Review of China Southern flight Xi'an Harbin in Economy

Airline China Southern
Flight CZ6270
Class Economy
Seat 42K
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 31 Jul 19, 19:29
Arrival at 31 Jul 19, 21:59
CZ 137 reviews
By 464
Published on 22nd December 2019


photo dsc09143

After 4 pleasant days at Xi'an, it's time for me to fly back to Manchuria and of course on China Southern.

photo dsc09144

Security check and bag inspection were implemented even before entering the check-in area. 

photo dsc09145

Departure board. Terminal 3 at XIY is mostly used by SkyTeam carriers most notably China Eastern.

photo dsc09146

Since I had already checked in online, all I had to do was to drop off my checked luggage. 

photo dsc09149

Security check took about 15 minutes. The agents were a lot more friendly than American TSA and CBP.

photo dsc09152

Brand new A320neo. Note that the registration is B-305C with a letter instead of all numbers. CAAC started issuing registration with letters in 2016. 

photo dsc09151

Follow the sign for first class lounge if you have PP.

xiy terminal 3 first class lounge

photo dsc09154

Main sitting area.

photo dsc09153

Dining area.

Food selection. It wasn't that bad, but I would strongly advise against paying to access the lounge.

photo dsc09165

Noodle station.

Decent place to relax before a domestic flight, food was average at best. Overall rating 8.3/10.

china southern a320 economy class

photo dsc09172

Here she is. B-8991, a 1.9 year old A320 at the time of the flight.

photo dsc09176

Automated boarding process with 2 gate agents… What's the point? It would be a lot faster with the good old fashioned way.

photo dsc09178

Dragon Air A320. Forced to be named loong air (Dragon air in Pinyin) because Cathay Dragon still holds the Dragon air brand.

photo dsc09180

SkyTeam logo was still on the airplane 8 months after exit…

photo dsc09181

Premium economy section. Read my blog posts below if you're interested.

photo dsc09182

Great legroom. 
After I sat down, I noticed that I was considerably higher than other passengers. Either I grew 6 inches during boarding or there was something wrong with the seat. The seat cushion deviated from the base, resulting in a situation like sitting on a child car seat booster as a 5'5" 16 year old…FA offered to move me but I refused in order to sit with my family.

photo dsc09184

USB port at every seat

photo dsc09188

Safety video playing on overhead.

photo dsc09189

Pushed back next to China Southern's buddy Sichuan.

photo dsc09194


photo dsc09199

Xi'an has two parallel runways with one strictly for departure and the other one for arrivals.

photo dsc09210-82064

Beautiful take-off and peaceful cabin…

photo dsc09219

And shortly after we reached cruise at 33,100 feet.

photo img_6756

Meal service on a 2.5 hour domestic flight from China to Manchuria.

photo img_6757-19737photo img_6758

I've definitely seen more filling meals on CZ, but this one was still great.

photo dsc09220

Kid's meal. Reserved it for free for my cousin.

photo img_6779

Some TS en route to Harbin.

photo dsc09221

Landed after 2 hours and 30 minutes.

photo dsc09228

Disembarking. Somehow these seats reminded me of United's economy seats on 737s. 

photo dsc09229photo dsc09232

See ya mate thanks for the ride!

photo dsc09231
Sichuan Airlines A320 review. 

photo dsc09230

A321NEO no engine option

photo dsc09234

the end

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China Southern

Cabin crew10.0

King Lounge


Xi'an - XIY


Harbin - HRB



Overall it was another great flight with China Southern. I have flown the same product for countless times and I am impressed at how consistent it is. PP lounge at XIY isn't worth it if you are paying for access. If China Southern can implement entertainment onboard, then it can differentiate itself from the other Chinese airlines and integrate modern technology with continuous development #calculus1



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