JT31 - Where the queen met two flight reviewers at once

This will be my report on flying on Lion Air economy/business class from Denpasar DPS to Jakarta CGK, a short-haul flight within Indonesia, on board their Boeing 747-400.

The on board part of the review after take-off was jointly conducted with Ikhwan Hidayat (YouTube: ikhwanhidayat / Instagram: ihikhi), one of Indonesia's most prominent aviation vlogger. His video review can be found here:

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Those who have read my reports know:
- Good things can come and go quickly, and therefore,
- My trips are often planned at a very last minute.

As my friend notified me of JT's 744, the last 744 in Indonesia, mainly flying between CGK and DPS for the exodus season, I decided that I may as well make an extension to the Indonesia aviation trip. I booked the flight 11 1/2 hours before the ETD, which costed me Rp569.200 (US$41). The reason the flight was so cheap was because the plane had carried a full load on her way to DPS (note the exodus season, which meant that ex-CGK flights are often expensive yet the CGK-bound ones crazily cheap at times).
photo jt31 12062018 receipt

To reposition to DPS I opted to fly on a JQ flight earlier in the morning, which I will cover in another installment of the series.

Trip to DPS and check-in

After a very unfortunate delay on my earlier flight to DPS, I went on a very mad rush to DPS domestic terminal, while trying to squeeze in some photos for the review.

After I had cleared customs I proceeded to the walkway towards the domestic terminal.
photo 20180612_083121photo 20180612_083206

From there I traveled through the series of corridors.
photo 20180612_083233photo 20180612_083359photo 20180612_083509

You know you had reached the domestic terminal when you got to see the laid back-looking terminal, but there's still some more walk involved to the check-in area.
photo 20180612_083622photo 20180612_083836

I then proceeded to the initial ticket and security check, a norm on Indonesian airports.
photo 20180612_083901

Afterwards I went to the check-in counter where I got to skip a bit of the queue since one of the staffs had already asked whether there are still CGK-bound passengers on JT31.
photo 20180612_084107photo 20180612_084925

My cut boarding pass for the day.
photo 20180612_094215

I then took an escalator ride up to the departure floor.
photo 20180612_084933photo 20180612_085012

It was time for the proper ticket and security check, which took me a staggering 13 minutes.
photo 20180612_085030photo 20180612_085426

DPS transit area and departure

Upon clearing the security, this was the first item to greet outbound passengers.
photo 20180612_090359

Looked like a simple man? No - he's Indonesia's president.
photo 20180612_090410

I walked through some stores and eateries.
photo 20180612_090422photo 20180612_090457

FIDS of the morning
photo 20180612_090439

After reaching the common waiting room area I turned left to my gate. Gate 1A is located at the very far end, so it's even more arduous walk. Talk about the entire airport experience as the second exercise for the day?
photo 20180612_090544photo 20180612_090556

Yes, it's that long.
photo 20180612_090648

GA's domestic lounge.
photo 20180612_090743

The object of interest for the day: PK-LHG, a 28 years old 744.
photo 20180612_090841

Situation at the waiting room.
photo 20180612_090844

I checked the load for the day, and soon afterwards it was time for boarding.
photo 20180612_091252

First it was a short walk down the corridor.
photo 20180612_091326

The plane was loaded from both door L1 and L2, but most of us ended up boarding from L2 anyway. Not that there was no sign whatsoever to indicate which aerobridge to take.
photo 20180612_091344

There was fortunately still barely anyone at the aerobridge.
photo 20180612_091410

I soon reached the plane.
photo 20180612_091430

On board

Flight: JT31
Plane: PK-LHG
STD/ATD: 09.20/10.02
STA/ATA: 10.15/10.57
Load factor: 9%J (2/22), 41%J (202/484) (on cruise)
Seat type: Standard economy class (lower deck window seat / upper deck window seat) / recliner business class (window seat / bulkhead window seat)

Either they were too tired after handling the massive load from CGK, but the flight attendant didn't direct me to my aisle.

A view of the economy class cabin.
photo 20180612_091437

I went further back, only to be told that due to load and balance issue they decided to make it free seating on the middle rows.
photo 20180612_091515

An example of the normal economy class seat.
photo 20180612_091544

It was not until a few minutes later that free seating became a complete mess.
photo 20180612_091621

The seat was well-padded.
photo 20180612_091625

Seat tour: the seat belt was a standard one.
photo 20180612_091639

The legroom was a bit on the tighter side, but was otherwise survivable.
photo 20180612_091653

An unused IFE screen was installed.
photo 20180612_091659

The tray table doesn't extend by much, but still usable (not that there was any meal service either).
photo 20180612_091708

Contents include only a safety card and a prayer card, but at least the safety card was still pristine (I ended up collecting quite a few of them).
photo 20180612_091718photo 20180612_091726

On the armrest is an ashtray, a recline button, and an IFE remote control.
photo 20180612_091831

The inside of the remote control was simply covered by a sticker.
photo 20180612_093301

