Review of LOT Polish flight Warsaw Chicago in Premium Eco

Airline LOT Polish
Flight LO1
Class Premium Eco
Seat 06G
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 09:55
Take-off 18 May 19, 12:35
Arrival at 18 May 19, 15:30
LO   #84 out of 130 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 137 reviews
By GOLD 909
Published on 7th July 2019

Report No: 2019-506E

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to this new series where I would try LOT Polish Airlines for the first time after finding a sweet deal on their Premium Economy cabin. As my final destination would be Washington DC and LOT Polish Airlines doesn't fly to the DC area, I would fly to Chicago with LOT and then take an American flight down to DC. Also, in this series, I would have the opportunity to visit the signature lounges of two different Star Alliance carriers.

The second report of this series would be onboard the 787-8 of LOT Polish Airlines from a flight from Warsaw to Chicago on their Premium Economy cabin. It was my first transatlantic flight onboard this carrier and I also had the chance to experience the breakfast and lunch offerings in the Mazurek Lounge in Warsaw during my layover.

So the routing for this series would look like this; 


Pax for this flight:

Business Class: %60-65
Premium Economy Class: %60-65
 Economy Class: %95-100 


As I was the first passenger arriving to transfer security after my flight from Istanbul, I have cleared it in a breeze with no wait. Then I've headed to the Mazurek Lounge to relax a bit before my flight to Chicago.

photo img_8697


The retro-jet that took me from Istanbul to Warsaw was visible from the lounge.

photo img_8698

The lounge is really small compared to other airlines' signature lounges; however, the Schengen lounge is much bigger than this one. The lounge was empty early in the morning but it got crowded later on.

photo img_8704-79858

Breakfast was present when I arrived to the lounge

photo img_8699

The list of food options

photo img_8706-15835

Water, snacks and fruits available that morning

photo img_8707

Coffee and tea was also available

photo img_8708

And the hot options for that morning

photo img_8709

Alcoholic beverages were also present

photo img_8715

While enjoying my breakfast, this Easyjet A320 had passed by.

photo img_8700

As well as our friend, TC-LNF

photo img_8702

And this SSJ-100 arriving from Moscow-SVO.

photo img_8703

Two of the LOT Embraer's were parked in a gate close to the lounge.

photo img_8705

During my layover, I decided to take a shower and this key was handed by the front desk to access the shower room. There is only one shower room at this lounge.

photo img_8712-66027

There was only one body towel, one hand towel and a toothbrush present in the shower room. The shampoo was almost finishing so it took a time to get some in to my hand. In overall, this shower is not the best airport lounge shower but it was alright with some missing things.

photo img_8710photo img_8711

When I left the shower room my seat was taken, however, I found another spot to sit. At that point, the breakfast offering were being changed to lunch offerings.

photo img_8713photo img_8714

While enjoying some of the lunch dishes, F-GKXT had arrived from Paris CDG.

photo img_8716

Boarding pass for today's flight

photo img_8632


50 minutes before boarding, I had left the lounge. Here are the Non-Schengen FIDS for the day.

photo img_8717

Our aircraft was present at the gate. That day, I was going to fly with SP-LRE.

photo img_8718

PH-BGX arriving from Amsterdam.

photo img_8720

Which was followed by A6-ENR arriving from Dubai.

photo img_8722

Both gates 17N and 18N were used for boarding. The left side of the gate was used for Group 2 and 3 passengers while the right side for Group 1 passengers. However, when boarding started, both priorities ( Group 1 ) and Group 2 were boarding at the same time. Boarding had started 25-30 minutes before scheduled departure time.

photo img_8719-35382

Fuselage shot

photo img_8723


After being welcomed by the cabin crew, I have took my seat. A pillow and a blanket was present at that time. There were no earphones present at that time so I requested one later during the flight.

photo img_8724

A refreshing tissue was also present

photo img_8725

The legroom onboard Premium Economy is generous as well as the seat is comfortable.

photo img_8726

Water and a small amenity kit was present at each occupied seat so this meant that I wouldn't have a neighbor for this flight.

