Review of Finnair flight Helsinki Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Finnair
Flight AY101
Class Economy
Seat 32A
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 09:30
Take-off 22 Sep 19, 16:30
Arrival at 23 Sep 19, 07:00
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Jett Tyler
By GOLD 3705
Published on 16th October 2019

My first trip to Asia is finally here!

I flew from London to Helsinki with OH-LWD, an Airbus A350-900 on the 10:20am AY1332 flight.

Getting to Helsinki, I got to my gate 75 minutes ahead of my flight's departure and used the time to recharge my GoPro for the long-haul flight ahead of me, which was scheduled at over 9 hours. 

photo img_8373photo img_8357photo img_8351

I got to enjoy some spotting time, and I found myself seeing a few Nordic specialties, including a Norwegian airline Widero's brand new E2-190 aircraft, my first sighting of the type!

photo gopr6855

My flight was to be operated by another Airbus A350-900 of Finnair, this occasion being OH-LWI, another new airframe to my log.

My OneWorld Ruby status allowed for me to enjoy priority boarding, allowing me to quickly and easily get to my seat of 32A. 

photo gopr6858

My flight departed on time once everyone was boarded. I had someone sat next to me in 32C, but 32B was left open- giving me and my Norwegian seat mate a bit of extra room and storage for the next 9:30hr flight.

photo gopr6864

The flight began transiting North-East across the great and vast territory of Russia as the sun began to set. The first meal was handed out about 90 minutes into our flights.

I flew a Finnair A330 from HEL to JFK in March 2018, taking advice from a business traveller I was seated next to on that flight, I decided to give the Kosher speciality meal  a try, it was a little bland for my liking, but a nice meal all around!

It contained a turkey meal with carrots, peas and sweetcorn. a fruit composite, vanilla angel delight, a fish paste with crackers and a chocolate desert item. 

photo gopr6869photo gopr6867

I enjoyed the entertainment offered by Finnair on this flight. Some of the tv shows and movies I enjoyed included: Bones, Grey's Anatomy, Dunkirk, Rocketman, Bob's Burgers and more.

photo gopr6874photo gopr6885

I had issues sleeping, so I decided to go back and purchase a midnight snack for 5.50EUR.

For those who want to know more: Finnair offers free soft drinks on long(er) haul flights like Singapore & Hong Kong, but snacks will cost you extra, unless you are flying in business class. They do also charge for alcoholic spirits. Some routes they charge for beers & wine but on this route the beers & wine are complimentary. 

photo gopr6879

The plane flew across the night, so I couldn't film much. I kept peaking out in case I could see the Northern Lights or even lights on the ground of a major Russian or Chinese city… I got nothing, but around 5am local time- the sun began to slowly rise as we closed in on the final two hours of the flight.

photo gopr6882

My breakfast came around this time. The main item included a rice and vegetable dish with a vegetarian composite. Alongside it came a cracker pack with apricot jam, jelly beans(?), and the fruit pate.

photo gopr6880

The sun had fully risen, ready for the arrival into Hong Kong.

photo gopr6889

We circled around the islands of Hong Kong before we landed at the Hong Kong International Airport, we arrived about 15 minutes ahead of our scheduled arrival time. We came off the runway and passed a few aircraft on remote stands, including a UNI Air A321, United 777-300 and Cathay Pacific A330. Parking up next to a Dubai-bound Boeing 777-300(ER) from Emirates.

photo gopr6897

I exited the aircraft after most the other passengers departed, so I could visit the flight deck quickly and thank the crew for a great flight, given that I didn't have the possibility to do such on my LHR-HEL flight due to my short connection and the bus link.

photo gopr6900photo gopr6899
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Cabin crew9.0

Helsinki - HEL


Hong Kong - HKG



Helsinki Airport- Fantastic and easy connection at this airport, in part aided by my familiarity of it. Great airport views!

Finnair A350- One of my favourite options of travel, the aircraft and service was great on this flight. My only complaint was the seat selection being rather costly (£20 each way without FPS discount). Meal was nice quality, but a little bland in taste. Seat and legroom, I've no complaints and the crew were friendly.

Hong Kong- Very efficient Airport, got through immigration in about 10 minutes and the airport was well organised and laid out.

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  • Comment 526752 by
    KL651 TEAM 4527 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    The special meals look larger in quantity compared to the regular ones.
    Nice cabin, especially with the blue blankets instead of the horrible green ones.
    Didn't know AY still had that BoB options on flights to HK, Japan and Singapore. I thought it was only to BKK, China and NYC.
    • Comment 527295 by
      Jett Tyler GOLD AUTHOR 301 Comments
      Its a more restricted buy on board, the soft drinks, beer and wine are all free. Its only large snacks and alcoholic spirits that are chargeable. I am a bit 50-50 about my views on it. Overall a decent product. I thought it was quite ok the speciality meal- might try a few others on future flights to show case special options.
  • Comment 526873 by
    ThomasDutch BRONZE 600 Comments
    While I thoroughly enjoyed my flight with AY a few years ago, I just can't support their partial BoB service. Thanks for sharing though!
    • Comment 527294 by
      Jett Tyler GOLD AUTHOR 301 Comments
      I think its a good call for them to charge on the alcoholic spirits, especially in an age where airlines are being hit hard by drunk idiots causing diversions. I think the snack items should be free though on this sort of flight...
  • Comment 527127 by
    francoctf 1 Comments
    There are some chocolate candies and savory snacks free of charge but in limited stocks...

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