Review of United Express flight Washington Houston in Economy

Airline United Express
Flight UA3513
Class Economy
Seat 12A
Aircraft Embraer E-170
Flight time 03:30
Take-off 31 May 19, 10:55
Arrival at 31 May 19, 13:25
UA   #64 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 63 reviews
By GOLD 330
Published on 10th September 2019

Report No: 2019-601E

Ladies and Gentleman,

Welcome to this new short series that would contain 3 domestic flights onboard United and United Express onboard a short weekend trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. In this series, I would present three different aircraft types at the United fleet but the services on all flights were similar. In addition, the first two reports would contain lounge reports as well.

The first report of the series would be onboard the Embraer E-170 of Republic Airlines which was being operated for United Express. As I was going to meet my travel companion at IAH and as I planned to fly together with him to MSY, I have decided to take an option via IAH which was cheaper than direct MSY flights. Also, I've paid $30 more for a flight departing from DCA for my convenience. This report would also contain a small report of the United Club in Ronald Reagan National Airport.

Here is the routing for this short series;

Pax for this flight:

Domestic First: %100
Economy and EconomyPlus: %95-100


My originally booked flight wasn't the flight I've flown so I have checked-in for that flight 24 hours before that flight.

photo img_0154

As United offers a free same calendar day change for Star Alliance Gold members I was looking for a better flight later in the day, which I could fly UA 2241 with my travel companion who would arrive from a Lufthansa flight and transfer to that IAH-MSY flight.

photo img_0155photo img_0156

I have confirmed my seats for my originally booked flights.

photo img_0157

Two hours later, I had the option to be rebooked to UA 2241 for free but I would have preferred a later DCA-IAH leg.

photo img_0159

So, a few hours later, I was able to view the option that I wanted ( UA 3513/UA 2241 )

photo ekran-resmi-2019-05-30-105619

The flight details

photo ekran-resmi-2019-05-30-105655

Seat map for this flight.

photo ekran-resmi-2019-05-30-105715

And for the second flight. A reminder that unlike American Airlines and Delta, United does not offer free EconomyPlus seating for their alliance elites.

photo ekran-resmi-2019-05-30-105733

The morning of the flight, I have tracked the incoming flight from Flightradar24.

photo img_0167photo img_0168

At that time, I was waiting for the metro to head to the airport.

photo img_8870

Due to construction at the metro lines, Ronald Reagan Airport is the temporary last stop of the Yellow Line.

photo img_8871

Arlington, VA while onboard the metro

photo img_8872

And the Thomas Jefferson memorial, alongside the Washington Monument

photo img_8873


I had arrived to the airport 1h20mins before the scheduled departure time of my flight. My flight seemed to be on time.

photo img_8874

As I've entered the terminal, this Delta A321 was visible

photo img_8875

I have headed to security and used the PremierAccess lane. After a 5-10 minute wait it was my turn. My bag was flagged because I haven't taken out food items from my bag. After an explosive check on the food items, I was all set and I headed towards the United Club to have some breakfast.

photo img_8876


I was welcomed by the United Club agent after scanning my boarding pass

photo img_8878

Our aircraft, N863RW was visible from the club.

photo img_8879

The club had simple breakfast offerings such as greek yoghurt, veggies, fruits, porridge, bagels, donuts, cereal, juices, coffee, etc…

photo img_8880photo img_8881photo img_8882

I have found a seat at the rear section of the lounge which also had a small bar of fruits and juices. The main area where the bar is located was much more crowded than the rear section.

photo img_8883photo img_8884

Magazines were also offered at the club.

photo img_8885

Boarding pass

photo img_0160


Our aircraft from the gate

photo img_8886

A funny thing happened just before boarding had started, the gate agent started his announcement by "Good Afternoon" rather than "Good Morning" which he realized later the smile of the passengers and corrected it. Then, boarding had started with the respect of priorities.

photo img_8887


I took my seat 12A which was a regular Embraer seat with decent legroom.

photo img_8888photo img_8889

The seat pocket

photo img_8890-11683

United destinations within the USA

photo img_8891

Snacks offered today onboard

photo img_8892-70807

And the beverage list

photo img_8893-33653

United Private Screening was offered onboard this flight but it didn't worked properly.

photo img_8894-90892

In the Hemispheres magazine, there was an article about the new Polaris Business class seats and the new Domestic First seats.

photo img_8895-95354

Terminal Map of IAH

photo img_8896-46534

Before it was our turn to push back, this UnitedExpress regional had pushed back for his flight to Newark.

photo img_8897

And shortly, it was our turn

photo img_8898

On the way to the runway, this American 737-800 had passed by.

photo img_8899

And another one of them

photo img_8902

And it was time to take off

photo img_8903


photo img_8904

Arlington, VA

photo img_8905

Ronald Reagan Airport

photo img_8906

And we're over the clouds

photo img_8907

At the first point, internet wasn't available but entertainment was available.

photo img_8900photo img_8901

Later on, when internet became available, there was an issue with the Wi-Fi which disconnected mobile phones from the network.

photo img_8908

However, I had the chance to look at the internet options

photo img_8909

The route map

photo img_8910

So, I wasn't able to watch a movie via my mobile phone.

photo img_8913

So, I opened my laptop and tried watching a movie over there, it worked. Then, I've filled a complaint form about the Wi-Fi issues onboard at the Live chat option at the gogo website and I had immediately received a complimentary Wi-Fi pass for the day. The Wi-Fi had a decent speed for browsing and it opened Flight-Report's at within a decent time period.

photo ekran-resmi-2019-05-31-113350

While my complimentary internet access had started, the cabin crew had served pretzels and a choice of drink for free. I haven't asked for something on the BoB menu as the options are expensive and not worth it.

photo img_8911

Later on, the cabin crew appeared for the second time, this time for a water refill about an hour before landing.

photo img_8914

Flight information at that time

photo ekran-resmi-2019-05-31-131136

A photo when we had started our descend

photo img_8915photo img_8917

Few minutes later, IAH was visible

photo img_8918

And, we had landed on time

photo img_8919

Shortly, we had started our taxi to Terminal A.

photo img_8921

And we had parked to gate A2.

photo img_8922


After saying goodbye to the crew, I have left the aircraft. The last view of the Embraer that took me to Houston.

photo img_8923

As my next flight was departing from gate C41 and as I was going to meet my travel companion at Terminal D transfer security, I have headed to the monorail station.

photo img_8924

This report has now came to an end.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.

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United Express

Cabin crew8.0

United Club


Washington - DCA


Houston - IAH



To expedite the process of publishing reports, I would not include a detailed conclusion for reports in this series.

(+) Decent wait for security
(+) Priorities respected throughout boarding
(-) Food items being flagged without notice
United Club DCA
(+) Decent breakfast selection
(+) Comfortable seating
(-) Soft drinks in plastic cups
(+) Comfortable seating and great legroom compared to other aircraft in the UA fleet
(+) The gesture of free Wi-Fi when PrivateScreening was not working properly
(-) Lack of hot meals for purchase in a 3h30min flight
(-) United PrivateScreening issue on mobile phones
(-) The Skyway was operating with issues

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    whistlehead 7 Comments

    Good report.
    None of the Embraers have hot meals stateside ( at least for UA) as they are not equipped with ovens. Even in first class you get a cold entrée.

    Also you complain about the prices of the items - it’s supply and demand just like you pay to fly out from DCA instead of IAD - if one is hungry they would buy regardless of the price. it’s not like airport food is any cheaper.

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