Review of Air France flight Tokyo Paris in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF279
Class Economy
Seat 46L
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 12:25
Take-off 21 Apr 19, 14:20
Arrival at 21 Apr 19, 19:45
AF   #25 out of 80 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5334 reviews
By 1582
Published on 1st June 2019

Routing and seats

There is always an end to the best trips, and this looong FR is the grand finale of this routing to Hachijōjima and Aogashima, two islands way out of the beaten track which will identify you as keen specialists of Japan when you mention them in your next social events, especially if you read the corresponding reports and their bonuses, and comment them to have more details about them.

For the grand finale of this trip to Japan, I decided to splurge for better comfort on board. Not as much as AF expected though: my wife agreed that 512 EUR each to have coffee in a china cup rather than a paper one (plus a few minor other goodies) was outrageously expensive.

photo 16

Actually, at reservation time, I invested 27 EUR to book a twin set of seats because:

photo 15

- I still had then FB-Platinum status, which made my seat free of charge. (My wife is registered on FB, which gives her a 10% rebate off the full 30 EUR fee)
- betting on the neutralization of the middle seat was less interesting on a day flight, because we were not going to sleep
- there was space on the right side, the one which would have correct lighting conditions during most of the flight.

photo 17

JI was right to buy them when I booked our tickets because there were no twin seats available at OLCI time. Note also that I would have had the choice between travelling away from my wife or away from any window if I had accepted AF’s offer to upgrade to J. (Having to pay first before knowing if there is an acceptable seat is reason enough to have never done it.)

photo 18

Reaching HND

A significant advantage of HND over NRT is that it is much closer to the center of Tōkyō and also that the trip from downtown is much cheaper : 660 JPY, i.e. less than 6 EUR in our case ! Trains keep coming at short intervals on the Yamanote circle line.

photo img_2229a

Connection in Hamamatsuchō, where the signage could not be more explicit, both on the stairs up from the platform

photo img_2231a

… on the short walk to the other platform,

photo img_2234a

…and on the fine art of waiting for a train, Japanese style : the blue signage is for the passengers who are going to board the coming train ; when that line is full (which was the case behind us), passengers wait on the red line for the next train.

photo img_2237a-50610

The train is a monorail, shot here when departing back to town from HND

photo img_2248a

There is of course space on board for the luggage, and the limitation of the number of passengers boarding at the first station avoids overloading.

photo img_2240a-38919

No doubt that we are reaching an airport

photo img_2244a

Getting closer

photo img_2246a

The first stop of the monorail in HND is the international terminal

photo img_2247a

There are regularly ticket checks at the CDG-2 to fine the passengers who with good or bad faith do not have a valid ticket (foreign passengers regularly forget that they can take this line with a standard subway ticket inside Paris, but that you must buy a special one to go all the way to Paris). In HND, like in any station in Japan, there is a machine or a clerk at a counter where you can pay the fare difference without any penalty. I used this facility to top up our travel cards with the minimum amount needed, so that they would have next to zero leftover credit until our next trip to Japan. (Note that it actually has no cash flow impact for me: I have no use either for my leftover Japanese cash until our next trip to Japan).

photo img_2249a

HND landside

This is the international departures hall

photo img_2250a

A decoration linked to the incoming Children’s Day, know before WWII as Boys’ Day (5 May)

photo img_2251a

Checking in for the AF flight is here

photo img_2253a

The line is of moderate length for non-status passengers but I still have Skypriority rights

photo img_2254a-29800

How do you recognize a good design ? Maybe with a detail such as these sunken checked luggage belts and scales : passengers can effortlessly roll in their suitcases, whereas in all other countries, you need to haul your luggage up on the belt. .

photo img_2256a-17477

It’s all the more welcome that our suitcase took some more extra weight during this past week in Tōkyō. I check our cabin luggage too, because we are heading home and it would not be a major problem if it was not there in CDG.

photo img_2261a

Anyway, checking in is quick, and we leave the counter with printed BPs and an access map to the lounges airside.

photo img_2260a

Departure is this way, under the carp streamers (another traditional decoration for Children’s Day)

photo img_2262a-14585

The Skypriority status provides access to a dedicated security check where the waiting time is nil (but there was a curiously inefficient staff after the X-ray machine). Immigration control is very fast too.

photo img_2264a

There is a lot of natural light in HND airside, with quite plane spotter friendly windows despite double windows due to the presence of a deplaning corridor.

photo img_2266a

This is a first sample, but we have a more urgent task : go to the lounge because my FB-Gold is may not be renewed next year and this may be a last opportunity for us..

photo img_2265a

Sakura Sky View Lounge, quickly

Go to the lounge, or rather go to the lounges, because Skypriority passengers have access to two different lounges : the Sakura Sky View Lounge (below) and the Sakura Lounge: I was decided to make the most of my ephemeral status and visit both of them.

photo img_2260b

We needed to not waste time, though, because you may have noticed that the Sakura Sky View Lounge is closed from 12:30 to 21:00.