photo img_8727

As boarding was completed, champagne was offered as a welcome drink. It was the first time that I was offered champagne in Premium Economy Class.

photo img_8729

At that time, SP-LSE had just arrived from LAX.

photo img_8728

Shortly later, menus were distributed

photo img_8730-14229photo img_8731-57138

And as the personal screens are stowed for takeoff, the safety video was played on the monitors in front of the cabin.

photo img_8732

As I could understand from this remote, this aircraft was equipped with the Thales IFE system.

photo img_8733

EuroLOT aircraft

photo img_8734

A7-AEF had just landed from Doha while we were taxiing to the runway.

photo img_8735

OO-ABD was going to operate LO 6 to New York JFK that day.

photo img_8736

Another LOT regional jet which would head to Katowice that afternoon

photo img_8737

And another one, which would head to Wroclaw.

photo img_8738

Later on, we had took off

photo img_8739

A last view of the airport

photo img_8740


photo img_8741photo img_8742

And we're over the clouds

photo img_8743

Shortly after takeoff, I have visited one of the lavatories which was clean at that time. As Premium Economy does not have dedicated lavatories, passengers needed to go all the way back to Economy lavatories.

photo img_8744photo img_8745


As I've mentioned before, the aircraft was equipped with Thales IFE system.

photo img_8746

The IFE system is offered in various languages.

photo img_8747

And the menu;

photo img_8748

Route map

photo img_8750photo img_8752

The seat pocket content: Safety card, magazine and duty free catalogue.
Inflight shopping was offered onboard this flight. 

photo img_8764

LOT Route Map

photo img_8765

LOT fleet

photo img_8766-97073

Shortly after takeoff, hot towels were distributed throughout the cabin

photo img_8749

Later on, the service continued with the aperitif service which contained a drink of choice and peanuts. Also the cabin crew asked if I would like any wine. In these days it's rare to see peanuts onboard flights.

photo img_8753


That day, I have opted for the steak option. The steak was served with gnocchi, carrots and spinach which made the main course enjoyable. Also, I liked the point where there is an actual starter and a separate salad at the same time. A dessert, butter, vinaigrette was also present on the tray. Drink and water refills were offered throughout the service.

Roast beef served with smoked cheese and cranberry chutney
Pork sirloin steak with rosemary sauce served with gnocchi, braised spinach and carrot
Cake with raspberry 

photo img_8754-52769

After the meal, I've asked for a peppermint tea.

photo img_8755

Shortly after the trays were collected, the snack basket came around. These were my picks for the day.

photo img_8756-28931

As well as immigration forms were distributed.

photo img_8757

Then I've slept for a couple of hours and woke up over Canada

photo img_8758photo img_8760

As I've told in the beginning of the report, my seat didn't had earphones so I went to the galley and asked for a pair. The crew told that she was sure that she had put one into my seat, however, she happily gave me two pairs in case one of them didn't worked.

photo img_8761

As I didn't have time for a movie, I watched three episodes of Family Guy.

photo img_8762


1h30mins before landing, a light meal was served by the crew. It literally had two really light starter dishes and a fruit plate but it was better than nothing when we compare this tray in terms of portion. The dishes were tasty and good. The tray also contained Lindt chocolate and butter. I had asked for a coffee with Irish cream. A funny thing that LOT doesn't have Bailey's. Instead, they serve Carolans.

Beef cheeks with herbal dip served with potato salad
Roast pork loin with pepper sauce served with red and green bean salad
Fresh fruit salad 

photo img_8767

A regional airport prior to landing as we started our descend

photo img_8768

Some photos before landing

photo img_8769photo img_8770

And we had landed to Chicago O'Hare Airport, 35-40 minutes before our scheduled arrival time and the nightmare had begun. You would understand why I used the term "nightmare".

