Review of China Southern flight Los Angeles Shenyang in Economy

Airline China Southern
Flight CZ610
Class Economy
Seat 62K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 12:33
Take-off 22 Dec 18, 00:48
Arrival at 22 Dec 18, 05:21
CZ   #41 out of 134 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 123 reviews
By SILVER 1894
Published on 15th July 2019

CHINA SOUTHERN Airbus a330-300 economy class review


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Yes, I know. I am going to China for the ten thousandth time… 

My grandparents own a vacation house on the island of Hainan in China, and I used to visit every winter when I was living in Harbin, China. It was the good old days when I can live carefree and play on the beautiful beaches of Sanya for two months…This trip for sure became nostalgic, and I was super excited for this. 

The problem is that, my mom and I live in Los Angeles now. The paradise used to be just a short 5 hour domestic hop away, now we have to fly 13 hours first, then connecting to another 5 hour flight…Yeah. It's not exactly "close". When we were booking flights only a few weeks in advance, the prices were floating around $2,000 round trip per person.. IN ECONOMY… We ended up with China Southern connecting through Shenyang, the largest city in my home state Manchuria. On the return, we tried Hainan airlines, China's only SKYTRAX 5 star airline, on the way back to LA. We booked our tickets on Amex Travel, which gave us about 20,000 MR points.

Tom Bradley International Terminal

photo img_3801

Good evening from LAX. Took us about an hour to drive 2 miles off of I-405 on Century Blvd…

photo img_3802-1

And I'm back here again.

photo img_3804-1

Check-in area was pretty empty. The agents were just finishing checking-in the earlier flight to CAN.

photo img_3805

Still plenty of SkyTeam logos here… Won't be seeing any of those next week!

photo img_3806

Check-in was very painful…

Since I booked my flights on Amex Travel, I couldn't reserve seats.

Me: Can I have a window seat and the aisle seat next to it please?
Agent: Sure.

(5 mins later)

The agent couldn't figure out how to get seats, so she called up her supervisor…
By the time this problem got resolved, 10 minutes had passed. Apparently the lady wasn't familiar with the system, so the boss had to teach her how to check us in.. 

photo img_3809

TSA fun

photo dsc09482

Walking to TSA. It's a longer walk than what I had expected…

photo dsc09483

They had dogs sniffing our bags too…

photo dsc09487

Not many people in line today. Great!

photo dsc09489

You know the drill.

photo dsc09492

Passed through TSA in 5 minutes. KAL lounge was closed for Priority Pass at the moment.

photo dsc09493

And about 50 people standing outside of PF CHANG… I think they were all Priority Pass users…

photo dsc09494

Love it how "Priority" isn't "prioritized".

photo dsc09511

Times tower

photo dsc09510

Virgin Australia Boeing B777-300ER

photo dsc09495

Qantas Airbus A380-800

photo dsc09498

China Airlines Boeing B777-300ER to Taipei

photo dsc09502

China Southern Airlines Airbus A380-800 to Guangzhou

photo dsc09535

Air China Boeing B777-300ER to Beijing

photo b1065

Here she is, a 0.7 year old Airbus A330-300 that will take to me Shenyang. By the way, this is the third ever FLIGHT from LA to my home state Manchuria.

photo dsc09513

Gate 154 this time

photo dsc09526

Flying Food Group Truck

photo dsc09527

Somehow every Qantas flight that day was delayed.

photo dsc09539

Gate lice are already lining up.

photo img_3820

Walking down the jetty again.

photo dsc09544

The cabin looks very fresh and nice.

photo dsc09545

Seat (10/10)
Legroom was excellent.
The recline was very generous.
The new Recaro CL3710 was very comfortable overall. 

photo dsc09546

Here's my seat. A window seat on the second to last row.

photo dsc09553

The IFE screen is absolutely massive!

photo dsc09554

Here's the galley of this A333. I feel like the 333 galley is way longer than that of the 332.

photo dsc09555

Love the A330. It just looks so elegant.

photo dsc09556

Massive, MASSIVE IFE screen.

photo dsc09559

No individual air vents for those of y'all who run cold.

photo dsc09564photo dsc09560

And yes CZ offers wifi on their new 333s, 359s, and 789s. More on that later.

Safety video

photo img_3839

And without further delay, we were on our way to Shenyang!

photo dsc09572

West Ventura.

photo img_3842

Liar, the wifi does NOT work. (yet)

photo img_3850

Dinner (Mid-night snack?) time

photo dsc09580

This is the best EVER meal I had EVER had in 2018…Marvelous for a 2AM snack.
The braised beef was very tender and flavourful.

photo dsc09581

The main course was very good. The gravy was very expressive and I could clearly taste the meat.

photo dsc09585

Time to sleep.

photo dsc09584

Good morning from eastern Russia.

photo img_3861

The airshow was very responsive. I could view my flight from lots of perspectives. I actually slept for a decent 5 hours thanks to the comfortable padding and the recline.