photo img_2315a

This is the entrance to the Sakura Sky View Lounge where we are heading first. It is 11:40 am : the friendly staff at the welcome counter warns us that we are not going to be able to stay for a long time .

photo img_2314a

"Sakura Sky View Lounge" and "Sakura Lounge" ? The two names are misnomers, since both have windows providing a view on the sky, but only the former provides a view on the tarmac. Only aviation geeks would find it attractive to call it “Sakura Tarmac View Lounge”.

photo img_2309a

Of all the planes the gates, only the first one is fully visible

photo img_2273a

This KE 777-300 registered HL7534 has bad memories of HND

photo img_2273b

On 25 May 2016, the left engine suffered an uncontained failure and subsequent fire on the left engine at take-off which was aborted. There were 12 light injuries among the 17 crew and 302 passengers on board during evacuation.

photo 19

The view on the other aircraft is poor (ANA 787-9, Asiana, Lufthansa)

photo img_2280a

The least bad view is on this Eva Air A330-300

photo img_2279a

You need to wait until the planes push back or arrive, but I can’t afford to do that since the lounge is going to close soon.
ANA 777-300ER, in front of an ANA Cargo 767-300ER

photo img_2274a

How about the planes parked in the distance. The problem is with hot air, due to the reactors, not the current weather.
JAL 767-300 JAL, in a special livery supporting the Japanese rugby team for the World Cup which is to be held in Japan in Fall 2019.

photo img_2307a

737-800 Skymark airlines, in special livery Taka Girl (the cheerleading squad of the Fukuoka baseball team)

photo img_2310a

E-190 of J-Air, JAL’s regional subsidiary

photo img_2311a

It’s easier when they taxi alongside the terminal, like this 777-300ER Garuda

photo img_2312a

Let’s go back to the entrance of the lounge : it is possible to store your hand luggage securely after the welcome counter

photo img_2299a

Discretion when placing phone calls is possible, for oneself and for others

photo img_2300a

Fax machines were developed in Japan and spread everywhere including homes, due to the complexity of their writing system, before the time of personal computers and e-mail. I do not know if they are still being used much, in the era of automatic handwriting recognition on touchscreens.

photo img_2304a

There are restrooms and a smoking room that I did not visit

photo img_2303a

You can take a shower ; it appears they could last up to half an hour, since they close half an hour before the lounge itself closes.

photo img_2302a

First Class passengers have a dedicated area with more bulky seats

photo img_2301a

For passengers with a lesser status or travel class, this lounge is very far from being crowded at this time of the day.

photo img_2293a

There is actually a lot of visual space

photo img_2297a

The lounge is at a corner of the building (in the background), which increases the amount of daylight

photo img_2294a

There is a tidy flowery table runner on each table

photo img_2298a

Shelves with decorative objects

photo img_2271a

It masks without hiding the accessories (trays, silverware, etc.) and the first hot meal containers – shame on me, I did not take a picture of their contents, due to the lack of time!.

photo img_2270a

Let’s have a more detailed look at what this sign promises

photo img_2269a

Vegetables that I do not remember well

photo img_2283a

Sausages, onions, vegetables

photo img_2284a

Ingredients and seasonings for salads

photo img_2285a

Salad Wrap – Kale and Caesar Chicken

photo img_2287a

Grilled trout

photo img_2288a

Not need to show you the contents of this cooker : rice, of course, which is often as much as you can eat in Japanese restaurants

photo img_2289a

Teas and various infusions

photo img_2286a

Soft drink dispensing and coffee machines in the rear

photo img_2292a

Cold milk, tea, water, coffee and Schweppes

photo img_2296a

I tried the green "Sky time” drink on the left and did not like it. There is water and tomato juice too.

photo img_2295a

I did not consider tasting these.

photo img_2290aphoto img_2291a

Either I missed a shelf, or the offering of newspapers and magazines is meager.

photo img_2281a

We left this lounge before being ushered towards the exit at closing time

photo img_2313a

Going through the public airside area

photo img_2317a

Obviously Chinese travelers fill their thermal flasks with hot water for tea, a vital need for them.

photo img_2319a-32116

I had us head towards the Sakura Sky View Lounge first due to the limited amount of time before it would close, but I cannot defer any more paying the very costly departure tax from Japan. In the olden times, like that of this vintage AF schedule dated November 1988, you had to be careful to keep 2,000 yen in cash to pay for it, and French citizens needed a visa to visit Japan.

photo img_6378a

Credit cards can now be used to pay the present departure tax, whose fees skyrocketed.

photo img_2321a

My wife tried to explain me again that "it is cheaper than in Paris" or that "it is nowhere to be found in Paris"

photo img_2322a

It’s all the difference with the kokeshi こけし (traditional wood dolls) that I bought as usual for a few hundred yen each in flea markets and account for most of the extra weight of our suitcase.

