Review of American Airlines flight Dallas/Fort Worth Denver in Economy

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA2356
Class Economy
Seat 33A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 23 Mar 18, 09:05
Arrival at 23 Mar 18, 10:05
AA   #58 out of 115 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 471 reviews
By GOLD 246
Published on 17th December 2019

welcome to the last flight for my trip to Denver, CO. first, the routing

-AF618 : PTP -> MIA (via PAP) A320 Caraïbes (avalaible french/english)
-AA509 : MIA -> DFW 738 (avalaible french/english)
-AA2356 : DFW- -> DEN A32B (here) (avalaible in french)
-AA309 : DEN -> MIA A32B (avalaible in french)
-AF613 : MIA -> PTP (via PAP) A320 Caraïbes (avalaible in french) 

Dallas Fort Worth Airport

I left you in front of our gate (A41) where our Airbus operating the AA2356 was waiting us.

photo img_1494

I really like the old fashion BP of American

photo img_1496

After boarding, this is view of my window on the left side. Normally it'll allows me to have views of the rockies and denver downtown. 

photo img_1498


photo img_1499

Old livery MD80

photo img_1500

carpet test

photo img_1502

Pitch's correct

photo img_1503

notice int'l outlet.
And an IFE : what a luxury on a such short flight! 

photo img_1505

Pushback at 9am, expected at 9:05: pretty good.

At this time the safety video was recent… 


photo img_1506

DFW Skylink 

photo img_1507

DFW is huge 

photo img_1510


photo img_1512


photo img_1513

Some MQs

photo img_1514


photo img_1515


photo img_1516

We're in the last place but we exceed a small MQ

photo img_1518


photo img_1519

the flight


photo img_1521

and take-off:

photo img_1522photo img_1523

we cross a little mist and then: the sun

photo img_1524

we're heading north while IFE welcoming us

photo img_1525

cruising altitude

photo img_1526


photo img_1527

the outlet

photo img_1528


photo img_1529

Then i watched a movie (dracula) in english, but most movies were avalaible in many languages (including french)

photo img_1530

Safety card

photo img_1517

more sunny outside

photo img_1531

but we return on clouds

photo img_1532

again and again

photo img_1533


photo img_1534


photo img_1535

some planes from west to east

photo img_1536


photo img_1537


photo img_1538

we started to see rocky mountains, in new-mexico

photo img_1539


photo img_1540

geovision is made by Thales and is really good. 

photo img_1541

SouthWest LAX-MDW:

photo img_1542


photo img_1543

the flight offers very beautiful landscapes

photo img_1544


photo img_1545


photo img_1546


photo img_1547

At 9:20 am (mdt) we started our descend over Denver nearby of  CoSprings

photo img_1548

Rockies are pretty snowy : perfect

photo img_1556

Despite my zoom we guess the beautiful CBD on Downtown Denver.

photo img_1558

And we fly-over DIA, which is the biggest airport in terms of area just after King Fahd airport, Saudia Arabia. 
DEN is twice bigger than DFW, the 3rd … it gives good theories to complotists. 

photo img_1557

Mountains again: i'm totally fan of the rockies, and the Colorado .

photo img_1559

We started our 180° turn-over to DIA.

photo img_1560photo img_1561photo img_1562


photo img_1563


photo img_1564

It was a rock'n'roll landing, as usual in Denver where winds are always strong due to moutains (foehn effect)

photo img_1566

we cross the 26

photo img_1568


photo img_1569

Touch Down at 9:43 mdt.

photo img_1570


photo img_1571

Denver International

Now we're heading concourse A

photo img_1575


photo img_1576


photo img_1577

757 Delta

photo img_1573

A320 Virgin

photo img_1574

Jeppensen terminal and WESTIN Hotel:

photo img_1578

turn on the left

photo img_1579

UA and Rockies

photo img_1580

A320 Frontier, at home here in Denver international.

photo img_1583

And a E175 United, at home too.

photo img_1586

And a beautiful Icelandair 752 : I don't know what it's going for them now with the 737max troubles, but I think their 752 gonna spend a little more time in the air.

photo img_1581


photo img_1582

Going to A51

photo img_1585

Here, United and Frontier are the masters

photo img_1587


photo img_1588


photo img_1589

And we stop beside an A321 AA from Charlotte Douglas. 

photo img_1590


photo img_1592


photo img_1593

It takes a little time.  UA going to SF in 739

photo img_1594

And an other 737 is landing from MSY

photo img_1596

Then we finally can exist the airplane

photo img_1597


photo img_1598


photo img_1599

A concourse

photo img_1600

We're going to baggage claim

photo img_1601

Concourse center, where the train is.

photo img_1602


photo img_1603


photo img_1604

We have to go down

photo img_1605

I really love Denver train : it reminds me Zurich one: a little song, rapid and efficient.

photo img_1606


photo img_1608


photo img_1609

And we arrived on the Terminal with his beautiful roof supposed reminds Rocky Moutains snowy peaks, a few miles away from the airport.

photo img_1611


photo img_1612


photo img_1613


photo img_1614

Not here

photo img_1615

After picking-up our luggages, we're going out to take the shuttle to the car rental center.

photo img_1616


photo img_1617

And we're outside, it's only 40°F here. 

photo img_1620


photo img_1621

The blue mustang

photo img_1622

The airport from the bus

photo img_1624

Car rentals are just beside a runway : southwest departing to San Diego. 

photo img_1626

After few minutes in Hertz, an alarm started to ring  : it was a tornado alarm, and we have to come back to the airport to go in a torando shelter. Everybody were quiet and proceeded in silent; but it was a really.. interesting experience for us, french. I'm used to earthquakes and hurricanes 'cause I live in Guadeloupe, FWI, but tornadoes : it was my first time.

It was between a tornado and a sand storm : 

photo img_1628

and finally we can drive the last 1.5hours to Breckenridge,co !!!!!

thanks for reading, i apologize again for my english, kisses loulou

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American Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Dallas/Fort Worth - DFW


Denver - DEN



AA : basic us catering : speculoos+drinks , totally insulting , but it's american standard now. Crew : nice.
WIFI but you have to pay, instead of DL or AS, but the IFE was a good surprise. I'm really positive about AA: their fleet is really young, except some old-US airways planes.

DFW: nothing to say, pretty fluid despite of the morning rush.

DEN: I love DEN airport, comfy with carpet, fluid, nice people working here, well-linked to Denver city-center, and a beautiful Terminal.

Information on the route Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Denver (DEN)


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