Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Luxembourg in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH392
Class Economy
Seat 18D
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 09 Jul 19, 09:40
Arrival at 09 Jul 19, 10:35
LH   #46 out of 74 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1453 reviews
By 637
Published on 16th July 2019

For those that do not know, I work in Luxembourg but live in Charlotte. This unusual arrangement allows me to fly to Europe every month or so. This time I will be headed back on a CLT-JFK-FRA-LUX routing on Delta and then Lufthansa. For this first leg to Lux and flying Lufthansa. Since, I have Frequent Traveler status, I will be able to enjoy and review the Lufthansa Welcome Lounge at FRA and hopefully 1 more lounge airside at FRA. 

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Flight Info
Check In
Passport Control
Lufthansa Welcome Lounge
A13 Lufthansa Business Lounge

Flight Info

Airline: Lufthansa (LH)
Aircraft: CRJ 900
Delivered: 2011
Route: FRA-LUX
Flight Number:392
Seat: 18D
Departure Gate: A03
Departure Runway: 18
Scheduled Departure Time: 9:40
Actual Departure Time: 10:01
Scheduled Arrival Time: 10:35
Actual Arrival Time: 10:36
Landing Runway: 6
Arrival Gate: B06
Scheduled Flight Time: 55 Minutes
Actual Flight Time: 56 Minutes

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Check in

Lufthansa does not allow free advanced seat assignments. I kept monitoring the seat map and since the flight is only ~35 minutes, I was not too worried about where I was on the plane. Lufthansa opens all economy class seats for you to choose from at check in. I’m hoping to grab an extra legroom seat for free! I went to the Lufthansa page about 8 minutes prior to check in for my long-hual leg and to my amazement it allowed me to start the process! I have experienced this before on Swiss. I was assigned an aisle seat on row 18, the extra leg-room exit row! Lufthansa must knew I liked those ?. I quickly finished the rest of check-in and had my bording pass sent visa text to my cell.

photo img_3855-91594

Passport Control

My prior flight from JFK landed at gate Z58. Typically, you would follow signs to you next gate but I had over 3 hours and since I have status, wanted to try out the Welcome Lounge which is located in landside area of the terminal. I turned right off the jet bridge and followed signs towards Exit/Baggage Claim. It must have been a mile! I'm a very very fast walker and it still took me just under 10 minutes. If you have issues walking, please get a cart.  Passport Control was easy and I was the only one in line; the agent was a bit skeptical that I was able to go to the Lounge but I proved I had status and he was satisfied. After another 5 minute walk past numerous shops and baggage belts I arrived at the Lufthansa Welcome Lounge just under 20 minutes from the time I stepped off my last flight. To make it to the lounge just follow the bright yellow signs that are posted everywhere.

If I had gone straight to my next gate, this likely would have been similar, as the walk is shorter (hopefully) but passport control longer due to more connecting passengers.

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WElcome Lounge

Check in to the lounge was quick and easy. As you walk in a big bar with food is in the back corner with seating off to the right by a tv. To your left is the business area that had at least a dozen private workspaces, a smoking lounge and a dark room that you can sleep in. The showers are down a level so take the steps or the elevator and see the desk once you arrive at the lower level. The lounge has over 20 showers so you hardly have to wait. I was given a shower room immediately. They have basics like razors and toothbrushes available for free if you are in need. Only Lufthansa Senator, Honor Circle, or passengers arriving on a business or first class ticket can have ironing completed while you shower.  

The shower was nice, not too big but well laid out. L'occitane products were in the shower room to use. The water was nice and warm with a rain-forest shower head and a hand held one as well. I am not sure how long you have the room for but I was in the room for around 25 minutes and the screen on the wall had yet to tell me to hurry up.

After a nice shower and change of clothes (its crazy how much this helps when you have little sleep) I went back upstairs to enjoy a proper breakfast.  The breakfast bar had your usual beverages: a coffee machine, Coke-cola, water, wine, beer and select liquor. The hot food selection encompassed bacon, eggs, and soup. Chorizo and Iberic ham were available. Pastries and cold meats and yogurt were also on the line. The food was good, much better than the small plate I was served on the plane. 

The lounge had wifi that was decent.  When I arrived maybe 20 people were visible in the lounge and that was maintained for the duration of my visit. It was really a nice place to visit and refresh before a long day.


After 40 minutes or so in the lounge, I headed back up towards security. My next flight was leaving from the A gates so I followed the sign for what would be another 5 minute or so walk past the Check-in desks for zone B. It was not that busy to be around 7AM.  Security was very slow. This is common in European airports. The agent always takes his/her time with the next passenger and this was no difference. It still amazes me how people come so unprepared to the airport. I had only 3-4 passengers in front of me and every single one either did not have liquids in a bag or seemed confused at what layers of clothes to remove. 