photo img_0868a

The Sakura Lounge, slowly

After this step which was painful for our bank account, this is the list of the airlines using the Sakura Lounge

photo img_2323a

Friendly welcome at the counter

photo img_2370a

This lounge is not called Sky view, but you do get a view of the sky, and therefore natural lighting

photo img_2346a

Many facilities are identical in both lounges, like for instance the lockers for hand luggage

photo img_2360a

Or the fax at passengers’ disposal

photo img_2361a

The baby care room is actually a nursing room

photo img_2355aphoto img_2356a

The toilets are "obviously" clean. Once you tried the Japanese toilets with integrated washlets once, you forever regret not having one at home.

photo img_2357a

A small sign in the toilets mentions that you can ask for a toiletry kit at the welcome counter, which is good news because I forgot leaving a toothbrush in my hand luggage. The staff there spontaneously asked me if I wanted one or two kits, obviously remembering that I had arrived with my wife.

photo img_2359a

On the other hand, I did not use the showers there either

photo img_2358a

There is ample space to move around in the lounge. There are “bar-like” configurations (side-by-side seating, which is very common in Japan).

photo img_2325a

We preferred seating in front of each other at one of these tables, admittedly far from the windows, but they do not provide any view outside anyway.

photo img_2354a

Power ports on the wall, of Type A only

photo img_2366a

Overall view of the buffet

photo img_2327a

Various salads

photo img_2328a

This rice cooker is the same as that of the other lounge.

photo img_2329a

Bowls containing some pre-cooked noodles : you only need to add hot water

photo img_2331a

… and miscellaneous small ingredients as desired

photo img_2330a

Some pork dim sums

photo img_2332a

Herbs Chicken

photo img_2333a

Shrimp Cream Macaroni Gratin

photo img_2334a

In both lounges, all food is labeled with the number of calories per 100 grams. If you worry about gaining weight, better choose the macaroni (163 kcal/100g) rather than the chicken (290 kcal / 100 g). All what is missing a small scale to weigh each portion.

photo img_2344a

Madeleines and other cookies

photo img_2335a

Shrimp spring rolls, recommended for their low 27 kcal / 100 g

photo img_2338a

Miso soup, of course

photo img_2336a

Coffee machine and various teas

photo img_2348a

… but the cups have been poorly selected, because they cannot fit horizontally under the spout, to you must be very careful to incline it slightly when it is very full if you want to take it without spilling some coffee

photo img_2350a

Wines and spirits

photo img_2349a

The refrigerated drinks are the same as in the Sky Lounge

photo img_2351aphoto img_2369a

My first helping

photo img_2352a

And the refill

photo img_2353a

The choice of newspapers and magazines is really limited in these lounges

photo img_2347a

Some more plane spotting airside

It’s time to leave this lounge and do quite a lot of walking in the terminal :

photo img_2372a

… logically as much as when we deplaned, at the Arrivals level

photo img_2374a

Seen on the way : a JAL 787-8 parked in the distance…

photo img_2371a

And a set of aircraft at their gates: Lufthansa 747, Shanghai Airlines 787-9, China Eastern A330-300in Disney Shanghai livery, which I had already seen two weeks earlier at the same place .

photo img_2375a

An electric cart brings a passenger to her gate. A sign says behind that it is free and accessible to all (and not only PRM, according to the pictograms), but I do not know where and how you can get one.

photo img_2376a

Going down to the boarding gate where there is a lot of seating space left

photo img_2379a

The AF 772 is of course already there

photo img_2380a

We still have some time before boarding : I leave as usual my wife with our hand luggage to wander around for some plane spotting, heading first to the end of the terminal.

photo img_2382a

A crowd of passengers waiting for boarding for HKG

photo img_2383a

… for two extra hours

photo img_2384a

JAL 737-800

photo img_2385a

JAL and Skymark Airlines aircraft in the distance, including a 737-800 in B.League special livery

photo img_2386a

Skymark Airlines did not try to use the coincidence of the registration of this 737-800: JA737X

photo img_2388a

Arrival of a Delta Air Lines 777-200ER

photo img_2387aphoto img_2389a

ANA A321

photo img_2393a

Gulfstream G550, with deployed thrust inverters

photo img_2394a

The same, after retracting them

photo img_2397a

JAL 777-200

photo img_2395a

The Shanghai Airlines 787-9 seen at her gate heads home

photo img_2402a

United Airlines 787-9

photo img_2404a

Another special Disney livery on this JAL 767-300ER ; this one celebrates the 90th anniversary of the creation of Mickey Mouse

photo img_2405a


Boarding of the CX flight is announced at last, two hours behind schedule, and it is time for me to head back to my gate where boarding is going to be on time

photo img_2407a

Boarding of the AF flight has indeed just started at Gate 142, with the families with children.

photo img_2408a

Water is available at this fountain

photo img_2410a

The priorities are respected : going down the jetbridge

photo img_2412a

The CX 777 is not ready to go

photo img_2413a

PlayStation and plane door

photo img_2414b

Going through the Premium Economy cabin whose quality-cost ratio I find very poor

photo img_2415a

Twin seat detailed review

Arrival in the rear of a cabin. As soon as I have taken a few pictures, a male FA comes up and sternly tells me that there shall be no pictures of the crew. I do not give him time to elaborate and tell him that I pointedly try to avoid them: his tone becomes immediately congenial, shifting into his “friendly & welcoming FA” mode. In retrospect, this short (and initially somewhat unfriendly) exchange was better than suspicion during the whole flight, especially when I wait with my camera in hand until a FA leaves the frame.

