Review of Lufthansa flight Munich Luxembourg in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH2316
Class Economy
Seat 8D
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 06 Jun 19, 08:30
Arrival at 06 Jun 19, 09:35
LH   #72 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1193 reviews
Published on 10th June 2019

Welcome back! This is the 2nd flight in a GVA-MUC-LUX trip. I had been in GVA for a conference all week and had to head back to my home office. The first flight was on Swiss but now I switched to its sister carrier Lufthansa for the final leg.

TAble of Contents

1. Flight Info                5. seat
2. Check In                    6. IFE
3. Transferring            7. Food/Drink
4. Boarding                   8. Flight/Landing

1. Flight Info

Airline: Lufthansa Airlines (LH) (City Line)
Aircraft: CRJ-900
Registration: D-ACKL
Delivered: 2006
Route: MUC-LUX
Flight Number:2316
Seat: 8D
Departure Gate: G05
Departure Runway: 22R
Scheduled Departure Time: 8:30
Actual Departure Time: 8:50
Scheduled Arrival Time: 9:35
Actual Arrival Time: 9:36
Landing Runway: 24
Arrival Gate: B10
Scheduled Flight Time: 1hr 5 mins
Actual Flight Time:  46 mins

2.Check In

I checked in for this flight through the Swiss website as I checked in for my flight prior. Everything went smooth even though this flight was on Lufthansa due to both being part of the Lufthansa family. I was able to choose a seat at the front of the economy cabin due to being able to select any seat in economy at check in. Prior to check in seat selection is not free in economy unless you have at least Senator status for Miles and More. I was able to grab one of the first rows of economy and an aisle with no problem.

photo img_3651-28387

3. Transfering

My flight from Geneva landed at K04 in T2S. My next flight left from G05. Much life Frankfurt Terminals have 2 levels of departures. One is for Schengen and one is for non-Schengen. for T2S, K is the Schengen gates while L located a floor up is for Non-Schengen.  The G gates are the Schengen gates in T2. To reach T2 from T2S you must take a quick underground train. However, from K04, it is not a short walk. I am a fast walker and it still took me over 5 minutes to reach the escalator down to the people mover. The walk did feature plenty of shops and food options. I had a short layover so I had to focus on making it to my gate. I tried Wifi as I walked but it required too many inputs so I just gave up. The people mover only takes around 1 minute to go between the two terminals. The train does have limited seating but hopefully if you need a seat you can find one. Once in T2 I had to then walk all the way to the other end to G05. I reached my gate at 7:58. This was 20 minutes after getting off the plane from GVA. If you have issues walking I would make sure to schedule more than 1 hour between flights if not more.

4. Boarding

I arrived at G05 at 7:58. Boarding began at 7:59. Priority passengers went first, then the rest of us. G05 is a bus gate and unlike in GVA priority passengers did not have a special section on the bus. I was not given a gate tag for my bag. I knew it would fit under the seat so that's fine but typical on CRJ aircraft they don't give me an option. We had to drive a long ways to the remote stands that are past T2S. We passed by some wide-bodies bound for the U.S. (American, United and Delta birds). A Singapore A350 was also waiting to push back.  The first bus pulled up and everyone was on board by 8:21. A second bus was not far behind and by 8:27 boarding was complete. At 8:31 doors were closed.

photo img_3674-17955photo img_3677

5. Seats

Seats on this City Line CRJ 900 are only 17.5" with 31" pitch. It was fine for this short of flight and typical of small regional aircraft. the leg room was fine.

6. IFE

As you would expect… No wifi, no tv, no power…. Best bring a book or read the Lufthansa Magaizne or Duty Free Magazine.

7. Food/Drink

For breakfast we were served half a chicken sandwich. The sandwich had some veg on it and was tasty. It was also very filling as it was 100g. The drink cart had apple and orange juice, water, coke products and coffee/tea.  I really like how European airlines (full service ones) give you a snack (typically as I pointed out on my last review).

photo img_3686photo img_3687

8. Flight/Landing

At 8:31 the doors were closed and at 8:34 we pushed back. We had a long taxi way to 22R. Once there we had to wait on an Easy Jet flight and a couple of LH birds.  In-flight beverage and food began only 10 minutes after wheels up.  This was a short flight to LUX and it was smooth for the most part. It was slightly bumpy as we went through clouds going into Luxembourg.  Low clouds meant that once you were able to see the green fields of the small country you were nearing touchdown. at 9:36 we touched down on 24 and was at B10 only 3 minutes later. From the B gates its a short 3-5 minute walk to baggage claim and then to arrivals.

photo img_3682photo img_3683photo img_3688
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Cabin crew7.5

Munich - MUC


Luxembourg - LUX



This was a solid flight. The FA were good and friendly. The food option was fine.



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