The outside side reminded me of some of the older IFEs.
photo 20180612_093307

Me on the seat.
photo 20180612_092413

The headrest can be adjusted as well, though not by much.
photo 20180612_092423

There were also lamps, though they were unusable.
photo 20180612_092441

There are way more holes in the window compared with the ones on newer planes.
photo 20180612_093521

Note how the free seating turned to a mess. Afterwards a few more rows of seats behind were opened, but they were very strict about the seating rows.
photo 20180612_092446

The opened seats were then so full the part of the cabin ended up being warm.
photo 20180612_093422

The ownership plate at door L1.
photo 20180612_091946

The view from the window was of QR's 788.
photo 20180612_091818

I then went to the J cabin at the front and told Ikhwan that I would be joining him after take-off.
photo 20180612_092004

QR's 788 being pushed back. On a side note, 744's wing was indeed huge.
photo 20180612_092215

After a while safety demonstration was conducted, which you can watch below:

We then taxied for departure.
photo 20180612_095627photo 20180612_095715

The cabin was dimmed for take-off.
photo 20180612_095835

Was it time for take-off?
photo 20180612_095902

The take-off was pretty powerful as DPS only has a 3000m runway, which you can watch below.

Afterwards we climbed off from Bali island.
photo 20180612_100346

Messing around the 747

From this part onwards this will be done jointly with Ikhwan on a tit-for-tat basis (i.e. I took photos of him when needed and vice versa).

Upper deck economy class

JT's upper deck cabin solely consisted of economy class seats on 3-3 arrangement. Due to the low load, this cabin was unused and therefore used for some of the crews.
photo 20180612_101535photo 20180612_101608

The seats are mostly the same as in economy class.
photo 20180612_101642photo 20180612_101651

As usual, emergency exit row seats receive extra legroom.
photo 20180612_102053

One important feature of the upper deck is the small storage by the cabin wall. While small, it's still better than no storage as the overhead bin is quite small.
photo 20180612_102100

If there's one thing that I hate, though, it's that the seats have footrests. Not only are they bad for stretching ….
photo 20180612_105908

When I tried to use it I felt like squatting.
photo 20180612_105925

At least the view wasn't too bad, plus the exclusivity.
photo 20180612_102129

The upper deck galley.
photo 20180612_101731

There are two jumpseats facing each other on the right side, with the left side being used for the staircase. However, those seats were small and the curvature of the fuselage made it feel cramped.
photo 20180612_101819

One simply doesn't just skip the staircase, or else, does he?
photo 20180612_102544

Business class cabin

The business class cabin consist of 22 recliner seats.
photo 20180612_102653photo 20180612_102702

Those seats are numbered from row 1 to 5 and as JT may use them for economy class, get it while stock lasts.
photo 20180612_110505

Seatbelt was like in economy class.
photo 20180612_102752

3-plugs headphone plug was provided to accommodate the noise-cancelling ones.
photo 20180612_102801

An IFE screen can be found from inside the armrest.
photo 20180612_105100

The IFE remote control looked better and less cramped than the one in economy class.
photo 20180612_102814photo 20180612_102817

The seat mechanism is electronically controlled, however on some seats they were completely not working and in the others may have some of its functions not working.
photo 20180612_102849

A foldable table was also available.
photo 20180612_102949photo 20180612_102955

Ashtrays are still available, a remnant from the (not so good) era back then.
photo 20180612_104159

The headrest is also adjustable, and better at that than in the economy class.
photo 20180612_104259photo 20180612_104312

Me at the bulkhead seat.
photo 20180612_101251

The bulkhead seats offer a lot of legroom.
photo 20180612_103116

By a lot, I mean really a lot, so much they can even consider making lie-flat beds with the pitch alone.
photo 20180612_105221photo 20180612_105225

Compare it with the legroom on the non-bulkhead seats.
photo 20180612_105524

This is the recline on non-bulkhead seats.
photo 20180612_103054

For bulkhead seats, expect way more than that, so much I should either call it cradle recliner or think it's unfair.
photo 20180612_103829photo 20180612_103849

There's no denying that I was happy with the recline.
photo 20180612_103957

But what's better than that? An entire business class cabin shared with only two flight reviewers and nobody else.
photo 20180612_101305_001photo 20180612_110424

I almost forgot to mention it, but as the middle seats are only available at row 5, a mini-table is located in front of it.
photo 20180612_104132


After me and Ikhwan talked a bit with the flight attendants about among them the flight and -LHG's future deployment it's time for shots with some of the flight attendants.
photo 20180612_103350photo 20180612_103354

I then did a quick walkthrough to the middle economy class cabin, which was very packed.
photo 20180612_104353photo 20180612_104412

That was despite between door L4/R4 and L5/R5 the economy class cabin was completely empty.
photo 20180612_104428

The lavatory was pretty messed up considering the stage length of the flight.
photo 20180612_104552photo 20180612_104603