photo img_2417a

So, with nobody in sight, neither FA nor passenger since I was among the first to board but seated in the rear, this is the cabin from one of the last ranks

photo img_2421a

The narrowing of the fuselage in the rear mandates the presence of the four twin seat sets on each side already seen in the cabin layout map.

photo img_2419a

Cheap headphones, a rather comfortable eye mask and a cushion are on each seat.

photo img_2423a

The seat width between armrest is standard

photo img_2424a

With a larger than usual bonus space between the armrest and the wall for the window seat, though.

photo img_2426a

The pleasant surprise is in the seat pitch which is 5 cm longer than that measured in an ordinary row. It may not look like much, but it is not negligible at all. In particular, it remains possible to keep using my laptop when the passenger of the previous row reclines his seat, which for me is a significant plus, since I always spend most of my flying time doing that.

photo img_2425a

The difference between these twin seats (on this flight, left) and a standard three-seat set (on the way in, right) is evident.

photo img_2420b

Multistandard power port

photo img_2481a

The narrowing of the cabin in the rear mandates a 2-4-2 seat layout there : this seat without an IFE screen in the back is the first 3-4-3 row from the rear.

photo img_2427a

A clean carpet ? My initial impression did not last

photo img_2428a

Because in front of my seat, the contents of an aperitif bag have not been cleaned.

photo img_2521a

Safety card, both sides

photo img_2430a

Plane spotting during taxiing

Seen through the window : the tails of the planes at their gates : CX, CI, DL, UA, AA

photo img_2432a

The departure of the CX 777-300ER unveils a China Airlines A330-300.

photo img_2434a

It’s our turn to push back

photo img_2435a

The exhaust of the CX APU, for fans of this item

photo img_2436aphoto img_2438a

This is as usual the time for the safety demonstration, and in this report the time to say again how much I dislike it.

photo img_2440a

No, a non-smoking flight is not "simply chic", according to that safety demonstration, it is simply a legal obligation, and it has been one for two decades!

photo img_2441a

Some more plane-spotting during taxiing:
777-200 JAL in OneWorld livery

photo img_2446a

ANA A321

photo img_2449a

The elegant all black livery of an A320 of Star Flyer, a Japanese LCC

photo img_2451a

Firemen play firemen games

photo img_2453a

The quite ugly control towers behind

photo img_2456a

In flight

Imminent take off Runway 16L

photo img_2459a

We are in flight at the level of the taxiways connecting Runways 16L/34R and 16R/34L

photo img_2461a

There is no terminal on this side

photo img_2463a

The double bridge supporting the taxiways to/from Runway 05/23

photo img_2464a

Crossing Runway 05/23

photo img_2465a

The ventilation infrastructure of the tunnel of the Aqualine (the bridge-tunnel crossing the Bay of Tōkyō).

photo img_2466a

A glimpse of the harbor facilities in Anegasaki 姉ヶ崎 ("Elder Sister Cape"), in Chiba Prefecture, on the other side of the Bay of Tōkyō

photo img_2468a

Tega dam lake (slightly to the right) and the Tone River. NRT is some forty kilometers beyond the lake, under the clouds top right in this picture

photo img_2474a

The stadiums in Kashiwa-no-ha柏の葉Park, next to the campus in Kashiwa 柏 of the prestigious Tōkyō University.

photo img_2475a

The air map provided by Air France was no help for localizing : it is much too imprecise by design, which I find especially frustrating.

photo img_2476a

On the other hand, AF finds it relevant to provide me the precise location of the Eiffel Tower, without asking me if I’m interested, by shifting the air map into a cyclic display mode as soon as you stop touching the screen. It is especially annoying.

photo img_2492a

Wrapped oshibori and printed menu

photo img_2477a

The menu in French, English and Japanese

photo 14

And the drinks on a single trilingual page

photo 13

Apple juice for my wife and I.

photo img_2482a

This is ten times what I ate, since this bag only contains 10 grams.

photo img_2484a

The IFE begins with an ad for a hotel chain which is possible, but not very easy to halt. My wife’s IEF got stuck when she tried to start a game : the only remaining operational control was that of the individual light. The meal service has just started, with FAs going up and down the aisle bringing all kinds of special meals: the crew is evidently too busy to bother about a passenger’s FA call button. My wife eventually stops a FA on the way, stressing that she is in no hurry: he quickly rebooted her IFE back to operation from the galley.

photo img_2485a

I triggered the FA call by mistake well before, and found no way to cancel it. Not a problem : the FAs did not react whatsoever. This FA call on the IFE was no more than a placebo button, as far as I was concerned.

photo img_2472a

I actually find it rather inconvenient to have to use the IFE screen in order to adjust the individual light (or to have to “wake up” the IFE if you want to call a FA, even in the dead of the night), but they call it a progress.

