Review of Iberia flight Chicago Madrid in Economy

Airline Iberia
Flight 6274
Class Economy
Seat 39
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 07:50
Take-off 30 Sep 19, 16:45
Arrival at 01 Oct 19, 07:35
IB   #35 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 281 reviews
By 2979
Published on 4th October 2019

Hello Everyone,

I just returned from the US and I will review IB A350 product/ Long-haul in Economy.  It was my first time to fly IB lang-haul and I have mixed opinions.  The plane was great, catering so-so and crew not that good. Overall, it was an OK flight.

Lets start!

My route was : Detroit-Chicago( 4 hours layover)-Madrid.

The first leg of the flight was in AA on a regional Embraer.  

photo 20190929_122824photo 20190929_123830photo 20190929_143114

Had some time to explore Chicago Airport, and I was quite shocked to find it so packed, small,outdated and basically with no virtual space to sit down and enjoy a tranquil lunch. I struggled to find a seat to eat in the food court, despite being 2 pm.   The good thing about terminals 2&3 is the view to the tarmac. 

My ride for today: 1 year old IB A350

photo 20190929_151039

Boarding started on time, but our departure was delayed due to air traffic congestion. 


photo 20190929_155918

Cool: Each seat had a blanket and pillow ( clean ones, not previously used by other passengers as in other airlines) 

photo 20190929_155931

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Pitch is not that great. Only 31"… 

photo 20190929_155942

IFE box is almost gone

photo 20190929_155951photo 20190929_160057

Had luck while doing the check in the previous day. Got the best seat in Y on this plane for free.  Seat 39! 

photo 20190929_160103photo 20190929_160109

Flight load was around 80%;  had empty seats next to me :) 

Time to depart. Was able to catch some nice shots! 

photo 20190929_170738photo 20190929_170812photo 20190929_172101

Time to take-off

photo 20190929_172345

Cool views over Chicago

photo 20190929_172646

Pretty comfy seat! The only disadvantage of this seat is the screen height.  I prefer the ones inserted into the seat in front of you.

photo 20190929_173915photo 20190929_175032


photo 20190929_181445

And finally.. The much expected dinner service. Was quite anxious to see and taste IB food!   Flavor and quantity was OK.  But not the best in sky in Y!   Another disadvantage of this airline, is that there is no free spirits in economy. Only beer on wine!   Come on Iberia, you should offer the same catering service as British Airways! 

photo 20190929_181701photo 20190929_181757


photo 20190929_190248photo 20190929_191435photo 20190929_191437

One thing that pissed me off was the crew!  During the first service, there were 2 stewards which gave me a good impression. Always smiling, kind with the passengers; quite nice being this Iberia! After service was done went to the Galley to get some wine and was offered but no pretzels or biscuits as for example with AF, KE, etc, etc… 

Around 2:30hrs into the flight, just about to leave Canadian Air Space I pressed for the "Call button" as I wanted to order something to drink.  And wow.. waited for more than 30 minutes!!!!!!! During all this time the bell was ringing automatically every 7 or 8 minutes, I guess that the plane has some kind of alarm to remind the crew that there are passengers requiring assistance.    But no one came!  I was kinda shocked! I know that Iberia is not Emirates or Air France, but 30 minutes?

At the end I was lucky that a crew passed by, I stopped her and she asked me surprised: What do you want? ( ¿Que quiere?) ***** Sorry? I am your customer! You should be kind to me! Thanks to me, your customer Iberia is on business. 

A really bad experience!   Guess that IB should bring their seniors F/A back to training or something.   


photo 20190929_190254

At the end, I managed to sleep around 3 hours before breakfast service started

photo 20190929_233552

The famous IB breakfast box.  I would say that is better than AA second meal between Spain and the US but still lagging behind its European rivals.

photo 20190929_233634

And arrival into MAD. Early morning. 

City of Madrid: 

photo 20190930_002536photo 20190930_074951

It only took me 20 mins to pass customs , take the automated train from T4S to T4 and arrive in the luggage delivery area. 

photo 20190930_075248
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Cabin crew3.0

Chicago - ORD


Madrid - MAD



In conclusion? I would not fly Iberia again! Despite now having modern planes in their long haul fleet and the hard product being OK; the soft product is not so good. The crew needs to get training on hospitality and the caterings needs improvement.

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  • Comment 525158 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 570 Comments

    I usually tend to avoid any Spanish carrier on longhaul flights as their product often falls behind compared to other European longhaul carriers.

    At the end I was lucky that a crew passed by, I stopped her and she asked me surprised: What do you want? ( ¿Que quiere?) ***** Sorry? I am your customer! You should be kind to me! Thanks to me, your customer Iberia is on business.

    While it is definitely not a good thing that you've been ignored for over thirty minutes and such thing should not happen, I don't think (if she said it in Spanish) that you should be offensive to that sentence Que Quiere? as for most Spanish (not latin) it is a very neutral thing to say and they don't really mean it in an offensive matter.
    Thanks for your great report.

    • Comment 526116 by
      KAL1 AUTHOR 19 Comments

      Thanks for reading Thomas!

      You are absolutely right! Spanish carriers lag behind its European rivals! At least , Iberia, thanks to BA is improving slowly their product. But still, they have some years of works...

      Regarding the experience with the CC, it was not only the sentence but also her facial expression. From what I read, IB has 2 types of crews. The "veteran ones" with great salaries due to some agreements with the unions but poor service towards the customers; and the younger ones, with lower salaries but a better working attitude...

  • Comment 525409 by
    Manbou 61 Comments

    Thanks for the interesting review. Nice shot of Madrid, too!

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