Review of Qantas flight Christchurch Sydney in Economy

Airline Qantas
Flight QF138
Class Economy
Seat 21F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:07
Take-off 07 Jan 19, 06:47
Arrival at 07 Jan 19, 07:54
QF   #8 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 154 reviews
Published on 13th August 2019


Hello everyone!

I have only just recently discovered this wonderful site and would like to share my experiences with you too.
This is my 1st post so please bear with me. Any feedback is welcome! 

My family and I were thinking about making another trip to India. Some other members of our extended family had already booked their flights to India, but decided to go via Sri Lanka as they want to visit there. They asked if we would like to tag along and we agreed.
This lead to an extra flight in our itinerary as we would normally only need to catch 6 flights when flying via Australia.

The booking was done through QANTAS with a travel agent. I was unable to find the same flights when looking online myself. 


  • QF138 - Economy - Christchurch / Sydney - Boeing 737 You are here
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  • QF133 - Economy - Melbourne / Christchurch - Boeing 737 Coming soon


I currently have uploaded videos for all but the last flight in this series


We arrived at the airport just before 5:00 a.m. The terminal is relatively quiet but is starting to build up in terms of passengers with a few flights leaving at similar times. I haven't taken many photos because the rest of the group were all rushing for some unknown reason and I had to be with them.

The departure lounge is accessed from the first floor. There are food and retail options available before customs & immigration however, they are not normally open around this time. I'm not sure exactly when they do open. Burger King may have been available.

Once past customs, there isn't too much available. There are a couple shops and a place to buy some lights snacks with tea or coffee, but that's really about it. If you're hungry, do not go through to customs as choices are very limited.

There is a significant gap between the floor and the window so you can't get right up to look at the few airplanes that are there. The gap is used as the path for arrivals. 


Today's aicraft is a Boeing 737-800

Registration: VH-XZH
Name: Mclaren Vale

 Age:  6.1 years (as at 12 Aug. 2019)
First flight: 22 June 2013 

photo aircraft

Boarding commenced at around 6:00 a.m. 
Orderly manner, no hassles. 

photo 20190107_060821-32653


This was the view from my seat (21F) for the flight.
 I was able to select this seat online through our travel agent. She said she was able to as it was a group travelling (2 separate bookings).
Seat selection does cost depending on fares

My phone always struggles to focus when there are a few raindrops on the window

We took off at 6:47 a.m. local time (NZDT)
 The scheduled departure time was 6:35 a.m. 

photo 20190107_063924

Economy class is in the standard 3-3 configuration.  
The cabin is at a comfortable temperature with excellent lighting. The sky interior really helps the mood 

photo 20190107_091434

The legroom was okay on this aircraft. However, I am more on the shorter side at around 1.68m so I can't really speak for everyone. 
Although, I think it might just be okay for someone tall. I guess being shorter has it's advantages.
 It's not too much of a problem though considering the length of this flight only being around 3 hours 

photo leg-room

Breakfast was served around 45 minutes into the flight. 
The 2 options were either a fruit bag or scrambled eggs with bacon and hash brown and as you can see below I chose the latter.
It came with a chocolate muffin and some sort of yoghurt.   

This is my 4th trans-tasman morning flight in 6 years, and this was the first time where there was bacon instead of baked beans and a sausage. It wasn't a bad meal but wasn't the greatest either. The muffin and yoghurt made up for it though, so it wasn't really anything to moan about.  

photo meal-1photo meal-2

All seats in economy are equipped with a Touch screen entertainment system. The range of content and amount is definitely plenty for a flight across the Tasman. There is also a USB charging port located next to the screen, and headphones were provided during boarding.

The screen is a bit slow to respond when you start, but gradually warms up and is slightly more obedient. 
The screens on QF's 737's are the least responsive out of the ones I have tried. It was like this when I last flew a QANTAS 737 back in February 2016.
The calibration is also slightly off which can be a bit bothersome at times. I tried to message my cousin using 'Seat to Seat messaging' but found a bit difficult so I just gave up after a bit. 

3 hours either seems to take an eternity or go insanely fast when travelling between NZ and Australia, and this one went pretty quickly.

The cabin crew were extremely friendly and helpful everyone, although I didn't really need to interact with them except for during meal service. This has always been my experience when flying QANTAS.  

There isn't too much to see other than the Southern Alps which disappear in no time when flying, and the Tasman sea.
This route is a pretty common choice, with Sydney being the busiest international route to and from Christchurch in 2018.
It is also competitive with Air New Zealand, Emirates & Virgin Australia flying this route. Jetstar also operate this route, but will stop in October 2019 as it can not keep up with the other carriers.

The total flying time ended up being 3 hours 07 minutes from take-off to touchdown as we arrived 11 minutes ahead of schedule. 

photo 20190107_091042

Touchdown at 07:54 a.m. local time (AEDT) 

photo landing-1

Bus ride to take us to the terminal. The last time I flew a QANTAS 737 from Sydney we had to take a bus to the aircraft. Does this happen all the time? Do they not use Jet-bridges for 737s? I am just curious and would like to know.

photo bus

Thank you for reading my first ever report.
This was my first report on this site, and also my first worded report. Any constructive feedback is welcome.

I was just wondering how some people seem to upload photos which look pretty high-res. I was unable to upload most of mine as they were over 3 MB so most of the pictures you have just seen are screenshots from my video report. Is this the only way to do it? My camera is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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Cabin crew9.0

Christchurch - CHC


Sydney - SYD



Overall an uneventful, pleasant flight to start the morning.
Amazing, friendly cabin crew which is to be expected.
The food and entertainment was average but nothing to complain out. QANTAS would need to up their game a bit in this area if they are to continue competing with the other 3 carriers on this route

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