On board - continued

The views during cruise was quite good as the weather was clear, but why bother when you're on a 744?
photo 20180612_103709

As she descended and I had no special access to fixed J seat assignment like Ikhwan I returned to the main economy class cabin.
photo 20180612_111505

However, I opted to seat just behind the last occupied row as my seat row had seen people swapping seats, in addition to the crew's insistence on everybody sitting at the middle.
photo 20180612_112252

The economy class cabin remained solemn as ever.
photo 20180612_111545

747 on approach with its flap partially extended.
photo 20180612_111920

Watch the landing video below:

We soon reached CGK and taxied to the stand.
photo 20180612_112856photo 20180612_112934

We were parked beside FedEx's 757.
photo 20180612_113011

JT's buses preparing to carry the passengers back to the terminal.
photo 20180612_113122

The worst of both worlds: I had my bag at the business class cabin, while at the same time I needed to also join the long queue to deplane.
photo 20180612_113644photo 20180612_114111

I bid farewell and then deplaned from door L2.
photo 20180612_114221photo 20180612_114220

Some last views of -LHG. On a side note: deplaning 204 passengers with only one stair?
photo 20180612_114309photo 20180612_114326

The bus bringing me back to the terminal proper.
photo 20180612_114452

The interior of the bus bringing us to the arrival area.
photo 20180612_114946

Arrival at CGK and post-arrival trip

After a few minutes in the bus I arrived at the arrival area at terminal 1B.
photo 20180612_115255

First it involved a walk down the traditional-looking walkway.
photo 20180612_115314

After we reached the main "spine" of the building we walked further.
photo 20180612_115420photo 20180612_115510

There is a slight downward slope to the arrival floor.
photo 20180612_115534photo 20180612_115612

The luggage claim area. Since I had no time to recompile my bag to actually have something to check (I crammed everything in one laptop backpack), I skipped that.
photo 20180612_115617

I then went to the arrival public area, which wasn't that crowded.
photo 20180612_115750

Since I was about to go around Jakarta for the day I decided to take the airport bus to Gambir Stn.
photo 20180612_120517photo 20180612_120531

A ticket only cost Rp40.000 (US$2.9), which wasn't that bad.
photo 20180612_122943
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Lion Mentari Airlines

Cabin crew6.0

Denpasar - DPS


Jakarta - CGK



It was a rare yet very interesting experience to be able to explore what the 744 had to explore, even more so when after being stored for almost 2 years she went back to operation. Therefore, based on that this represented a great value for money for the 744 alone (note how I had missed the 744 on my TG flight to BKK).

Some thing done well for the trip (airports):
+ Modern airport terminal at DPS
+ Fast arrival process at CGK
+ Affordable public transport option at CGK

Some thing done well for the trip (on board):
+ Reasonable price (Rp569.200 (US$41))
+ Opportunity to go around the cabin
+ Friendly cabin crew

Things that can be improved (airports):
- Excruciatingly long international to domestic transfer at DPS
- Slow check-in at DPS
- Slow security at DPS
- Gate usage at DPS
- Gate usage at CGK

Things that can be improved (on board):
- Unused original seating assignment
- Outdated cabin
- IFE not activated or loaded
- Broken seat functions
- Dirty lavatory

Information on the route Denpasar (DPS) Jakarta (CGK)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 12 reviews of 3 airlines on the route Denpasar (DPS) → Jakarta (CGK).


The airline with the best average rating is Garuda Indonesia with 8.1/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 53 minutes.

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  • Comment 450265 by
    757Fan 611 Comments

    Thanks for sharing. Cool that you got to be on a 747 even though it looks like it's in pretty poor shape!

    • Comment 450283 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments

      Thank you for reading!

      - Cool that you got to be on a 747 even though it looks like it's in pretty poor shape!
      For one, she has been stored for more than 1 year, but another thing is that JT originally had no intention to reuse her, instead opting for a handful of high density 333. I've heard that the 744 would be also used on Hajj/Umrah flights, which better work since few people would complain on just how shady the plane is.

      Once again, thank you!

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    Kolia BRONZE 614 Comments

    I loved your FR about this wonderful plane !!! Thank you a lot for sharing with us ;)

  • Comment 457055 by
    bgboiflyer 38 Comments

    It seems that it was a treat. This bird seems in disrepair but her history is pretty darn cool. It originally was delivered to SQ and then given to IB on a lease, and then it went to the now defunct Hong Kong Oasis and then on Lion and for Hajj charters. I flew on one back in the day and unfortunately slept most of the way, but I got to re-experience it on CA's new 748!

    • Comment 457120 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments


      It seems that it was a treat.
      - More of a one-time treat I suppose - the plane was so dilapidated I wouldn't want to fly with her too often.

      This bird seems in disrepair but her history is pretty darn cool.
      - Can't agree more on that - she indeed had her fair share of glorious past, though now more of a memory of anything else with it being the last 744 in Indonesia.

      Thank you!

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