Review of La Compagnie flight Newark Paris in Business

Airline La Compagnie
Flight B0 101
Class Business
Seat 20F
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 07:40
Take-off 30 Aug 19, 19:00
Arrival at 31 Aug 19, 08:40
B0 22 reviews
By SILVER 4172
Published on 4th October 2019


Hello and welcome to the 2nd post in this new series of flight reviews.

Like every summer, it was time to head to France for a few weeks to visit family and friends. This time would be a little different than previous years as we would be flying from the West Coast and with a 7-month-old.

We'd bought our tickets earlier in the year, when we still lived in DC, and well before we knew we'd be moving to San Diego. We'd flown la Compagnie before, and wanted to try the brand new A321neo, which was due to be delivered later that spring.

After moving to San Diego in June, we bought tickets on Alaska to get to Newark. I'd recently moved my business from American to Alaska and acquired MVP Gold 75K status. Reservations were made for the day before the La Compagnie flight in an attempt to break up the flying for the baby and minimise jetlag, as well as avoid any chance of misconnecting…because New York airspace.


photo routing-map

booking & pre-flight

Booking was simple and quick on, where we able to take advantage of a great fare sale on Valentine's Day. We don't usually book that early for summer travel, as most sales usually happen later in the spring, but jumped on the opportunity to try out the new A321neo. 

We were able to book the infant-in-lap right on; however, there was a problem pricing out the infant ticket. Rather than pricing it at 10% of the adult ticket–which is the norm for international tickets–I was charged almost full price for the baby. Obviously this was an error considering the baby doesn't get a seat. I called the reservations centre right after booking and the issue was investigated immediately by a very friendly and helpful team of people who even called me several days later to follow up and confirm a refund  was being processed. 

I also asked to reserve the baby bassinet, as I'd read on the site that there is one per aircraft.  The agent explained that the bassinet could only be confirmed at the airport on the day of departure as the policy was to award use of the bassinet to the youngest infant on board. On the day of departure, passengers travelling with the youngest infant are moved to seats 1A and 1C where the bassinet can be attached to the bulkhead. The bassinet policy seems a bit complex, but generally fair. Unfortunately, on the day of departure I learned that this only applied to the 757 fleet–the A321neo fleet was not equipped with bassinets. It was disappointing, but I couldn't blame the call centre agents as the aircraft hadn't been delivered at the time of booking.

 As the bulkhead seats were blocked, due to reasons mentioned above, I opted for seats in the last row, which at the time of booking was row 21. 

photo seats-ewr-ory-row-21

I figured that the last row would be best for its proximity to the lavatories for the baby (read changing tables). And also, if the baby decided to get a little fussy, it was closer to the galley. 

I guess La Compagnie hadn't yet settled on the 321neo's configuration at the time of booking because row 21 had disappeared upon checking in for the flight. The last row was now row 20.  

photo seats-ewr-ory-row-20

Having arrived from San Diego the day before, we had spent the night at the Hilton Newark Airport. It's nothing to write home about, but there were (somewhat distant) views of arriving flights. 

United 787-9 

photo img_0567

Alaska 737-800 "Salmon-Thirty-Salmon" ?

photo img_0570

United 757-200 in Star Alliance livery

photo img_0571

check-in & lounge

Because we had to check out of the hotel around noon, we arrived at the airport super early.

Terminal B, which handles a lot of European departures, was pretty empty this early in the afternoon. 

photo img_6307photo img_6334

Of course it was way too early to check-in for our flight–the La Compagnie ticket counters hadn't even been set up yet as they open just 2.5 hours before departure. 

Luckily (in this situation, anyway), there is a Priority Pass lounge outside of security in Terminal B. So we headed down one level to the Art & Lounge 

photo img_6308

The Art & Lounge is also the contract lounge for La Compagnie, but as it was still very early we just got in with our Priority Pass. We probably would have been let in by showing our mobile boarding passes, but with it being so early, I didn't bother trying.

The lounge is nothing special but it's better than hanging out in the terminal. It's on the small side and there are no windows, which is a shame. Luckily, at this early afternoon hour it was on the empty side, which was pleasant. 

photo img_6315-24883photo img_6319

The food offering was ok for a U.S. lounge, as there were some hot options. What was odd, was that it was after 1PM and breakfast was still being served.