What more can be said about this seat, once in flight ? I keep sliding forward, and have to tighten my seat belt to stay in place. Maybe this was designed on purpose, to make it easier to leave your seat and to have passengers fasten their seat belts, but I find it uncomfortable. The cabin fittings vibrate and the noise level of the reactors is somewhat high.

photo img_2471a

The first meal, as served

photo img_2488a

My wife and I chose as usual a different hot meal and neither was satisfactory. I chose salmon and it is very disappointing, due to its soggy breading.

photo img_2494a

My wife is curter in her assessment of chicken : “it’s not good”.

photo img_2497a

The bread has a pleasant texture but a stranger after-taste, confirmed by my wife. The butter is provided by a New Zealander brand which seems to have captured most of the Far-Eastern market and is OK.

photo img_2493a

All the wrappings are easy to compress together

photo img_2499a

… and store them in the seat pocket before the FAs gather them, so that I can sue again my laptop.

photo img_2500a

We start with flying above Siberia

photo img_2501a

Localization does not matter much there since there is no trace of human activity – I won’t see Khabarovsk.

photo img_2503aphoto img_2505a

Most of the Siberian landscape is unfortunately going to be hidden

photo img_2507a

Some classical music to kill time

photo img_2509a

An advantage of being two passengers on twin seats is to be able to move around easily. We see here the change of seat layout from 2-4-2 in the rear to 3-4-3 beyond.

photo img_2510a

The toilets are always very narrow in Economy class ; those at the rear of a 777 are no exception.

photo img_2511a

Do not smoke in the toilets, but in the unlikely case that you forgot it, there is an ashtray. It is also possible to dispose safely of used syringes.

photo img_2513a

This warning and the adhesive tape sealing cavities which could be opened out of sight are mandatory in any aircraft serving the USA, which this 777 is obviously doing at times.

photo img_2514a

Door and emergency slide shot.

photo img_2518a

The cloud cover dissipates partly, unveiling snowy summits,

photo img_2522a

… and frozen rivers

photo img_2525a

Distribution of a small (retrospectively vanilla) ice cream.

photo img_2527a

After careful measurement of the dimensions of this ice-cream, including the lost volume of the wooden stick, I come to the conclusion that its volume is exactly 50 cm3, which translates into a probable 25 grams of ice cream : you can’t get sick with that little. (My wife wondered about my own mental sickness, watching this millimetric measuring sequence. ^^)

photo img_2530a

Unequal sharing of four central seats by two passengers : the woman remained seated on a single seat fat left and her companion lied down on the other three seats.

photo img_2534a

A good point, or rather no demerit for AF : nearly all passengers have lowered their window blinds, but no FA has asked me to do the same. My readers may remember that this issue is the reason why I do the utmost to avoid Korean Air: their non-negotiable policy is to maintain the whole aircraft in the dark on long distance flights, even if it is a day flight.

photo img_2536a

The passenger in the previous row progressively lowers his window blind. What a shame (for him) to not look at this landscape!

photo img_2538a

We are now there into the flight

photo img_2539a

Breaks in the ice shelf

photo img_2541a

And a break for us to walk around a little

photo img_2547a

Set of self-serve soft drinks in the rear galley

photo img_2546a

As well as small sandwiches

photo img_2548a

"Small" means a 6 cm diameter for this one

photo img_2550a

Unanimous evaluation by the Marathons : it’s not very good.

photo img_2551a

Instant soup for Japanese reading passengers : pour 150 ml of hot water and wait 10 seconds.

photo img_2553a

We are approaching the north cost of Norway

photo img_2555a

The inaccuracy of the airmap and the scattered cloud cover conspire to dissuade me from localizing these fjords.

photo img_2556a

I have to shut the window blind to take a picture of the IFE screen, otherwise the reflections are unmanageable.

photo img_2564a

Norway under snow

photo img_2566a

How can you determine where you are with better than 100 km precision with such an air map ?!

photo img_2567a

Ice crystals came into the party to hamper my recording of the landscape

photo img_2570a

The coast is a hopeless maze of islands and fjords

photo img_2572a

I wrote down that 20 minutes before the second meal arrived, at 13:40 Paris time, therefore 00:40 Tōkyō time, I start being seriously hungry, which means that despite a plentiful lunch in the lounge, the quantities of the first meal on board were not enough.

photo img_2574a

After unwrapping

photo img_2575a

Let’s say charitably that it made it possible to survive until arrival

photo img_2576a

Compacting the wrappings is easy

photo img_2577a

I keep this cheap milk chocolate (more cost cutting) to eat with coffee after the meal

photo img_2578a

Europe in adverse lighting conditions

The schedule of this flight is such that you can’t avoid adverse lighting, either in the Far East and above Siberia, or during the last third of the flight above Europe. There is no way I can locate the grass runway of Texel International Airport (EHTX) which contrary to what its name hints has no scheduled flights, but does have customs officers for private flights.

photo img_2579a

Den Helder harbour, facing the south end of the Dutch Frisian islands.

