Review of Singapore Airlines flight Bangkok Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 977
Class Business
Seat 16K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 01:52
Take-off 09 Jun 19, 15:38
Arrival at 09 Jun 19, 18:30
SQ   #7 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 670 reviews
By 1930
Published on 23rd June 2019
It was a pretty long walk to transfer security, which was totally empty, and we proceeded to the Silver Kris Lounge for the short layover. The lounge was very crowded and packed full. Unless you are looking for some good F&B offerings, the crowded lounge definitely did not contribute to a relaxing ambience.

photo 48107942693_25bc4ef86e_b

Cocktail selections had changed from my last visit.

photo 48107942598_60f099049d_b

Buffet selection was excellent as before.

photo 48107942638_7190bb4f25_b

photo 48107897281_48348db276_b

photo 48108008932_e897be2a4b_b

photo 48108006702_e045696c5f_b

photo 48107897371_d0df7d9ac6_b

I only had a tom yum soup, desserts and drinks.

photo 48107897266_663d56ddb9_b

photo 48108008802_11363771a6_b

09 June 2019
Singapore Airlines
SQ 977
Bangkok (BKK) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class
Flight Time: 1H53M

Before long, we proceeded to the gate where boarding has already commenced.

photo 48107897236_5c8fa3baa3_b

photo 48108008722_229be9be26_b

Into the Business Class cabin, back to the old regional seat which is being phased out. Though I still feel that this seat is pretty decent for short-hauls. A pillow and blanket is already placed on each seat.

photo 48107942403_83a95fdae1_b

View out the window from 16K. Kenya Airways B787 commencing its taxi.

photo 48107897046_0c4126619e_b

Boarding in progress.

photo 48108008692_786c5bec41_b

As per standard procedure, welcome drinks and hot towels are offered.

photo 48107897071_ab95c6ed09_b

Requested for a champagne, which unfortunately, had no bubbles… The entire tray of champagne was lacking the bubbles….

photo 48108008592_500a53b0ba_b

Headphones and menu. Yes, menu booklet is still available on this BKK-SIN flight, though I read that someone in J had the menu slip instead the month before.

photo 48108008612_159ff589e4_b

Prepping for departure.

photo 48108008372_1f3ac4cf14_b

Continued with my movie which I did not complete on the last sector on TG.

photo 48107942053_40e0c93b27_b

Pushed back and safety video played.

photo 48107941998_d7f6efa6b5_b

photo 48107896731_b955a43296_b

Taxiing to the runway. The satellite terminal construction is underway.

photo 48108008237_1ed4ededd0_b

photo 48107896676_f3de301f32_b

photo 48107896646_03ac2f72cb_b

photo 48107941933_876406944f_b

photo 48107941888_bae378049d_b

Departure from Rwy19L.

photo 48108008067_406347ca1b_b

photo 48107896536_218d6c1f9b_b

photo 48108008072_2320fd75fd_b

photo 48108007997_ae6d892811_b

Beautiful views of the coastline.

photo 48107896466_25ae13ebb5_b

photo 48108007952_c3ccd18f57_b

Flew over U-Tapao airport, a rising alternate airport to BKK, and marketed as Pattaya's airport.

photo 48108007922_fd7ff0458a_b

photo 48107941753_9298e37c5a_b

Dinner menu for this flight.

photo 48107942278_96637ded24_b

Selection for SQ974 SIN-BKK sector.

photo 48107942263_f061807430_b

Elaborate beverage selection

photo 48107942203_3b8a738ba9_b

photo 48107942188_6fbc6e2cae_b

photo 48108008432_e40ecc56f1_b

photo 48107896856_2803c5dd25_b

photo 48107896811_fcfecbd931_b

photo 48108008352_bfe582fcc5_b

Dinner service commenced shortly after departure. Due to the full load in Business, we only got our meal almost an hour after departure as we were the last few to be served.

photo 48107941658_a828957677_b

photo 48108007837_ef6e7f6fbf_b

photo 48107941603_6880042c44_b

As expected on the short haul, all courses were served on a single tray. I chose for the beef ribs, which came with a prawn starter and thai dessert.

photo 48107896296_a80e32668c_b

photo 48107896266_81e618564c_b

The prawn salad was very fresh and refreshing.

photo 48108007712_9c804291bc_b

Beef short ribs was very tender and flavourful. BKK catering certainly did not disappoint.

photo 48108007777_81e618564c_b

The thai dessert was really cute.

photo 48107941418_3926309a0b_b

The codfish with noodles was very tasty as well.

photo 48108006767_a16bf0f7a9_b

Ending with a chamomile tea.

photo 48108007437_04bc4f045e_b

44min to arrival after meal service is completed.

photo 48107941258_b2aaa76ab3_b

photo 48108007367_d151c56d8d_b

Lavatory is well-stocked as usual.

photo 48107895846_9c1a0322da_b

photo 48108007352_0a8c16beff_b

Cabin view

photo 48107895826_dc0603f0e7_b

Got a SQ teddy from the crew!

photo 48107940553_913d3b2160_b

Very soon, we were descending into Singapore.

photo 48108007227_b18c9b1a7f_b

photo 48107895691_dc6ef76384_b

Nearing the destination

photo 48107895736_f72a1c577f_b

photo 48107940973_09a200881a_b

photo 48107940903_248e4566c2_b

Landing on Rwy20R.

photo 48107940788_800b30151a_b

photo 48107895411_125ddb490c_b

Taxiing to Terminal 2.

photo 48107941503_5caca286c5_b

photo 48107941448_7452e1f04e_b

photo 48107941438_82402f1973_b

Disembarked. The aircraft would be heading to Male next.

photo 48107896081_37855f5a2e_b

photo 48107896036_f7e10d33fc_b

photo 48108007542_6af14e6cd4_b

photo 48107896061_2519a5946d_b

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No surprises here, a short and comfortable flight on SQ Business Class. Food was good, service efficient and professional, and everything moved like clockwork as expected on SQ.

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    Nice report! As one of A330 ex-SQ now operated by XJ still fitted with the SQ's it looks so different. Yeahh you know Full service and LCC thing. But anyway thanks for the report of SQ's A330 before they will gone!

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