 Omelets and potatoes 

photo img_6318

It was all pretty bland, but nothing a little salt and pepper couldn't fix. As we hadn't had lunch, it did the job.

photo img_6320

a little later, there was some chili con carne available

photo img_6322

As the lounge is on the small side, it was nice that the largest section was reserved for La Compagnie passengers. There is also a smaller section reserved for El Al premium passengers–this only leaves the section near the bar for Priority Pass passengers during peak evening hours. 

photo img_6321photo img_6323

We hung out in the lounge for a few hours and got some work done. Because we arrived in the lounge in the quieter early afternoon hour,s, we were able to sit in a section near a power outlet. Note that there are only a few outlets available along the walls. 

The baby was well-behaved and played quietly the whole time. He even took a good one hour nap, which is always good for minimising fussiness when travelling. 

photo img_6311-31782

2.5 hours before departure, we headed to the ticket counter to check-in our bags. One of the nice things about the lounge is that there are large closets where bags can be stored.

The ticket counter was not quite open as we got in the queue. 

photo img_6332photo img_6333

Signs above the ticket counters advised passengers who arrive early to enjoy some time in the lounge prior to check-in, which is exactly what we had done.

photo img_6335photo img_6336

Check in was friendly and efficient despite a little problem with the ticket. As I'd mentioned earlier, there had been an error with pricing of the infant ticket when it was initially purchased. Somehow, upon fixing the issue, the infant had fallen out of the reservation.  The agent made a quick phone call and everything was fixed within minutes.

Boarding passes in hand, we headed directly to the gate. Having already spent time in the lounge we decided to forego a second visit knowing that going through security with a baby can take a while, especially since La Compagnie does not participate in the Trusted Traveller Program, which meant we could not use the TSA Pre-check lane. 

Once we were through security, we checked to see if we could enter the Virgin Atlantic lounge, which is a Priority Pass lounge during certain hours; however, the lounge was just closing up. 

We ended up finding a quiet area where I passed the time with a bit of planespotting. If you don't care for planespotting,  I invite you to scroll away ? 

Terminal B isn't a particularly nice terminal, but airside there are nice views of the tarmac and the Manhattan skyline.

photo img_0575photo img_0576

Lufthansa 747-8i 

photo img_0577

Aer Lingus A330-300

Air Canada Express E175 in new colours

photo img_0584

United 737-800

photo img_0586

Equipped with split scimitar winglets

photo img_0588photo img_0589

SAS A330-300

photo img_0587

Austrian 767-300ER


Unfortunately, because our aircraft was parked at a corner gate, there weren't any good views.

photo img_0596photo img_0597

Boarding began right on time. I love that the Gate Display had information in English and French. 

photo img_0598

Thanks to "Baby-priority," we were the first to board ? 
We were greeted with a "bonjour" by 3 very friendly cabin crew.
The new A321neo cabin is absolutely gorgeous. I'm also a fan of the La Compagnie colour palette, which goes perfectly with the light blue mood lighting. 

photo img_0599photo img_0600

Registered F-HBUZ, this 321neo is equipped with 76 fully flat seats in a 2-2 configuration over 19 rows. Only 76 seats on an aircraft that can accommodate well over 200 feels luxurious and exclusive, like a large private jet.

photo img_0601

A bit more space at the over-wing exit row

photo img_0603

Our seats in the last row. 

photo img_0604

View of the cabin from the rear

photo img_0605photo img_0606

20 A and C can be used for crew rests (notice the curtain); however, they were occupied by passengers on this flight and empty and unused on the return flight, so I'm not sure if they ever actually get used for crew rest. 

photo img_0607

In a small storage compartment were a bottle of water, the amenity kit, and noise-cancelling headphones. There is also a USB port located above the headphones. 

photo img_0608photo img_0610

Universal power outlets are located on the front of the center console between seats. 

photo img_0639

Some windows have stickers of famous landmarks of New York and Paris

photo img_0609photo img_0612

Legroom is very good, as you would expect with a full flat seat. Though the footwell looks small, it's actually quite spacious, especially as there's a gap between the seat and the sidewall. 

photo img_0611

Seat controls, with the IFE remote just below. 

photo img_0614

Shortly after settling, FA's were in the cabin for the pre-departure beverage service. 

