Review of Japan Airlines flight Osaka Tokyo in Economy

Airline Japan Airlines
Flight JL224
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:08
Take-off 27 May 19, 15:19
Arrival at 27 May 19, 16:27
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Published on 27th June 2019

(Leg 6/6) Going the long way round…NYC to TYO via canada and finland

My first report! I figured that I'd go with my most recent flight to commemorate the occasion.  I usually post on a Japanese website (flyteam) which typically is lighter on photos than what I've observed here. I promise my future reports will be more photo-heavy!


A brief hop back to tokyo (and my first Japanese domestic flight)

Despite being Japanese (and flying between the US and Japan several times a year), I've never had the pleasure of flying a domestic flight within Japan. I was keen to find out how it differed from the US experience, even if it was just an hour-long flight.

After 2 unscheduled overnight layovers (thanks, AA) and 5 flights, I was finally on Japanese soil–but I still had 1 flight to go. While I had a semi-lengthy layover, I didn't have enough energy to even contemplate leaving Kansai for the Osaka city center. At that point, I was really glad that I opted out of a KIX-ITM transfer.

Originally I was booked in Class J for this leg (Domestic Business), but of course there was no availability left when I was rebooked to the following day. 

Pre-flight: Ground Service and lounge (kind of)

My bags were the last ones to come out of the conveyor belt (literally–it was only when I had already gone to the baggage desk and started filing a lost baggage report, when a man emerged out of a door carrying my bags…), and I hauled them on a cart and headed to the domestic check-in desks.

With Kansai serving predominantly INTL flights, it shouldn't have been surprising that the domestic side of the terminal was…sparse. Still, I was rather taken aback. 

While I am technically an Executive Platinum member with AA, it's only a 90-day limited status as I pursue my status challenge from United 1K, I'm still unsure whether my oneworld Emerald benefits apply on partner airlines during this trial period. Given that there was literally no line at the check-in desk anyway, I headed to the general lane. 

My 2 suitcases and bicycle were given new luggage tags, and I was instructed to head to the oversize check-in area (which seemed to double as the priority screening lane). I still had quite a lot of time left, but I decided to pass security at that point.

Airside review: Round 1 
Once airside, I was again surprised at the lack of stores. Near me, there was a pharmacy, and in the distance was a Starbucks and a convenience store. I thought that I would sit down somewhere and relax, but there weren't many comfortable seats with access to an outlet. After sitting on a high chair and catching up on some e-mails, I was bored with several hours yet to go.   

photo 65184634_348513939172623_3765000148791328768_n-88457

Checking the Priority Pass app, I saw that there was an Okonomiyaki restaurant landside that was part of a network–that ought to get me in the Osaka mood!

The security guard manning the exit said that I could leave the secure area, so I headed there for lunch.

The "Lounge"
Botejyu seemed like a standard Okonomiyaki restaurant, and my Priority Pass membership entitled me to free food and beverages up to 3400 JPY, which seemed generous.

It took them some time to grill everything, but considering I ate two plates for free, I wasn't complaining. A decent proportion of guests seemed to be using Priority Pass.  

photo 65237970_1115858768602217_3347566139784822784_nphoto 65243557_877846579218568_5293758929912725504_n

Airside review: Round 2
Feeling rather bloated, I headed back through security, and this time the gate area was crowded, although there was a delay posted for our flight. The weather had indeed been miserable in Osaka, and there was a PA announcement that the seatbelt sign would be on for an extended time, recommending passengers to head to the restrooms before departure.

After a slight rolling delay, boarding commenced, and went smoothly (apart from myself dropping my phone when stuffing my carryon in the overhead bins) 

photo 65240852_335644737336418_4054886093101727744_n


As promised, the departure was rather bumpy through the clouds, but uneventful afterwards. I was given a complimentary cup of green tea, and I briefly dosed off.

My approach into RWY22 hugged the coast of Tokyo Bay, and offered views of central Tokyo.–look at the Skytree!

photo 65280245_476862763075210_4050688119052173312_nphoto 65307439_418537585660811_2559102069424259072_nphoto 65293796_468123443945915_6861630728363311104_n


I disembarked, and waited for my bags. Rather amusingly, even my boxed bicycle emerged out of the conveyor belt. Several phone calls while at Kansai revealed that none of the delivery providers at Haneda would accept my bicycle for shipping, so I opted for a one-way rental car reservation with Times Car Rental.

For an additional fee, I was able to have the car delivered to the multi-story carpark adjacent to the Terminal, rather than having to take a shuttle.

Despite some congestion on the Wangan route, I was home after a short while. 

photo 65479790_430299377811305_7399422928028172288_n-29394
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Japan Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Osaka - KIX


Tokyo - HND



Honestly, apart from the delay (AND THE FACT THAT I WAS ORIGINALLY BOOKED IN CLASS J) I had no qualms with the flight. Legroom was tight, but then again, it's only an hour. And the view on approach into Haneda out the window was spectacular.

The experience was good enough to convince me to try a flight to Nagoya (rather than bullet train) for an upcoming trip.

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  • Comment 509124 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5093 Comments

    Hi there and thanks for posting your first report here! Too bad about the downgrade from Class J, but glad you had a good experience in Y anyway. JAL is a really great carrier, so it's not surprising. Looking forward to more reports from you!

    Welcome to Flight-Report!

    • Comment 509126 by
      JMBResona AUTHOR 5 Comments

      Hey! Thanks for your comment! I'm really happy I found this website!

      The downgrade certainly wasn't ideal, but it was nice to be back onboard JAL. They're partly why I jumped ship from Star Alliance to Oneworld! (although I'll miss flying IAD-NRT direct).

      Hopefully I'll have enough time to post reviews for the other flights rather quickly.

      • Comment 509127 by
        KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5093 Comments

        JAL, along with CX, are some of the main reasons that I’ve remained loyal to AA. I just moved from DC last week , where there was no JAL service, to SAN, where there is JAL service, though less service in general. Luckily, LAX is right up the road!

        • Comment 509130 by
          JMBResona AUTHOR 5 Comments

          Well, I guess I won't be bumping into you at DCA anytime soon then...😉

          Hmm, I haven't been to LAX in a long time--I had primarily connected through SFO because UA has an arrivals lounge/Polaris Lounge there. I have fond memories of walking through TBIT from before my pre-UA flying days though. Such a gorgeous terminal!

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