photo img_2582a

The mouth of the canal joining Amsterdam with the North Sea

photo img_2584a

The last docks of the harbor, between and the sea

photo img_2586a

AMS, easy to spot even in adverse lighting conditions.

photo img_2587b

The Meuse River downstream from Rotterdam

photo img_2591a

The Beerenplaat drinking water processing plant, in the lower third of the picture, and the harbor of Rotterdam in the background.

photo img_2595a

Zoom on Rotterdam’s harbour

photo img_2595b

Descent in the Greater Paris area

Since the lighting is too unfavorable, I take pictures again in Compiègne.

photo img_2599a

The ponds in the meanders of the Oise River at Verberie

photo img_2601a

Railway geeks know Verberie for its viaduct with which the high speed train line towards London and Amsterdam crosses the Oise River.

photo img_2604a

Apremont and its golf course

photo img_2607a

The city of Creil

photo img_2611a

Air Base #110 in Creil (CSF). There are no military flights any more since 2016, only a private aviation club.

photo img_2612a

Another view of Creil

photo img_2613a

Distribution of a very small sweet during the descent

photo img_2614a

The Seine river at Les Mureaux, downstream from Paris

photo img_2615a

Zoom on the grass runway of Les Mureaux (LFXU). I very seldom see it when landing in CDG

photo img_2616a

The Peugeot works in Poissy, lower left in this picture

photo img_2619a

The forest of St Germain en Laye

photo img_2621a

Center right, the castle of St Germain en Laye which houses the remarkable National Archeological Museum, with in particular the exceptional Venus of Brassempouy.

photo img_2622a

The very long terrace of the castle of St Germain en Laye

photo img_2623a

Paris and its suburbs from the sky

The plane lines up on CDG from very far west, which provides a beautiful panorama of Paris and its northern suburbs. The dark area in the center is the Bois de Boulogne

photo img_2625a

The skyscrapers of the La Défense business area, in front of the Bois de Boulogne park

photo img_2627a

Zoom on La Défense, with in particular the Grande Arche

photo img_2628a

Zoom back

photo img_2629a

The Arc de Triomphe, in the center of the picture

photo img_2631a

The unusual shapes of the Louis Vuitton Foundation’s building emerge from the trees of the Bois de Boulogne

photo img_2632a

The Tour Maine-Montparnasse Tower (center) is widely considered as the most beautiful place in Paris, because it is the only place where you are sure to not see it

photo img_2633a

It was far from generating unanimous acclaim when it was being built, but has nevertheless become the quintessential symbol of Paris : the Eiffel Tower

photo img_2635a

In the distance beyond the, the Meudon forest, south-west of Paris

photo img_2636a

The docks of Gennevilliers, much closer to the air route

photo img_2637a

Between Expressway A86 at the lower edge of the picture and the Seine River in the middle, the housing projects of Gennevilliers, compressed by the perspective

photo img_2638a

Very far from Gennevilliers, from the social class point of view only, the posh suburb of Neuilly sur Seine, the Bois de Boulogne and the skyscrapers of La Défense business area.

photo img_2639a

Nearly all of Paris with Montmartre Cemetery (the green space lower right) and the Sacré Coeur Basilica surrounded with small parks on the left .

photo img_2640a

In the background of the above picture, and below, the tall housing buildings of the southern suburbs around the (former) Fort of Vanves, and part of Orly Airport (ORY) at the top edge of the picture below.

photo img_2641a

The turn of the Seine River at Gennevilliers, easy to identify with its long, narrow and curved island in the middle. Immediately to the left, the railway tracks leading to Gare du Nord station.

photo img_2642a

The Grand Stade and the Canal St Denis on the left

photo img_2643a

La Courneuve park, under the wing

photo img_2645a

La Courneuve park

photo img_2646a

Le Bourget Airport (LBG)

photo img_2650a

The branches of the expressway toward CDG

photo img_2653a

The Carole Circuit, created in 1979, named after 18-year old Carole Le Fol, one of the last victims of the wild motorcycle night races at that time in the southern suburbs of Paris.

photo img_2655a

The white triangle is a tiny park for the travelling community, similar to that located north of CDG, in the least desirable place with regards to air movement noise.

photo img_2656a

Landing under the gaze of plane spotters whose cars are parked alongside the road skirting the airport’s limits.

photo img_2657aphoto img_2661a

E-170 Hop ! and WDL Aviation BAE-146 in the vicinity of Terminal 2G

photo img_2663a

Fire trucks Special

Funny, a wandering fire truck!

photo img_2665a

And another on another taxiway

photo img_2666a

Korean Air A380

photo img_2667a

Two fire trucks and a light fire brigade car on the taxiway behind us

photo img_2668a

One more on the parallel taxiway

photo img_2670a

And yet another car. There must be something going on somewhere.

photo img_2671a

We meanwhile approach Terminal 2E, with three AF A319 surrounding a Tarom 737-800 in Skyteam livery.

photo img_2672a


photo img_2673a


photo img_2674a

The fire trucks keep trailing us

photo img_2675aphoto img_2676a

There is no other aircraft taxiing in the vicinity : could it be that they are here for us, and why then ?