photo img_8771

The first visible aircrafts were these United and American birds

photo img_8772

N57852 heading to the runway for his flight to LAX

photo img_8774

United 777-200 heading to Frankfurt

photo img_8775

A6-EPW had just arrived from Dubai as EK235

photo img_8776

N27724 was heading to Norfolk that afternoon

photo img_8777

This Finnair A330-300 had arrived from Helsinki

photo img_8778

HP-1844CMP was heading to the runway for his flight to Panama

photo img_8779

And we had finally arrived near the international terminal, the first visible aircraft there was this China Eastern bird.

photo img_8780

Followed by an Hainan 787 and a KLM A330

photo img_8781

SP-LRB was at ORD as well. That bird was going to operate LO32 to Budapest.

photo img_8782

United and Aer Lingus birds

photo img_8783

N334FR getting ready for his flight to Dallas Fort Worth

photo img_8784

This Spirit bird had arrived from Cancun so it was parked at the international terminal

photo img_8785

And the nightmare begins, after a 15 minute taxi, the captain told that our gate was occupied so we needed to wait a couple of minutes. As 787's are designed not to receive phone signal, the 30-35 minute wait was a bit painful with nothing to do except listening music. I was planning to catch an earlier ORD-DCA flight because of our early arrival but in the end we would be arriving to the gate few minutes later than our scheduled arrival time.

photo img_8786

With the super-low phone signal I was able to catch, I have noticed that Emirates and Royal Jordanian birds were also being waited at another parts of the airport.

photo img_0147

And our aircraft waiting

photo img_0149

30-35 minutes later we had started to taxi to our gate, this Spirit bird heading to FLL was visible

photo img_8787

An American Eagle aircraft heading to Tulsa

photo img_8788

This American 787 would head to Rome that afternoon

photo img_8789

And as B-7347 had pushed back, we had docked to gate M10.

photo img_8791

Our neighbor was this Finnair A330-300 which had arrived later than us.

photo img_8792

After entering the terminal, the visitor lane was packed and there was almost a 1h30-2h wait. As my visa type is not eligible for the kiosks, I needed to head to the special visa lane where I've waited 15-20 minutes. Later on, I've went to the belt and realized that priority baggages were not the first bags arriving. All bags were arriving in a random order. After another 5 minutes over there, I had headed to the American Airlines transfer counter to re-drop my bag. I have also requested to change my flight to the earlier ORD-DCA flight which was delayed 1h20mins delayed. Otherwise, I was going to wait around 5 hours as my originally booked ORD-DCA flight was also delayed. The friendly agent tried to make a confirmed change but the system let her do, so I have asked her to put me on the stand-by list. Then I've left the immigration hall and headed to the bus stop to go to Terminal 3.

photo img_8793

This report has came to an end.
Thanks for reading and hope too see you in another report. 


As you would realize, I have changed the format of my coming-up section which would you would be more essential.
The part written in bold would be the publishing month of the date with a prefix with 'E' early, 'M' mid or 'L' late; EN for English, FR for French.
I am sorry that I had to cancel the publishing of several French translations due to the lack of time.
This section would be only available in my latest Flight-Report's.

Due to my tight schedules at the moment, I am unable to translate reports in to French, however, during the summer I would also post some Flight-Report's in French as well.
  A cause de mon emploi de temps, je ne peux pas trouver du temps pour traduire des FR's en français mais je vais publier des FR's en français pendant l'été.

Next Report:

Shortly after this Flight-Report, the last report of the series, the domestic American Airlines flight would be shared. For those who wonder, that flight was an uneventful American Main Cabin Extra Domestic flight onboard their 737-800 aircraft. L06/2019-EN FR

photo g3

Upcoming Reports which are flown

After the American report, a domestic United series would be published which would contain 2 different United mainline flights and a United Express flight onboard the ERJ-170. EM07/2019 EN

photo g2

Upcoming Reports which are not flown ( Subject to change )

