Review of Flybe flight Edinburgh Manchester in Economy

Airline Flybe
Flight BE292
Class Economy
Seat 20B
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 20 Aug 18, 10:00
Arrival at 20 Aug 18, 11:05
BE   #9 out of 22 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 68 reviews
By GOLD 311
Published on 1st June 2019

This is the first part of my flights going back to Paris, closing two beautiful weeks in Scotland.

  • June17th PTP-ORY : AF793 : Available in French
  • July 21st CDG -TLV : AF 1320 ici [french]
  • August 6th TLV-CDG : AF 1121 : ici[french]
  • August 6th CDG-MAN: BE3124 : Ici[french]
  • august 6th MAN-EDI: BE293: english french
  • august 20th : EDI-MAN You're here (Available in French)
  • august 20th MAN-CDG Available in French
  • august 29th ORY-PTP : LEVEL8001 Available in French

After a last evening in Glasgow, then a quick night, we wake at 6am, because of works on M8 highway. We take moer than an hour to come to EDI, with a really dense fog and a 5°C outside air temperature
We go to Low-cost part of the airport at 8am.

photo img_4204

We have to register on a automatic terminal, it's easy and quick, but it didn't print our second BP (MAN-CDG). Then we only have to abandon our lugages in a corner of the airport.. strange procedure.
photo img_4205

As you can see, the airport is overcrowded
photo img_4207

We go to airside part
photo img_4211

But here, it's totally different : a really good organization, all stations are open. We cross the police really quickly.

Few minutes after, we're airside.

photo img_4213

Boarding area at 8:40am
photo img_4215

Our flight will be displayed at 9:15
photo img_4216

The area is overcrowded, it's the rush hour.
Some spotting

E190 to London-City
photo img_4217

The queue of an 332 Etihad going to Abu Dhabi
photo img_4220

I managed to find a seat, just in front of this 350 Qatar for Doha.
photo img_4226

Sadly, there is no carpet here
photo img_4225

We see the queues of a 767 Air Canada to Toronto, an American airlines, and an AF.
photo img_4228

the 332 is pushing-back
photo img_4229

321 Finnair
photo img_4230

BA in 767 from London Heathrow
.photo img_4231

Etihad is taking-off
photo img_4235

Few minutes after, it's the turn of the A350.
photo img_4232

Delta is coming from NewYork JFK in 757
photo img_4233
photo img_4234

At 9:15am, the gate is not displayed, it's only write "GO TO WAITING AREA AT GATES 17-29", 9m walk in theory.
Finally we're in gate 26, and the boarding is starting when we arrive

our plane
photo img_4242

photo img_4243

An other 320 easyjet, in BORDEAUX livrery
photo img_4244

Finnair is going to Helsinki, United to NewYork neward in 757
photo img_4245

left propeller
photo img_4246

At our left, an Aer Lingus Regional going to Dublin.
photo img_4247

photo img_4248

We go to our seat, the last row (20).
photo img_4250

photo img_4251

seat are reclining
photo img_4252

But they are out of service. Mine is blocked in "low position".
photo img_4253
and it's dirty

photo img_4254

we push-back at 9:55
photo img_4255

At 10, we take-off, bye scotland:)
photo img_4256
photo img_4257
photo img_4258

the fog has dissipated
photo img_4259
photo img_4260

photo img_4264

At 10:35am, we start our descent over Manchester. The stewardess gives us our boarding gate to our flight to Paris, and explicates the way to follow to have our BP, while remaining in transit system! The only stewardess of this flight was really nice !
photo img_4266

photo img_4268

photo img_4269

The weather is worse here that in Edinburgh, but air temperature is higher.
photo img_4270

Landing gear released, with BE inscriptions "Faster than road or rail" which is totally true.
photo img_4272

We fly-over typically English suburban estate
photo img_4273

10:45am touchdown at MAN
photo img_4274

Control tower
photo img_4276

37 Norwegian going to Stockholm
photo img_4277

In term of international passengers, Manchester airport is before Toroton Pearson or LAX !! (18.6millions iof international PAX!)

seat view
photo img_4279

our plane go to Southampton one hour after.
photo img_4280

Then we have to print our second BP, thanks to the stewardess, we don't have to exit the transit system. There is the last pic of this report, a beautiful MAN corridor.
photo img_4281

thanks for reading
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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Edinburgh - EDI


Manchester - MAN



EDI: Overcrowded landside. Airside you have a good choice of shops (m&s, cafés). Lack of seating place, Edinburgh is I think at his maximum in terms of capacity for such a good international network.

BE: Nothing espacial, except the crew (composed of one) who was very nice.

MAN: uhh, a cold and ugly English airport, really overcrowded, we have to seat on the ground. Low-cost terminal (3) is really detestable!

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