Review of Air Asia flight Kuala Lumpur Miri in Economy

Airline Air Asia
Flight AK5640
Class Economy
Seat 7D
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 11 May 19, 07:00
Arrival at 11 May 19, 09:25
AK 115 reviews
Eric V P
By 626
Published on 10th August 2019

Report #70: AK5640 - Chasing MYY's afternoon departure bank

This will be my report on flying on AirAsia economy class from Kuala Lumpur KUL to Miri MYY, a short-haul flight within Malaysia, on board their Airbus A320. This review will be much shorter than usual as I was pretty tired after the bus ride before the flight.



My initial plan was to fly from Miri MYY to Kota Kinabalu BKI on MASwings so I could get a taste of both their AT7 and DHT (which thanks to their schedule change didn't materialize), so I needed to get to MYY early enough to take care of the formalities. To make the matter worse, unlike BKI or even KCH, there are only so many flights from KUL to MYY so I needed to get the first available flight from KUL in the early morning.

I booked the flight direct from the carrier's website, which costed me RM91.50 (~US$23) + 500 AirAsia BIG points.

photo ak5640_11052019_invoice

Trip to KUL and check-in

I alighted the international bus from Singapore at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, Kuala Lumpur's intercity/crossborder bus terminal. Afterwards, I bought an airport bus ticket and went to the departure area.

photo 20190511_045048

The ticket costed me RM11 (~US$2.75), which was pretty normal as far as airport bus goes.

photo 20190511_061143

When I alighted from the bus from Singapore I was provided with an early breakfast package containing dates, chocolate bread, and mineral water.

photo 20190511_061220photo 20190511_061316

Boarding was called a couple of minutes prior to the scheduled time of departure.

photo 20190511_045705

We zipped through the expressway following an on time departure, and departing in the early morning also means no traffic jam so that ….

photo 20190511_053837

After the bus ride we were approaching the airport terminal.

photo 20190511_054324

As usual, I was dropped at the bus terminal, which meant taking a couple of sloped moving walkways to get to the departure floor.

photo 20190511_054527

Taking an early morning departure means unnecessarily passing through still closed shops.

photo 20190511_054704

After a short walk I reached the check-in hall, which even at such an early hour was already quite packed.

photo 20190511_055613

FIDS for the early mrning.

photo 20190511_055633

AK required all domestic passengers to self check-in, failing which they would charge RM10 (~US$2.5) for the convenience of checking in at the counter - I had already done so through the app so I could pass by these machines.

photo 20190511_055832

I went straight to the domestic departure where I needed to queue for a while before going through security.

photo 20190511_055911

It was nothing special, really - for example, LAG was allowed for domestic flights like in Indonesia, and despite the queue I was through in 4 minutes.

photo 20190511_060343

KUL transit area and departure

Like on the main terminal, passing by the luxury shop was a necessity here.

photo 20190511_060354

After those shops the view turned to aisles with shops and lavatories scattered around. The terminal was a huge one, and added with narrow corridors meant that they could skimp on the moving walkway.

photo 20190511_060530

I decided to lounge around at the gate while waiting for departure.

photo 20190511_060807

The plane for the early morning was 9M-RAO, at that time a 1 month old 320.

photo 20190511_060655

Boarding was called with priority enforced, and after it was almost time to depart I became one of the last to leave the gate.

photo 20190511_063544

KUL wouldn't be complete without aerobridges, so we used one for this flight.

photo 20190511_063605

It was soon time to board the plane.

photo 20190511_063702

On board

Flight: AK5640
Plane: 9M-RAO
STD/ATD: 07:00/07:06
STA/ATA: 09:00/09:25
Seat type: Standard economy class (aisle seat)

After I was welcomed by the flight attendant, I made my way into the cabin, which looked immaculate.

photo 20190511_063817

Legroom was of course tight, but it's QZ anyway so I couldn't complain.

photo 20190511_064017

As you would expect from most LCC, seatback consisted of a table and a literature pocket, though at least the tray table didn't become yet another ad placeholder.

photo 20190511_064031

The usual magazine and catalogue were there.

photo 20190511_064147

Did I also say they offered some hot meals cheaper than pre-book on certain times?

photo 20190511_064607

As usual, you can't skip the safety card and the almost plain airsickness bag.

photo 20190511_064215

Me on the seat.

photo 20190511_064305

A couple of minutes later we started our pushback and therefore the safety demonstration as well.

photo 20190511_065427

If only I was lucky enough, but my seat row happened to have the window at shoulder level, meaning that I couldn't take shots during takeoff (or for that matter, almost throughout the flight).

photo 20190511_065732

If only I was lucky enough, but my seat row happened to have the window at shoulder level, meaning that I couldn't take shots during takeoff (or for that matter, almost throughout the flight).

photo 20190511_071150

A while after the fasten seatbelt sign was switched off the flight attendants sprung into action offering buy-on-board.

photo 20190511_072140

While I'd love to try the buy-on-board foods, though, I've got my full meal from the airport so I decided not to partake on the offerings from the flight attendants.

photo 20190511_071420

Following my breakfast I conducted my lavatory visit, which was still spotless.

photo 20190511_074303

As much as I loved the new plane, I couldn't help but to notice how small the sink was - in fact, it was so narrow my hand wouldn't fit.

photo 20190511_074629

The view of the cabin from behind as trash was collected.

photo 20190511_074712

While waiting for the crew, I had a look at the rear galley, which had also been made more compact.

photo 20190511_074815

Since I couldn't get a clear view of the window from my seat, why not get one by the rear door?

photo 20190511_074838

The rest of the flight was uneventful, being an early morning where people like me were still bleary-eyed and I decided to doze off for the rest of the flight.

photo 20190511_080951

Time passed by so quickly when you tried to sleep, so I only started taking photos again when we started deplaning.

photo 20190511_090923

After bidding farewell to the flight attendants I made my way across the aerobridge.

photo 20190511_091035

I walked further into the terminal through the corridor leading to the terminal.

photo 20190511_091053

One last view of the plane.

photo 20190511_091104

Arrival at MYY and post-arrival trip

I was directed to the interstitial corridor after reaching the terminal building.

photo 20190511_091123

Sarawak state is unique in terms of immigration policy due to the state having its own border on top of what I was subject to when entering the rest of Malaysia, meaning that interstate and international flights are both subject to immigration check.

photo 20190511_091234

There were a couple of counters, though truth be told only one of them was for foreigners, which took me 5 minutes to clear.

photo 20190511_091242

After the immigration check (and a check on the outbound ticket from Sarawak) I was issued with a 1-week visit pass to remain in Sarawak state.

photo 20190511_182542

After the immigration check I went downstairs to the arrival floor.

photo 20190511_091736

The airport had clearly started showing its age.

photo 20190511_091820

Without any luggage to claim I made my way outside into the public area.

photo 20190511_091902

Since I had loads of time to work outside I decided to take a Grab ride from the curbside.

photo 20190511_092912
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Air Asia

Cabin crew5.5
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Kuala Lumpur - KUL


Miri - MYY



As far as the trip goes, it was pretty uneventful - considering the price paid it was a pretty good value for the distance traveled alone. The new plane was also appreciated, though the enhancement on the sink didn't turn out to be that good, just like what happened to the 737 MAX. Both MYY and KUL weren't that bad to pass through (apart from KUL terminal 2 being a bit longer than I liked and MYY already showing its age), so consider it as nothing especially notable.

On overall, I'd pick this option again if I were to fly across the South China Sea between peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia.



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