After a long time, I would fly with the Air Belgium A340-300 on one of the routes that they offer in Business Class which would be followed by the flight of the airline that marketed the KF flight in their premium cabin. EM07/2019-EN FR

photo g1

As an av-geek from Turkey, it would be an honor to fly the Turkish Airlines 787-9, on it's first scheduled flight on the Business cabin. This series would contain two reports of the brand new Turkish Airlines Dreamliner and Business Lounge reviews on both airports of the itinerary. M07/2019-EN FR

photo glc7

Then, as a part of a vacation planned for the summer, I would visit a country that I have never visited and in this trip I would fly the DHC-8 for the first time unless there is a change in the aircraft type. In addition to the DHC-8-400 flight, this report would have two flight on the Turkish Airlines 737 aircraft on the Economy cabin. The first TK flight is scheduled to be operated with a Boeing 737-800 and the second one with a Airbus A319. The second flight was previously filed 737-MAX-8, and then changed to a 737-900ER after the incident and now being filed as an Airbus A319. L07/2019-EN FR

photo glc8

Later this summer, I would fly the Lufthansa A380 for the first time on a transatlantic flight from Frankfurt just after a short Lufthansa flight from Istanbul. The A380 flight would not be on Economy cabin as I would have the chance to report one of the premium cabins onboard that aircraft. Just after the Lufthansa A380 flight I would fly on an PMUS American Airlines A321 on a short domestic flight. In the airport that I would transfer from LH to AA, I would report the Flagship Lounge in addition to those lounges which would be reported on the LH reports. L08/2019-EN FR

photo glc9

For thanksgiving, I have booked a really cheap fare onboard United Airlines and it would be my second time flying them on a transatlantic flight. It would be a day-time transatlantic flight onboard the Boeing 757-200 which would soon retire from the UA fleet. After this UA flight, I would transfer to a TK flight back home to Istanbul onboard an Airbus A321. Both of the routes that I would cover in this series are previously reported on a different airline so you would have the chance to compare UA and TK to those respective airline(s). Again, all of the flights in this series would have lounge reviews. L11/2019-EN FR

photo glc10

Simply keep in touch with Flight-Report for my future reports.

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LOT Polish

Cabin crew8.5

Warsaw - WAW


Chicago - ORD



After a quick transfer security and heading to the lounge, I was not that impressed about the LOT Mazurek Lounge but the offerings were good and the seats were comfortable. The only problems are that there are only one toilet per sex which could mean long waits and that the shower room did not have enough towels and amenities. The boarding area was a bit messy with the lack of space and seating areas. Boarding had started later than expected and priorities were not totally respected as Group 1 and Group 2 started boarding at the same time. The seats onboard were really comfortable and the legroom was good. The IFE system was alright and had enough content. The seat also had a power source and a USB port. The journey had started with a glass of champagne which tasted a bit cheap but alright. After takeoff, I was surprised when I saw peanuts onboard but I really enjoy them. Also, the lunch service had started a decent time later than our takeoff. The lunch was great and I liked the part where there was a starter dish alongside a salad. Some airlines consolidate these two plates and serve as one. Drink refills were also offered throughout services. After a comfortable sleep, the second service seemed a bit light with two starter dishes and a fruit plate but it was OK in terms of Premium Economy. Throughout the flight the crew was professional and the lavatories were always kept clean. The worst part about this flight was Chicago O'Hare Airport which we had waited almost an hour for a gate to be opened. Luckily, the immigration wait times were not that bad but after clearing immigration, it was bad to wait for bags as priority bags were not the one arriving first. The experience at the American Airlines Transfer counter helped me a bit relax at that time as I had the opportunity to be served by a friendly agent and placed to Stand-By for the earlier ORD-DCA flight as both my flight and the earlier flight was significantly delayed. In overall, LOT was definitely worth the price but they could improve such things as respecting priority passengers or placing an extra towel to their showers. However, things in ORD and how they operate must definitely change as that airport is one of the worlds most inefficient airports.

