Review of Virgin Australia flight Hong Kong Sydney in Economy

Airline Virgin Australia
Flight VA082
Class Economy
Seat 35K
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 09:21
Take-off 24 Oct 19, 19:40
Arrival at 25 Oct 19, 08:01
VA   #63 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 72 reviews
By 1980
Published on 12th November 2019

Hello everyone!! This is my first time to write a flight review here, hope you can enjoy it.

 I was having a meeting in Sydney in the late October, and I got the Virgin Australia flight to SYD. I never try VA before so I went to check out some flight review here. And what surprise me is: there is no review on VA flight to Hong Kong, even no long haul flight review! So I decided to write one here and be the first report that wrote by me! (haha)  


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At the airport

I arrived at the airport at about 4:15 pm, when I get off the bus, I saw this long long queue…
As some of you may know, Hong Kong International Airport is ordering all passenger to do an extra security check before heading in the terminal. You can only enter the terminal with a ticket which departing in 24 hours. That means your friend and family cannot go inside the terminal if only you are flying on that day, they cannot come to pick you up too.

photo img_4374-94741

After waiting for about 15 minutes, I finally manage to get in the terminal

photo img_4375

Do you see my flight (VA082)? 

photo img_4376


This is the check-in counter of Virgin Australia. Surprisingly there is no queue here. Maybe all the passenger are blocked outside the terminal. 

photo img_4378

The check-in was fast, I soon get my boarding pass ready. Today we will use gate 204, which is located at the mid-field concourse.

photo img_4381_li

After I get my boarding pass, I go through the security and immigration and find a restaurant for my early dinner (Sorry for not taking any photo for it). And when I look at my watch again, is already 15 minutes before boarding. So I immediately take the APM to the mid-field concourse 

Gate 204

photo img_4383

The A330-200 take take me to Sydney tonight

photo img_4387

boarding and pre-flight

The boarding start 15 minutes late, and I also been told by the ground staff that my seat has been change from 34C to 35D. Emm… I want a window seat…..

The seat of Virgin Australia is in red, purple, black and gray, you will found the seat next to you won't be the same colour

photo img_4394-31049photo img_4398-64655

Waiting me on the seat is the blanket and pillow, as well as the amenity kits

photo img_4395

When I was seated, I try to ask one of the flight attendant is there any chance to change for a window seat. They said the flight is not that full, there may be a chance to change my seat, but I need to wait all passenger to board the plane first. And I accept!

So while waiting for the boarding, let me show you the legroom, I am 167 cm height (OK I know I am short) and there are still many rooms for me. 

photo img_4397photo img_4396photo img_4399

And when I want to see what inside the seatback pocket, the crew come to me and said there is a window seat I can change to! So, I pack my things immediately and change to 35K, and with no one seat next to me!!!!!!!!!!

For the seatback pocket of VA's A332, they have 2 pockets for passengers to put their things
In the seatback pocket, there have an inflight magazine,  a safety card, an inflight wifi card, 2 airsick bags and a headset
There are also different colour amenity kits. You will get the same colour kits to the seat colour. Inside the kits are eyes mask, a pen and earplugs.
For the entertainment system, there is a large selection of movies, but the screen is a bit slow and sometimes no respond…

And the crews start their safety demonstration…. Wait, why not playing the safety video??

photo img_4416photo img_4417

After the demonstration, my flight start push back and the cabin crew dimmed the light


Soon after takeoff, the crew start handing bottle water, menu and landing card to passengers

For dinner, I originally want to get the beef one, but it is out of stock before coming to me, so I went for the chicken one.
The chicken taste quite well, the meat is juicy and the rice isn't dry. For drink, I choose ginger ale, and the crew give me the whole can
Overall the meal is good! 

After the meal service, the crew order all passengers to close the window shade. at the same time, they provide a second round of drink service, I order a cup of hot chocolate.

photo img_4440photo img_4441

After I enjoy the chocolate, I went to sleep for about 4 hours
And I woke up by the smell of food - is the second meal service!! 

For breakfast, I choose noodles. Surprisingly the noodles were not too dry! But if there is some chilli sauce for me then it will be perfect
And I got another hot chocolate with my breakfast. This time, the chocolate was pre-made one, and it tastes like water!
When I start getting disappointed, I found that….. Is my problem… I haven't stir it well……

After breakfast, I took some photo outside the aircraft
And I found that there is safety video in the entertainment system, but is 777 version. Emm, do VA really have no A332 version safety video? 

Approaching and landing at SYD

We land at SYD airport at 7:45 am, but we get a long long long taxi to the gate…
And finally, we stop at the cargo bay (I think? I don't know…) 

photo img_4484


Finally, is time to disembark the flight

Some plane spotting when taking the shuttle bus to the terminal
The Cathay Pacific aircraft in the last picture is CX111, the flight that planned arrive a bit late than my flight. But… they arrived before us 

arrival airport

After taking the bus, I have a short walk through the duty free shop, then is the immigration and security

photo img_4501-87299

The immigration and security is fast, and I manage to get my luggage right after i pass the immigration. Sorry again for not taking any photo of it

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Virgin Australia

Cabin crew8.0

Hong Kong - HKG


Sydney - SYD



Overall, Virgin Australia does well on the flight. They have good food, good movie selections and nice cabin crew. If I have to go to Sydney in the future, I may consider taking VA's flight again!

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  • Comment 529918 by
    Travelxperiance 30 Comments
    Great Report!!!!
  • Comment 529922 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6425 Comments
    Hi JMaxTT, thanks for sharing your first report here with us. It's hard to believe this is your first report--a job well done!

    VA seem to have a good Economy product and the cabins look cool with the different colour headrests. And it definitely helps to have an empty seat next to you for a better flight experience. Great shots of Sydney on arrival.

    Welcome to Flight-Report!
  • Comment 530477 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 616 Comments
    Hi Jmax,
    Welcome to the community with an excellent report.
    And the crews start their safety demonstration…. Wait, why not playing the safety video??

    Yes, sometimes I wonder about it too, however I do enjoy it more when cabin crew is manually showing as it's often more clear and passengers will be more engaged with cabin crew at some times.
    Keep on flying and reporting!

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