Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok Karachi in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG507
Class Economy
Seat 46K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 05:00
Take-off 02 Jul 17, 14:10
Arrival at 02 Jul 17, 17:10
TG 373 reviews
Published on 23rd October 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to this new  flight review. This is of another one of my older flights from back in 2017 onboard a Thai Airbus A330-300 operating flight TG507 from Bangkok to Karachi. TG507 is actually a flight from Bangkok-Karachi-Muscat, but i will only be flying on the first sector today.

After a nice vacation in Thailand it was time to head back home. So got in a taxi after after a 1 hour drive in the busy Bangkok traffic made it to Suvurnbhumi Airport, 1 of the two main airports in Bangkok.

photo img-5174photo img-5173

Suvurnbhumi Airport is huge and very open , there was  so many check in counters at the airport.

photo img-5172

Very soon it was time to check in for the flight. Because there were so many check in desks open and  no assigned desks for a specific flight , the check in procedure was very smooth.

photo img-5167

After check in and immigration it was time to head to the gate and like any big airport was forced to go past the huge line of duty free shops.

photo img-5183photo img-5166

Made it to my gate and got a good view of the aircraft that would be flying me out to Karachi that afternoon , a  2009 built  Airbus A330-300  with the registration of HS-TEP.

photo img-5130

Boarding was soon called and i went to my assigned seat 46K , situated a little behind the right wing.

photo img-5165

The seats overall were comfortable with some good legroom and a footrest which on long flights is always appreciated. The seat also had a small but working IFE screen installed on each seat,

photo img-5131photo img-5221photo img-5182

The seat pocket  contents consisted of the " Sawasdee " inflight magazine, the Airbus A330-300 safety card and the inflight duty free catalogue.

photo img-5163

We pushed back from our gate on time ,  got a nice view of this Thai Boeing 777-200ER.

photo img-5132

We then began out longish taxi to  the Runway  . A China Airlines Boeing 747-400F ahead of us heading to Taipei.

photo img-5134photo img-5133

A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800 at one of the remote stands at the cargo terminal. I seriously liked this livery as compared to the current one. What about you guys, which one do you prefer?

photo img-5135

Lining up on Runway  19R

photo img-5246

And after  a powerful take off we lift off the runway to commence our 5 hour flight.

photo img-5245

A quick right turn immediately after take off towards South Asia.

photo img-5136

Climbing to our cruising altitude of 36000 feet.

photo img-5141

The inflight service soon began with a serving of roasted cashew nuts and a drink for which i opted for a glass of coke.

photo img-5139

Meanwhile some nice views  outside as we fly at our cruising altitude.

photo img-5137

The lunch service began 1 hour 30 minutes into the flight . For the main meal there was a choice of chicken or beef for which i opted for the chicken. It consisted of chicken curry with saffron rice and vegetables . The meal  was accompanied with a small salad , strawberry moose , a fresh roll and butter and a bottle of water. Overall a really tasty meal for this afternoon flight.

photo img-5140

The IFE system was quiet extensive with a good variety of movies , tv shows etc although the screen was quiet old and graphics blurry but then again this was back in 2017 and as of today all of Thai  older Airbus A330s have a newer refurbished cabin.

photo img-5244photo img-5242photo img-5243

Some more nice views along the way.

photo img-5138

After taking a  quick nap looked out of the window and noticed the spoilers being deployed meaning it was time for landing.

photo img-5143

A quick right turn to line up with Runway 25L

photo img-5144

For those interested in the whole approach into Karachi, the link is attached below.

On finals for Runway 25L.

photo img-5241

And touchdown in Jinnah International Airport on time, probably one the smoothest touchdowns i have experienced on the A330.

photo img-5239

Taxing towards the international satellite terminal. A DHL Boeing 767-200F  getting loaded up for its flight to Abu Dhabi.

photo img-5145photo img-5146

We taxied to stand 23 which brings us to the end of this flight.

photo img-5147

One final look at HS-TEP to conclude this flight report.

photo img-5148
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Bangkok - BKK


Karachi - KHI



Overall a really nice flight with Thai Airways. The seat was comfortable , managed to get a good nap. The meal served looked appetising and tasted delicious. as well. The crew were also very friendly on this flight. For me the only let down had to be the outdated IFE screen but as i said earlier all of the older a330s are refurbished, so i guess in the future if i try the Thai A330s again i could eradicate this let down also. Have you flown with Thai before? Would love to hear how your experience was like.



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