Review of Finnair flight Helsinki London in Business

Airline Finnair
Flight AY1337
Class Business
Seat 9L
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 03:05
Take-off 04 May 19, 16:15
Arrival at 04 May 19, 17:20
AY   #28 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 161 reviews
Jett Tyler
By SILVER 1574
Published on 6th September 2019

Finnair A330-300 Business Class


Welcome to another trip report from my archive- flying from Helsinki to London! My second time flying in their business class product.

I've already flown the business class in the Airbus A350, but this time, I'm trying the Airbus A330! 

photo 69784224_2694827920540284_4094206784984580096_n

It was early morning on May 4th 2019. Me & my friend had come off the Airbus A350 and we had roughed it overnight in the air side Terminal 2. As we had paid £173 (each) to upgrade to business, I had been raving since my A350 business experience and my friend who was on his first Finnair trip, wanted to try it as we were flying on the long haul aircraft.

As it was now May 4th, we went to the non-schengen lounge as it opened and had two hours to enjoy a free breakfast, then went land side to do some spotting  at the small but high up viewing deck from the Finavia office building. It filled out about 3 hours for us before the Finnish Aviation Museum opened!

The results of my three hour spotting session speak for themselves! 

photo 69527864_2694829743873435_7227295654010159104_nphoto 70155075_2694829760540100_2312495780411211776_nphoto 69527870_2694829890540087_4341423496224571392_n

(Above) We saw plenty of Finnair metal! Airbus A320/A319 and NORRA ATR-72 & Embraer E-190 on short hops across Europe and the Nordics. A single Airbus A350-900 of Finnair departed for the Far East of Asia, something I'll be doing in September 2019!

(Bellow) Some non-AY traffic included a few Norwegian Boeing 737-800, the airline operates services across Scandinavia, Finland and Europe, but hasn't yet introduced its long-haul operations here. A Qatar Airbus A350 arrived from Doha as well, a fairly new service having started flying there in October 2016- making it the only ME3 airline to fly to Helsinki, probably due to the links to OneWorld partner Finnair. A white Cargo Airbus A300-600F also arrived, would hate to be flying this in the snow- probably loose it!

photo 70625542_2694829707206772_2263571674798489600_nphoto 69705232_2694829917206751_3394502573187661824_nphoto 69544433_2694829827206760_2243071246138867712_n

We then visited the Finnish Aviation Museum, which houses an impressive collection and is worth a visit if you have an extended layover in Helsinki, it is possible to get to it at the next stop on the train link from Helsinki Airport heading to Helsinki city central. I'll include pictures and some more information in the TOURISM BONUS at the end of the article.

Either way, we went air side  and paid a visit to the Finnair Schengen Lounge in Terminal 2, the non-Schengen still under renovations, plus I fancied a shower alongside a rest.

photo 69914643_2694827837206959_3743967127007133696_n

A few Finnair related decorations made my interest as an avgeek, especially the mock tail fin with the logo adorned on it!

photo 70603078_2694827880540288_2531290549864890368_nphoto 69548999_2694828027206940_2717118365830217728_nphoto 69821974_2694828060540270_5082577032940879872_n

It was a quiet period where we were, and only a few Finnair movements were noticed, we had an Airbus A320 parked next to us.

photo 69711433_2694829977206745_3251499154576244736_nphoto 70046165_2694827967206946_2813476399497609216_n

Having enjoyed a quick lunch, I went off to the showers to re-fresh after the trip we had. The food was nice and offered a selection of cold lunch items, cakes, drinks (alcohol, soft drinks and hot drinks)

photo img_7522photo 69540852_2694828117206931_3309132448842907648_n

Soon enough we had to leave the lounge about 15:10pm as our gate (50A) was announced, so we went to the non-Schengen area, through a bio-metric passport scanning area. We arrived and went to the remote bus gates (mostly used by NoRRA and Norwegian, but sometimes the odd LHR flight does go from here). This is probably the third time I've had a LHR flight on a bus gate for departure or arrival.

photo 69503101_2694828177206925_5427603773147054080_n-19217

Getting on the bus, it took us past Terminal 2 and various short haul aircraft, mostly Finnair, but I couldn't help but notice a sight I'd never seen before- Widero Embraer E2-190 "Profit Hunter"!

photo 69610644_2694828230540253_9137778569915662336_nphoto 70513278_2694828300540246_3181178093125500928_n

We pulled up at a remote stand just off Terminal 2 which was occupied by one massive Airbus A330-300, the aircraft being OH-LTR, the sistership to "LTS" which I flew to JFK on in March 2018. 

There is something impressive about open-boarding (or open disembarkation) to wide body aircraft, it is also quite a treat in Europe as most open boards are on regional aircraft or short haul B737/A320's, as well as the only third time it's happened to me. Really gives you a feel of the size of these jets, something lacking on a jet-bridge.

photo 69610647_2694828383873571_5107538858879221760_nphoto 69754673_2694828337206909_1047087183946579968_n

Flying in business class, the Airbus A330-300 in the Finnair fleet has two cabins with the main galley splitting the two. Rows 1-7 are separate from Rows 8 to 10. On the Finnair A330, the "Lima" seats on the right side are in a single row configuration, the middle seats are two abreast and left side is configured with single seats at Row 8 & 10 with Row 9 being a double (ideal for a honeymooning couple). 

