Review of LOT Polish flight Warsaw Kraków in Economy

Airline LOT Polish
Flight LO 3907
Class Economy
Seat 15A
Aircraft Boeing 737-500
Flight time 00:30
Take-off 07 Jan 11, 08:45
Arrival at 07 Jan 11, 09:15
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Published on 25th July 2019
Hi everyone,

Welcome to this vintage flight report describing my flight from Warsaw to Krakow in January 2011 with LOT Polish Airlines, operated in that time by a very classic Boeing 737-500.


Waiting for my upcoming flights, I decided to check a little bit my vast archives where, as I expected, I found many photo-relations that have never been published. They gained more value with time as nothing changes as fast nowadays as the aviation. So you will have a possibility to see some classic aircraft with classic interiors and liveries and I will have a possibility to refresh my memories.


LOT used to have 12 737-500s in its fleet for more than…. 20 years! The first one arrived in 1992 while the last one was withdrawn in 2013. They operated mainly to European/Middle East destinations such as LHR, CDG, SVO, ATH, MAD, BCN, TLV, LCA but sometimes also on shorter routes like WAW-VIE and even, as in case of my flight, on domestic flights. I must say I really liked this type of classic 737 as its fuselage was significantly wider than the one of E-JETs family but also very short as for the 737 - a thing that provided space and also some cosiness as the aircarft was equipped with only 108 seats in LOT configuration.


This particular flight was supposed to take me to Krakow on a one-day trip on a gray and cold winter day. I used to make myself this kind of trips buying cheap domestic return tickets that those days costed 30 EUR - a price equal to one way train ticket on a fast Inter City train. Unfortunately those days are now gone as the prices of domestic flights, especially to Krakow, are far more expensive and having a dog doesn't allow me anymore to spend whole days away from home.

My flight was initially supposed to be operated by E-70 that would be a resonable solution as LF appeared to be very low with not more than 30 passengers. I noticed the aircraft change a day or two before the flight. Flights on this route were then operated mostly by ATR-72 of Eurolot or E-70/75. The 737-500 that was supposed to take me that day to Krakow was a 17 years old SP-LKF, delivered to LOT in 1994 and withdrawn two years after this flight, in the fisrt months of 2013 as one of the last two 737-500s in LOT fleet.

photo p1150837photo p1150838

This interior was a very classic one even in 2011, now it looks really ancient but these seats were really comfortable.

photo p1150889photo p1150890

The weather was quite terrible that day - it was snowing and raining at the same time. Hard to see anything because of the rain drops.

photo p1150839photo p1150842

Look who's there still flying and looking good - 767-300 SP-LPC that in November the same year will perform a spectacular belly landing in WAW due to gear failure.

But let's come back to January 2011 when SP-LPC is still operating flights to Canada and USA and its landing gear is still working well…

Take off in heavy rain and snow

photo p1150844

A couple of minutes in very dense and heavy clouds

photo p1150845photo p1150846photo p1150847

And finally some sunshine on this dark and rainy winter

photo p1150849photo p1150854photo p1150856

Some air traffic

photo p1150864photo p1150865

Service in progress. There was no big difference between LOT service on domestic flights between now and then - a chocolate bar + water. Unfortunately I have no picture. The classic 737 interior looks so nice.

photo p1150860photo p1150861

After approximately 15 minutes in the air we start our descent to Cracow where the weather seems to be more adequate for winter

photo p1150863photo p1150871photo p1150872

Some more winter landscapes

photo p1150876photo p1150877

Short finals over the city

photo p1150881

and back to the ground

photo p1150884

There were no jet bridges that day in KRK and every deboarding was done by bus

photo p1150891

A classic jet in very classic livery designed in the 70-ties!

photo p1150892photo p1150894

Thanks for reading. Some more vintage reports are about to come.
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LOT Polish

Cabin crew8.5

Warsaw - WAW


Kraków - KRK



It was nice to fly one of my favourite aircraft on such a short route. Too bad 737-500 became so rare nowadays. It used to be a very comfortable aircraft in configuration of 108
good old seats.

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