Review of Air France flight New York Paris in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF11
Class Economy
Seat 38J
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 07:15
Take-off 14 Sep 19, 21:55
Arrival at 15 Sep 19, 11:10
AF   #25 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5701 reviews
By GOLD 1583
Published on 16th September 2019


Check in at Air France's counters in JFK Terminal 1 took quite a while and I had to wait ca. 20 minutes in queue this evening. 

However security was quite quick and soon I found myself airside at the rather cramped and not too attractive Terminal 1. I spotted a nice Royal Air Maroc 787 on the way to my guide.

photo img_0660

Boarding lanes at my gate have already been set up to allow boarding by groups in ca. 30 minutes.

photo img_0661

All of this done for this nice looking Airbus 380 whale.

photo img_0663

On the next gate a nice looking Lufthansa 747-8 was getting ready for its overnight run to Frankfurt.

photo img_0664

Boarding started ca. 15 minutes late but in quite an orderly manner by groups. Once I reached the aircraft door the cabin was already quite full which made it hard to take some nice cabin shots. A friendly cabin crew welcomed me and I passed the nice looking 'La Premiére' First Class cabin - it would be great to sit down here:

photo img_0667

But no - I continue my way to my Economy aisle seat in row 38.

photo img_0669

The cabin and the seats actually already show some age but still are nice and actually very comfortable for an Economy seat: The pitch is good, the seat offers a foot rest and the center armrests are in my opinion wider than on other planes I sat before. A small pillow and a blanket were waiting at each seat - both of mediocre size and quality.

photo img_0668photo img_new

Also on each seat a very nice and comfortable headset was waiting - the package also included eye masks but no socks.

photo img_0670

I really liked the design of the seat that provides a small storage area for e.g. your glasses during sleep. A very helpful detail.
The screen however was very old fashioned with a very bad resolution, old fashioned menu structure and also quite a limited movie selection. 

photo img_0671

My views from the aisle seat would be limited to the camera on this night flight.

photo img_0672

A flight time of short 6 hours 10 minutes was announced due to strong tail winds and we started taxing to our runway. This took for ages at a very busy JFK and we finally took off ca. 50 minutes after leaving our parking position.

Ca. 20 minutes after take off the cabin was put to some kind of mood light ambience which remained like this during the whole dinner service to elp passengers to rest and maybe sleep without ordering a meal.

photo img_0673

Cabin crew passed around distributing packaged refreshing towels and menus.

photo img_0674

It was very nice to see Air France offering printed menus on such a rather short night flight.

photo img_0706photo img_0707

Quite soon trolley appeared and I was served my dinner choice of chicken. This came with a cold bread roll. I had some wine and a Ginger Ale with it to drink, The meal tasted totally fine considering it was an Economy meal.

photo img_0679photo img_0680

Clearing away the trash ca. 25 minutes later cabin crew proactively offered hot drinks and digestifs to finish. All in all the cabin crew was very friendly throughout the flight and smiling a lot. However I always spoke to them in French. To my experience Air France crews often seam to be more friendly and chatty in French compared to English.

photo img_0681

The flight passed by rather quickly although I could not really find some sleep.
Ca. 1,5 hours before landing we reached Ireland where cabin lights were turned on and a small and very simple breakfast was served. However it did the job on such a short night flight and I had some nice hot chocolate with it - a nice feature that Air France offers this in addition to coffee and tea. 

photo img_0682

We landed on time and parked at M gates satellite building. After disembarkation I got a final shot of our huge jet and another Air France longhaul 777 passed closeby.

photo img_0685photo img_0686

Thanks for reading,

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Air France

Cabin crew8.5

New York - JFK


Paris - CDG



This was a nice longhaul flight on the Super Airbus A380. The cabin was somehow old fashioned but still comfortable. The cabin crew was very friendly and the meal service also very satisfying.

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