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Airline Luxair
Flight LG9731
Class Business
Seat 2A
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 25 Jul 19, 06:50
Arrival at 25 Jul 19, 08:05
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By 1547
Published on 28th July 2019

Hello everyone, I work in Luxembourg but live in North Carolina. I was originally scheduled to fly out on the 26th back come via LUX-ZRH-JFK-CAE however, I decided to go back a day earlier. I had a special event on the 27th and did not want to risk any issues along the way. My originally fare was non-refundable or exchangeable, so I was in a pickle. One-way flights back to the US are expensive this time of year so the next best option was to redeem points.

I had a good many on Miles and More, so I started looking and found for 56,000 points plus ~$200 LUX-MUC-CLT in BUSINESS!! I could not pass up the opportunity to fly directly home and in business for what was essentially half of my points and a fee that amounted to a normal change fee in the U.S. Within 14 days but not closer than 2 days before a flight any reward space is discounted 15% so I took advantage of this  when normally the points required for this journey is around 64,000.  Last week, I flew LUX-MUC in Luxair and reviewed the flight in Economy, but this time we can move further up and review Business class.


  • LUX-MUC Business LG9731 Dash 400 You are here
  • MUC-CLT Business LH428 A350-900 Coming soon

TAble of Contents

Flight Info
Check In
Arrival/Bag Drop/Security
Lux Airport Lounge

Flight Info

Airline: Luxair (LG)
Aircraft: Dash-400
Registration: LX-LGN
Delivered: 2013
Route: LUX-MUC
Flight Number:9731
Seat: 2A
Departure Gate: A10
Departure Runway: 6
Scheduled Departure Time: 6:50
Actual Departure Time: 6:59
Scheduled Arrival Time: 8:05
Actual Arrival Time: 7:51
Landing Runway: 8L
Arrival Gate: Remote Stand
Scheduled Flight Time: 1:15
Actual Flight Time: 0:52

Check In

I was prompted to check in online 24 hours in advance through Luxair’s website as they are the first leg of my journey. I went through the usual procedures and on the other end had a mobile boarding pass for LUX-MUC, however the best I could do for MUC-CLT was a paper pass. No big deal as I had to check a bag at LUX anyway and can get a better BP printed on legit card stock at LUX.

I chose seat 2A. Luxair only uses 3 rows of Business on this flight and with a 2-2 configuration in which you always have the seat next to you free the choices are limited. I wanted one where I knew I had the window seat as the one I was suppose to occupy. As a result, I ended up in 2A.

photo img_4195-81864

Arrival/Bag Drop/Security

I stayed at the Ibis near the airport and to reach the terminal it’s a short 5 minutes’ walk or less than 1 minute by bus, car,or airport shuttle. Upon entering I went to the Luxair business desks located just right of center. Luxair does offer check-in and baggage drop the night before a flight departing between 6-9AM. I still needed to pack my toiletries the morning of, so I passed on this attractive option.

I arrived right at 5am. The check-in desks seemed to be empty. I dropped by bag off in under 1 minute. It was checkout all the way to CLT. The agent was nice, not overly friendly but then again, I was there for less than 1 minute. 

Security was not empty though. This was the longest wait I have ever experienced at Lux. Today, we did not go through the bag check gatekeeper but went straight to ID check and then security. Even with the long line, I was through in 17 minutes and it was rather uneventful on my end. This early in the morning you have mostly LuxTour flights to fun and sun destinations and a few flights to European capitals.

LUX Airport Lounge

Instead of heading down to the gates I walked straight and entered the lounge. The lounge is a one room, medium size place. This morning, maybe 12 other passengers were inside. I could tell that if it was closer to capacity it would be loud and not very relaxing. 

Right as you walk in an extensive magazine selection was present. The rest of the lounge is made up on different areas with either tables or chairs with small stands beside for your items. Power plugs were rare though from what I could tell. Phone charging stations were present throughout. The lounge does have decent tarmac views.

To gain access you have to be traveling in business, be Miles and more senator status, or have diners club international or priority pass.

For food you had room temp croissants and rolls, cheese and meat and cereal/fruit options. This wasn’t the best spread I’ve seen and should be improved as this is the only lounge at LUX and is used by all airlines and has Luxair branded items inside. I don’t mind continental breakfast but feel you need more hot options. For drinks, they had 2 coffee machines, an expresso machine using illy pods, bottled beer, wine, spirits and one draft Bofferding tap.  

photo img_4215photo img_4216photo img_4217

The lounge did not have a dedicated wifi connection but the airport wide system came in at a whopping 58.83MBPS download and 31.50 MBPS upload so getting work down and streaming is more than possible. 

The restrooms are nice and clean, no showers are available.


My gate was A10 which was just down the steps outside the lounge and near where you exit security. After walking through duty free you can turn left for Non-Schengen gates or right for the Schengen A gates and then 3-4 minutes further the B gates. Since A gates were typically for mainline A32X and B737 craft, it means we had a bus to catch to reach our dash 400.

I headed down around 6:10 or 15 minutes before scheduled boarding.

Boarding began at 6:22 with priorities not respected as is common when you have to use a bus.  I was one of the first to board the bus but one of the last to board the aircraft. This does not bother me but I could see where it could be annoying.


I was able to place my laptop bag in the overhead right above my seat, 2A. The seat was comfy enough for this short flight. Leg room was fine as well. As with most intra-Europe business class sections, it as the same seat as economy but with the neighboring seat free. This obviously helps with space. these seats did feature good recline but I didn't use it as I wanted to watch the German landscape roll by.

photo img_4228photo img_4249photo img_4241


As you would expect, no wifi or IFE on this flight. The seat pocket had a safety card, duty free magazine and the Luxair magazine. Newspapers and select business journals were available in both French and English. I was offered a brand new Time magazine which was interesting as it contained many Space Race related articles.

photo img_4232photo img_4229


6 minutes after takeoff, FA distributed a small menu and began service. Everything I tried was great. This was a cold breakfast but that is typical on a Dash 400. the eggs wrapped in cheese and chicken was very good. I did not try the fruit as I am nota big fruit eater. I was offered several refills of coffee as well. Before landing candy was passed out.


Boarding was complete by 6:45 after 2 buses. Business class load was 60% (3 of 5). 6:51 we pushed back and taxed to Runway 6. We took off at 6:59 headed towards Munich! 

The flight was very smooth and uneventful. WE touched down at 7:51 onto Runway 8L. A few moments later we reached a remote stand beyond T2S. All passengers then boarded a bus that took everyone to T2. I was connecting to a USA bound flight in business but no tarmac transfer was offered. Its my understanding that First class passengers are given this privilege.  We reached T2 at 8:10.

This is where this flight ends and my next begins! See you soon!

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Cabin crew9.5

Luxair The Lounge


Luxembourg - LUX


Munich - MUC



This was a wonderful flight! FA were great, food was great and everything went smooth! I hope to have this honor again in the near future.

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