(+) Efficient transfer security
(-) Boarding area was messy as well as the process, priorities were not totally respected.
LOT Mazurek Lounge
(+) Breakfast and lunch offerings
(+) Comfortable seating options
(-) Could be crowded as the area of the lounge is too small
(-) Shower facilities could be improved
(+) Comfortable seats and a decent legroom
(+) The quality of meals and services
(+) Friendly and professional cabin crew
(+) IFE system and the availability of USB ports and power outlets
(+) Toilets were kept clean throughout the flight
(+) Welcome drink for Premium Economy
(-) No dedicated lavatories for Premium Economy
(-) No Wi-Fi offered onboard
(+) Friendly help at the American Airlines transfer counter
(-) Passport wait times could be improved
(-) Waiting for a gate for 40-45 minutes, which completely means that ORD is inefficient
(-) Bags were arriving at a random order, without the respect of priorities

Information on the route Warsaw (WAW) Chicago (ORD)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 3 reviews of 1 airlines on the route Warsaw (WAW) → Chicago (ORD).


The airline with the best average rating is LOT Polish with 7.0/10.

The average flight time is 9 hours and 48 minutes.

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  • Comment 510493 by
    757Fan 508 Comments

    Looks like LOT's Premium Economy is pretty impressive. I was debating whether to book with them on a trip my wife and I are planning to take later this year to Vienna, but we ended up booking with Delta. Looks like the food and service is about on par with a Business Class type of service except for not quite as nice a seat!

    • Comment 510500 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 188 Comments

      Hi 757Fan and thanks for stopping by,

      Looks like LOT's Premium Economy is pretty impressive.

      - It was better than I've expected. Definitely worth the price.
      I was debating whether to book with them on a trip my wife and I are planning to take later this year to Vienna, but we ended up booking with Delta.

      - Don't worry, you are not the only one in the same case. I had several friends and relatives who didn't want to fly LOT on a similar occasion.
      Looks like the food and service is about on par with a Business Class type of service except for not quite as nice a seat!

      - In terms of the seat, it's a bit better than Lufthansa and better than those Premium Economy cabins of US carriers. Also, I could agree that the food and service resembled Business Class.

      Once again thanks for your comment and hope to see you in another report.

  • Comment 510494 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 4761 Comments

    HI ISTFlyer, thanks for this comprehensive report on LOT's Premium Economy product. There aren't that many reviews on this cabin out there so it's definitely nice to see a recent data point. Overall an impressive product--the champagne welcome drink is definitely high-end for Premium Economy. Catering looks good decent for W and the seat is really nice with good legroom.

    The worst part about this flight was Chicago O'Hare Airport which we had waited almost an hour for a gate to be opened.

    Yeah, not a fan of ORD in general

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 510501 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 188 Comments

      Hi Kévin and thanks for your comment,

      There aren't that many reviews on this cabin out there so it's definitely nice to see a recent data point.

      - Yes, I didn't know what to expect before my flight with LOT.
      Overall an impressive product--the champagne welcome drink is definitely high-end for Premium Economy.

      - I really enjoyed their Premium Economy product and I was surprised when I see those glasses of champagnes, but in reality, those champagnes were not the best champagne that I have tasted. :)
      Catering looks good decent for W and the seat is really nice with good legroom.

      - The catering was far beyond than other Premium Economy services that I've seen ( especially than BA of Alex Cruz ) and even though the seat is not up-to-date, it was really comfortable.
      Yeah, not a fan of ORD in general

      - Me too, I'll avoid it unless I find a sweet deal like this flight. Hope the 1.2 billion $ investment on the new international concourse would reduce gate waiting times.

      Once again thanks for stopping by and take care.

  • Comment 510642 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 305 Comments

    A surprising and pleasant experience and definitely much better than flying those Brits across the ocean. LOT has recently been advertising a lot and it also seems to pay off considering the number of reviews about LOT in the past few months.

    • Comment 510657 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 188 Comments

      Hi ThomasDutch and thanks for your comments,

      A surprising and pleasant experience and definitely much better than flying those Brits across the ocean.

      - Me too, definitely better than British Airways Premium Economy and LOT PE is significantly cheaper than BA PE
      LOT has recently been advertising a lot and it also seems to pay off considering the number of reviews about LOT in the past few months.

      - Even in Istanbul, they advertised a "LOT" and the price is definitely worth it. I could tell you that I paid less than what TK offered for the same routing in Y for LOT in W.

      Once again thanks for stopping by and take care.

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