Review of Philippine Airlines flight Clark Del Carmen in Economy

Airline Philippine Airlines
Flight PR2875
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 16 Jul 19, 10:15
Arrival at 16 Jul 19, 12:20
PR 33 reviews
By 500
Published on 9th August 2019


Hello everyone!

Its another great day to fly!

As i mentioned before, im not planing to go somewhere on my recent holiday, just planned to be with my family. however, 2 weeks before going back, Philippine airlines released seat sale on their select routes, just nice within my holiday, so the traveller in me wakes up and tried to book some destination, Puerto Princesa, San vicente, Busuanga, and many other destinations. so i ended up booking my 3 nights in Siargao, nother part of Minadanao. And it cost me less S$100 on this return flight only.


Flight booking boo-boo

Im so excited, after i booked this flight, i already researched where to stay, eat and what to do in Siargao. i also booked my 3 night stay there and arranged some tours for me to join in, all are already paid.

since i bought a sale airfare, check-n luggage is not included to the ticket, you may opt to add 10kg max of check-in luggage. 10kg max as we are utilizing turbo prop, Q400 NG. so i add 10kg and insurance 2 days before my flight.

 A night before of my expected departure, after i packed all my things, i was wondering how come i dont received any email for me to do an online check-in. usually, PR sends email to passengers at least 24 hours before their departure. In my case, i dont have any, so on my curiosity i tried to do online check-in manually on their website, then said that it not ready yet. then it triggers me and ask why, so i checked my email and found out that, BOOM! instead of booking for 16 i booked 17 with the same return flight. so which means, instead of staying for 3 night is Siargao, it will be only for 2 nights. Then i thought of my BnB and tour bookings, 1 day will go to waste. then i was thinking if im going go with my booked days, it will be worthless as i will not be enjoying the island for just technically for 1 day.

at 9pm i was panicking i tried to rebook my flight to the 16 date but it will cost me S$200, for me its not worth it as i booked the return flight only half of it cost. Then my family suggest to try booking new ticket for next day flight, its the same, it cost me $200. i was about to give up then i tried searching on a third party booking site and found a $106 flight to Siargao and found fairly reasonable enough. i was skeptical on booking on this as i haven't tried booking on any third party site. after few minutes, i closed 1 eye and booked the flight, and it was booked. i called PR's contact center to verify and confirmed my bookings, only's confirmation email that i received bit not PR's confirmation yet. When i spoke to the agent, they told me it they found my name on their system but payment is not confirmed yet i usually takes few hours. so at 11pm im somehow relived and just waiting for the confirmation.

with my new ticket is somehow better than the first one i booked as check-in luggage is already included, 50% miles can be credited on my Mabuhay Miles and im reaching Siargao noon time oppose to late afternoon original STA, so i have more time in the island.

i received the confirmation at 1am. Now, im sure im going to Siargao that day! 

Clark International airport

All turbo props of Philippine Airlines operates at Clark International Airport, a move to decongest the MNL airport and used strategically their slots at NAIA.

Since im travelling alone, i took the public transport that connects direct from CRK to the city. CRK is about 2 hours away from Merto Manila, with few stops around Clark Economic Zone.

there is security checks before you enter the airport, only passengers are allowed to come inside, staffs are checking each passengers ticket then followed by security xray check. passengers are starting to buildup the queue, at that moment, only 1 xray machine on the right is operating. since the queue is getting longer, they open another machine on the left, im one of the passengers to use that and got in immediately. 

Once you enter the airport, you will see the check in counter on the left side of the hall and departure hall entrance on the right. there are some Forex counter, ATMs and governments desk.

You will notice that there are some ongoing works inside the terminal as it badly affected by typoon few months ago.

Counter for Philippine AirAsia, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines are located from left to right of the check-in counter. Counter for Cebu Pacific's queue is already long. and luckily for PR queue is almost none, as i managed to get my boarding pass in less that few minutes.

there were more empty check-in counter on the right, i assume that those are for other foreign international carrier. 

After i got my printed boarding pass, i immediately went to the departure hall. before you enter the gates there will be final security check then walkway leading to another check if you already paid the terminal fee. i really hate doing airport check in the Philippines as they will require your to remove your footwear and a lot of process of checking, tho they are paid to do that and makes them employed, but i think is not necessary anymore.

photo img_7854photo img_7855photo img_7857

departure hall is one med size hall with only 3 boarding gates, 1 each of the Philippine carrier. there are some coffee shops, snack kiosk and souvenir shops available. prices are relatively more expensive that usual. Toilets with separate for LGTBQ+.

photo img_7858photo img_7860photo img_7863

As the boarding soon to commence, it was announced that priority boarding will applied, starts with elderly which needs assistance and passengers traveling with kids and infant, then the rest of economy pax. i found it useless as passenger will be transported by bus, it will be all mixed up when your are at the bus, and passengers near the bus door will board the aircraft first, which in my case i am one of them. tho, 2 doors are available for boarding. im using the back door as i was seated near at the back of the plane.

some planespotting inside the terminal and while in transit from gate to the plane.

In flight

as you enter the plane, it has a standard 2-2 configuration, seats are looks rather too old and tired already. tho seats are comfortable and good for this sub2 hours of flight.

photo img_7884photo img_7885photo img_7886

it was a quick boarding in less that 15 mins, doors are closed and starts to taxi and aligh to runway for take off. Boarding and departs on time.

 after 15 mins in flight. cabin crew distributed the snack for that flight, it was 2-3 bites of cheese muffin and comes with a glass of water. it better rather than nothing.  

magazines serves as your in flight entertainment. no monitor or myPal that streams content to your device.

after 1 and half hours of flight, we started our decent to Siargao. 

 view outside my window and first glimpse of Siargao.

as we land, 5J is ready for departure. 

Siargao airport is a small airport, i think only 2 aircart can accomodate at a given time.

few walk from airplane to terminal where you can found a small belt for luggage retrieval. you can even see the staff offloading your bags from aircraft putting into a trolley and transferring to the belt. at least it has moving belt compare to BSO and USU.

after you get your bag, in less than 10 step you are already outside the terminal. thats how small the terminal is. 

and thats the end of my flight. after the HooHah, i would still say that this is still a fairly good flight. bonus picture will be on my next flight report.

Hope you enjoy my flight report, comments and suggestions are welcome!

Thank you, till the next flight! 

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Philippine Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Clark - CRK


Del Carmen - IAO



It was good flight after all the stressed that caused me.

CRK is now accessible from Metro Manila with the help of premium point to point buses.

since it is smaller than other AirPort it efficient enough, it will be more effective if they remove the redundant check throughout the process.

PR still delivers the best that they could with on time departure and arrival. with friendly crews. snacks is a little bit downgraded compared on my Basco Flight in terms of quality and quantity. hopefully aside on their snack they should introduce BoB for those who still wants to fill in their tummy.

Siargao airport is a small airport that is efficient and fast.



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