Choices were water or Piper-Heidsieck champagne. 

photo img_0613

View of the cabin from our seats towards the end of boarding.

photo img_6343

the flight

Although it was a full flight, with only 76 seats, boarding was very quick and completed early, which allowed us to push back from the gate about 10 minutes early.

photo img_6349

Air Canada Dreamliner during pushback

photo img_0615

Virgin Atlantic A330-300

photo img_0617

It's a busy time for Transatlantic departures

photo img_0618photo img_0619

Ethiophia Dreamliner

photo img_0620

The very zen yoga-themes safety video played as we began to taxi

photo img_0621

The self-proclaimed "most relaxing safety instructions"

photo img_0623

Yeah…I can't do that

photo img_0627photo img_0628

It wasn't a terribly long taxi despite the busy hour

photo img_0631photo img_0638

Lights are dimmed for takeoff 

photo img_0632

Sharklet and downtown Manhattan 

photo img_0641

So much yellow…

photo img_0642photo img_0645

Just a few more in front of us before our turn

photo img_0648

Meanwhile a queue built up behind us

photo img_0650photo img_0652

Lining up on the runway

photo img_0651

And takeoff into the sunset 

photo img_0654photo img_0655

Beautiful sunset colours

photo img_0656photo img_0657

As is often the case with north and eastbound departures from Newark, we were treated to amazing views of the city

photo img_0658photo img_0659

Always cool to pass right over Manhattan

photo img_0663photo img_0665

The IFE system was activated after takeoff

photo img_0671

In addition to traditional IFE content, there is a welcome video detailing the improved features on board the A321neo.

photo img_0681photo img_0680

There are also meal menus, but as in past experiences, they are rarely accurate. 

photo img_0683

For airshow nerds, there is a nice moving map

photo img_0685photo img_0687

There are instructions for logging on to the free WiFi

photo img_0690photo img_0691

The WiFi is fast and worked well throughout the flight. I rarely ever find WiFi prices worth it while flying, so I appreciated that La Compagnie provides it for free.

photo img_0693

And of course there are movies, TV series, and music. I will say that I found the number of movies available to be on the low side compared to bigger carriers, but there was still plenty of content for these short 6-8 hour type flights. 

photo img_0688

The branded amenity kits are quite nice and contain high-end Caudalie skin care products alongside the usual eye mask, socks, ear plugs, pen, etc.

photo img_0672

The dinner service began as we approaches the Canadian Maritime Provinces. 

photo img_0694

The cabin bathed in soft lighting during dinner service

photo img_0695

The first meal service on the eastbound redeyes is a light dinner. There was no separate apéritif service to save time; however we were offered a pre-meal drink and a different wine for the meal. I decided to stick with champagne. 

photo img_0696

I did have some water as well–it's important to stay hydrated on long-hauls .

photo img_0704

There were two dinner options–as mentioned above, However, they were different from the menus described on the IFE.

To start, was a delicious butternut squash soup. 

photo img_0705

The first option for main was a beef salad, which was similar to the menu in the IFE. 

photo img_0699

However, the second option was a salmon and potato salad, whereas the IFE described a lobster salad.

photo img_0706

Either way, it was quite tasty. 

photo img_0707

The mood lighting is quite relaxing and conducive to sleeping after the dinner service. Later on, the lights were turned off altogether. 

photo img_6356photo img_6368

Because of the time difference with the West Coast, at first the baby had no intentions of sleeping. All of the flashy buttons and screens were just too interesting, so the IFE kept him occupied for a bit. 

photo img_6360

He did eventually fall asleep towards the end of the flight and I was able to get about 2 hours of sleep, which is better than I'd expected to get!

Wanting to get as much sleep as possible, I decided to skip breakfast. Sorry, no photos! From what I saw, it was a proper hot breakfast.  

Soon we began our descent into Paris-Orly 

photo img_0711

Morning winglet shot 

photo img_0708photo img_0713

The cabin was readied for landing.

photo img_0719

It was a beautiful clear morning in the Ile-de-France region.

photo img_0717photo img_0718

We landed over a half hour early and had a short taxi to the gate. Taxi times at Orly are usually much quicker than at CDG.

photo img_0721photo img_0722

We thanked our gracious cabin crew for a lovely flight as we headed out.

