Review of SWISS flight Zurich Athens in Economy

Airline SWISS
Flight LX1830
Class Economy
Seat 31F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 04 Feb 19, 09:10
Arrival at 04 Feb 19, 12:30
LX   #27 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 736 reviews
Published on 15th August 2019

Welcome to another trip report. This is  going to be onboard a Swiss Airbus A321 from Zurich to Athens. This flight was actually the continution of my journey from Amsterdam onboard a  Swiss Airbus  A320. The report of that flight can be found here:  Also a video version of this can be found here:  ( will also attach the link in the end of the trip report). Anyways coming back to the trip report after my short transfer of 1hr  made it quiet quickly to my next gate for the flight to Athens.

photo img_9322

My ride to Athens:  An 8 year old Airbus A321 registered HB-IOM

photo img_3676

I settled in seat 31F almost towards the end of the aircraft.The flight was almost fully booked. My view for the next 3 hours

photo img_3674

The legroom on the Swiss Airbus A321 is almost the same like it is
on there A320s , not to bad and not to good either. It was pretty bareable for the flight to Athens.

photo img_3680

After a quick pushback we taxied pretty quickly to Runway 

photo img_8806photo img_3675

Before takeoff the aircraft was de-iced and one of the de-icing stands. Firstly we have a Swiss Airbus A330-300 getting de-iced before flying off to Mumbai as LX 154 . Then our  aircraft was de-iced after which we continued our taxi to the runway

photo img_8813

We then continued our taxi to Runway 28

photo img_8816

After a powerful takeoff we lifted of Runway 28 and disappered into the clouds. The entire takeoff can be found here:

photo img_8822photo img_8839photo img_8844

After passing through some clouds got to witness one of the most stunning views i have every seen from an aircraft window" The Swiss Alps".I seriously could just gaze at them for the entire flight and immerse myself in there immense beauty. Are you a person who like views like these of  mountains or are you a person who enjoys views of exotic islands from airplane windows?

photo img_8852-17679

The cabin crew then commenced the inflight service. For the meal service a savoury pastry along with a choice of drink was served. I opted for a glass of coke along with a glass of water which the flight attendent   served me with a smile. The pastry was really good , nice and warm and filled with vegetables ,egg  etc

photo img_8856-57151photo img_3679

About 15 minutes later the crew served up a chocolate pastry. The chocolate pastry was delicious, oozing with melted chocolate. If you are a chocoholic   im pretty sure you would enjoy this.

photo img_8720

And finally the flight attendent distributed some Swiss chocolate to all the passengers.

photo img_8860

Cruising at 30000 feet with some clear blue skies. Are you a window , aisle or middle seat person?

photo img_3685

The seat pocket contents:  "SWISS" Inflight magazine, SWISS Airbus A321 safety card and the "SWISS SHOP" Inflight duty free catalogue. Sadly no Inflight entertainment systems on this a321 which i feel European airlines should try to invest in if they want to compete  with big airlines like Cathay Pacific,Emirates etc.

photo img_8864

After sometime we started our decent into Athens. The 3 hrs went by really quick on this flight. 

photo img_8872

passing by a small time on our approach  to Runway . The approach into Athens had  views of  many hills along the way. The entire landing  can be found here:

photo img_3677

Touchdown in Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport on time. The pilots did a good job with the landing, it was getting abit bumpy on the approach but the pilots were able to get us on the ground safely.

photo img_3678

After a quick taxi we parked at our assigned  gate next to an Alitalia A319. And then we here the iconic " barking dog" sound of the PTU on the airbus narrow body fleet.

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Cabin crew7.0

Zurich - ZRH


Athens - ATH



Overall a pleasant flight onboard SWISS. Would i recommend SWISS? Definately yes, you should give them a try . I would love to try their economy long haul product one day in the near future

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5273 Comments

    Seems like decent service for a 3 hour flight. An interesting meal service with a hot snack and a pastry--not bad for a short intra-EU flight.

    Are you a person who like views like these of mountains or are you a person who enjoys views of exotic islands from airplane windows?

    I love them all...I'm always glued to the window and take a million pics haha

    Thanks for sharing!

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