Review of EVA Air flight Vienna Bangkok in Business

Airline EVA Air
Flight BR62
Class Business
Seat 5K
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 09:45
Take-off 26 Nov 19, 18:25
Arrival at 27 Nov 19, 10:10
BR   #4 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 142 reviews
By GOLD 3330
Published on 30th November 2019


Transferring from another flight I was already airside and made my way to the rather small Austrian Lounge that EVA Air uses here at Vienna D gates area. The lounge has a fresh design but seating options and food & beverage selection is limited. All ok however to spend some time until boarding. 

The D gates at Vienna are somehow strange: You have to conduct security here and are then stucked within the gate until boarding (similar to many Asian airports). As I arrived shortly before boarding there was no queue left at the security. There was a dedicated waiting area for premium passengers until boarding finally started ca. 10 minutes later in a very orderly way. Unfortunately it was impossible for me to get any pictures of my nice EVA 787 from the outside on this trip.

photo img_1214

I was greeted very friendly on board and directed to my very nice window seat 5K. The cabin looked very modern and some nice calm boarding music was playing. 

photo img_1215photo img_1216


photo img_1217photo img_1238

The seat offers a lot of space, privacy and also a nice closable storage area with mirror.

photo img_1218photo img_1220

The screen was huge and provided a very good resolution.

photo img_1223

Already waiting on the seat were a nice thick pillow, a perfect duvet blanket and a pair of slippers.

photo img_1222

The enclosed storage area featured a perfect noise cancelling headset, a bottle of Fiji water and a very nice and complete amenity kit.

photo img_1221


photo img_1226photo img_1227photo img_1236

Soon I was approached by a very friendly female cabin attendant introducing herself by name and also asking how she should call me throughout the flight - a great personal touch. I was then asked for my choice of predeparture drink and I ordered some champagne. This was promptly served together with a chocolate and a nice hot towel on a small tray.

photo img_1225

Next very nice pyjamas in different sizes were handed out - a great and very rare feature in Business Class.

photo img_1228photo img_1237

Afterwards the menu & wine list was distributed. I had already pre ordered my main dishes for both services online. 

photo img_1456


photo img_1462photo img_1463

The wine list featured a very nice selection of rather vintage wines.

photo img_1459


photo img_1460photo img_1461

Shortly before push back I was asked for my drink choice after take off for the prelude service, choice of salad dressing and also hot drink preference for breakfast service. Also I was asked if I would like to be woken for breakfast. All in all very professional and with a personal touch.

photo img_1230photo img_1233

The safety video started and we taxied out to the runway to take off into dark skies for aflight of 9 hours 30 minutes. Some nice mood lighting was also switched on.

photo img_1234photo img_1235

Once released the cabin crew soon started the service with the distribution of nice thick table clothes and the prelude service.

photo img_1239

I had some champagne, a signature cocktail & water to start.

photo img_1240

Next the table was dressed up very nicely for the appetizer. I was surprised to see EVA's older design crockery on this flight as some recent flight reports of US bound flights showed new crockery. However Europe flights still sseem to receive the older crockery - I actually was happy as I think the older one looks much nicer and more Asian style.

photo img_1241photo img_1242

Next some nice soup was offered followed by more warm bread from the basket including some very tasty garlic bread.

photo img_1244photo img_1243

The speed of the service was very individual and personal - the flight attendants very frequently passed by checking if you need something and are ready for the next course.
A salad followed next. 

photo img_1245

Together with my tasty main dish (prawns) I had some nice white wine.

photo img_1246

Next a dessert trolley rolled by and I had some cake.

photo img_1247

Service ended with tea & digestif before a final hot towel was distributed.
All in all the meal service was very nice and all tasted good - however I would not call the dishes excellent or outstanding. Especially some months before on Thai Airways for comparison the taste of the food provided was a level higher in my opinion.

photo img_1249photo img_1250

Over India the cabin lights were slowly turned on and another hot towel started the breakfast service.

The table was again dressed nicely with a table cloth and the breakfast starter tray offered to me.

photo img_1256photo img_1259

A nice selection of warm breads and croissants was offered from a basket.

photo img_1261photo img_1258

Ca. 15 minutes later my main dish choice - a rather dry omelette - was served.

photo img_1262

Also this meal ended with another hot towel.

The flight progressed quickly and we soon started descend into Bangkok. Some candies were offered from a tray druing decend.

Another nice feature at EVA Air was that nice & calming music was played during approach and until parking at the gate. Additionally some nice and fresh aroma was powered via the air condition at the beginning of the descend. This all helped for a very relaxed and calm ending of this long flight.

photo img_1274photo img_1273photo img_1275

We approached Bangkok from the sea and landed ca. 20 minutes ahead of schedule parking amongst several Thai aircraft.

Bangkok immigration via a dedicated Fast Track lane for Business Class passengers was extremely quick and also the bagagge was delivered soon with priority luggage first.

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Cabin crew9.5

Vienna - VIE


Bangkok - BKK



I was really impressed by the outstanding and personal service of EVA Air in Business Class. All cabin crew members were extremely friendly, always smiling. Also the meal service was very nice with several courses and extremely nicely presented. EVA Air now definitely is amongst my favourite airlines for travelling to Asia.

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