One last view of this very nice new cabin. 

photo img_0723

Thanks for reading!

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La Compagnie

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Newark - EWR


Paris - ORY



An amazing value. With discounted fares regularly running around $1500 round-trip from Newark to Paris, you just can't beat that kind of bang for the buck for Business class. The A321neo, with its lower operating cost, is the perfect replacement for La Compagnie's aging 757s on these shorter Transatlantic missions (though, of course, as an AvGeek I love 757s, don't get me wrong). The new full-flat product is a great improvement over the previous angled lie-flat seats. The Rockwell Collins (former B/E Aerospace) Diamond seats are perfectly adapted for these types of 7-9 hour flights. I found the seats to be comfortable, well-padded, spacious, and didn't find the footwell to be restrictive, especially as there was some room between the footwell and the sidewalls due to the A321s wider fuselage compared to the 757.

The catering is on the lighter side, but just fine for a short red-eye flight. However, it would be nice to have a more substantial dinner option for those who may not have had time to eat prior to the flight. Although I preferred to sleep and skipped the breakfast, it was a full hot breakfast.

The IFE system is modern and reactive, though the film library was smaller than expected--not a big deal for shorter flights like this. Either way, it is a nice improvement over the tablets provided on the 757 fleet. The free WiFi is great and works really well!

Cabin crew were absolutely fantastic. Service was top notch and friendly with a touch of class "à la Française". Despite being only 3 flight attendants for a full flight, they were super efficient and attentive.

The lounge is OK, but the lack of natural light is a shame and modern airport lounges should have at least one power outlet available per seat.

Having flown La Compagnie several times, I'm definitely a fan. I'm glad this small all-business airline has survived all these years, and even thrived.

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  • Comment 524939 by
    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5415 Comments
    Thanks a lot Kevin for your report, i was really looking forward to your take on this new A321neo, clearly a game changer from the old, noisy and angled 757.
    Catering is better than on my flight back in July.
    Nice the see an attentive cabin crew on a full flight and taking care of the little ones.
    See you
    • Comment 525349 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6348 Comments
      Agree that the 321neo is a game changer for them. Previously, with the 757 angled lie-flat seats, B0 was below AF in terms of product, now they are on par, or better--definitely better than the A380 that still have angled seats.

      The catering has definitely improved since the last time I flew with them. I really commend the crew on doing such a good job because it's not easy serving a full flight with only 3 FAs.

      Thanks for your comments!
  • Comment 524979 by
    Manbou BRONZE 67 Comments
    Hi Kevin, thanks for the nice report. La Compagnie looks like a more than proper option, especially considering the price, if you're planning to take this route. Interesting to see what one can do with the A321neo.
    • Comment 525350 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6348 Comments
      Thank you for your comments! Definitely a good option for Business class on this route. It is amazing that we now have A321s doing Transatlantic! And this isn't even the LR version. Very cool to see the evolution of the 321, though it'll never quite be able to replace the capabilities of the 757.
  • Comment 525115 by
    757Fan 624 Comments
    Great report, Kevin. I'm impressed, and makes me want to consider La Compagnie for a future flight to France. Looks like you had also a relatively painless time traveling through EWR. I do not care for that airport at all - having grown up in NY and flying from there often with Continental back in the day.

    Looking forward to your return trip!
    • Comment 525351 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6348 Comments
      I definitely recommend La Compagnie, though it's not a particularly practical option for those who live outside of the NYC area. Luckily, we have AS on SAN-EWR (and UA too).

      I don't usually care for EWR either--it's pretty much a dump--but I found it more convenient than JFK when I lived in DC. Much rather take the train to EWR directly than connect at JFK, which is always a gamble in the summer.