Unlike most Chinese airlines, China Southern offered many movies and TV-shows to watch and to stream on your own device.

photo img_3930

Two movies later, the cabin light was turned on and breakfast service initiated. The wifi worked for only about 30 minutes during the flight and the connection was very slow. Still, better than nothing.

photo img_3934-89440

Here's the breakfast. It was very delicious just like the dinner! I am very impressed with CZ's catering.

photo img_3933-28952

Here's my Mom's congee. She said it was very tasty, and there was a generous amount of scallops.

photo img_3943

Flying over my hometown, Harbin. See you in July 2019!!!

photo img_3948

The bathroom was kept clean during the flight. It has all the basic amenities.

photo img_3947

They had disposable cup for some reason…Bring your own mouthwash! (I bought mine at Walmart for $1)

photo img_3952photo img_3950

Tried my best taking these shots…

photo img_3954

40 minutes left.

photo img_3957photo img_3958

Descending into Shenyang.

photo img_3959

Downtown? I think? I couldn't tell

photo dsc09609photo img_3961

photo img_3968

Parked next to a China Southern A320

photo img_3969

Hello China! It has been almost 5 months already.

photo img_3971

Going to the transfer hall.

photo img_3974photo img_3975

Wow transferring here is really convenient. There were 4 dedicated check in counters, and we were all set in 5 minutes…

photo img_3973

The END. My next flight, Shenyang to Haikou on the Airbus A321, will be posted soon!

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China Southern

Cabin crew10.0

Los Angeles - LAX


Shenyang - SHE



The seat was AMAZING. (10/10) The food was DELICIOUS! However, 1 point off for not having mid flight refreshments.(9/10) The cabin crew was very genuine in a Manchurian way, and they were very professional as well. I dropped my Andrew Jackson on the floor, and one of the FA nudged me and ask me if it belonged to me. (10/10) The entertainment was mind blowing (not kidding). There was a large selection, and the Wifi was free tho not much useful. (9.5)
Overall, I was very impressed by my favourite Chinese airline China Southern on its A333E international product. It was also very cool to fly a 5 day old route, and I am looking forward to my next flight on CZ! Thanks for reading!



  • Comment 511519 by
    Aaro 26 Comments

    Hmm I have a flight with CZ on a 787-9 in August. Should be a nice experience it seems. Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 511525 by
    Oscar 10 Comments

    Hey nice review - will be heading on their 787-9 soon so hopefully that will be a great experience. Its nice to see that they are upgrading their cabins - have flown on their 777-200 and 787-8 which were pretty good and I'm excited to check out the new IFE (which looks much larger than the one they have on their 787-8).
    Sorry to hear about the Wifi not working - last time I flew to China with MU from YVR to PVG had wifi that worked the entire flight but was painfully slow at times. I heard CZ stopped taking online applications for inflight wifi so hopefully they are still offering free wifi on their flights.

    • Comment 511527 by
      Harry_He SILVER AUTHOR 56 Comments

      Yes indeed the A333 has nice hard product. I have tried MU once before and I just couldn't endure the cockiness of Shanghainese. There is a long time feud between Manchurians and Shanghainese :). Hope you have a good time on their 787! By the way, are you flying to Guangzhou?

      • Comment 511528 by
        Oscar 10 Comments

        Yeah heading to Guangzhou (their only destination from YVR other than MEX). Idk but I've found MU to have pretty good service on their A332 (although to be honest I think the free wifi won me over as CZ's 788 didn't have wifi when I flew on them last).

  • Comment 511654 by
    socalnow GOLD 926 Comments

    Thanks for the excellent, detailed report Harry.

    Took us about an hour to drive 2 miles off of I-405 on Century Blvd…

    That's rough. I try 105 to Sepulveda sometimes but it doesn't seem faster. It really is a busy time of night for LAX, as your photos of all of the heavies at TBIT confirms.

    Here she is, a 0.7 year old Airbus A330-300 that will take to me Shenyang.

    Impressive legs for the A330-300 on LAX-SHE. It's quite new so undoubtedly a 242t variant.

    No individual air vents for those of y'all who run cold.

    That's unfortunate considering all of the other extra amenities CZ have included.

    It was also very cool to fly a 5 day old route, and I am looking forward to my next flight on CZ!

    Really cool to be in the first week of operations and going to your home State.

    The IFE screen is absolutely massive!

    Indeed! The cabin looks really sharp as a whole.

    Thanks again for sharing this flight. Happy flying.

    • Comment 511689 by
      Harry_He SILVER AUTHOR 56 Comments

      Thank you! I was indeed very excited for this flight. I actually had school that day, and I couldn't focus during the last period. It was a very fun flight and I will fly this route again if I have a choice!

  • Comment 511687 by
    kohkohpops 6 Comments

    Nice report!

    But you gotta be careful with your captions. There are some commenters around who criticise those of us who prefer to put captions at the bottom of photos and leave "constructive criticism".

    I do find it more effective 💪

  • Comment 512124 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 4998 Comments

    You really can't beat the comfort of an A330 on long-haul Y with the 2-4-2 config...except for A380 upper deck window. Man, that's a rough schedule though...depart at almost 1AM and arrive at 5AM...yikes. Props to CZ for serving a full meal at 1AM!

    Thanks for sharing!

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