Review of China Southern flight Harbin Xi'an in Economy

Airline China Southern
Flight CZ6269
Class Economy
Seat 50A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:09
Take-off 28 Jul 19, 08:41
Arrival at 28 Jul 19, 11:50
CZ   #39 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 129 reviews
Published on 13th December 2019


quick 4 day trip down to xi'an

photo dsc08997

After 2 days of break from my 24 hour journey across the pacific, I am ready to travel a again, this time to see the terracotta warriors in Xi'an.

photo dsc08998

I'm flying hometown airline China Southern again this time, on their Airbus A320 Economy Class for the 100th time in my life.

photo dsc09002

No self check-in since I don't Chinese national ID card… Waited 30 minutes for check-in

photo dsc09005

Airport doesn't have wifi and I don't have free data hence picture staring at the ceiling.

photo dsc09010

Short walk to security after swift check-in

photo dsc09013

I love how efficient HRB is. In contrast, at bigger airports i would have walked miles.

photo dsc09015

Say cheese!

photo dsc09016

There used to be a priority pass here at HRB… After Terminal 2 became the only terminal while Terminal 1 undergoes refurb, the PP lounge closed…

photo dsc09020

I headed to the McDonald's inside the terminal for a teriyaki chicken breakfast biscuit.

photo dsc09019

My flight was CZ6269, Harbin to Kunming with a stop at Xi'an, my final destination. 


photo dsc09026

Still way too early for any human to fly…

photo dsc09029

LJ Airlines A320 sitting at the ramp. LJ has been eating away government subsidies form taxpayer money since 2016… Never turned profitable just like Amtrak…

photo dsc09032

My ride B-6827, an 8 years old A320

photo dsc09034

As always CZ offers a great hard product (and soft product) in domestic first class

photo dsc09035

Premium Economy, which I have reviewed 3 times 
Decide for yourself if it's worth it. For me, I would gladly pay up $10 for an international economy meal service on a 3 hour flight! the 35'' leg room won't hurt too!

photo dsc09037

Seat 50A, a window seat on the left side so I don't get sunburn…

china southern a320 economy class

photo dsc09039

Great leg room even after my macbook air had infiltrated the seatback pocket.

photo dsc09043

Great recline as well. Seat is comfy and well padded.

photo dsc09045

Safety video already? Surprised to see that there is no release delay for us flying over the Beijing area.

photo dsc09048

Speaking of the devil… Pilot told us that we will have a delay for an infinite amount of time…Typical when flying in China. FA started passing around drinks.

photo dsc09051

40 minutes later we're off to taxi.

photo dsc09055

Scoot 788 going to Singapore. 8 hour flight on a 3-3-3 config 787 with a LCC? No thank you.

photo dsc09059

CZ Maintenance Hangar, where the planes (60 A319s) get ready to be sold off to United.
It's interesting to see how Americans think that Chinese people all work in factories making $10 a day while they're getting some 15 year old used airbus to fly in the states for another 15 years…

photo dsc09060

A321 NEO (No Engine Option). This plane has been a landmark since its ferry flight from Tianjin…

photo dsc09063

With no hold whatsoever, we're finally off to Xi'an 41 minutes past our STD

photo dsc09069

Gotta love the fabric


photo dsc09072

I booked the seafood meal 7 days before departure via the China Southern app. And yes free meal reservation even for economy pax on 3 hour domestic flight. 

photo dsc09074

Mahi mahi on marinara sauce with assorted vegetables with rice

photo dsc09075

A pre packed roll was provided just in case anyone needed extra calories. The desert (tiramisu) was excellent. The appetizer (shrimp cucumber salad) was refreshing. 
10/10 for catering
Nutritious and filling breakfast all for free!

photo dsc09079

There was no entertainment on board except for a Chinese film playing overhead with no captions… Quite common on Chinese carriers

photo dsc09086

Flew through some turbulence during our descent. A passenger got sick and was in a ready to throw up position with the air sickness bag. I'm used to turbulence now after flying in a cessna 172…

photo dsc09089

Base turn

photo dsc09093

On final to XIY (Xi'an Xianyang)

photo dsc09094

After a quick 3 hours and 9 minutes we arrived at Xi'an, once capital of China during the Qin dynasty. 

Terracotta warriors - see tourism bonus section

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China Southern

Cabin crew10.0

Harbin - HRB


Xi'an - XIY



Another lovely flight onboard China Southern... No complaints whatsoever except for the lack of IFE, but again the lack of entertainment is the norm flying domestically in China. Since CZ is in the process of installing BYOD IFE on new A321s, I will not score it against CZ. This flight once again confirmed my assertion that China Southern is THE best airline flying domestic in China. I mean, where else would you get a free reserved 3 course mahi mahi meal on a 3 hour domestic flight in economy?



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    Aaro 37 Comments

    Smaller Chinese airports are so different from similarly sized US airports. Massive terminals with one runway vs. smaller terminals but with concourses and multiple runways in the US. I think they build Chinese airports like this, so they can potentially expand by building a parallel runway but on the other side of the terminal buildings. That's how it was with airports like Wuhan and Zhengzhou. Even Chongqing, when they built that new terminal. It's very interesting to see.

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