      Thanks for stopping by!
  • Comment 525157 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 611 Comments
    Thanks Kevin for this very interesting report and it seems that B0's product is very solid and polished (despite the minor hickups in regards to your booking). Even though they fly with a brand new aircraft, the nostalgy of flying a 757 is slowly disappearing.
    What were they thinking by adding stickers to windows of famous French/US landmarks? While the product itself is solid, I find it a tad cheap looking to add them to windows and completely unnecessary and it would start to bother me after a solid hour.
    • Comment 525352 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6348 Comments
      Thanks for your comments Thomas! A very solid product indeed. I love 757s so I'm glad we still have a bunch here in the US that will stick around for a while.

      Yeah, I'm not a fan of those stickers. At first I thought they were just temporary to celebrate the new aircraft but now it's been over 3 months and they're still there.
  • Comment 527589 by
    ChrisB GOLD 3007 Comments
    Hi Kevin,

    thank you for the very good report, very good pictures. I am happy to read a review on the A321Neo across the pound I was looking forward to it!
    My two questions:
    - I understand that you've flown the B757 before, and when you look at specs, the A321 has a 3,70m wide cabin and the B757 3,54m (at leas so I read), did it feel like the A321 had more space?
    - The seats are really looking good and comfy but if you are next to a passenger you don't know can you leave your seat without jumping above your fellow neighbour?
    • Comment 527716 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6348 Comments
      Hi Chris, thanks for your comments. To answer your question, yes, it did feel wider. The seat itself felt roomier than the same seat model on a 757 (may be a wider version adapted to 321 fuselage cross-section). Where I could most tell that it felt wider was that there was more space at the feet than on the 757, which I mentioned in the report. There was more of a gap between the footwell and the sidewall than on a 757. The 4th report in this series will be a good comparison as it's on a Delta 757 in J with the same model seat. I'm working on finishing up the La Compagnie return then I'll post that DL 757 report.

    • Comment 527720 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6348 Comments
      Regarding getting out from the window, it's not ideal, but the seats are low enough to the ground in the bed mode that it's relatively easy to get out to the aisle if you're of average height or higher. I found getting out from BA J seats much more complicated. On a narrowbody there aren't many options that aren't 2-2, except those equiped with Thomson Vantage seats where there are a few "throne seats"--like Air Lingus 757s (and not 321neo LR) which I reviewed 2 years ago:
  • Comment 527953 by
    vinavia 192 Comments
    Such a gorgeous flight. Seems like La Compagne is going really great by providing luxury trans-Atlantic flight. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful journey :D
  • Comment 540890 by
    Results45 1 Comments
    WOW! Thank you for compiling this review of your 2019 flying experience(s) with La Compagnie. I came across this review after discovering British Airways' all-business class flights between London City and New York. As far as I know La Compagnie is the only such airline in the industry to offer such flights ~ and at a 30-60% less as well! My only hope is that they do not go the way of former airlines like PanAm, TWA, and WOW that offered great service, but ultimately went bankrupt due to unsustainable operation models or generally poor management decisions. I hope I get to explore Europe via such affordable Business Class with La Compagnie in the coming year or two! ;)
    • Comment 540953 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6348 Comments
      Hi there, thanks a lot for your feedback and taking the time to leave your thoughts. You're correct, La Compagnie is currently the only all-Business class airlines left on Transatlantic routes. Between 2002 and the 2008 Financial crisis, there were quite a few operating from NYC and WAS to LON and PAR (Silverjet, Eos, l'Avion), but only one survived, OpenSkies a British Airways subsidiary that merged with French airline l'Avion, which itself is a predecessor to La Compagnie (the CEO of l'Avion founded La Compagnie). OpenSkies continued to operate until 2018, but added a small Economy cabin in 2012 or 2013, so all-Business class transatlantic airlines ceased to exist around that time. That is, until La Compagnie started operations.

      La Compagnie began operations in 2014. And by all indications are doing well and have really carved out a nice niche market for themselves. So far they've been going strong for almost 6 years, when many predicted they wouldn't make it a year. I'm definitely a fan of La Compagnie and recommend them if you live close to NYC, or can get there easily enough. I used to take the train up from DC to catch La Compagnie. You can often find round-trip tickets around $1500, which is crazy cheap for fully-flat business class. That's what most airlines charge for Premium Economy on transatlantic routes.

      Check out the return flight if you haven't already:

      And if you're curious, here are some older reviews I did on La Compagnie back when they operated 757s (both 757s were retired last year):

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