This particular security zone did have the new full body scanner where your hands are to you side. (I tried to find the name but could not). It seemed faster than the ones currently in use everywhere else, but only by a few seconds (which add up over the course of a day).

photo img_3923-39122photo img_3924photo img_3925

Business Lounge

After exiting security you go through, you guessed it, a large Duty Free Shop. I still had over an hour before my next flight was to board so I ventured to the closes Lufthansa Business Class lounge. Lufthansa has 2 Business Class Lounges and also the panorama Lounge in the A Gates.  I ventured into the lounge near gate A13. As on par with my last experience in this lounge, it was super crowded. I was able to find a seat in the business area but last time I had to stand.  Your typical drinks and snacks were on display here. I tried the hot meatballs and they were decent. You do get nice apron views but I could not find such a lucky seat.  

I used most of my time to check emails and around 9:00 headed towards gate A03.


It was a short 3 minute walk to bus gate A03. Seating was very limited as at least 6 other bus gates were in use in a very small area.  At FRA all regional jets use remote positions. Most wide-bodies use jet bridge but I have used a remote position for a United 767 and frequently see large planes parked on the apron with stairs attached.

At 9:09 boarding began with priorities being respected (its a bus gate so not that it matters). Shortly, at 9:13 I was able to board the bus.  It felt like we were driving all the way to Luxembourg! The ride took at least 10 minutes, maybe 15. One positive is that we were almost taken to runway 18!  This  meant in all likelihood a very short taxi as 18 is only used for departures.  


I was located in an exit row seat. I had more than enough leg room. The seat was very basic, not very comfy and did not feature any adjustable head rest. Inside the seat pocket were the usual: safety card, in-flight magazine and duty free. My bag was able to fit in the very small overhead space. 

One unusual thing to note is that the flight attendants did not give the usual exit row speech.  Lazy, Lazy.

photo img_3944


Ha better bring your own. No plugs either


Ha better bring your own :)

InFlight/ Landing

Boarding was completed quickly at 9:32 for the first buss and 9:44 for the 2nd. We pushed back at 9:50. The taxi to the runway was very short, as I had expected. At 10:01 we had wheel's up toward the Grandy Duchy of Luxembourg. The flight was uneventful till the end. As we were on final, it become very very bumpy. I was surprised we did not have to do a go-around.  We landed at 10:36 after a short flight. We arrived at gate B06 two minutes later. From the B gates it takes around 4 minutes or so to get airside. 

Thank you for reading! Safe travels!

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Cabin crew5.5

Lufthansa Business Lounge A13 - A


Frankfurt - FRA


Luxembourg - LUX



The Welcome Lounge is worth the hassle. FRA is such a large airport that all the walking gets tiring.

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  • Comment 511762 by
    sotto_Deactivated 82 Comments

    I can -and I will- no longer understand the ratings in catering: As with any american airlines serving Pretzels and soft-drinks in plastic cups on a one to two hour flight in First Class with 7 Punnkten and Lufthansa serving a candy in Economy at a 1 Hours flight rated at only 1.5 by the reporter.
    What is the difference in terms of service in First and Economy Class? Is that a american or a german airlines or what it is? Comparable is that already. Only with given prerequisites. otherwise there is valuation wild growthOr is the evaluation scheme to be revised?

    • Comment 511764 by
      juddsol AUTHOR 24 Comments

      This flight had zero catering even in Business Class due to catering issues at FRA. I know Delta will not have catering if the flight is under 30 minutes. However, Swiss always provides at the minimum a bottle of water. So maybe I should have given catering a 0? Its hard to say because its not uncommon but I feel passing out water is easy enough to do. 1.5? Just a guess, not an exact science but this flight gets a failing grade for catering if it gets any grade at all.

      • Comment 511871 by
        KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5963 Comments

        You're fine...and you're right, it's not an exact science at all. It's a totally subjective personal thing. But personally, when i grade experiences, I like to ask myself..."what is average on a route like this?" and then establish that as the base rating (i.e. 5)...and if I feel the service was above average for a route and cabin then I'll rate above 5...less than average, then below 5. In your case 1.5 does seem a bit harsh considering US carriers do nothing at all on a flight this length. It's hard to do any service on a 30 min flight, and most airlines don't do any service as it's just not feasible, so personally i feel like nothing is average and a bottle of water like on LX would be above average.

        It's like IFE...the average on a RJ is basically nothing, except for an inflight that would be 5 to be...if you have free WiFi...then that would be above average. Free Wifi with streaming, even higher...PTVs and free WiFi with streaming would be 10/10.

        Hope that makes sense.

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