Review of Air China flight Beijing Bangkok in Economy

Airline Air China
Flight CA979
Class Economy
Seat 11F
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 04:30
Take-off 26 May 19, 19:30
Arrival at 26 May 19, 23:45
CA 183 reviews
Published on 25th August 2019


Afternoon chaps! Welcome to the continuity of my trip to Bangkok on Air China. London to Bangkok sector has a very strong Star Alliance influence, with direct Thai Airways, Eva Air, connecting opportunities with Air China, Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian, Eurowings, Sunexpress Deutschland, followed by One World with a direct British Airways from Heathrow, or connecting sectors with Qatar Airways and Malaysian. Skyteam lastly with connecting Air France - KLM group and Vietnam Airlines.

Just a little reminder, this is a connecting flight in Beijing from Heathrow to Bangkok Suvarnhabumi Airport. To read the first sector, please click here.

So here we are, in PEK airport, with some spotting friendly windows across the airport.  

The Emirati big bird that just arrived from Dubai.  

photo fdf78719-9ef8-4c73-8c4c-4f68cc039a74

After such, was announced that many flights were either cancelled or delayed due to weather, a lot have shown cancellations, or delays, but my flight to Bangkok was intact, don't forget it is an Airbus flying ;) . 

Speaking of Airbus, it was discretely announced that a China Southern A380 landed in Beijing with strong hale, damaging the cockpit windows and tearing off the front Radome. You can see from the picture below (image subject to copyrights). 

photo 90a0cfe4-ec97-4cce-a2f4-ae6b132ba330

And from the cockpit (image subject to copyrights).

photo 5ee6323a-c450-4d4b-97b3-f1b9dfd164db

You literally can sing Karaoke in those boxes! China always surprises me! 

photo img_0767

Two other terminal shots..

photo img_0764photo img_0765

From the lounge shower

photo img_0769

Apologies I haven't got plenty of pictures from the terminal, I was quite busy. 
I visited the transit lounge in which I had free access (if you have a connecting flight of more than 4 hours). Make sure you pre-book this prior a a few days from your flight otherwise you will be denied entry. I had a nice complementary shower, warm, and provided was a generous amenity kit. 

There is my bird, an Airbus A321-271neo (B-301E)

photo img_0781photo img_0782

On board ca979

Ethiopian A359 and Turkish 77W that arrived a bit earlier from their long haul journey. Star Alliance is dominating here. Check the clouds out, little trickers to fly in.

photo 7e8d1a51-81d8-4e67-b6ed-c1cb8675d9af

Beautiful time of the day to fly in, sunset! Enjoy the view while pushing back! 

photo 4727124e-b8cc-4e11-9a32-352cc889a9a6-1

Engines are starting, off to Bangkok!  

photo img_0803


photo img_0805

Weather was poor, we were flying at low altitude for quite some time before continuing our climb to cruise altitude. Those clouds were to be avoided at all costs. 

photo img_0813

Clouds cleared, almost on cruise, after almost 55 minutes from take-off. 

photo img_0807

Meal is served. Opted for seafood, was really tasty to be honest, even though the presentation isn't nickel! But one thing I did not appreciate was asking the cabin crew if there was mushrooms, she said no, but was surprised otherwise that the dish had mushrooms. I have a minor allergic reaction if I eat 'shrooms. 

photo img_0817

Landing card distributed prior landing, and Thailand is in sight! 

photo img_0821

Approaching Bangkok

photo img_0824

Final approach

photo img_0826

photo img_0828

Welcome to Bangkok! Hello neighbour! Been on this Jordanian 787 from London to Amman two years ago, really lovely airline. On a side note, Jordan is just 45 mins away from my home country, Lebanon!

photo img_0832

Immigration was a bit long, around 25 mins waiting in line, but staff was very friendly. Everyone smiling!! 

Many thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it! Make sure to drop a comment :) 

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Air China

Cabin crew8.0

Air China Transit Lounge


Beijing - PEK


Bangkok - BKK



Flight overall was fine, for 4 hours there was no entertainment which was boring, but the food was good. WiFi connection is really a nightmare, you can just open your email, nothing else. Each seat had a USB power socket, which was quite useful when trying to connect to another app than email with WiFi on board.
PEK is really massive-impressive in size, but the problem is that there is a lot of walking, especially when you are really tired and lacked of sleep.
BKK is beautiful, and you get greeted with a smile everywhere, immigration took a bit of time though.
Transit lounge is a joke, it is smelly, only biscuits and juice for drinks, only positive thing is the shower, if you go inside the rest room, you will find dirty cans on the floor, pizza boxes, slices on the floor, spilled juice, etc.. not clean. Only reason I rated services as 4.5 is because of the shower.

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  • Comment 518669 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 570 Comments

    Insects.. Question to you! Did you try them?

    Try them. They're an enjoyable snack and full of proteins!
    Meal is served. Opted for seafood, was really tasty to be honest, even though the presentation isn't nickel! But one thing I did not appreciate was asking the cabin crew if there was mushrooms, she said no, but was surprised otherwise that the dish had mushrooms. I have a minor allergic reaction if I eat 'shrooms.

    While Chinese flight attendants are good in general in terms of service, their lack of English is often too obvious. What I think might have happened with you is that she tries to answer your question without fully understanding the question you asked. Happened me a few times too with carriers like FM and MU.
    How was the transit in Beijing? I often hear it is very chaotic compared to PVG or CAN.
    Thanks for sharing your report!

  • Comment 518766 by
    DiegoSS02 78 Comments

    I am impressed in how gigantic and modern PEK's terminal looks, it even seems superior to other well known Western airports! It is weird to see Beijing without smog, judging from your pictures. I really can't believe the poor English CA's crew (including pilots, which turns the situation dangerous) handle. It is really a shame. Thanks for posting!

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