photo img_2677a

They are certainly there for this Air India787, anyway

photo img_2678a

An AF 777 AF takes off in the background

photo img_2679a

Last turn

photo img_2680a

These fire trucks are really for us. What is going on?

photo img_2682a

A yellow Robocop approaches

photo img_2683a

Only now does the captain goes on the PA : "You may have noticed the fire trucks next to our planes. There has been a suspicious smell in the rear of the aircraft in the past two minutes ; they are going to check the holds. You have nothing to worry about ; deplaning will start as soon as we receive the OK.”

photo img_2684a

Deplaning and arrival landside

Going through the Y+ cabin

photo img_2685a

And then the J cabin

photo img_2686aphoto img_2688a-14667

We have reached our gate 5 minutes ahead of schedule : no qualms about punctuality

photo img_2689a

The fire trucks are still there, and I won’t know anything about their possible findings.

photo img_2690a

Arrival in the luggage delivery room

photo img_2691a

The first pieces of luggage appearing on the delivery belt are labelled B (standard passenger checked luggage: no respect of priorities ?

photo img_2692a

No, this very long belt is actually fed by two separate luggage arrivals: the priority bags including our own promptly appear at the second one.

photo img_2693a

A long walk alongside all these luggage delivery belts to reach the exit

photo img_2694a

And a long walk in the reverse direction on the other side of the glass partition, once landside

photo img_2695a

The access to the RER train station is nearly at the Departures level

photo img_2696a

A380 of an airline whose external growth was badly misguided.

photo img_2697a

Zero waiting time at the train ticket machines because this is Easter Sunday and Monday is off in France : the foreigners arrived the day before, the French will come back the next day.

photo img_2699a

We now only need to board the RER train, from the platform which is raised to train floor level at the ends only, like they tried to minimize PRM accessibility to the legal minimum.

photo img_2700a

We have reached our destination, and if you still have some time and patience, I propose a bonus on Tōkyō

Bonus : Wandering in the streets of TōkyŌ

Bonus : Click here display
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Air France

Cabin crew8.0

JAL Sakura Lounge - International


Tokyo - HND


Paris - CDG



The fee for travelling on twin seats has a good quality-price ratio thanks to the increased seat pitch which allows using a laptop even when the passenger in the previous row reclines his seatback. Being among the last to deplane could of course be a problem if you have a tight connection, which was not our case.
The crew did his job ; the initial warning about pictures on board could have been made with a softer undertone.
Once you’ve played with the 3D simulation of the aircraft, the air map is both disappointing and frustrating, because it is much too inaccurate and goes into a cyclic mode alternating between views of zero interest for me as soon as you stop touching the screen.
You don’t travel by plane for a dining experience, at least not in Economy, but AF sets the attractivity of the food served on board at an unacceptably low level.

Fluidity was optimum in HND thanks to the Skypriority access, but it seemed OK at the regular security control; immigration was the same for all passengers, and it was fast.
No matter your status and class of travel, the accessibility of HND is excellent for all passengers.

Fluidity is OK in CDG, but the walking distance is excessive; the access is hampered by the inadequacy of the RER train for serving a major airport.

There is no significant difference between Sakura Sky View Lounge and Sakura Lounge, apart from the very significant view on the tarmac. It’s too bad that the former is closed in the afternoon. There is ample moving and visual space in both; the crowd was moderate in the Sakura Lounge (this criterion does not apply to the other lounge which was soon to close).
The catering is not overwhelming, but it is satisfactory for a Japanese lounge.
Entertaining in a lounge is for me the view on the tarmac which is good in the former and absent in the latter.

Information on the route Tokyo (HND) Paris (CDG)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 23 reviews of 3 airlines on the route Tokyo (HND) → Paris (CDG).


The airline with the best average rating is Japan Airlines with 8.1/10.

The average flight time is 12 hours and 36 minutes.

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  • Comment 505301 by
    sotto_Deactivated 82 Comments

    What a boring FB: Eternally long pictures of the Duty Free Shop. Boring photos of planes of other airlines. Highlight: Review of trays and ice cream. Ha as a passenger his impressions or a bean counter described his desire? I would rather save such a FB. As a precaution, I refer to the FB with KL AMS to LIS.

    • Comment 505305 by
      marathon AUTHOR 9834 Comments

      Eternally long pictures of the Duty Free Shop.

      There are three pictures in duty free shops, four if you include that of the water fountain where a duty free shop appears partly in the background. Is that really too long ?
      Boring photos of planes of other airlines.

      This is an aviation geek website. Why didn't you use the summary and skip Chapter 6 ?
      Ha as a passenger his impressions or a bean counter described his desire?

      These are the impressions of a bean counting passenger ;)
      What a boring FR

      I do admire your perseverance. In your position, I would have closed this 332 pictures long report somewhere in the second lounge.Thanks for your comment ! :)

  • Comment 505436 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Salut François,

    It's always a delight to read your FR's. Although I have not been been around in a while that doesn't mean that I do not return to check on the experiences of some of the most talented contributors.