Behind Row 10 is the first Economy Class section which includes Economy Comfort and seven rows of standard economy. If you want to read further on the Economy Class of the Finnair Airbus A330, check the review (Link below).

photo 69657977_2694828437206899_3075959786739597312_nphoto 69491002_2694828663873543_3104618166475554816_n-36911

Whilst the Airbus A330-300 seat isn't as nice, modern and exclusive as the Airbus A350-900 business class seat, it is a very comfortable area to sit in and the seat offers plenty of room to stretch out, and doesn't feel claustrophobic.

The screen for the In-Flight Entertainment is definitely an older make to the Airbus A350 screen and system.  Given the A330's were delivered in 2009/2010, as a replacement for the 1990 built McDonnell-Douglas MD-11 alongside the Airbus A340-300. 

photo 70058670_2694828537206889_3023992250121060352_nphoto 69758805_2694828600540216_1694701736024866816_n

The plane was quite empty, the aircraft boarded quite quickly. Economy was pretty deserted with possibly half or a just under capacity and the business class only had the window seats occupied, with the middle rows all going empty.

We pushed back and left a few minutes early, however before we boarded, it began to snow in Helsinki, something that surprised me for early May, which is the start of summer, though this is probably normal for Finland. If anyone can shed light on that- it would be appreciated! 

photo 69997442_2694828713873538_3509065207991238656_n

Despite an early board and push back, the flight was late leaving Helsinki due to the conditions requiring us to de-ice, unfortunately, we had to join a que. I think we spent a good 30 minutes being de-iced, getting in the que before we took off. The plane did its best to catch up, but this is something that does occur in the Nordics.

Either way we were airborne, and I decided to try the seat's recline out, over an episode of Bones.

photo 69770035_2694828820540194_2817674090079322112_n

The meal service was done about half hour into the flight. Starting out with a snack service with pretzels and drinks, before the main course came about 20 minutes later.

I had the beef option the previous year, so I decided on giving the cod dish a go. Overall I found it very nice, but I will probably stick with the beef dish next time. 

photo img_7551photo 70478189_2694828873873522_7686432846273052672_n

The rest of the flight went smoothly and uneventful. Enjoying some TV Show episodes on offer as well as following the in-flight map.

I visited the toilet, and found to my amusement the toilet had a window for a view! Quite glad we were 38,000ft above the ground- imagine if someone looked in!

photo 69699823_2694828950540181_7649746386681856000_nphoto 69855154_2694828770540199_1902799666089558016_n

Nice as the flight was- it was time to return to reality and arrive into London Heathrow Terminal 3. I swear some of these here European flights are not long enough! Or is 3 hours just short when flying a business class flight on the Airbus A330?

photo 69851257_2694828923873517_5051111896371953664_nphoto img_7568

Either way I got to enjoy a Finnish vodka & cola before we landed. 

photo 69813212_2694829007206842_2457021150748737536_n

We landed at London Heathrow about 20 minutes behind schedule, but we had a short taxi to Terminal 3, which is fairly central to London Heathrow.

photo 69816129_2694829120540164_5701678976473235456_nphoto 69817199_2694829187206824_3225634002526273536_n

Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I managed to secure a quick flight deck visit. I haven't done a lot of A330 flights, so it was nice to add another flight deck from another aircraft, the crew rest area was also open, for a unique photographic opportunity.

photo 69989497_2694829270540149_5008677632372375552_nphoto 69823385_2694829327206810_8241398425426329600_n-17184

All in all another great service with Finnair, and the upgrade was very enjoyable! Only downside is AY doesn't give extra miles for the upgrade, so I only get the 1,100 Award points I would have got flying economy. Not a big deal, especially since I got a better experience regardless.

I highly recommend trying Finnair business class if you are on the LHR-HEL or vice-versa service flying the Airbus A350 or A330, the upgrade experience is much more nicer than just flying the Airbus A320-family, also get as much time in the Finnair Helsinki lounge as possible!

photo 70142322_2694829387206804_1914611706621853696_n
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Cabin crew9.0

Finnair Finnair Domestic Lounge


Helsinki - HEL


London - LHR



Helsinki- Some very nice lounges from Finnair. Terminal 2 is very modern and well designed. One of my favourite airports for visiting. Has good train transport into the city and surrounding towns.

Finnair- Love the business class product. Very solid and great customer service from the crew! Well worth the £170 upgrade, especially on the wide body aircraft. Airbus A330 was great in business, looking forward to flying it again! Can't wait to try their non-Schengen Lounge once work has finished.

London Heathrow- Not much to say again.... Sorry....

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