Review of Turkish Airlines flight Karachi Istanbul in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK709
Class Economy
Seat 27K
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 06:10
Take-off 21 Aug 18, 05:30
Arrival at 21 Aug 18, 09:40
TK   #9 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 665 reviews
Published on 13th January 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to another flight report. This time i will be flying from Karachi to Istanbul on board a Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-200 . Please note that this flight is from back in August 2018 and at that time the old Istanbul Ataturk Airport was still in operation. Also for those interested a video version of this flight is available on my YouTube channel , link is attached above.

My journey starts from the check in desks for my flight. As it was an off-peak travel time of the year the load of my flight was 50% full.

photo img-3954

Alright I'm done with check in , immigration and security. Time to head to my gate.

photo img-5804

While walking to my gate got a picture of two of the three big middle eastern airlines side by side.An Etihad A320 and a  Qatar Airways Airbus A350-900 heading to Abu Dhabi and Doha respectively. If given the choice who would you travel with ? Etihad or Qatar Airways ?

photo img-3948

The seating area at the international satellite terminal was surprisingly empty . I have travelled  out of Karachi many times and early morning is usually one of the busy travel times of the day especially for international flights. I guess like my flight the other flights also had a very low load.

photo img-5805

Anyways made it to the gate for my flight.Got pretty blurry view of the aircraft flying me out to Istanbul. A 2008 built Airbus A330-200 with the registration of TC-JIR.

photo img-5806

After sometime it was time to board the a330. Made my way to Seat 27K, had a nice view from my seat for the 6 hour flight to Istanbul.

photo img-3964

The seat consisted of a IFE screen and some really good legroom. This seat also had  a footrest which on  long haul flights is always appreciated.

photo img-3972photo img-3973

Also present on the seat were a comfortable  pillow and blanket and some earphones.

photo img-4006-84117photo img-5800

The seat pocket contents consisted of the " Skylife" inflight magazine , the a330-200 safety card and a disposable bag.

photo img-5798photo img_5844photo img-5799

Shortly  an inflight safety video inspired by the "Lego Movie" was shown on the IFE screens , and its was quiet interesting. . Do you like these interesting safety videos or would you want to stick  with the basic simple safety video? 

photo img-3976

We pushed back from our gate on time and made  our way to Runway 25L take off.

photo img-3982

A quick taxi to Runway 25L we take off  in the darkness on our scheduled departure time bound for Istanbul.

photo img-5845photo img-5803photo img-5802

For those interested the take off from Karachi is linked above.

A right turn after take off and we are on route to Istanbul. Meanwhile   some signs of light which is always good as no more blurry pics.

photo img-3993photo img-3997

Looks like we toke off just in time for the sunrise.Sunrises from high up in the sky our always a treat for the eyes, i mean besides being remarkable i can't really find any other words to describe it .

photo img-4004photo img-4009

Shortly after we reached cruising altitude the cabin crew  distributed  these small amenity kits. Now getting an amenity kit in economy class these days is close to nearly never  especially on  medium long haul flights like these . The contents of its included a pair of socks, eye mask and ear plugs. Nothing to fancy but its a thought that a always counts so good job Turkish Airlines.

photo img-4002

Around 1 hour and 30 minutes into the flight  the breakfast service commenced. There was one option only for the main course . Now i want to know how many of you  who have travelled  on a Turkish Airlines flight departing  early morning and got served this exact same meal?  It really looks like TK serve these meal on numerous of there flights. Anyways the main meal consisted of a turkey sandwich, cheese pastry and sauteed spinach. It was accompanied by cheese and olives starter , a delicious cherry cake , a cup of water and a fresh  bread roll. The meal overall was tasty , however this was the only meal served on this flight that was close to 6 hours long.

photo img-4023-23227

A quick look outside the window and we are cruising at 38000 feet somewhere over Iran.

photo img-4046

The IFE system that Turkish Airlines have installed on there Airbus A330s is really good  and loads with tons of movies , tv shows  with whole seasons, games etc . You can easily pass your time on a long haul flight. The touchscreen was also super responsive and i had no issues at all.

photo img-5847photo img-5848photo img-5849

Some more stunning views along the way. After taking a few pictures i completely dozed off and woke up just in time before  we commenced our descent into Ataturk Airport.

photo img-4037

Spoiler alert as we fly over the huge city of Istanbul on a beautiful sunny morning.

photo img-4054photo img-4051

For those interested the landing in Istanbul is attached above.

A final right turn over the Sea of Marmara and we line up with Runway 05

photo img-4057

We touch down in Istanbul Ataturk International Airport on time. The landing was in my opinion  a bit rough but overall good job by the pilots in getting us safely to our destination. 

photo img-4078

After vacating Runway 05 we made our way to our gate. Considering this is Ataturk Airport there is no surprise that we got a remote stand. Seriously I'm so glad Istanbul has got a new airport cause quite frankly the old one was operating way over is capacity limit and extremely overcrowded.

photo img-4061

We park at our remote stand and this brings is to the end of this flight report.

photo img-6098

Farewell TC-JIR 

photo img-4065photo img-4068
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Cabin crew7.0

Karachi - KHI


Istanbul - ISL



It was a pleasant experience for me with Turkish Airlines. The seat was overall comfortable , managed to get a good nap on the flight. The meal served was delicious although i would have liked maybe a bigger portion or a pre landing snack. The cabin crew overall were good although they did completely vanish into the galley area right after the breakfast service , so maybe a little more interaction with the passengers would be appreciated. Overall i would say Turkish Airlines are a really good airline and most defiantly recommend them .They do have quiet a vast network of destinations , infant they fly to more countries than any other airline in the world that is pretty amazing.



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  • Comment 537072 by
    Guillbcn BRONZE 68 Comments

    Very nice report, thanks for sharing! I've flew couple of times with TK and I had the same meal twice: on 2014 on a flight from Addis Abeba to Istanbul, and in 2015 on a Barcelona-Istanbul morning flight. Looks like the breakfast is not changing, but anyway, the quality is very good compared to other airlines breakfast such as LH or KLM.
    Is TK still operating A330 on their routes to Pakistan? Or they are using also 738 on low seasons?

    • Comment 537432 by
      Triple7lover AUTHOR 27 Comments

      Thank you for reading ? I see you have also experienced the same breakfast like me ? but ya I agree the quality is good . TK operate a mix of a332s and a333s to the 3 destinations they fly to in Pakistan all year around , although for a short span of time the 739 was operating the khi flight back in 2015✈️

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