    I agree with you 100% about the convenience of getting to HND from downtown TYO and vv.. I don't know how people managed on previous times when only NRT was available. Times have changed and this is a positive one that we can all enjoy and take advantage of.

    Smart move to get the 2 seats in the back. I would have done the same thing if I was traveling with someone.

    Good investment on the kokeshis. I find them really pretty and such an unique souvenir.

    "Once you tried the Japanese toilets with integrated washlets once, you forever regret not having one at home."
    - Just like once you had champagne you will never go back to beer? :P

    Overall I find Japanese lounges (JL and NH) to be more functional than anything else. Catering is decent but nothing to be truly impressed. Having said that, I appreciated the temporary sushi service at NH NRT airport. Another thing that I dislike about Japanese lounges in general is the lack of privacy in the seating areas. Everything is so open and with a neighbor. It all feels very "communal" and perhaps it is a cultural thing over in Japan where any display of non conformity and standing out is not really looked upon positively.

    "Going through the Premium Economy cabin whose quality-cost ratio I find very poor "
    - I never found this cabin appealing on AF. Those seats that slide forward instead of reclining are a big turn off for me. In addition the lack of metal utensils for the meal service feel rather cheap.

    "a male FA comes up and sternly tells me that there shall be no pictures of the crew."
    - Talk about an aggressive first impression. Good that you did not let him elaborate further and stopped him on his track. A rude interactions deserved to be diffused right away.

    "Because in front of my seat, the contents of an aperitif bag have not been cleaned."
    - I'm surprised that the Japanese cleaning crew missed this.

    "and in this report the time to say again how much I dislike it."
    - Perhaps it's the long association with DL but AF can use something better than humor in producing its safety videos.

    "Wrapped oshibori and printed menu"
    - The design of the menu could be more appealing. What happened to creativity?

    "I chose salmon and it is very disappointing, due to its soggy breading."
    - When will airlines learn that anything with breading is not fit to be served as airplane meal? Stews are so much better in that respect. At least your dessert looked decent and like a proper dessert, not an industrial packaged cookie or cake.

    Great plane spotting and gorgeous aerials of Paris upon landing.

    Thank you once again for sharing your inimitable perspective and pointing us the sights of interest along the journey.

    • Comment 505545 by
      marathon AUTHOR 9834 Comments

      I don't know how people managed on previous times when only NRT was available. Times have changed and this is a positive one that we can all enjoy and take advantage of.

      Much to my regret, I’ll fly to NRT next time: the flights to HND were much too expensive at time of booking.

      Smart move to get the 2 seats in the back. I would have done the same thing if I was traveling with someone.

      Betting on a neutralized middle seat is an option too.

      Good investment on the kokeshis. I find them really pretty and such a unique souvenir.

      Kokeshis are cheap, unbreakable, come in all sizes and design variations… the perfect souvenir IMHO.

      Just like once you had champagne you will never go back to beer?

      This comparison is purely theoretical to me, but I get the meaning ;)

      Catering (in the lounges) is decent but nothing to be truly impressed.


      Another thing that I dislike about Japanese lounges in general is the lack of privacy in the seating areas. Everything is so open and with a neighbor. It all feels very "communal" and perhaps it is a cultural thing over in Japan where any display of non-conformity and standing out is not really looked upon positively.

      I guess that is where my Japanese culture kicks in. The more privacy the designers try to provide in lounges and airplanes, the more oppressed I tend to feel.

      Talk about an aggressive first impression. Good that you did not let him elaborate further and stopped him on his track.

      I know when to remain silent in front of an aggressive cop, and when to stop dead in hit track someone who should not behave like an aggressive cop.

      I'm surprised that the Japanese cleaning crew missed this.

      I hope for whoever was on duty in this aircraft that his supervisor does not read Flight Report.

      AF can use something better than humor in producing its safety videos

      Humor is tricky to handle in international settings, and becomes stale if it is not renewed often. AF’s safety video is like Uncle Archie telling the same jokes again at the same moments in each family gathering year after year: it’s plain boring.

      The design of the menu could be more appealing. What happened to creativity?

      Cost cutting again

      When will airlines learn that anything with breading is not fit to be served as airplane meal?

      Either this meal has not been tested in flight, or (worse) it has, and been deemed good enough for steerage.

      Thanks for your detailed comment!

  • Comment 505777 by
    ThomasDutch BRONZE 597 Comments

    I am definitely not impressed with the catering Air France delivers to passengers in Y class. It looks unappetizing and it may taste even worse if I read through your comments. KL's catering reduced in quantity for example, but quality is improved... I'm still not entirely sure why AF is not really adopting to newer standards instead of pointing fingers.. and the way the food looks, I can hardly believe that it was from a Japanese catering company.
    Thanks for your detailed report. It was a pleasure reading through it.

    • Comment 505787 by
      marathon AUTHOR 9834 Comments

      I ate what AF paid for, but AF sadly acquires the stingy reputation they pay for.
      It was indeed unworthy of a Japanese catering : does AF really care ?
      Thanks for your appreciative comment on my report (but not on the food served on board^^) !

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